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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: VR-X Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: May 2010

Pajero VRX 4M41T turbo diesel auto wagon

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2018

I purchased the NT VRX Pajero brand new in mid-2010. I bought the turbo diesel automatic as my NSW Police Forensic wagon was one and I loved driving it. So upon retiring I bought the silver Pajero VRX.

I bought it with the following options: A 3 tonne rated Hayman Reece towing pack which included an upgraded transmission cooler, a genuine Mitsubishi part nudge bar (airbag compatible), factory fitted car mats front and back (they clip on so they don't slip), and a set of Hella Driving lights (I would like an LED bar when I can afford one).

As part of the deal and I negotiate hard we also got darker window tint (slightly tinted on the two front doors) and a lot darker tint on the rear doors and tailgate which kept the car legal in NSW.

When I say I get the best deal possible and the fact I had no trade in I sent an email to just about every Mitsubishi Dealership in NSW stating that the above is what I wanted and what was their best price drive away registered with all of the above extras. Lancaster Mitsubishi answered the call with a great price about $2000 cheaper than the next competitor it was in the low $60,000.

Then the bombshell that price was for a late 2009 plate and I wanted a 2010 compliance plate as I don't care what you are told if you buy with last years compliance plate it is last years model and that is how you are treated all the way through and your trade-in price, later on, is dealt with as a 2009 model. So they told me that the 2010 plates would be three months away so I put a substantial deposit on it and sealed the price and options.

I bought the VRX Model as it had part leather seats, a DVD player in the rear for the kids, two pairs of headphones and a remote control so they were happy. The 6 stack stereo was an upgrade it also got stronger headlights and a pair of fog lamps, roof racks ( only really good to look at), and a set of 5 mag wheels. The vehicle is a 7 seater and the back two seats very cleverly hide when you would expect to find a spare wheel well. The 7 seats have been very handy as I have two teenage daughters who always seem to want them and their friends taken somewhere every weekend. The spare wheel is hung on the back sideways opening door side steps come standard on the VRX. I also fitted Bush Skinz underbody protection plates. They cover the engine sump and the gearbox and transfer case just a bit of added insurance they were $400 for the set of two plates.

The next few paragraphs are very important read and follow my recommendations when the time comes plse.

whilst your car is under capped price servicing go back to your Dealership for services which is every 10,000kms. The motor runs on an expensive but good Fully Synthetic oil which I swear by. A tip: I am a diesel and petrol mechanic by trade but are semi-retired now so I can offer good advice on the mechanical side of things. Note: When you get up to a service that says check and adjust the valve clearances, which I think is about 30-40,000km service make sure you get confirmation that they are going to manually adjust the valve clearances put new seals on the ends of the injector and the must also clean out the exhaust gas return (EGR) valve and the intake manifold.

The Dealerships Service Manager and Mechanics get their back up about this job. The reason they get a bit upset about doing the above job in the capped price servicing period as it is not a nice job to do it takes several hours and a lot of covers and pipes have to be removed and as the Pajero is common rail diesel the injection pipes are very delicate and if they bend one it is a throw away job. The Service Manager will tell you that they can do a aural assessment and that is all it needs which is a lot of crap. As if the valves are too tight they will not be making any orderable clicking noise. They will be very quiet in fact the problem here is if one or more of the valves and there are 16 valves are too tight there will be no clicking sound at all from them but they will quite quickly burn out your valves and valve seats in the cylinder head which I would estimate will cost someone more than likely you the customer somewhere and I am only guessed it could be more $2600 to $3100 to fix.

Whilst your car is off the road for a few days probably a week and you keep arguing too and fro with Mitsubishi Motors customer service people and your local Mitsubishi Service Manager. I have been told and this is only third hand that the Mitsubishi Dealership may offer to pay half of the cost which at the time sounds good, dont accept this they caused the problem and it is up to them to fix it.

A better way is to make sure that when the capped service comes up for "check valve clearances" you have the discussion with the Service Manager that you want the engine stripped down, the injection pipes and the top cover is taken off and the valve clearances checked manually and the EGR and intake and exhaust manifolds cleaned out. If this job is done once properly the engine will perform quietly but the way it should.
This is a major good tip. I have towed a dual axle 2600kg caravan to Townsville and back with no issues, the Pajeros love towing and love the sand. Buyer beware: The first set of tyres only lasted me 26,000km they were a mainly road tyre say 80% road and 20% offroad use. I put new Cooper Tyres on with a 80% road 20% sand they have done 50,000km and still look as if they are only a bit worn out. I love Cooper Tyres I wouldnt buy anything else they are great on and off road though my offroad is taking the kids for a ride on the sand. Tyre pressures down to 16 PSI at Stockton Beach. Pajero diesel autos are fantastic on the sand.

