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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2018


2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 03, 2018

Really disappointed with the finish. Suppose to get the keys on Tuesday and went past to have a look and honestly don’t want to move in - I was so impressed with the finish of the display homes and service but utterly disappointed with my own build.

unfinished painting
Pipes exposed
Crossover not repaired
Fly screens don’t fit correctly
And the list just goes on..

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2016

Terrible after build service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 04, 2017

In the beginning the build went fine no problems that we could see. It was on hand over day we were meet by the site manager and the so called quality controller. It seemed that we were being rushed through this inspection and in retrospect we should have pushed back and taken longer. The defects in the finished product are too numerous to list here but range from large chips in bath tub to cracked basins and so on. As of today we are now in dispute with Orbit over the mains plumbing being linked up to recycling and recycling hooked up to the drinking water. Which means we have been drinking recycled water for a year now. Orbit Homes have told us that it was signed off by the inspector and there is nothing they can do. Do they think went into the front yard dug up the pipes and switched them? Unfortunately a very bad experience which is still going on. Stay away from this Company as they will ultimately take your money and forget about you. Ron Mccallum.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2004

12 Years on not happy!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2017

Our house was built around 2004 we had tiles crack after only the first year nothing to do with us, and granted these were replaced at no cost to us by Orbit, but the cracks have reappeared in one long line across out entrance. We should have woken up when we made a visit to the house while the kitchen was being put in, my husband recognised the builder sorry the woodwork teacher (my husband is also a teacher) building our kitchen - you get what you pay for - as a result cupboard doors all now have gaps letting any pest that might want to enter do so. We had a roof leak first heavy rain that fell not long after moving in once again Orbit had this fixed and our ceiling was repainted no cost to us.
Now our twelve year old house has cracks appearing above door frames doors & windows sticking mainly at the front of the house this has been ongoing for a few years & being naive thought this was due to the weather, but have now been told may be due to the foundations. Two large cracks in our lounge room ceiling. The architraves separating from both bathroom walls, at one stage a 2cm gap until I got up and filled the gaps. The bathroom fixtures were all cheap & nasty had to be replaced within three years. A house is supposed to be built to last more than 13 years or at least not fall apart in that time. Very disappointed that we are having so many problems and now going to cost us a great deal to fix. Maybe things have improved but too late for us! What is it they say a poor man pays twice.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Verified Customer

If you want Ordinary thats what you will get

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 14, 2015

Permit applied and work started on time
Site supervirsor contacted for meetings via Customer service officer on time
Customer service officer friendly
No contact with site supervisor had to speak with customer service officer all time
how completed but completed in a hurry. Level and quality of the house medium. Communication with Qaulity control office only via email. if wanted to speak to him call office and then transfered to mobile and takes ages to get a return call.
Everytime asked about fixing something, the quality control officer makes excuses and says it is standard and the builder is not responsible
always had to argue and argue to get the work done the right way. Paint job horrible. attention to detail horrible, was advised at the sale that the alfresco area will have concrete but when house was settled we were told it is not there and refered us to the contract and did not even check the contract to see if it was included. There is no flexibility with Orbit so think before signing up ever.
if you want to keep arguing and requesting for a job to be completed go with Orbit if you want quality at the price you pay do not even go with them.
If you do happen to build with them, do not pay anything until the whole house is inspected by yourself and once inspected any issues must be fixed and only then pay. I did the mistake of trusting them and now with any issues i have to argue and listen to their stupid excuses over and over again.

1.Customer Service officer - good
2.Supervisor - good
3.Quality control officer - not good
4.Communication - bad
5.Capability to fix an issue - always no and then when argue is yes
6. attention to detail - zero
7. quality - ordinary
8. Excuses - plenty

Never ever going to build with Orbit again and with any other builder going to be really strict as it is my money and no one should take me for a ride.

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Orbit Homes review

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2014

I'm quite torn as to say if I would deal with Orbit Homes again, there are no major issues with the home, but a very poor job of my very expensive retaining walls was completed and caused numerous delays, leading the house to be completed late. Overall I did feel like there was a lack of effective communication between Orbit and myself. I loved dealing with [name removed], he was extremely professional and helpful, but the rest of the sales and building/management team are lacking effective communication skills.

