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Alot of issues

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 26, 2015

When we started dealing with Orbit in May 2014, one of the reasons we decided to build with them was because of the sales consultant from the Rochedale display. Unfortunately not long after we paid the deposit, she had left the company & we were then dealing with the general manager. Which wasnt necessarily a bad experience but his main job was not to look after us, his main job was his duties as general manager so sometimes communication was difficult. We had the worst experience with the colour consultant! How she had a job was beyond me. It took her a good few weeks to contact us, then an appointment was finally made for a few weeks time. She then cancelled on us due to sickness. Understandable. We rescheduled for 2 weeks time, only for her to cancel on us again citing a family emergency. Once again, understandable. Rescheduled for another 2 weeks away. It got to 6pm the day before our appointment when I received a text message from the colour consultant cancelling once again due to car troubles. This was the last straw for us. We had already taken the time off work & the fact she texted us so late & didnt even apologise made us angry. So we offered to pick her up & funnily enough she decided that she could in fact make our appointment & her car was working again. When we did finally have our appointment, she didnt do any "consulting". I thought she was going to give us recommendations on colour schemes or something but she just sat there & left us to our own devices. She no longer works for Orbit Homes now though. That whole process set us back at least 2-3 months. Building finally started at the end of Oct 2014. We were given a contract date of early June 2015, but building was completed before schedule & we received our keys 16th April 2015. We ran into a decent amount of issues through the building process. The plumbers were horrible! they had stuffed up the underground piping by putting a pipe incorrectly into the oven space & then coming up into the dishwasher space, making the dishwasher space unusuable. I had picked up the issue & it was eventually rectified. They also put the bath taps in the wrong spot & an outside pipe in the wrong spot. The plumbers just had zero respect & put dirty handprints on almost every wall of the house right after it was freshly painted. They also used the toilets & didnt flush & left marks in the toilet. We also had a plumbing issue the first day we got the house. Also, now a week on, we have another plumbing issue in which in the ensuite, the water in the toilet rose up even though it wasnt clogged, then when the shower was turned on, the water in the toilet started bubbling & water started rise from the double basins & wouldnt drain until a little while after the shower was finished. The toilet in there goes from one extreme to the other, either there is not enough water in the bowl, or it is almost overflowing. There were also powerpoints that were in the wrong spot. We had chosen our facade based on the fact that we were told by the colour consultant that all 3 windows opened, when in fact only the one did. When we raised this issue we were told basically tough titties, its on your signed contract as that. I agree that we were partly at fault as the contract had stated only 1 opened, but they should have taken ownership for their part in their staff not having proper knowledge of their products & possibly offered us the window we wanted at 50% cost to us & 50% cost to them. I also distinctly remember having a discussion as to what way we wanted our kitchen sink to run, big sink, little sink then strainer from left to right only to find once the caesarstone went in that it was the opposite way. Once again, we didnt have a leg to stand on due to it stating it that way in the contract. We didnt think to look at things like this as we knew we had discussions & figured thats how they would be. Moral of the story, check everything with a fine tooth comb! We did have some positive experiences though. Communication with the CSO was great. We started the build with 1 supervisor, it then changed to someone else mid way through, & he was a real nonsense who liked to talk about how great he was for hours, he thankfully left & we finished up the build with our original supervisor who is a great guy & does his job well. Overall they were a decent builder who did have some good points but with the issues we had it really put a damper on our experience & therefore because of that Im not sure I would recommend them. However, like I said most of the bad people we dealt with have now left & hopefully that means people will have a more positive experience than we did.

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Verified Customer

Our First Home

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 04, 2015

We started building/permits stage March 2014, this took a while and the house finally started around mid June. In this time I didn’t get much update. We were told in 2 weeks we would have the permit then in 3 weeks I would ask the progress and it would be another 2 weeks. Make sure you find out what could become a variation as we were asked to pay another $1,500 to make it a 6 star energy rating. We were updated pretty thoroughly throughout the building process but it would have been nicer if they were more accommodating with inspection times ect as we had to miss a few due to short notice.
Our build finished around mid November, we had to follow up QS to book our 3 months inspection but its underway at the moment. It has been a bit annoying as there were cracks in almost every Corness and Architrave and they said they don’t fix them unless you can fit a debit card in there? I think that’s pretty bad customer service but that’s probably what happens if your carpenter nails them off and doesn't glue them. We have also had other cracks like above our windows – they have done a plaster join in the middle of the window not were the structural steel studs are at the corner of the window and now all they can do is fill it. There are a few lazy carpentry errors that were done which are a bit disappointing and are very hard to fix now probably to the point all they can do is fill it but other than that just a lot of paint defects.
Overall I probably wouldn't build again not just with Orbit but with any large volume builder as I feel like they do rush your homes and silly carpentry errors are done that shouldn't happen.
Orbit did have very good inclusions compared to other builders and larger floor plans.

