Fantastic & Quick Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 12, 2017

Great online system - very easy to use for all customers. I highly rate this website to buy books from and will definitely be back when I am going to purchase my next one. 10/10.

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Speed of despatch and delivery interstate is remarkable.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2017

Book I ordered on 8 August was in my hands morning of 10th August and at a price better than retail.

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Disappointing service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 05, 2017

Disappointed with the service of a staff member at fountain gate QBD, i ordered a book and paid on ordering then over a month i had to wait, and then go to collect it only to be abised about how it wasn't paid for even though i know i paid for it..
Its was more the principle of the lack of nice cystomer service, this shop has completely lost my business i will never get from there again..

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Genuine commitment to customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 10, 2017

I've read some earlier reviews complaining about online orders not being fulfilled in a timely manner and books being out of stock (an almost universal problem these days I find when ordering books online from virtually all book sellers). I encountered a similar situation recently when I attempted to purchase some children's books. However, when I conveyed my concerns to QBD I received the most exceptional and unexpected response and sensational customer service. In response to customer feedback the company has gone to the trouble of revisiting it's whole stock monitoring process to make sure that this does not happen to anyone in the future and to ensure that the stock availability and timeframes on their website are 100% accurate. Kudos to QBD for being willing to listen to customer feedback and invest time and resources in fixing this problem. Now all of their customers can be assured that the stock availability and delivery timeframes on their website are genuine and accurate - not something you can say about most other online book sellers!

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Awful and terrible

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 18, 2017

Bought an ebook because it was cheaper than any other place. Turns out you can only read it through the QBD app and that it is incompatible with any other basic e-reader apps - at least that what I got told over the phone when speaking with their support team. I suppose I should have read the warning - oh wait there wasn't one - in fact the email said I quote "We understand that some customers may want to use their 3rd Party eReader device rather than our eReader app. For more information on how to do this please read this guide". Yet the guide had no information about how to do this - probably because it apparently can't be done.

So I downloaded the QBD app and it wasn't there. Emailed - got no answer. Called the support team and they said they had to refer the problem to somebody else. I was told someone would get back to me in 24 hours. 72 hours later, still nothing. So I called them back. I was told my ebook was not actually available anymore and that they shouldn't have been selling it on their website in the first place. Ok cool, so how come nobody got back to me about it so I could get a refund. Well it turns out they misspelled my email. A bit unsure about how that could happen seeing as they asked me for all my personal details when I payed for the book which would therefore put the correctly spelled email in their system and from there it's called copy and paste. Secondly - you would think if they misspelled my email they should have gotten that automated message saying "failed to send your message because the email is wrong" which should have prompted them to try again. But they didn't.

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Still waiting for my book

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2017

I used my gift voucher to purchase a book via the QBD website on the 16th December. I was advised that the book would be unavailable for Christmas delivery, which was fine by me. Mid-January I received an email advising that the book is out-of-stock with no expected delivery from the supplier, and that I could cancel my order if I wished to do so. I selected another book instead, and was advised that they expected the book to arrive that week, and they would post it out on Thursday the 19th January. When I logged-in to my account to check the progress of my order, it states that the book is "on order", and hasn't been posted. Both book titles are still showing as available on the QBD online website. Also, I've seen both books in their stores. I will never use QBD again. I've ordered books from Book Depository and had them arrive within a couple of weeks from overseas.

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Very disappointing.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 22, 2016

On 6th December we ordered a book on the website which stated "in stock" with an estimated delivery time of 10-14 days. After 14 days and no book we contacted QBD who then informed us that the book was out of stock. As the book was a Christmas gift and we would have accessed it elsewhere had we known that the book was out of stock the customer service lady suggested that we could access the book from a store close by. As our closest store was over an hour away she said that she would order the book (2days) and express post it and that it would be possible that it still would arrive by Christmas. I have just received an email saying that the book is out of stock with no due date and that if we wish to cancel the order please do so. Naturally with one delivery day remaining till Christmas I now have no book and no other way to order this book elsewhere. I have no issue with a book being out of stock but this is misleading and false advertising to say a book is in stock when there is no book actually in the warehouse/stores not once but twice. Please do not perpetuate a mis truth by saying you will get a book to me when there is no book to send. I will not be using QBD again but will use Booktopia instead which I have found highly efficient, honest and good to deal with in the past.

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Online vs. In Store

3 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 19, 2016

Received purchase from online order which cost $55.99 + postage. Sale sticker still on book $12.99.
And the store I visited before I made the purchase online said "we're out of stock, and not restocking" so I didn't have a choice. Not happy at all that the sale price in store was not past online.

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Great Customer Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 15, 2016

I am constantly amazed by the staff at QBD and how helpful they are! They are always recommending me great books to read and happy to help whenever I have any problems or concerns.