+ Dealing with [name removed] directly, good home design, upgrade specials.

- Sales rep at display homes poor, poor communication between the customer, building manager and building rep, terrible job of retaining walls, poor external and internal paint job, poor after handover service, expensive $1,000 variation cost per variation.

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Orbit Homes Official

Dear Rushie, Thank you for your feedback. Firstly we would like to apologise that you feel your experience dropped in the communication area. We believe in a high level of communication from our st... read more »

Orbit Homes Official

Apologies Rushie,
The names have been removed in your review , we apologies for misinterpreting your feedback.
Kind regards,
Orbit Homes Customer Care

Sydney, NSW

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2012

I have been to all the display houses by orbit throughout victoria and do not recommend to anyone. Having said that they are very good for people who do not have a lot of inital deposit and do not worry too much about the quality of the product used in their house. The designs are good, quality bad, sales people are good, flexible builders, but again good for only those people who do not have a lot of inital money required for the deposit for the house. The price of the display houses isnt too bad.

+ Nice designs and nice prices

- Poor quality

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Poor workmanship, Orbit wont fix.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2012

We started off ok. Salesman in display office was and has always been very helpful where possible. Everything was going to plan until they changed our building supervisor. That's when the problems started. It took approximately 3 weeks for the new supervisor to get started when we should have been already moving into our house. He stopped the tiler, who was very angry because of this. Because of the change of supervisor, we got the WORST painter in Queensland. They used a 2 coat system and we believe it was all sprayed; we don't believe any of it was rolled. You can see all the joins of the plaster; the gloss doors and trims were like they were painted with flat paint, we found out later the painter had watered the paint down with turps but they had him repaint the doors, still not acceptable, but not the trims, now the trims look like flat paint and the doors are semi gloss. The paint on the walls is rubbing off at the corners, paint was supposed to be washable, but it leaves shiny marks when cleaned.

+ Good bricklayer and good tiler.

- Orbit wont fix the paint, says we got what we paid for. Very poor after sales service.

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2009

While initially the construction of the house went according to plan, it died down after "lock up stage". The reasons (building boom) for this that was given to us seems not realistic as other houses in the area built by Orbit went ahead.
It appeared to us that we were kept quiet with very little work done to the house a couple of hours a week.
Our advice is to set down your conditions before signing a contract with Orbit after all you are the customer. If Orbit doesn't agree, look for another builder.
Keep a close eye during construction and keep ringing!!!!

+ the design of the house was good and suited us

- The start of construction went ok up to "lock-up" stage when most of the money was paid. Then it virtually stopped with little work done to the house for nearly 3 months. It took many phonecalls to get something done or answers.
The building site looks neglected and messy.
Many minor mistakes were made mainly wrong orders.
Too many different supervisors (4) were in charged during constructions causing unnecessery delays, vital information (names and contact numbers of trades people) were lost etc.
Promised completion date (before christmas) was not up held leaving us to make different accommodation arrangements.

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Questions & Answers

Hi! Just wondering my finance has been declined by bank. I am thinking of Cancellation. I have paid $3000 to Orbit as a deposit. At this stage Survey has not been ordered yet and Orbit haven’t done the soil test yet. So can you please clear me how long does it take for Cancellation process and how much will be the refund?Thank you

Janu asked on Feb 14, 2018

Hello, did anyone add a shower niche and an extra shower head ? If so, how much did orbit charge you?

Tiara1234 asked on Jun 29, 2017

Answer this

Hi we added both and it was cheap under $500

Provide a secondary shower set to the shower compartment including additional
plumbing, a Dorf Enigma mixer tap and Caroma Pin Shower Rail -$815

Niches 400x400 - $415

My driveway has been built with the wrong rocks, I have all the proof. Do I have to pay them for the driveway?

snipersid asked on Mar 07, 2016

Answer this

Well first thing, when say wrong rocks, was meant to be meet the guidelines of land contract?
If you got all the proofs, I think they will be liable for all the costs. But if it's your misunderstanding then you have to pay or just live with it. I hope it helps

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