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S.E Suburbs

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First & Last time Building

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 28, 2014

We signed our contracts in November 2014 and were told by our sales guys they would definitely be starting before Christmas hence why Orbit added extra days to our contract to cover the Christmas & New year holidays, bring it up to a 7.5 months worth of building time. We were expecting a June completion date. Building didn't begin until February 25th and was due for completion September 30, but wasn’t actually handed over until October 10.
Customer service wise- Sales guy seemed genuine but was full of it and just wanted us to sign on the dotted line so he could get his commission. The customer service lady was terrific and always got back to me quickly. Site supervisor was very friendly and accommodating and always tried to keep us up to date of progress etc.

All in all I would give their customer service maybe a 9/10 however I can’t say the same for the finished product in the end.
All started off really well the slab was done in within just over 2 weeks however I then received a phone call informing me they had to get a generator onsite (at my cost) because the electricity hadn't been connected (mind you they knew they needed electricity for this and had over 4 months since contract signing to organise it) they wouldn't wait a couple of days for electricity to be connected and so I was forced to pay for a generator because it was in the contract even though it was Orbits bad organisation that resulted in it being needed in the first place.

The rest of the home went up quickly... that was until lockup. May 5th we were at lockup and from there everything was slow. We were told a rough timeline of 8 weeks for plasterer, painting and tiling to be complete and they another couple of weeks to finish off the last bits and pieces which bought us up to an expected completion of around end of July/August. Well the painter took about 3 weeks to get out there and then another 2 weeks to do the worlds worst paint job. The building supervisor knew it and admitted it wasn’t good enough but things just got slower and slower, the painter continuously having to come back and fix his terrible job (which still isn’t fixed).

Middle of September came along and we were looking at handover close to the end of September, however a trade (probably one of the ones who kept using our toilets inside) turned the water back on and one of the fittings in the bathroom apparently had a hairline fracture and so my bathroom, living room, hallway and 2nd bedroom were flooded the day before quality assurance inspection, resulting in bathroom cabinets being replaced along with skirting and carpet also being ripped back up and replaced..... Don't get me wrong better it happen before I moved in than after but still another massive setback of over 2 weeks.

Another 2 weeks later we did our final inspection at the same time as the Quality assurance officer who didn’t pick up half the items we did and he is supposed to have an eye for these things.
We finally got our house the following week (which still wasn't 100% complete however our current accommodation was no longer available to us and so we had no choice but to accept as is and move in) however we were assured all items on the list would be seen to promptly....

Now comes the big long list. Its been over 6 weeks since we moved in and they still none of these issues have been fixed;
-Paint work is still terrible through out the house and 2 of the BIR's had walls that weren't even painted. Painter came back, painted half the wall and left again, still leaving unpainted walls in my BIR's. The list of touch ups needed, either he didn't bring or the supervisor didn't pass along so he still needs to come back. The rest of the house has pants drips, obvious paint brush marks and paint overspray particles all over my kitchen cupboards, vanities and tiles, which should have been cleaned by the cleaner or even builder but wasn't (just what I wanted to do after I move in to my new house… clean paint off everything)
-There is a hole that was drilled unnecessarily in the base of my kitchen cupboard along with damage to the base such as scratches and chips. Orbit refuse to replace and instead just want to put another board over the top of it to cover it which results in my cupboard shrinking.
- Bath was scratched and had quite a deep dent in it. They had a polisher come out who got the scratches out and spilt polish in the bath (which looks like dripped paint) but the dent has a totally different texture to the rest of the bath and overtime will discolour. I paid for a brand new bath not what seems like a second hand with dents and scratches and again Orbit don’t want to replace it.
-Front entry door had a massive chunk taken out of the top on our final inspection which they fixed however on handover the bottom of the door had been damaged and there is a chip in the side of the glass in the window next to the door.... both still waiting to be fixed and apparently weren’t noted down and fall under the 3 month maintenance checklist.
- Rubbish such as Reo and planks of wood were left out front and is still there today after Orbit has continuously claimed they will have it removed.
- Our fences were damaged in 3 different spots with dents.
-Air conditioning/heating zones weren’t installed properly and obviously never tested by them before handover.
- Grout stuck to tiles in the bathrooms and silicone stuck to bench top

