This product has been discontinued by Ozito.

Date Purchased: May 2012

It has its own place on the tool shelf.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 04, 2017

This tools is not as bed as it may look like - well it is not comparable to better brands or even Ozito's own better range.
The chuck is hard to fasten / loosen as it doesn't have chuck lock. After first 3 months of use the torque adjustment became unpredictable. Single speed setting. Hard to find battery replacement as Ozito changes the design all the time.
However it is light, quiet and well balanced. The battery life is good for what it is but charging time is too long. Cheap so you don't need to handle with care although mine survived years of use. Batteries still holds full charge.
This loyal Ozito among a few longest lasting tools I have. I was fixing some issues in previous place after move out and before hand back to agent. Left my tools in the house over night and get broken in. The thief took everything but this drill (Guess he know something about tools as well)! Being a cheap brand is not always a bad thing after all.

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

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Date Purchased: Aug 2015

Battery failed to charge

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 06, 2017

For most of my small jobs around the home etc, I only needed to use the one battery. When it looked like I might need to use the second battery, I attempted to charge both batteries in advance. One would not charge, despite having it plugged in for hours.
So I am now down to one battery without using the other one at all due to being faulty and not charging.

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

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Battery won't recharge

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 15, 2016

I have never used my spare battery and needed to as my usual battery was in need of a recharge. So I plugged it in to the charger and tried charging it but it won't charge. Had it in for hours. I noticed that the charge light was not working. I then recharge my usual battery OK.

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Newcastle, NSW

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Great tool for the home handy man

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 20, 2016

I use this for the odd jobs around the home and on the car. This has been a great replacement for my Makita which had the old type batteries which required charging after every use. This Ozito uses the newest Lithium batteries and I only need to charge them once every 2-3 months.

I don't strain the drill that much so I cant say how strong it is but it has lasted me over 3 years now and will buy another Ozito when this goes.

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

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One of my favourite home handyman tools

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 20, 2015

Look - if you want to drill into serious hardwoods like Jarrah or 80 year old eucalyptus hardwood framing timbers that are as hard as nails, get a proper heavy duty tradesman drill. Don't be a cheapskate and expect this drill to do the job - it won't. But for everyday tasks around the house like hanging curtains, pictures, undoing tight screws or doing up screws, installing locks, repairing the fence (or disassembaling my electric sander for cleaning as I just did) etc it's great.

Things I like: The light that illuminates the drilling job - great for dark corners. TWO Lithium Ion batteries so you never run out of charge and I've left the drill unused for nearly 3 months and still had enough charge left to do what I needed to. 18V gives more than enough power for most household jobs. Charge indicator lights are handy. Charge lasts a reasonable amount of time. Variable speed by trigger pressure - so easy. Tightening the chuck is simple.

Things I didn't like: Charging takes a while - put a battery on charge overnight before the job. The chuck does come loose sometimes. That's all.

For handyman stuff, I'm an Ozito covert. For heavy duty stuff - I'll stick to Festool, Milwaukee or Makita.

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

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Very good handyman use but!?

3 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 29, 2014

Had two in a row both failed with trigger switch dying. Sorry I didnt keep the receipts. Slow learner! Next time I'll buy a quality make.

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Looks good, but gearbox is weak as water and/ or there is a major design fault with this drill.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 27, 2014

I've had one of these for general light duty handyman work for a while now. Hanging curtains holes in gyprock; that sort of thing.

I've found that the drill slowly lost tension on the 1-19 pre-sets and now in the locked (drill position), the ratchet slips i.e. I cannot apply any drill force.

I gifted one to my son on the good first impressions of this unit, however his failed in the exact same fashion after a few month. Handyman use only.

See review 1 in this series for a similar experience.

+ OK first impressions, power and balance.

- Single speed, the two units I have expereinced have suffered total gearbox failure after short periods of use. Slow battery charge time. It really is a cheap and nasty lemon.

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Worth the money

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 27, 2014

Had one of these for about 2 years now. Batteries last ok, given they come with two it never seems to be a problem for me as I am just a home handy man. Not using it for trade purposes seems to be fine.
Have just bought another as part of a Ozito Pack well worth the money IMO

Warranty is good 3 year replacement can't beat that

+ Price, warranty

- none so far

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

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Croudace Bay

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Great DIY Tool

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 30, 2013

I used to always buy name brand tools but hardly ever used them. I have bought a few Ozito power tools and they are great, I have never had a problem and have never had to use thier warranty that is very good 3 years!!! new replacement. This drill is very powerfull and does the job great I am very happy with it.

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

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Gold Coast Qld.

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Right Tool for the job

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2012

this is a nice little kit...! Although it should have come with socket adapters for the Impact Driver and perhaps a third battery as there are four tools in it. Particulary as the charge time is 3-5 hrs. Don't expect the drill to do heavy trade jobs such as large numbers of holes in tough woods like Jarrah (Ironbark) It's clearly a general purpose tool only although it has plenty of torque for most occassions

+ Will do almost every job you would want to do. It's not too expensive , Has a good warranty

- Not much ...... don't have unrealistic expectations on what is a handyman type tool !

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I have taken a liking to the saw that came with the kit and have found it's performance surprisigly better than I expected


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Don't buy it

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2012

Used this drill about 20 times to screw gyprock sheets onto existing jarrah after removing old plasterboard. Broke the gear box on screw number 21 . Gave it a shake and it rattled a bit then worked for one more. Then it gave up the ghost all together. Wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

+ That you could return it

- Cheap components

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

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You didn't take it straight back for the 3 year replacement warranty?

Good point Muddy,seems like it was to much effort to take it back but didn't mind going to the trouble of bagging out the product on the web

I am only a novice, but i don't think i would use a DIY tool to screw plaster into hard timber like jarrah. Shouldn't you use a proper screw gun or an impact driver?


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First time buying a DRILL

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 30, 2012

Thought its finally time to to buy a drill driver,enough of asking from mates,went to Bunnings and was really confused between this and the Bosch 10.5V one( $30 more),. end up buying this as it had two batteries whereas for Bosch has to recharge the whole drill(built in battery),. also Ozito came with a decent 3 years replacement warranty as compared to 2 years repair warranty,.

+ Cheap,powerful,nice warranty cover

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

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Amazing! so powerful cordless power tool. easy to get the job done. strong recommend.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 25, 2012

I use this cordless drill driver to repair a metal fences. it is first time to use this item, unbelievable,so powerful,

+ cheaper, reliable,powerful. no word, just strong recommend

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

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joey g asked on Jan 20, 2017

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