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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2010

No wonder why Orbits Warranty is only 6 years

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2018

We built in 2010 with a great build time and pretty good service. This is where it all ends. As time goes by you realise the cheapness of the materials/ fittings, along with the sloppy/negligent workmanship that has been put into your home. Hello where is the great customer service gone!!!! We in our 8th year, and something we put down to natural movement of the house, our skirting has suddenly sagged big time. Orbit simply responded that the house is out of warranty, every other correspondence attempt with them has been politely avoided. It turns out on an engineers inspection that the main trusses of the roof (the part that holds your roof up) have not been bolted together as per building guidelines. So now we have parts of the roof holding all that weight that shouldn't be. I'm under the realisation that this is now not a warranty issue but SERIOUS NEGLIGENT workmanship. The truss company that supplied the trusses has passed the buck back to Orbits being responsible. I will also be contacting the company that approved the work done. The bottom line is that this was all work employed by Orbits. Be VERY careful with this builder and good luck if your already living in one of their homes that it doesn't fall down around you like ours is!!!!!!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: May 2018

Good builder with great customer service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2018

Construction started in Nov 17 and finished in May 2018. Delayed after the lockup took long time to get the finishing work. Change of site supervisor caused delays.

Kristen & Carnita have given an excellent customer support and keep the progress updated. Post settlement check is also excellent.99% time all quires were answered on same day or withing 24 hr.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jan 2018

Great Customer Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 31, 2018

construction started in June 2017 gave me the house in end of January the quality of the building is amazing nice structure of the house my wife love the house orbit home is out of the world all the queries answer by carnita on same day carnita was really helpful last 7 months in construct the house we are really thankful to you carnita

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2017

Very good quality build and very good Customer Service.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 18, 2018

Construction started last week of June 2017, finished mid December 2017.
Got keys just before Christmas Break which was amazing.
Very good built quality.
99% time all quires were answered on same day or withing 24 hrs.
client service Officer Carnita was very prompt and accurate in response via email,phone call etc.
Site supervisor -Chris was good too in amending few things that we noticed during whole project.
Approvals took some time but its the same situation for every builder and construction project.
All final touch-ups were done before hand over, pretty much nothing left once we moved in

In short very good builder and would recommend for first home buyers ( just like me).

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2017

Orbit is out of this World

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2017

My wife and I are very happy with the way our new home has turned out. My wife and I have made a few mistakes with wrong assumptions and not asking enough questions to be 100% clear. There would have been alot more mistakes if it wasn't for Doreen during initial consultations when choosing our home.She was honest and clear and very proud of Orbit Homes.She really helped us make good choices and what we could or could not do.Then there was Zoe who we consulted in choosing our colors as they say for our home.The range of tiles,fittings,and finishes was excellent and when it was all done about 2 hours later we had our home chosen. Communication I have to say was very good through out the whole process with Kristen and I have to say whether through email or telephone I was able to have my question or questions answered straight away or at the very latest within 24 hrs.I think its unreasonable to expect a quick response everytime.

Wayne was our site supervisor and he is a very personable and professional person. He's friendly and frank with a smile. The process was explained through out the whole build process and yes there were issues along the way and they all were dealt with to our satisfaction.I don't feel corners were cut, but in some instances the workmanship was a little sloppy,(probably apprentice error) but that said ,when the issues were discovered they where fixed and or replaced properly.
From when the slab was poured and they waited about a week before any building works took place on the slab. To the lock up stage progress was made and we were kept up to date as things progressed by Wayne or Kristen or if they were going to be held up.The weather thankfully played nice.We have a solid home a well built home.It feels comfortable and safe.It looks great.

Since moving in there have been things we have noticed that surprised us pleasantly for example how warm and quiet our home is and just how well the finishings suited the home The whole house has been tiled and the tiles look amazing are straight and perfect as you would expect.On the flip side some things unfortunately have disappointed us.Like a glass door being hung upside down. I put it to apprentice mistakes or simple oversights that just weren't followed up. A new door has been ordered and will be replaced soon.
Livio has been our go to man at Orbit Homes since handover took place and he has bent over backwards to get things done when issues have cropped up. We don't feel we have been forgotten and the follow up has been and currently has been excellent.