Now for the issues that we have written down for our 3 month maintenance check;
- Carpet wasn't installed properly and you can see looking around the edges how wavy it looks as if it wasn't pushed down correctly around the edges.
-I have a carpet join in the middle of my living room and carpet is already fraying and pulling away from sides (we upgraded our carpet too)
-Feels like there is something under the carpet in 3 different areas... in the middle of the room??? like it wasn't cleaned properly before they laid the carpet
-I can feel the nails under the carpet where the bedroom carpet meets the ensuite tiles
-There is a hole under the light switch in my WIR
-The back sliding fly screen hits the glass door when you open and close it
-The side sliding door doesn't look level
-The arch along the roof where the kitchen wall meets the bulkhead above the kitchen cabinets is obviously been stuffed up and you can see exactly where it has been joined.
-There are cracks either side of the bulkhead and in several places where the walls join

- They put silicone around the ensuite sinks but not the kitchen sink or the main bathrooms sinks or the toilets. They claim they don’t need silicone around the other but that makes no sense… why silicon 2 sinks but not the other 3? Sounds dodgy to me
These are only the issues off the top of my head that I can think of that we’ve found within 6 weeks, another 6 weeks and who knows what other issues we may find.

For a builder who continuously went on about not rushing and it was taking so long as they did not want to "compromise the quality of the home" the quality isn't that great. The foundations which I can't even see "may" be good but the finished product is far from the quality they sell you in their display homes.
I for one wouldn't build with them again, excellent customer service or not the finished product is a big letdown.

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Good Effort!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 18, 2014

Overall the experience has been satisfactory, although the construction of our development was a multi-dwelling project therefore more complex than the traditional approach. The quality of workmanship was good although at times there was no tradesmen working on site for prolonged periods of time. The project was delivered within a reasonable period of time, but not without its share of corrective actions. The builder required our watchful eye to identify construction issues ahead of time. It was beneficial to be living on site while the construction was being completed to ensure quality control was being managed. Overall, Orbit Homes provided a satisfactory level of service.

+ Inexpensive and relatively good quality.

- Communication and issue resolution.

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Orbit Homes Official

Dear The Pytka Family, We appreciate your review and thank you for providing us with your detailed feedback. It’s great to read that your development was completed with a quality finish. We take o... read more »


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Review of Orbit Homes at Craigieburn

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 05, 2014

Excellent Customer Service with good site staff interaction though avoiding contractual defects liability responsibility after practical completion handover. We discovered the oven was faulty the first time it was turned on and it took 4 bloody weeks to get Westinghouse to fix their faulty oven and upset everybody. I would advise all home owners not to buy any Westinghouse appliances.

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Orbit Homes Official

Dear Chang, Thank you very much for your comments. We are disappointed your oven was faulty. We shall be discussing the repair time frames with Westinghouse management. We are pleased to read that ... read more »

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Fairly good

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2014

High quality home!! Sales staff was excellent, but their pre-estimate of what's included wasn't detailed compared to other builders. Site survey wasn't thorough...had to have a $5k variation for storm-water which was suppose-ed to be picked up earlier, and phone line was dug to "wrong" boundary without Telstra network, cost me an extra $1.5k post handover. Accidentally realized sound Batts were installed in the wrong place (It would be a good idea for Orbit to review their No site access policy - it would allow clients to spot mistakes on the go) - after much deliberation, I was told it was fixed (hope it was, couldn't check behind gyp-rock due to site access restrictions) We fell for Orbit because of the design which met our needs.

They completed building 2 months before time during rainy season, Christmas and the many QLD holidays in the 1st half of the year. I contracted an independent inspector who said it was a good quality home compared to many he has worked on. I had 3 or 4 supervisors for the one job, which wasn't good (don't know why they left). The CSO was great in communication throughout, mainly through email which was great for me. After handover, communication not great.

My wife got really upset after one of the girls mistreated her on the phone when we had issues with our gas, which wasn't a big issue if she had listened and helped us. Sad. Site wasn't cleaned as expected, had to remove lots of grass after. Had sewage smell upstairs which we endured for a week before Orbit sent someone. Was eventually fixed; could have been done faster. Having highlighted these glitches, I would build with Orbit again (really? yes) and this time I would be more wiser and better informed. High quality home which hasn't shown any signs of disintegration or shoddy workmanship 6 weeks on. Thanks Orbit, but work on those areas I've highlighted.

+ Good design homes

- Poor after handover service, expensive, expensive $1,000 variation cost per variation

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Orbit Homes Official

Dear Sbanga, Thank you for your feedback. Firstly we would like to apologise that you feel your experience dropped since you were not allowed on site during construction, unfortunately this is a po... read more »

The Orbit Homes Experience

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 30, 2014

First time builders. Completed build in June 2014. Very disappointed with sales representative in display home and not helping the customer as much as she could. Spoke to the Owner of Orbit (Paul Milson) and he was a fantastic help through the contract stage and recommend dealing with him. Orbit didn't give you advise to where you wanted things location internally. Communication with Customer Rep was OK, but not completely happy with it as it took days to respond and not all answer you had were answered. Paint work was ordinary and external workmanship on retaining walls was not that great. Overall Happy with the house minor the little details.