About 80,000km ago I had the old shocks and springs taken off and replaced with long travel Bilstein Shocks and Lovells 30-40mm lift also had Polyair shocks installed at the same time, wheel alignment for all for wheels.

Great ride and a bit more height for the beach and when towing. It cost about $2300 well spent just make sure you replace the bottom rear shock bolts with a high tensile bolt and nylon locknuts that just fit snuggly into the hole of the new lower shock, if you use the original bolts they have about a 1/4 inch freeplay that drives you nuts it sounds like the back is going to drop out of the car. See Climate Suspension at Thornton NSW He is the best suspension man on the East Coast of Australia Dino is his name, let him know I sent you in and he will look after you.

If you get out and about with your turbo diesel Pajero the best place in Australia to get a Diesel Tune Up is Berima Diesel Service, a friend said he got about 20% more power but the power was there straight away no turbo lag. They also fit oil catch cans that can stop the bit of blow by oil smoke that most diesels have keeping your manifolds and EGR valve clean.

Not much more I can add other than we are very happy with out Pajero I buy kits of Donaldson servicing kits from off Ebay they have fuel, oil and air filters delivered for $90 they are a bargain then another $90 for 10 litres of the best Turbo Diesel fully synthetic oil you can buy Nulon or Penrite I think 5W-30W best check though. I do the oil change and filters myself now about every 10,000km some say go to 15,000km I dont think there is anything wrong with stretching it to 15,000km I am just a bit particular.

Nearly forgot everyone asks this question how much diesel does it use well 10 litres per 100km around town on average, on motorways set on the cruise control about 9 litres per 100km and if I have control driving carefully at
no more than 100kph I can get it down to consistant 8 litres per 100kmph. When towing anything between 14 and18 litres per 100km. If I got to 110kph it goes up to about 17.5 litres per 100km. Dont tow with the overdrive on or you will overheat your transmission 95kph is a good speed in say one gear back from the final drive.

If you buy a Pajero you will be buying a good vehicle that will go the distance and give you a good run for your money. Only buy the turbo diesel auto with the 4m41 motor.
Best wishes Michael

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Generation: NM, NP (2000-2006) Badge: GLX Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Sep 2018

Our latest Car

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 24, 2018

We recently purchased a 2004 Pajero due to having an accident in our previous vehicle. We are really pleased with the way it drives and the comfort it gives us. We use the vehicle daily and being a diesel seems to have heaps of power and no sluggishness that is normally associated with other diesels.

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Verified Purchase Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: GLS Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Mar 2015


5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 13, 2018

This is a great car it is Automatic turbo diesel can go anywhere comfortable and to drive in reliable side and curtain air bags great air conditioning is great as as a towing vehicle extremely good off road on road very capable I would recommend to anyone wanting to buy this

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Generation: NM, NP (2000-2006) Badge: GLX Transmission: Manual Date Purchased: Nov 2004

Supreme engineering value

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 13, 2018

Purchased W.A. $35,995 - 37021 km - to date 2018 had basic off road use - converted gas 2009 cost $4,840 - rebate $2 k - major repairs = 1 r/h/f wheel hub brg assy 2013 - crank & rocker oil seal 2014/15 - clutch kit 2018 - drive belt tensioner brg 2018 - serviced whenever timing belt replacement due - eng oil castrol gtx 15w-40 use now - odo 307,094 kms - compression levels even - nil exhaust smoke - nil gas system service required so far - shock absorbers feel rough - suspension system glides a dream ride on undulated roads at speed on bends - rides high and roomy - s/w loads anything easy - best 4x4 of all 4 me by far no problems - stereo speakers boom - no computer glitches 4 me - just wind it up and let it fly 0 - 100 in 5 - at 60 years she'll do me and they can bury us together - bring on the electric version and I might trade up.

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: GLX Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Capable off road but a few issues

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 16, 2018

Before ever taking my 2017 Pajero GLX off road I noticed a few issues:

1. Drivers seat base moves noticeably when going around corners. Dealer says its normal.
2. Stock radio is terrible. Dealer says its normal. If you want to be able to make bluetooth phone calls and listen to music with some clarity you'll need to at least upgrade the crap stock speakers. When on the phone to someone they always complained they couldn’t understand me with all the background noise. Also I could hardly hear them because the audio quality was terrible. I replaced the head unit and speakers but I shouldn’t have had to.
3. Random vibration noises from the underbody that come and go. Dealer noticed them but couldn't pinpoint.

The above are unacceptable for a 50k vehicle built in Japan. All these issues appeared before the first service.

Other than that its been very good off road and handles OK on road given the size of the vehicle. Have not had any issues with the DPF which is nice.