We highly recommend Orbit homes and we would certainly build with them again. Anyone looking to build needs to understand that no home build is perfect and things crop up and how these issues are handled ,are how I would judge any builder. Orbit homes have been professional and courteous and honest all the way through and have dealt with all issues in the past and currently with professionalism and to our satisfaction.They take pride in their work and I understand they only use the same contractors to build their homes so they have continuity. We love our new Orbit home.

Thanks Orbit

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2017

Great Customer Service, Professional Builder

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 03, 2017

The entire experience has been relaxed and stress free. Right from the start, when speaking with Doreen in regards to the sale, to meeting Zoe for the colour appointment, to the great communication from our Customer service rep Carnita and the open and honest communication with Wayne our supervisor.. this has been a very delightful experience overall. Nothing was ever too much trouble and our question and concerns were answered promptly. A lot of communication and regular updates. Building with Orbit made us feel important and were not treated as another number.

The build quality was of high standards and the choices were quite extensive for their standard range. Pricing was very competitive and minor changes did not cost anything.

We love our new home and would highly recommend Orbit to anyone looking to take this journey.

Thank you Orbit... I will be talking to you, if we are to build again.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jan 2017

Professional builder with great customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 13, 2017

Dealing with Orbit was an amazing experience. We were kept informed throughout the building process. Their customer service team is the best and offer a very prompt service. They make the whole building process hassle free with their professional attitude. No surprises with Orbit Home, their contracts are detailed and cover all aspects. You get exactly what you signed for. Will we build again with Orbit Homes – Absolutely !!!!!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2017

Thank you for our perfect home

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 12, 2017

For anyone looking to build your forever home you can not go past Orbit. From our first day walking through the display home doors in Craigieburn seeing Lindy's smiling face welcoming us we knew that this team was more than just another home builder. With every question we asked Lindy she was more than happy to answer and guided us through a very daunting process. We could not have gone through the process without Lindy. Meeting Zoe for our colors appointment was fantastic it was so nice to meet someone who was so knowledgeable about all the products that Orbit offered.
No words can express how happy we are with our home. Every step of the way our customer service consultants Kristen S has been amazing she is an asset to Orbit. No question was to silly to ask she was always ready and willing to assist.
Finally none on this could not have been possible with out our amazing site supervisor Martin.He has gone above and beyond to get our home finished on time.
Thanks to Craig for completing our hand over.
Overall we can not fault anything with our build with Orbit. The only issue we had were delays due to bad weather and change of staff.
Well done to the team at Orbit and thank you for making our dream home a reality.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2017

Smooth sailing beautiful home

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2017

Can not thank orbit enough for our beautiful family home. Our land took 2 years to title after delays and orbit was with us every step of the way.

Lisa in the office was amazing from the moment she took our bike on and Wayne was upfront and ho est from day one.

We now have a beautiful family home for our kids to grow up in and us to grow old in. A big thankyou to everyone at orbit for all your hard work.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2017

Good builder and an even better staff!!!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2017

The main reason we decided to select Orbit Homes was because of their house plans and economical pricing,along with the excellent service provided by Valentina Ilievska,who made us feel like family and family always look out for each other..that's how well she treated us.
There were a lot of delays which were unexpected and beyond anyone's control (weather before the slab could be poured in & garbage being dumped into the property which prevented gas line from being installed) and the build took longer to complete than what we initially anticipated. But we wouldn't have been able to keep a sane head over all these issues if it hadn't been for Lisa-Marie Kollarik's,(our customer service officer) continuous reassurance and updates on what's going to happen on site.She was very patient with all our enquiries and got back to us with information as soon as she got them from the site supervisor,Leigh Allan, who needs a special mention..You won't find a more down to earth and approachable guy than Leigh.He was always accomodating with our requests and we always felt positive and happy after a meeting with him.
A big 'Thank you' to all the other members of Orbit Homes including Craig McTaggart our Quality Assurance supervisor, Accounts Dept, Draftsman Bahar, contractors, suppliers and all those who worked to make this build possible..It was a wonderful journey with Orbit Homes!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2016

Terrible after build service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 04, 2017

In the beginning the build went fine no problems that we could see. It was on hand over day we were meet by the site manager and the so called quality controller. It seemed that we were being rushed through this inspection and in retrospect we should have pushed back and taken longer. The defects in the finished product are too numerous to list here but range from large chips in bath tub to cracked basins and so on. As of today we are now in dispute with Orbit over the mains plumbing being linked up to recycling and recycling hooked up to the drinking water. Which means we have been drinking recycled water for a year now. Orbit Homes have told us that it was signed off by the inspector and there is nothing they can do. Do they think went into the front yard dug up the pipes and switched them? Unfortunately a very bad experience which is still going on. Stay away from this Company as they will ultimately take your money and forget about you. Ron Mccallum.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2017

Orbit Homes ... Great service and team !

