Professional and wonderful people!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2017

This is my 3rd time using this amazing couple and cant recommend them enough !!
Very professional and go beyond their duties to ensure a smooth process.

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Excellent Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 05, 2017

Thanks to Grace and Dario for their superior service throughout our re-financing. The service was delivered to a very high standard, they were thorough and highly knowledgable in the area of mortgages which resulted in our re-fiance being completed in an timely manner. We found it to be very easy process given our involvement was limited because they took care of everything and more importantly kept us informed throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Grace & Dario, they're also very friendly and approachable.

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Fantastic service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 05, 2017

Dougal Pattison refinanced my mortgage for me as I wanted to find a better deal. He saved me a lot of stress and made it a very easy process. He was always available when I had any questions. He is very knowledgeable and found me an excellent solution. Thank you so much!

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Highly Recommend Mortgage Broker Melbourne

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 05, 2017

Dario & Grace provided exceptional service in helping us to secure our home loan. From the outset they made what was a really busy time for us so much less stressful. We felt well informed and supported through every step of the process and what I valued most is that both Dario & Grace were accessible whenever we needed their help! I would gladly recommend their service to other home buyers! Thanks so much guys

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Best in the business

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 05, 2017

Mortgage Broker Melbourne are the best in the business by far, they are so experienced and amazingly
Professional. They went though so many fantastic options that worked for me and my husband in purchasing our home, I am so greatfull I had such an amazing broker and made the whole experience stress free can't fault them at all for there punctual and exceptional service.

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Verified Customer

Failed expectation.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 27, 2017

I decided to use Mortgage Broker Melbourne based on good reviews online. Well. I'd better not to do this. I had a very simple task: refinance single mortgage with 70% LVR (which mean no issues with insurances, approvals, etc) into another bank and complete 2 (yep, just two) payments to third parties. Two simple EFT.
Settlement was delayed by nearly month since formal approval which cost me extra payments. But that was OK.
At the day of settlement bank were not able to process as they "did not have enough funds", what we did find out is that broker didn't send updated documentation to the bank. Luckily he was able to do it within settlement day.
After settlement I found extra $500 charges on my account, while at the beginning I was told that this refinance will cost me zero and bank has a $1200 "welcome" package to cover transfer cost. The broker "forgot" about those extra charges and no pack were available.
The actual settlement was $950 more than originally planned.
After all, several business days later, I found that none of third-parties got any funds. After chasing the broker for two days I found that bank issued _paper_ cheques, because they not able to do EFT.

So now I paid extra $1400 in fees and charges and none of third-parties got funds as I still need to process cheques at my own time and my own expenses.

You probably will be beneficial from them only if you don't care about couple grands loss in fees and extremely busy so you not able to do basic online research and elementary math. On my own I would make much more easier refinance.

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Mortgage Broker Melbourne Official

We are very sorry you had a poor experience. Bank delays are frustrating but there were aspects of your transaction that were under Tobe's control that definitely could have been handled better. We... read more »

Just a quick update - they supposed to get in touch after one year to review if product they sold is still fit for purpose or anything else is required. As you can imaging - they didn't bother to d... read more »

Mortgage Broker Melbourne Official

Hi Mike, once again we apologise for the experience you had. Based on your feedback we have improved our processes around refinances and we thank you for that. We reached out to you at the time thr... read more »

Fantastic Experience!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 22, 2017

My partner and I approached Mortgage Broker Melbourne due their fantastic reviews online. They certainly lived up to our expectations. Tobe was amazing and coached us through the entire process. He even made himself available over weekends via phone and txt if we needed him. Tobe followed through on everything and made the process feel seamless and easy. I would recommend Tobe and the team to everyone looking for support not only with their mortgage but with the overall process of buying or building a home. 10/10!

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Tobe to the rescue. Thanks mate, you made the impossible possible.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 21, 2017

We owe our financial success to Tobe Cooper. Two years ago we embarked on a plan to help secure our kids education in Melbourne via what were sound investments at the time. After discussing all scenarios with ANZ we were given pre-approvals to purchase an OTP apartment and a block of land to build a new home using our primary home as collateral. A year later ANZ changed their lending criteria (partly due to legislation) and we were told we were unable to finance either of our previously pre-approved loans even if we sold our primary home and would loose our deposits.
No one within the banks would help and it all sounded to complicated for a few other brokers I called.
Tobe Cooper was the sole broker I contacted which not only calmly listened but had three different strategies in place within days. Over the remainder of the year we kept in touch as completion dates fluctuated. More chaos ensued when we finally sold our primary home on a long settlement only to find out that both the block of land and OTP apartment both settled within the same week as the house sold 90 days prior. As if not enough, a work transfer interstate presented itself and we threw the purchase of a fourth property into the mix for the same settlement period resulting in four settlements inside one month... Again Tobe rose to the challenge and in my opinion went above and beyond to help, liaise with both banking and other agencies and kept us and our convenyancer fully informed every step of the way.
Thank you Tobe, your calm and pleasant demeanour combined with your expertise make you a great asset to the industry and one worthwhile of recommending.
We are now looking keenly to our interstate transfer with some financial security behind us. Thanks Tobe.

