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Date Purchased: Jul 2017

Takes a while to get the hang of the menu

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2017

Works well but takes a long time to release steam so cooking continues due to pressure still in the machine eg. Fish chowder ,fish was overlooked and prawns were no better ,chowder was very watery. I think pressure should be adjusted manually so don't rely on the recipes , use them as a guide, I find by cutting the time back I get a better result eg. Lamb leg using pressure cook was over cooked but by adjusting time and manually setting pressure you get a lot better result. Cake cooked well but once again was slightly over cooked. Will try apricot chicken today using suggested cooking time and see how it comes out . I believe the cooker is a marvellous machine so bear with it and you will become hooked

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The apricot chicken came out perfect 3 hours slow cook high. Used apricot nectar as liquid . Also diced celery for flavour . Tip cut the carrot and celery very fine unless you want it a dente

Silverside was excellent 4 hr on slow cook high, did not dry out in the fridge . Had cold meat for 4 days

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Date Purchased: Dec 2016

love this one

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 06, 2017

Love this one! it saves me a lot of time on cooking especially for meat and soup. Have heard some terrible stories about pressure cooker this one is very safe and easy to use. I can cook meat within 15 minutes until it becomes very tender but it a bit heavy.

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Date Purchased: May 2017

I love this appliance!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 23, 2017

After being freaked out by my old pressure cooker for some time, I saw the induction pressure cooker being demonstrated by JackieM of and was impressed enough to order one from PHA. I was very taken with the voice assistant! My pressure cooker arrived within a few days and I tried my first meal using the basic methods outlined in the PDF recipe book to make a quick chicken curry. I used Jackie's Kapitan curry paste - half a packet to 500gm chicken thigh meat and 270gm coconut cream. I also used some Brussels sprouts to make a mo re complete one pot meal. I fried the paste in a little oil on the deep fry setting until it became fragrant, then added the chicken and coconut cream. I set it to braise and stopped it after 20 minutes. The I added my Brussels sprouts ( peeled, halved and brown in oil) and continued the braise for 10 more minutes. It worked perfectly! The recipes are a good guide to using several functions in one dish and can be easily converted to your own recipes. The clean up was so quick and easy. I love this appliance and am using it a lot!

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Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Excellent addition to kitchen!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 17, 2017

I started using this when a friend bought it for me as a house warming gift and it's great. So far have made soup and beef cheeks which my husband loves! What I would love to see is a recipe app so it's easier to know what to cook in it.

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Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Love this machine

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

i wasnt sure about electric pressure cookers but i went ahead and bought this as i needed a new slow cooker and i am glad i did!! i waited to purchase the machine and it was well worth the wait. the only down side is it would of been handy to have a recipe book sent with it.

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Great cooker

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 23, 2017

I reviewed many cookers before deciding on the Optimum Induction Pressure-Cook Pro. It looks good and I'm very happy with the price. Haven't used it enough to offer an opinion on the performance, but so far, so good. To include a recipe book with the cooker would complete the package.

Purchased at: Froothie

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Kemps creek, Nsw

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Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Optimum induction pressure cooker love it

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 11, 2016

Waited for a very long long time for this awsum machine .well worth the wait,and worth the discounted price of 299.00.looks are beyond others out there.performance is fantastic.i am loving this have made apricot chicken slow cooked.. also a beef one pot with veggies pressure cooked..taste is out of this world.. this does everything and is packed with saftey features to.. good bye to my stove pot ,and hello to this beauty...JUST WAITING ON THE RECIPE BOOK AND THE WARRANTY CARD.HOPE THIS COMES VERY SOON

Purchased at: Froothie

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Questions & Answers

Hi Can you sear meat in the cooker before slow cooking or pressure cooking? Thanks

Philip R asked on Aug 18, 2017

Answer this

Yes, I pour a little oil into the pot, close the lid, and choose Deep Fry. I usually adjust the temp to 185 degrees. After a while the oil is hot and you can add your meat for searing. Once nice and brown I then discontinue the Deep Fry and choose Slow Cooking (I have not used it yet for pressure cooking).

Can you please advise me of the weight of the product please? We are travelling in our caravan and as I have arthritis in my hands..weight is an issue. Many thanks...

MoggieW asked on Jul 09, 2017

Answer this

7.5 kgs

HAs anyone tried out the slow cooer and deep fryer functions? If it does have a true deep fryer function does it allow you to chose the temperature? Thank you

Appliance Queen asked on Jul 09, 2017

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You can choose the temp and timing. Maximum temp is 185 degrees. It does not appear though to let you know when it has reached that temperature which I find a little annoying. I usually just open the lid and drop something in the oil, if it sizzles it is probably the right temperature.

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