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Verified Purchase Badge: S Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Mar 2016

Macan S V6 3,0 340 hp march 2016

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 14, 2018

Although, Porsche applied Customer Goodwill to my problems after the warranty période of 24 months. Broken bolts of the timing cover with oil leak.
My story
I use it to drive in the neighborhoud of my living place, I am retired so.. I have plenty of time and cool
But I have been disappointed by the reliability and the quality of my macan S.

1- at delivery the aircon was defective, and it took 3 months to Porsche to solve it, partially, currently the automatic recycling is out of service. With no proposal of repair.

2-after 30 months and 49,000 kms I have noticed an oil leak under the passenger side and oil was dropping on the alternator .
It seems that the timing cover bolts are defective from manufacturing, but for the time being Porsche deny any free of charge repair of my Macan S.
However, this breakdown is known by Porsche since many v6 3,0 like the Panamera have the same trouble.
The problem is : the cost of repair which involve many manhours at 120 euros per jour, the repair is expensive since the Motor has to be taken out of the châssis so all was dismantled, total cost 4800 euros paid By Porsche.
My Macan S immobilized for 2 months, because I have involved an expert and a lawyer in my claim to Porsche.
Conclusion :17 october accepted repair with customer goodwill from Porsche at no cost for me.

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Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jun 2017

Best car for what I need.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2018

I use the car to drive locally to shops and sport. Sometimes we travel to Brisbane which is a 120 km run. The car is 15 months old and is used almost daily. It is fun to drive and even so it is the 4 cylinder version it develops enough power for my need. The finishing of the car is A1 and the size is just right for the two of us plus luggage and golf sticks. If driven moderate the consumption is about 8,5 litres of 98 octane petrol. I was planning to buy the Diesel option first, but was put off by all the negative press reports.
The car is equipped with the leather seat package and has 20 inch wheels. Looks good in white. Yes, there is no question, I would buy the car again. The car drives like a sports car and you feel that you have total control. It is a driver's car that does not feel like an SUV .Porsch Brisbane seems to be a good service oriented dealer, but presently not much experience with them. Go for a test drive. You will love the car.

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Badge: S Diesel Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Mar 2015

What can I say? It's a Porsche!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 23, 2018

I've owned my Porsche Macan S Diesel for 3 years and have driven 52,000km. Mechanically, the car hasn't missed a beat. Having said that, my overall ownership experience hasn't been flawless.

Highlights include:
- The Porsche badge exudes a 'special' feeling, with a strong brand attachment
- The engine is smooth and powerful, albeit with a slight hint of turbo lab common to all diesels
- The interior has worn very very well, especially with two young kids (2 and 5 year old)
- Overall very good after-sales service from Porsche Centre Doncaster
- Solid build quality on all panels and (almost) everything internally (see rattle note below)
- Lifetime fuel consumption of 8.0L / 100km, with 80% city/urban driving

Disappointments include:
- Persistent rattle (inside the passenger side door trim) that after 5 visits to the dealership can't be resolved. I've finally given up and just put up with it
- Tyres wear very quickly, due to the soft compound tyres mandated by Porsche. This is my third SUV and never have I had to replace tyres after 30,000km. On my previous SUVs (Mazda CX-7 and Range Rover Evoque) I sold the car before changing tyres (>60,000 kms)
- Paintwork is very prone to stone chips, as if the final top coat is almost too 'soft'
- Bluetooth audio connection is extremely slow, often taking 20 - 30 seconds to connect
- Expensive servicing ($800+ per visit)

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Badge: S Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jul 2017

Porshe Macan

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 07, 2018

The best car I have purchased I have had for just over a year, reliable, extremely comfortable, recommend the sports pack and definitely get the fuel option I wouldn’t go the diesel it feels sluggish.Test drive for a comparison I know anyone that drives both will go the fuel option.
The Porshe Macan is the perfect family car and I can highly recommend.
The staff also at Porshe Chellingworth in Claremont are very knowledgeable.
When ever I go in to get car serviced or maintained, always greeted with a friendly staff that know there job well. Porshe lover for ever.