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Great Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2017

This was my first home loan and i cant thank Dario enough, he did all the work from start to finish. Any time i rang or emailed him he would get back to me very quickly and give me advice. I plan on buying another property next year and will definitely be using Dario again. Thanks alot mate

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Very helpful and happy to recommend

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 30, 2017

Dario was very helpful in explaining all the options available to us and ensured the process went smoothly. Happy to recommend to others.

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How easy it was!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 26, 2017

As a single mum taking on the banks for a home loan was too overwhelming, so I decided on Mortgage Broker Melbourne. Tobe was just brilliant. The process was extremely easy from my perspective. I was stressed about the process but Tobe was efficient, informative and knowledgeable when answering my questions and dealing with my concerns.
Thank you Mortgage Broker Melbourne and in particular Tobe, for a smooth and relatively stress free transaction.

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job well done!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 19, 2017

we are very lucky to have him as our mortgage broker. he's very patient and accommodating in dealing with all our questions. He definitely knows whats he is doing. A very happy client here

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Fantastic service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 11, 2017

Marc has been extremely helpful, helping not only me with an investment property but also my mother to re mortgage and get a better rate also with a redraw so she can now renovate her kitchen!

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2017

Marc has been an invaluable asset during my first home-buying experience. He explained everything clearly, kept in touch regularly and guided me through the minefield! I would highly recommend his services

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Awesome service; very happy

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2017

Our family experience with Marc Barlow from Mortgage Broker Melbourne has been life changing. Since our first experience where Marc provided his friendly, thorough and honest service, we know we'll never need to look elsewhere. Marc has arranged loans that allowed us to purchase two residential properties and three more loans to re-finance and consolidate. We have benefited from his knowledge and advice and recommended him to many friends and family. We look forward to our next adventure and seek this great service once again.

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Incredibly helpful.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 19, 2017

We found dealing with Tobe Cooper incredibly easy and succinct. He arranged 3 loans for us for different properties and organised them all so they complimented one another perfectly. We have recommended him to many family members and friends who have been really impressed with his skills too. We will definitely be using him again.

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Responsive, trustworthy and genuinely great people to work with.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 28, 2017

Marc and Selena saved our sanity! Off the plan purchase, multiple developer delays and with us living in New Zealand, the team at Mortgage Broker Melbourne have been just fantastic! Highly recommend the team - just a relief to work with someone you can trust during a high stress time.

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Professional, Reassuring and Proactive!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2017

Through a recommendation from friends I engaged Marc to assist me with the purchase of my first home. I have been extremely impressed by Marc's reliable, professional and approachable way of working. As buying my first home was a very new experience for me I was somewhat daunted by the process. Marc's patient, methodical, thorough and transparent approach has been very reassuring, alongside his willingness to answer my many basic questions and his proactivity in ensuring I was able to secure a low interest rate for my loan. I would highly recommend Mortgage Broker Melbourne and will definitely return for any future mortgage matters.

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Continuing to help me through 3 properties

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 30, 2016

I first engaged Marc to finance my first ever property in 2000. He did such a great job I went back to him for my residential property and my second residence this year. The rate he and Selena were able to get me was so low, my bank didn't even try to match it. Great attentive service; I have also recommended them to family and friends.

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Excellent service and quick to respond to all enquires

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 04, 2016

We first used Marc about 8 years ago to obtain finance for our first home and he helped us walk through all the steps necessary to not only finance but to also buy our first house including applying for the first home owners grant etc. Marc helped us navigate through all the obstacles and hurdles that comes with buying a first home and made the process very seamless and easy for first home buyers.

More recently Marc & Selena reviewed our loans and without any input or prompting from us, applied to ANZ to reduce our home loan rates. Our loans were then reviewed again to see if other lenders were offering better rates and Marc & Selena helped us to refinance all our loans to CBA and got us an amazing rate which saved us over $5k in interest per year.

They were quick to respond to emails and phone calls and answered all my questions (even the silly ones). Would not hesitate to recommend Mortgage Broker Melbourne, Marc or Selena!

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Hi My name is anita I am working in Canberra in nursing home and my husband works in Melbourne I was also in Melbourne just moved last year .my land in Melbourne need a loan for land .went to bank they said it’s hard to get approval .is there any chance? Thankyou

Anita asked on Nov 29, 2018

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Hi Anita, Thanks for your enquiry! We'd be delighted to assist but would need to gather a bit more information if that's OK? Could you please email me at and I can send you our quick fact find questionnaire? Best Regards, Marc Barlow.

Hi Looking at buying a home within the next 6 months My husband and i would like to know how much we can borrow? Deposit needed ? Thanks Kathleen

Kathleen asked on Jul 22, 2018

Answer this

Hi Kathleen, Thanks for your enquiry, we'd be delighted to assist! Could you please email so we can help answer your questions and guide you through the process? Cheers! Marc

Hi there does your service also do refinancing services in Brisbane?

Tom asked on Jun 25, 2018

Answer this

Hi Tom, absolutely we can! Please call 1800 111 626 and we can start the ball rolling.

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