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Slot stronger than my previous steam cleaner

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 29, 2017

Bought this product after reviewing other review sites. Very happy with product. Sturdy structure. Lasts 20 to 25 min with 600cc water tank. It stand itself so that storing is easy. Came with two pads.

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Date Purchased: Jun 2016

This actually cleans

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 09, 2017

After using this mop, the floors feel different and the room smell better because they're so clean. Sadly, the ultra clean feel of the floors lasts only a day but such is life. The mop heats quickly, the water tank is big enough to clean whole house at one go. Only negative thing about this is that it only packs 2 cleaning pads, and after couple of uses the cleaning pad's edges start to curl up underneath which makes the maneuvering harder.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Date Purchased: Dec 2016

I can definitely live without it.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 03, 2017

Filling the tank is awkward hole could be bigger
Locking clamp keeps opening
Steam trigger broke after 4 uses
At a cost of $284 I had expected excellence this is rubbish
Would not recommend this product to anyone and I find out that I can't just take the product back to where I bought it but instead I must phone a call centre.
Definitely not happy.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Plumpton NSW

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Date Purchased: Apr 2016

Very good product, multipurpose

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 15, 2017

We bought this steam mop more than 10 months back primarily to clean bamboo flooring. It is a multipurpose cleaner and we use it for rugs, carpets, tiles and of course bamboo floor. It works really fine and no complaints as of now, touch wood. I would strongly recommend this product. really worth for the money you pay for it.

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Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Brilliant - best clean.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2017

Just tried Monster Steam mop, really impressed. I bought the Monster at Harvey Norman ($230) and it's brilliant. Steam is superior and very intense. Comes with 3 mop heads which are washable, and a carpet adapter so you can steam your carpets. Fill up tank before plugging in really important as it doesn't have an on off switch. As this is high pressure do not refill as the tank will let off a lot of steam. Vacuum floors before hand so you don't sweep your crap everywhere else. The mop head can only do so much! Let it cool down. We have 80sqm of flooring to do, tiles downstairs and wooden floors upstairs, no streaking. If you feel the need to use cleaner spray onto floors or use pure essential oils on the fabric of the mop. Do not add cleaner to the tank!!! Handle pretty good, not as flimsy as last two mops. It's not overly heavy either which I liked. If you do find it heavy to,start have the cleaning pads slightly dampened so you can push glide easily. 4-5 star mop.

Negative - sales girl said to totally replace mop heads every 3 uses (rubbish as I questioned her and it was her personal opinion). We wash the floors 2-3 times per weeks (kids) so not going through 52 mop heads! Put them in the washing machine and they're good quality ones so you'll get a good 2 years out of the mop heads. Has two your warranty from Harvey Norman.

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Date Purchased: Jan 2016

Had many steam mops but this one really performs

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 12, 2016

We have had many many steam mops including Hoover, one sold at the travelling shows, steam mops recommended by Godfreys and a couple bought off the net but this one out performs them all. I have waited to review as many die within six months. I bought this one on Australia Day as the current steam mop died and our house was on the market! I read the reviews on Product Review and Choice and decided this one was worth a go. It wasn't the cheapest but the reviews were good so I decided to give it a go.
I went to Harvey Normans, purchased it from there and did something I rarely do, I took out the extended warranty which cost me the princely sum of $35. Given my previous track record, I thought it was worth it. I also bought extra pads as we have lots of tiled and wooden floors.
This machine is excellent. The extra shot of steam really helps get those stubborn stains off the floor. Also, sanitises those places you can't quite reach. Drys quickly, and the tank lasts quite a while. You do have to wait for it to cool down when refilling but it does not take long.
Then, the handle had the issue many people here have remarked on. It kept collapsing. One quick call to the very friendly customer service team, new handle sent out and back in action.
It is definitely the best steam mop we have had and as mentioned we have had a few.

