Great tent

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 27, 2018

Love this tent. Been to Cape York for 6 wks, Kimberley's for 8 and a few other 2 wk trips. Easy and quick to put up. We can arrive at a spot, choose the site, have the tent up and pegged down, beds made, kitchen set up, and the water on the boil for coffee within 15 minutes. Had 63 mls of rain in 16 hrs at Coober Pedy, didn't get wet at all.. Ideal when only staying one night. Love it

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Good tent. Hopeless after sales service.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 16, 2017

This is a great tent. For the period it was functional it did everything we wanted it to. Easy to put up and down and sturdy. Love the look of it as well. But BEWARE - if you should snap the frame etc (and this is easier than you think - it’s all aluminum and plastic inside) don’t expect Oztent to come to your aid. They will sell you the parts but they will not fix it outside the warranty period. They say it’s simple - but it’s not. I’ve tried airtasking, canvas repairers - they all shake their head. I now have a $900 white elephant. Oztent don’t really stand beside their product.

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WOW Great Service Great Product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 25, 2017

I recently purchased a RV4 tent with the floor saver, and walls /front for the annex. To-date I have only set it up in my garage, but as an experienced camper - (this tent replaces old nylon and an even older canvas tent); this tent is extremely well designed and made. It has inbuilt frame with makes set up extremely easy and quick - a true one 'man' job. Packing up is also very easy - there is a BIG A & B printed on the corners that fold in. then just roll. I found it fitted quite easily into the supplied carry bag. Folded size of the tent is approx 2m long; hence I will carry the tent on my dual cab's, cabin mounted roof rack - zipper side down!! Thanks Mr Oztent for a great well designed product. Re the service, my tent on arrival had a small fault in the canvas. Tent was replaced immediately!!

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Townsville, QLD

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The tent to last you a lifetime!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 07, 2017

G'day folks!

I wish I was a salesman sometimes! Having camped in all kinds of tents and trailers over the years, I've not found anything that makes the camp setup or pack down more exciting than the Oztent RV-4!

I've had mine for over 5 years now and set it up and packed it away hundreds of times - it still looks and functions as it did the day I bought it.

In those 5 years I have camped in all kinds of weather - even through a category 2 cyclone in 2014! Using the supplied pegs, I did not have a drama and no water inside the tent!

On group trips I often used my Oztent as an exciting way to distract other friends' children while they struggled setting up their arduous tents and poles. None of that needed with the Oztent, even the 5 and 6 year old kids set the tent up with me! The best part - I'm drinking beer and sitting down watching while everyone else is setting up still! Likewise I'm first to be packed up and ready to roll.

If you want absolute mammoth size, get the RV-5 as it's worth the little extra. The RV-4 is fine for my needs though. It's plenty big enough for a family of 4 with two large mattresses.

Definitely worth every penny! Do yourself a favour, don't be fooled by other makers suggestion of a quick and easy tent to set up - the Oztent is the only one! Buy it!


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I really wish I could upload a photo to back this up! Just last week we camped in howling wind and rain on the beach for a few nights. It was raining sideways! Not a drop of rain in the tent, but ... read more »


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Quality tent

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 24, 2016

This seems like a well made tough tent. Its as easy to put up as the Youtube reviews show it to be. The add-ons are only worth the effort if you are staying in one place more than a few days because they are a pain to set up and pack away. The trade you make for the easy set up is that its quite large when packed and you need to put in on your roof, but thats fine with me. If I could make changes I would make the packing bag just a little bigger so you don't have to struggle to fit it in, and make replacement compression straps available, as ours blew away while we were setting it up (and they really make it easier to pack). So far its been fine in the rain although it had a little condensation (and we accidentally set it up in a dry waterway so when it rained we were sitting in a small creek - no water in the main tent although the add-on section was soaked and some of our things washed away); it was much nicer in the very hot heat (38C+) than our daughter's nylon tent. Some of the zippers pulled open back the wrong way, and I was worried because the tags say that the 5 year warranty isn't valid unless you post their warranty cards to them (not even have other proof of purchase), but Snowys said they would sort it for us, but it hasn't happened again so I haven't had to test this yet.

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Camped for three months in this tent

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 30, 2016

Excellent quality and quick to set up. It's perfect for long tours and there are no hassles like a rooftop tent or trailer. It can be easily set up by one or two people in just a couple of minutes.

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Perth, WA

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 03, 2014

I recall camping in my youth with heavy canvas A frame tents with heavy wooden poles......put me off camping for 50 years.
Now 60 plus, I can put this up in a jiffy.....really effortless in comparison. The tent components are top quality as is the canvas....dont buy a " cheapie".....the oztent isnt cheap but you get what you pay for and it will last a lifetime if looked after.
I can also say its 100% waterproof.
Get the deluxe side panels and you have a roomy base thats easyto erect and take down.....will zip onto my caravan or the sun shade on the 4x4.
I am buying the tag along forthe grandies soon......wonderful product

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Questions & Answers

Why has rain pooled in the roof of my peaked sides awning? I thought the slope would be enough to run off any downpour.

DiT asked on Dec 08, 2017

Answer this

I have not experienced this; nor have I used the tent in heavy rain. My only thoughts are the canvas is not under sufficient tension. I would ring Oz tent, they are fantastic to deal with;

We found that it pooled in heavy rain and we couldn't get enough tension from the guy ropes because the high wind would pull the legs slightly loose. She. We see a storm coming we leg and tie carefully.

Product Details

Room Type Single Room
Price (RRP) $1299
Sleeping Capacity 4
Height 1.9m
Width 2.4m
Depth 2.4m
Weight 22kg