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2017

From the first contact until our house was built, the people of this company were trustworthy, honest, realistic and most importantly great listeners. We had a fantastic experience with our site Supervisor Wayne, who was only to obliging to meet and discuss any of our concerns. As we were in an already established street, the neighbours commented on the tradespeople being friendly and obliging, and also commented on Wayne being friendly and willing to answer any questions.
Lisa and Carnita were amazing and were very helpful from a customer service perspective.
Our building is beautiful, and homely and very well built.. Anything that we have queried has been answered in a timely manner, even things that were not right (by mistake, which we all need to acknowledge, happens when you are dealing with loads of contractors and tradespeople!) have been addressed and plan of action with dates and timeframes. We could not be more satisfied and were shocked at how awesome this experience was compared to others experiences in our area.
Thanks Orbit Homes and the team of people who were behind making our dream home into a reality.
Special mention to Sue R, Wayne S, Carnita, Livio and Lisa K who made our experience memorable and positive. You guys are awesome.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2016

A Perfect Home

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2017

I built my first home with Orbit Homes last year. I could not have been happier. From the very first day in the sales office to the last day when I received my keys, everyone I encountered was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable.
My 2 main contacts Carnita (customer service) and Domenic (site supervisor) were amazing! They ensured the build was stress free for me, and were extremely patient with my hundreds of questions!
I would highly recommend Orbit Homes. If I ever want to build another house I would definitely go back to Orbit Homes.
My house is totally beautiful, we love living here.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2017

Amazing First Home! An Incredible Experience.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 25, 2017

The quality of the build was great, and completed ahead of schedule. The Building supervisor was amazing to work with, responsive to questions and very prompt with replies. The team at Orbit homes are amazing to deal with from start to finish. As a newbie to building, I was expecting a lot of stress and issues. Right from the get go the whole process was smooth, calm and stress free. If there were any issues you picked up on they handled it professionally and efficiently. Overall, i would highly recommend Orbit Homes to anyone thinking of building. I would definitely built with Orbit homes again in the future.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2004

12 Years on not happy!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2017

Our house was built around 2004 we had tiles crack after only the first year nothing to do with us, and granted these were replaced at no cost to us by Orbit, but the cracks have reappeared in one long line across out entrance. We should have woken up when we made a visit to the house while the kitchen was being put in, my husband recognised the builder sorry the woodwork teacher (my husband is also a teacher) building our kitchen - you get what you pay for - as a result cupboard doors all now have gaps letting any pest that might want to enter do so. We had a roof leak first heavy rain that fell not long after moving in once again Orbit had this fixed and our ceiling was repainted no cost to us.
Now our twelve year old house has cracks appearing above door frames doors & windows sticking mainly at the front of the house this has been ongoing for a few years & being naive thought this was due to the weather, but have now been told may be due to the foundations. Two large cracks in our lounge room ceiling. The architraves separating from both bathroom walls, at one stage a 2cm gap until I got up and filled the gaps. The bathroom fixtures were all cheap & nasty had to be replaced within three years. A house is supposed to be built to last more than 13 years or at least not fall apart in that time. Very disappointed that we are having so many problems and now going to cost us a great deal to fix. Maybe things have improved but too late for us! What is it they say a poor man pays twice.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2016

Great family home to live in

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 31, 2017

Build was completed ahead of schedule which was a great delight and we were in for Christmas 2016 which was excellent. Build manager Dale was very knowledgeable, easy to deal with and responsive to questions, etc. Made the process stress free. A few of the finer details weren't finished off as well as we would have liked - eg paint job in the corners. A few extra things that required a visit to touch up and make good but that's normal as far as I know. All in all, smooth process and we love the house.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2016

Incredible Experience from Start to Finish

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 20, 2017

Exceptional Quality, Project managed like a well oiled machine, The whole Orbit team were an absolute delight to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble and the communication was extremely professional and outstanding. Their knowledge and expertise was second to none and support and guidance through the whole project was very reassuring. I would not hesitate in recommending Orbit to anyone that would listen to me singing their praise.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2016

An Awesome Experience with Orbit Homes

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 28, 2016

Workmanship was excellent in general. The house was finished earlier than the expected date and that saved us a lot of rental money. The process was clear and instructions for payments, inspections and updates were also very clear. A list of step by step expectations were also provided as a guide for the homeowners-to-be.
The customer care and support service were excellent that I kept on telling my friends to build with Orbit Homes. Building a house is not easy and very stressful for a lot of people but not for us because of the excellent, expert and professional building officer and site supervisor that we had.