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Generation: NM, NP (2000-2006) Badge: Exceed Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jul 2012

second Mitsi

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 13, 2018

retired my 1990 3ltr manual Pajero with over 500k on it to farm firewood duties. Bought a second hand 2000 Exceed(nm-np) although automatic, 3.5ltr and weighing more it has better fuel consumption. I run on synthetic oil and NulonE30 friction proofing. I believe that this and excellent design and construction give longer life and better performance. This one tows a car trailer with a vehicle on it like its hardley there , i can't imagine how good the newer ones are with all the modern additions and power.

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Verified Purchase Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: GLS Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jun 2017

perfect 4 x 4 Pajero gls 3.2L

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2018

I love my Pajero. I have been through the Flinders Ranges. In sand hills , you point this car and away you go.
Pull my van well. Fuel is not bad, just remember it’s a two ton car. Also the price is well below any other unit.
I added the 3mm bash plate underneath which cut the cabin engine noise, noticeable on descent on hills.
If I was to replace I would order one tomorrow. In 12 months I have covered 45000km. No problems.
Love that car.

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Generation: NM, NP (2000-2006) Badge: GLS Transmission: Manual Date Purchased: Oct 2005

Will miss it

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 21, 2018

Has never let me down even at 408,000klms. Horse float towing is a breeze. Fuel economy has been great although not much city driving. Lots of grunt. Upgrading to another late model Pajero. Feel sad to let mine go as brought new. Dual mass flywheel replaced with solid last year.

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: GL Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Nov 2014

Excellent outback tourer

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 15, 2018

We live in the Pilbara and the Pajero is ideal. 2011 model, and no major issues apart from a starter motor and the odd recall. Easy to service and work on. Have been to some pretty remote places and back with no dramas. Looking forward to buying a newer model.

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Beerwah Qld

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: GLS Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Mar 2012

Love that car

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 10, 2018

This is my second pajero bang for buck why pay through the nose for a 4x4 when the mighty pajero has it all and more comfort heaps of leg room seven seats ergonomic dsh layout fingertip control for stereo cruise and bluetooth.pretty good fuel economy the 3.2 TD bullet proof very capable off road. yes there is some cabin noise but l do like to hear my motor and what its doing great stereo system and when itx timd to buy another l will buy another pajero

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Perth, Wa

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Generation: NM, NP (2000-2006) Badge: GLS Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Aug 2015

Love my 4by

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 19, 2018

Driving my 4by is like driving a car but up higher and you can see everything. I love the cream interior, I love the boot seats sit under the floor rather then in the windows, more room and you can see out the back I'd need be. The only downfall is its not cheap on fuel

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Broken Hill

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: Platinum Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Oct 2010

Value for money, very good towing vehicle.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 05, 2018

Very happy with this vehicle. Bought ti for towing and to fit teenage family.
Towing heavy loads is excellent, plenty of power.
There are only 3 gripes I have.
1) Metalised plastic surfaces on interior reflect sun, would have been way better to have fake wood.
2) Back door - is heavy and you have to be wary of it, if wind catches it, you could get hurt. Door hits tow hitch when heavy trailer is connected so you have to squeeze in the 10" gap.
An upward hinging door would be better.
3) Turbo lag is noticeable.

It has been very reliable. I have only had to put tyres on it and a rear brake light bulb. All other expenses have been normal running and servicing.
Fuel economy not towing is about 28mpg on open road, towing 2.25Tonne is about 18mpg.
I also looked at a Prado and would have had to pay an extra $15,000 for the equivalent vehicle to get a Toyota badge - nope!
Given the horror stories I have heard about Toyota injectors I am very glad I bought the Paggy.

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Kangaroo Point, Queensland

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jul 2016

Great capable 4x4 well built for Australian conditions

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2018

Great capable 4x4 well built for Australian conditions. We don't really take it off road but on a few occasions it took us through rough tracks in Litchfield NP, river crossings in Kimberley and a beach or two. Little bit thirsty when towing a caravan but you would be too pulling a 2 ton brick. Rear Difflock is there just in case but I never had to use it.

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: GLS Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jan 2018

Great comfortable 4wd with grunt

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2018

I have the diesel version. She sounds like a small truck, but you get used to it. It’s a very comfortable 4wd that drives like a sedan. Easy to operate the 4wd and diff lock from inside the vehicle.

The radio in mine is terrible and it’s quite ridiculous that in 2006 they couldn’t include a USB socket. They have been around for ten years when this thing was built.

Purchased at: Jackson Motor Company

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: Activ Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Mar 2010

Great Value

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2018

Purchased our first Pajero in 2010 Activ at a fairly good price.

