Hi Pam, As I said in my review, NQR stands for "not quite right" which means that they deal with "end of line" close to "best by or use date", deleted items, over production and such so you cannot count on them to have a full range at any time. However, they have most things most of the time. They generally have pasta of some sort; we were there today and although we didn't buy any pasta I recall that they had the dry pasta which they have pretty much all of the time, plus some of that very nice filled San Remo ravioli (or similar) in the dairy case. We weren't looking for pasta today so I didn't notice the price - sorry. What we purchased today was minimal but we bought high quality (relatively low fat and relatively high protein) frozen pizzas for $1.99 (440 gram) which is super cheap as an equivalent item in Woolworths or Coles would be $7 or $3.50 or $4.50 on special. Occasionally they have commercial size packs of stuff in the dairy case at amazingly low prices - yoghurt and sauces etc. Given the nature of your interest I suggest that you subscribe to their email which will give you advance notice of their weekly specials so you can review things on line rather than having to make a check in person. There is a nice young bloke named Rick (I think) who is the Manager and two very nice young women (named Sarah and Tina from memory) who are the Shift Managers and perhaps it would be worthwhile for you to introduce yourself to them?