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Verified Customer

Nice house

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 25, 2016

Build quality is good, few touch ups to be done but that's always expected. Overall trades did a good job.
The build was reasonably managed. Very slow for a builder of orbits size. Mostly due to hold ups from contractors.
Customer service was excellent on most parts. Lindy at sales in Craigieburn was perfect for the job! And would recommend any one thinking of building to go see her!
Marie was a great help and put up with my ten phone calls a day like a trooper!
Over all orbit has good inclusions for their price and I'm extremely happy with my end result!

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Verified Customer

Exceptional service and quality homes!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2016

Well what can I say about Orbit Homes... Amazing springs to mind.

My mum was selling our first family home, she wanted a fresh start so we were on the hunt to find the PERFECT home for her. We went to see countless displays and couldn't find one that just clicked with us. Mum almost gave up looking until we were pointed in the direction of Orbit homes by a family friend who had a fabulous journey with them. We went to Clyde North and viewed their display homes. Instantly we fell in love with the heathmont 227.
So much so that my mother put down her deposit... And so did my brother, my partner and I!! That's right... TWO of us where so confident and in awe... We all took the plunge and decided to build.

We made countless upgrades and still the price and quality didn't even compare to the oppositions.

OUR journey started with Doreen at the display home who was helpful and took our considerations and put them to work.

Then it was time to pick our colours!! We set off to Ascot Vale to choose them, we were able to do both our homes together, that alone was so great.
Orbit Homes Interior designer Zoe was just amazing, she was able to steer us away from horrendous colour choices and helped us pick some fabulous things from bricks right down to carpet and tiles.

Then we met our site supervisor, Wayne.
Wayne, I cannot hold him high enough, he has this magic touch that just makes you feel at ease. He was in control and answered all of our questions whenever we had anything to ask. I believe he is an asset to Orbit as he just takes control and was always on the ball.

Our final inspection came for mum and myself, that's where we met Livio, the quality assurance co-ordinator. If we noticed any imperfection or anything that needed touch ups... He was the guy to talk to. Apart from a few paint touch ups and a few tiny insignificant things... Our homes were ready to settle.

Now, the person who I would like to commend greatly is Marie Marandi in head office. This woman got the brunt of our queries. As all of us are all first time builders, everything seemed so overwhelming that I think we must of called her at least once a week to ask the silliest of questions. Marie kept us at ease and made the daunting process of building so easy and carefree! Not to mention the gorgeous welcome gifts that were waiting for us at head office on settlement day... Just WOW!!

So on behalf of both our families, we would like to thank you Orbit Homes for an unforgettable and amazing experience. We will be pointing everyone we know that is looking at building straight to your front door.

Thank you once again, you are all amazing!

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Questions & Answers

Hi! Just wondering my finance has been declined by bank. I am thinking of Cancellation. I have paid $3000 to Orbit as a deposit. At this stage Survey has not been ordered yet and Orbit haven’t done the soil test yet. So can you please clear me how long does it take for Cancellation process and how much will be the refund?Thank you

Janu asked on Feb 14, 2018

Hello, did anyone add a shower niche and an extra shower head ? If so, how much did orbit charge you?

Tiara1234 asked on Jun 29, 2017

Answer this

Hi we added both and it was cheap under $500

Provide a secondary shower set to the shower compartment including additional
plumbing, a Dorf Enigma mixer tap and Caroma Pin Shower Rail -$815

Niches 400x400 - $415

My driveway has been built with the wrong rocks, I have all the proof. Do I have to pay them for the driveway?

snipersid asked on Mar 07, 2016

Answer this

Well first thing, when say wrong rocks, was meant to be meet the guidelines of land contract?
If you got all the proofs, I think they will be liable for all the costs. But if it's your misunderstanding then you have to pay or just live with it. I hope it helps

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