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Epping, New South Wales

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Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Oct 2017

Best car I have ever owned.

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 14, 2018

It was my first Porsche and I thought I would never own a Porsche in my life.
The price became affordable and it is more practical than a traditional two doors sports car.

The car is solid and it's definitely more stable on highway than any Japanese cars including Lexus.
The car is reliable as Lexus and low NVH and no rattle sound from anywhere. At the same time you feel the car is more dynamic than a Merc or BMW. You don't find any cheapy material in and out.

The car's electronic features are rather simple and fewer than what a typical German car offers.
It means their design is conservative and simple so it's one of the reasons why the Porsche is reliable.

Rear leg room is a bit tight if you often need to carry adults in rear seat, you'd better to check if it's okay.
It's got too many buttons in cockpit which can confuse you.

My advice: The life is short so go and test drive one of them if you've been just thinking..

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Badge: GTS Transmission: Manual Date Purchased: Oct 2016


5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2017

So my parents bought this car for our family and it's simply amazing. This car has a beautiful engine noise and also the fact the car is white coloured is plus! I have many memories within the car and also has amazing leather and texture. I love Porsche very chic and classy car that can impress anyone that it passes by! It's powerful and can provide awesome travels everywhere.

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Box Hill NSW

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Badge: GTS Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Aug 2016

Love my Macan

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 19, 2017

Like no other car I have driven. Power, comfort, safety, styling and just hot to look at.
Interior is amazing seats are so comfortable and supporting.
There are so many features on this car but I love the sports mode and sports exhaust, sounds awesome.
Handles like a race car.
Not bad fuel efficiency if your not too much of a lead foot.
Had a Mercedes ML prior to this and there is no comparison.
Highly recommend the Macan, the worst thing is the wait time to get one as they are so popular and they only produce a limited number per year.
Porsche owner for life.
Purchased through Porsche Centre Willoughby where the service was excellent.

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Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Aug 2016

Perfect family car.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2017

This is good size family car . Prestige car. Feel very proud of it. Drives very good.
I will ask other family members to buy the same. Where ever I go people say ohs ...

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Forget about the rest-this is the best

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 17, 2017

Costs two or three or even more times than the rest. Has the best suspension (air) by far, giving the best ride and handling of them all. Options excessively expensive. Also two or three times as fast as the others, loads of power, uses plenty of petrol or diesel. Fit and finish cannot be faulted. Electronics not up to BMW standard, however, neither is the sun roof. A trifle bulbous until one becomes accustomed. The only vehicle that I found that comes close is the Audi RSQ3, almost as expensive, bit smaller. Apart from the high cost of initial purchase, options and service, very difficult to fault. Most would be (are) happy with lesser vehicles. One can pay more for Jaguars, Bentleys and Maseratis, but one will not find better.

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Best SUV Ever

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 13, 2017

Purchased this SUV late January 2016 from Porsche Parramatta who have been a caring and courteous dealership. Came from an Audi Q5 3.0TDI and the difference is substantial, even though the Macan has the same engine and transmission. The gearbox change points have been revised giving a sharper response to the accelerator and the PDK gearbox is almost perfect in traffic. The steering also now has feel whereas the Q5 was always vague, it is much more a drivers vehicle and as a Porsche should be. It has less tyre noise than the Q5, maybe due to the Continentals fitted.

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Zürich, Switzerland

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Amazing Car

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 19, 2016

I have had Mercs, BMW's, a Lexus and more and this is my first Porsche and holy moly, it is the most fantastic car i have ever had by a long way.
Powerful, smooth, fast, quiet, luxurious, just pure quality.

Only issue is the fuel economy is not great, and a touch on the expensive side, but who cares, you only live once.

I'm in love.

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I am considering a Macan and would appreciate if anyone could share their experience on service costs? Car sales people simply dodge this question when you ask.

dogbert asked on Jul 20, 2018

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