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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Feb 2018

Poor /no communication - except for the bills of course!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 08, 2017

It all started well, then came the huge variations that we weren't told about for 5 months of planning. After buying a flat block with a compaction certificate we were given a 12k variation to dig it out. That was march. The variation was dated the previous October and no one shared that information. We raced through selections all of January so not to hold anything up. We only got our selections pack half way through Dec so I think we did well considering the Xmas break. We had been told that if we did our part, it would happen quickly. That obviously changed when someone tried to bill us the extra costs. We tried to pull out of the contract but were told something could be arranged. That was soil removal for 700 tonne! After that was paid, at a much higher rate than agreed we are left with 25k of retaining which wasn't in the original budget or plan. Trying to communicate is impossible, the only contact we get is invoices. Now we will be homeless at Christmas because the build is tracking far behind and the supervisor won't make contact. Our landlord tried to be as flexible as they could but are having to sell and after 3 month extension they can't extend any longer. So we now have Christmas with four children and nowhere to live. So far, it's been terrible.

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Oakford Homes Official

Dear Bianca, We’re sorry to hear about your concerns regarding the building of your new home. We pride ourselves on our customer service and will look into the situation regarding your build. If... read more »

Oakford Homes Official

Dear Bianca It has been a few weeks since you posted your review and while I have corresponded with you and have tried to meet with you to discuss your concerns, this has not yet happened. It is n... read more »

Tom, we have suggested times to meet to only be told our emails went to spam. Hard to believe after all of the correspondence that preceded that. We were also told of one week that was available (w... read more »

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Their finish quality was bad.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 25, 2016

Their paint finish was terrible. Paint runs and spatter from the paint spraying causing rough surface finish. Some areas looked like it had only one coat. Spent the week sanding all the skirting and cleaning paint specks off the door handles and chrome balustrade. They should not have accepted a poor paint job like what we got.
On the plus side the cabinetry was excellent. [name removed] did a great job and their process was fantastic.

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Oakford Homes Official

Dear Tommy, We’re sorry to hear you’re not happy with the quality of finish on your new home. We take quality very seriously, and make every effort to ensure the finish of our homes is of an high ... read more »

Oakford home are true to their commitment to provide customer satisfaction and quality . After meeting with the general manager, construction manager and site supervisor to check all quality conce... read more »

Questions & Answers

First time home builders and we are looking into Oakford homes but the quotes we are getting seem to be a lot cheaper than other companies which seems to worry me slightly. I was wondering if anyone has built with them and could give a rough idea of how much the final cost was compared to the starting quote? we are not looking for fancy high class products as we are young and would rather build within budget and upgrade latter where possible. Any help or advice would be very welcome. Thanks

mvanderw asked on Jul 06, 2015

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I wouldn't be too concerned with the price. We found oakford to be exceptional value and having built before understood all the different specs. They're specs are in most cases better than the others for a lot less. I'm not sure why, maybe ask them, but I suspect their margins are smaller and therefore you save.
The quality wasn't compromised either.
I think you will find building with them and very easy process.

Who did you end up building with? And what was your experience like?