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Four attempts later, four months later - still no book.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 16, 2016

After recieving a gift certificate in April of this year I went to the website and ordered three books. One week later I recieved an email saying only one of three was available, despite the unavailable books still being listed on the web site. So I selected two other books. One week later I recieved another email saying only one of the two books was available, despite the fact that they were both still listed on the website (in fact still are listed on the site). So I selected yet another book... Guess what?
Four months later, the communication has dwindled off to nothing. Still no book.

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Fast delivery! Book in great condition!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 09, 2016

Had no issues, fast delivery, the book is in great condition as described. Great prices, would purchase from here again!

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QBD Books - Great

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 29, 2016

Ordered Sunday 17.7.16, received Tuesday 26.7.16. Was initially reluctant to use QBD due to other reviews, but thought I'd give them a go & found them to be great. Good prices.

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Super Speedy

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2016

My book was ordered on Friday the 13th and I am reading that book now. Monday. WOW . Thank you QBD and all I can say is that it does NOT get Better That That.....

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Advertise out of print books and dont notify customers

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2016

Really dissatisfied actually. I ordered a childs book on the 10/3 still nothing by the 23/3 to then ring then to be told sorry its out of print! No refund no email/ letter advising either, so everyday i have a 3 year old going to the mail box waiting for NOTHING.

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Awesome online service.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 11, 2016

I was really happy with the online service. Both my orders arrived in great condition and a few days earlier than I expected! They might not be the cheapest around but free shipping definitely makes up for it. They're sales are awesome as well, I got a box set of 4 for thirteen dollars. That comes to about 3 dollars a book, pretty sweet deal!

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Book abusers!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 17, 2016

Went to get some travel reads today at the Woden store in Canberra. Bought two books and continued shopping. Every subsequent store I set off the security alarms. Searched everywhere for the still active tag. Turns out the clever folk at Qbd now randomly place security tags in the middle of their books. I don't want a security tag in the middle of my book, halfway down the page. Why isn't it on the inside cover like in all other bookstores?
I went back to the store for them to remove the tag. The manager refused because it would damage the book. How about not putting it there in the first place. I then asked for a refund as is my right. This caused the manager to call the area manager for instructions. Obviously she's too stupid to make any sensible decision on her own. She took so long I sent another sales assistant after her to see what was happening. She came back with an 'in good faith' offer of a voucher and the audacity to try give a lecture. By this stage I was livid. No wonder people are buying over the internet. Not having to deal with stupid like the manager of Qbd Woden is totally worth it.

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Very helpful staff

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 11, 2015

As bricks and mortar book stores are getting few and far between, it is a pleasure to be able to pop into the Hornsby QBD store to check out the new releases and discover new authors. The staff are friendly and could not be more helpful. My children adore books, but they are very particular in their tastes. The staff are only too willing to take the time to help them discover new authors that they will enjoy. The loyalty program is great too, especially for avid readers like us. Overall, I couldn't be happier with QBD books. I'm sorry to hear that not everyone has had such positive experiences. By only complaint is that I invariably end up buying too many books!

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Useless source of Ebooks, limited to viewing with QBD's useless reader or Adobe Digital edition. Ver

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 20, 2015

I purchased my first online publication from QBD and found to my dismay that I was restricted to viewing it with the QBD reader, which will only display one line of tablature at a time, which is useless when teaching a student how to play an eight line solo in time with backing track. I contacted QBD and asked for an Epub version which they would not provide, instead they told me to use Adobe Digital Editions which is only marginally better than their reader ( I use Calibre on my PC). I then stopped by a QBD store to ask their advice. They agreed that the QBD reader is useless but weren't sure of my options. QBD's online response in effect said that I'd downloaded the publication, it could not be returned and I should have known better. I now know better than to buy any digital publications from QBD, and neither I nor my family will purchase any digital or print products from them again. There are better options available.

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Geat and always in stock for those bookworms out there!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2015

I absolutely love books and whenever my local store, Dymoks doesn't have my books in-store i head straight for QBD. Never once have i been there when they didn't have the book i was looking for. They have great service and very helpful staff. So to all those book worms out there, QBD is a great stock full of the latest trend books!

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Don't use this bookstore

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 30, 2015

I suggest that no one makes the mistake I did and decide to give an Australian bookstore a go instead of using the usual overseas online one I always use. I made an order on the 18/7/15 and then remembered I hadn't received it it and checked the status on the 20/9. On ordering said it was available, now said on order no update had been made to me and I should have followed up sooner, so used to the other company delivering within 10 days and never had an issue so had slipped my mind. I contacted QBD only to be abruptly told the item was no longer available, no alopogies or further explanation, and asking how I paid for the order... So they could refund.

I responded with negative feedback indicating I would not use then again and continue to go overseas, no acknowledgement of the content of my email or apology only stated a refund would be made within 2 days. Refund took 7 days. Beware of using them, or do as I will and continue to purchase online overseas where I receive the items within 10 days with free postage and fantastic service.

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