+ The size/ layout, plsu the upgrade options

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Orbit Homes Official

Hi Morsey, We appreciate your feedback and value your review. It’s great to read that you had a great service during your contract stage and we will pass on your praise to Paul. We believe in a hig... read more »

Caloundra, Queensland

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Never again! Too many mistakes and hassles.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 04, 2014

Don’t be dazzled by Orbit’s lovely display homes, only the best for show.
We built the Arcadia 20 on the Sunshine Coast through Orbit Homes with construction commencing 2/10/12, handover 7/03/13 and final maintenance correction on 8/05/14. Although we are happy with the final result, it took way too long with the 5 month build, 6 month Maintenance Program and another 8 months to finally correct all the maintenance and contract issues. The whole process involved a lot of frustration, persistent chasing and communication particularly dismal after handover.
With fairly good experience from 2 previous builds and even though we were careful, we still got shafted by their charming sales consultant after being rushed into signing the contract. Many items he quoted cost much more and we negotiated shelving in the garage in exchange for deleting a built in wardrobe but got sucked into believing due to legal requirements, the contract would have an attachment for this. It was disallowed by head office, advising if it’s not in the contract it is your loss. So make sure you get credit for any deletions or changes and that it is within the body of your contract.
Check everything and every item after each stage and make sure it is EXACTLY what you negotiated and paid for. DOUBLE CHECK after the final inspection and during the maintenance period. Take photos after each inspection especially if the paint is not your chosen shade or colour or the rooftop is missing the antenna you paid for. We were not invited to meet with the painter to ensure the colours matched our choices, so we’ve accepted the lighter internal paint shades but we ended up repainting the whole rendered front of our house. We were not happy with the painter’s chosen timber stain of our front entry door but Orbit would not correct that and we did not get the antenna they claimed to have installed.
We were also not consulted about changed positioning of the air conditioning vents but thanks to their Project Manager we eventually got some down lights installed as a gesture of goodwill. We were very grateful for this as it made a huge improvement to the appearance of our open plan home.
Be aware, Orbit allow themselves a generous time frame to build, 29 weeks excluding public holidays and Christmas closure to build our small house. Also, their margins are very big compared with other project builders, so be prepared to pay loads more for any changes or extras. You will save bundles on whatever you can organise yourself.
Best advice from me - be very diligent with your research and scrutinise the quote and especially the contract before signing. The customer reviews on the website is a great guide, talk to as many sales consultants as possible at display homes, pursue recommendations from the agent or land office where you bought the land and anyone you know who has built recently. Ultimately, you will end up with the best deal and with the least stress.

+ The floor plan with very clever use of space

- Too many disputes

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 15, 2010

We have had our 3 month inspection 4 months ago and are still waiting for things to be fixed.
The bath was not sealed and resulted in a leak that went thru the wall and damaged the carpet. Still not fixed........
painter has not been.....
plumber has not been......
plaster has been...wow
i just want what i paid for .

+ The house was a good price and size

- no follow up

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 17, 2010

Before signing a contract pls spend time with the sales person and go through a detailed description of the inclusions and extras

+ Look basic and good value for money . The displays look pretty simple and nice.

- although the listed prices of the houses are less compared to other builders, you should always ask them for a detail description of the inclusion list. When you go through the list you would find that what they supply are very basic . So if you need to upgrade you would need to have an additional budget of about $10K . Also the price will increase by about another 10K if you have a soil of "H" grade. and will increase even further if your have a worse soil grade.

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Questions & Answers

Hi! Just wondering my finance has been declined by bank. I am thinking of Cancellation. I have paid $3000 to Orbit as a deposit. At this stage Survey has not been ordered yet and Orbit haven’t done the soil test yet. So can you please clear me how long does it take for Cancellation process and how much will be the refund?Thank you

Janu asked on Feb 14, 2018

Hello, did anyone add a shower niche and an extra shower head ? If so, how much did orbit charge you?

Tiara1234 asked on Jun 29, 2017

Answer this

Hi we added both and it was cheap under $500

Provide a secondary shower set to the shower compartment including additional
plumbing, a Dorf Enigma mixer tap and Caroma Pin Shower Rail -$815

Niches 400x400 - $415

My driveway has been built with the wrong rocks, I have all the proof. Do I have to pay them for the driveway?

snipersid asked on Mar 07, 2016

Answer this

Well first thing, when say wrong rocks, was meant to be meet the guidelines of land contract?
If you got all the proofs, I think they will be liable for all the costs. But if it's your misunderstanding then you have to pay or just live with it. I hope it helps

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