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Piece of rubbish. Battery only lasts about 2 mins after full charge.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 18, 2014

My advice - DO NOT BUY. It's a worthless piece of plastic that will soon find its way to your rubbish bin.

I bought this cheap model as I don't often use a drill - only for putting together flat pack furniture or the odd DIY around the house. After fully charging the battery each time, I have only ever managed to get around 2 mins of charge out of it (have had it for about a year and only used it a few times). The motor is powerless - it would not drill through some hardwood timber in my bathroom, the motor just stopped turning. Nothing wrong with the screws I was using, I ended up using a screwdriver and manually screwed them in without too much effort - something a cordless drill (yes, even a cheap cordless drill) should have been able to do.

- Battery only lasts 2 mins on full charge

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Good product terrible battery

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 05, 2012

The drill does what it is designed to do and comes well equiped with drill bits and accessories. The batteries are rubbish. I look after my batteries, charging them properly before first use but that did not help. Within 3 months the batteries failed to keep their charge for a few days without use, whether connected to the drill or not.

+ Does what it is supposed to do

- Bad battery

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

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