The extra steam function - really gets rid of those marks
The tank lasts quite a while (unless you overuse the extra steam)
1 pad usually does the whole house

Head is big and clumsy. Does not get into all of those crevices in bathrooms (Euroflex please try and rectify this and you would have the perfect product)
Would be great if you had a pad that had a more abrasive action for really dirty areas.

Moved house, more tiles and they are off white and you cannot see any streaks.
Totally happy with this investment and would certainly recommend.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Jul 2016

First happy, now not any more

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2016

I bought my Monster in July this year. I was always happy with the cleaning result however there was one problem from the beginning: even with a light pressure on the handle the locking clamp opens very often and the handle abruptly slides down which is very annoying as my arm and body go down, too. Another problem is that after 2 months of using the pads the edge on the front side started to roll during cleaning and this prevents the mop from sliding smoothly.
The mop is still on warranty so I went to Harvey Norman but have been told that I have to contact customer service which I will do tomorrow.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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At last a Good Steam Mop!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 30, 2016

The last ten year's I have purchased at least three steam mops all of them disappointing.
This thing is GREAT. The steam appears to be hotter, the pad more aggressive than others but I would be happy if it was even more aggressive like a scrubber (Steam Floor Scrubber would be a great tool)

Floors are not getting so wet when using it. Drying quickly as there is good heat build up and best of all its doing a totally streak free job. This was not the case with the other ones...floors would be very wet, some of them left streaks faint but there and annoying. This steam mop is a pleasure.

Things that make it little harder to use than others...the height of the main body, the weight or friction is more on my floor anyway than the others. But all of that is no problem as the final job is done so well. Very Very Pleased.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Update 26/8/16 Well couple months in and have to say its still doing an amazing job!
No problems with the unit at all.
At last...I now do not need to look at another steam mop :-)

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2 out of 5, reviewed on May 11, 2016

I just purchased my steam mop and waited until the weekend to use it. It worked well for 10 minutes.....then onto the next room and the mop made a whoosh sound and spat water all over the floor. There was also a huge burst of steam. The floor was sopping wet. I turned it off, let it cool down, changed the mop pad and the same thing happened.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Best Steam Mop

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 08, 2016

This Steam Mop is perfect. It steams the floor without leaving any streaks or wet patches on the floor. It's the best one by far that I have used before. It has its own stainless steel boiler which I love as it creates a hot and drier steam leaving my floors hygienically clean and can walk on straight away. Plus it has a booster on the front for extra steam for those harder stains if you have them.

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Euroflex Official

Thank you for taking the time to review your Monster product, we appreciate our customer feedback and we're delighted to hear you love your mop. :)

Questions & Answers

Can I clean my bamboo floors with the monster steam mop?

NellK asked on Aug 06, 2017

Does this mop clean better than the classic?

Kaz asked on Jun 24, 2017

My new steam mop booster only works intermittently. The lady at Harvey Norman showed me that the little red button must always be in the hole on the handle for steam to be generated. When I can't generate steam with the booster, I have checked this but it still will not generate steam. Is this normal? Also, I am still finding spots of dirt adhering to the floor even if I leave the steam mop over the top to soften. Can you get different pads to clean tougher areas?

peterjules asked on Mar 21, 2016

Answer this

That's right, the red trigger is only used when you need extra steam. While steaming the floor lift the red trigger up and it will activate the booster. The booster will not work if the handle is in the upright position. Maybe cleaning the pads frequently might help move the stubborn stains of the floor as well as the extra steam and applying pressure. For getting different pads for tougher stains I'm not sure. I have ceramic tiles and I find this mop great for my purposes. .

Hi Peter, that is correct the handle must be fully extended in order for there to be tension on the trigger and thus produce front jet steam. Please call the Customer Care Line should this issue persist or for further clarification, 1800 663 866. Thanks

Product Details

Price (RRP) $160
Power 1200W
Tank Capacity 600ml
Cord Length 6m
Weight 31kg