At this point now being 2018 and 230,000 on the clock we have not had one issue except for recalls and drivers door winder replacement,
The servicing gets a little dear over the years unless you know a good cheap reliable mechanic
We have also done tappet adjustment every 30,000 k’s and also added a catch can other than that all standard.
If I could buy another one of these now I would,As some of the new ones Toyota,Colorado just to name a few are absolute rubbish and with such small engines in them now. Some of them wouldn’t tow my grandmother up the stairs.
It has been good on diesel anywhere from 10/100 to 8.5/100 k’s,
Plenty of room inside,Sat nav is a little out of date although I find google maps the best.
The only down side is.......
The spare tyre on the back could have been higher for towing but you can get a kit to raise it up 50mm.
All in all been a good 4wd/family car to date.

Why Did Mitsubishi Stop producing them????

Purchased at: Mitsubishi Dealers

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: Exceed Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Oct 2015

good for long trips

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 11, 2018

Overall a good car but thirsty af. Have the top of the range model otherwise don't even bother. Does its job very as well as would a 4X4: everyday use, towing, rough conditions. Transmission may jerk at lower speeds e.g. stop start traffic.What i would like is that even though there's bluetooth connectivity, you can't play music through it - only answer calls which defeats the purpose of a bluetooth system.

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Generation: NM, NP (2000-2006) Badge: Exceed Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jan 2011

Great for long trips

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 11, 2018

Great for long trips and yes, it's a bit thirsty and gutless if you use low octane, while running it on 98 will give you very good range and performance we have found. We have been all over the places fully loaded. So far nothing major and plenty of good quality 3rd party components. One thing worth mentioning was the engine light went on after using 91 fuel during a long trip in countryside NSW, the dealer Sydney wanted to replace the cat converter, but a cleve cop in NSW reckoned filling up with 98 for several time will rid the problem, and it did. So we saved big $. Just don't go extreme off-road without modification as this 4x4 actually drives like a big car with its standard tyres that are good for ranges of VIC to beaches in NSW and S.A.

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: VR-X Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jul 2017

Top Car-Better than a LandCruiser hands down!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 23, 2017

I am very impressed with our 2007 NS PAJERO. It handles and rides better than any 4WD I've been in (and I've been in MANY), and where I live, we have some VERY rough roads to make this conclusion (Outback NSW ). It seems to do every job well: everyday use, towing, off-roading, rough conditions and hwy cruising. The power is great and nice and smooth with the 5 speed auto. Even though I've never been a Mitsubishi man, I love everything about this car and hope to have it for the next 10 years or so. Our last Pajero ('99 NL diesel) did 500,000 km). My only negative point would be the fuel economy. It seems to use about 12.5 L/100km on average town/hwy combined. The best I've got on flat hwy with cruise set at 105km/h is 10.9L/100km, but hey, that ain't THAT bad!!

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jan 2016

Fuel economy should be better...

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2017

Overall a good car, nice styling inside and out and OK to drive. The "monocoque" chassis supposedly makes the vehicle handle more "car like", however my previous 4x4, a Ford Explorer was more car like in its handling than the Pajero. Even my wife agrees with this point. Fuel economy leaves a lot to be desired, - maybe the 4 cylinder engine doesn't really suit the weight of this vehicle. Great torque and towing power, but unfortunately you'll pay at the fuel pump. It was cheaper to run my V8 on LPG than the Pajero on diesel, and without the benefit of that V8 power. I was sadly disappointed with the 4 cylinder diesel's economy which gets even worse when towing. This is really my only criticism of what is otherwise a pretty good car. I tested it hard one day towing a 16 foot off-road caravan through very soft sand on the wrong tide, and the Pajero kept going where other "better" cars had given up. There were a few moments where I thought, that's it, it's going to stop, but it just kept on pushing through. At the end of that trip I was actually proud of it, and it had proved itself to me as being very capable. However, being constantly reminded at the fuel pump that your car has a drinking problem is, we'll, sobering. I have also had wheel alignment issues resulting in rapid uneven wear of tyres, so watch out for that too.

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Generation: NS, NT, NW, NX (2006-2018) Badge: GLS Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Oct 2017

perfect car

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 06, 2017

The best family car we had. Spacious and sporty. We wanted to long drive on our days off. Our daughter loved it as well. This car will stay with us until 10years or more. The drive sensor were safe, we can see road well while driving and lots of space at the back.

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NM, NP (2000-2006)

We have a Pajero 2005 it developed a whining noise which appears when slowing down to stop and then just prior to stop it has a loud clunk. We took it to a mechanic who was unable to actually hear the fault as it is intermittent and was decided to replace the transfer box. After less than 500 kms the same noise and clunck has returned. Can anyone help? It is a petrol motor with LPG as well.

david 48 asked on Nov 10, 2018

Hi, I am wondering if a 2.8 diesel can be fitted to a 1994 petrol Pajero? Regards, Stewart.

Spud01 asked on Nov 08, 2018

NM, NP (2000-2006)

Where is the auto control rely located on a 2002 pajero?

john asked on Oct 30, 2018

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