sorbolene cream.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 13, 2018

i had surgery for a broken ankle & around the scarring area the skin is very dry. i rubbed sorbolene onto the affected area & it & the scars have become quite red & little itchy bump looking thingies. i think i'll just let the leg be dry until all heals.

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Disgusting smell

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2018

It is to my deepest disappointment and dismay, that this product's smell is absolutely horrifying. It may moisterise deeply, however, the playdoe odour leaves a deep resentment for this product and feeling of contempt that cannot be disembled.

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THIS Product actually works i tested on removal of scaly elbow skin 3 days gone

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 28, 2018

There's not many products that do what they say
but I had this annoying scaly Elbow skin for so many years
and just applied a small amount every day x 3 days poof woke up smooth as a baby's bum :)
I Never ever write a review, but it got to me & made in OZ awesome
hitting near 60 but feel 40 still :)

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Used it for 25 years ...

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 14, 2018

I'm very fair and sensitive skinned. I have used this product, without ill affect, and with daily sunscreen application, since my early 20s.
I am 46 years old and many people think I look as if I'm still in my 30s. Therefore i would highly recommend the use of this product (with daily sunscreen application).

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Unicorn City

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Highly effective

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 05, 2018

Due to the extremely thick consistency of Redwin, eczema flare ups for me have been easy to manage. As well as this, since this brand is essentially Sorbolene I know for certain that my skin is not being exposed to any harsh chemicals when using this product. To conclude, this cream is absolutely perfect for anybody with dry skin.

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Saved my life

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 17, 2017

This product has saved my skin. I'm had really dry sensitive skin and perioral dermatitis around my mouth and nose area. Since using this moisturiser my skin has transformed! It's soft and renewed. This cream is perfect for sensitive skin, I use it all over my face and dab extra under my eyes to double hydrate that area. I also use this after I shave to prevent shaving rash and it's perfect at it. I also use it after I've been in the sun and it leaves my skin soothed and soft. I can't recommend this cream enough to anyone who has a similar skin issue like ezchema of dermatitis or even just dry skin. I use this after washing my face with the cussions oatmeal bar soap which has helped my skin dramatically, these two products are a match made in heaven!

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Cheap but effective!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 28, 2017

This moisturizer is so cheap but works wonders on the skin. I have an acne prone, oily and sensitive skin and this product is just as good as than the pricier brands out there. After using it, I will never go back to the more expensive ones. It does what it says and I have had no issues with it - keeps my skin moisturised! I use it day and night for both of my skincare routines.

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Beaudesert, QUEENSLANDER...!!!!

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Eliminated my age old problem of shaving rash

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 19, 2017

I have always used a disposable razor to hand shave my face, with hot water and a lather of shaving foam. Although I have tried various combinations of shavers and shaving foam, I always suffered varying degrees of shaving rash after shaving - red blotchy skin on the shaved area, most notable when I haven't shaved for a day or two, and I am removing a two or three day growth. I first tried using Redwin Sorbolene as a lather to shave about 6 months ago, and I have never had an occurrence of shaving rash since. I wet my face with hot water, and completey cover the area to be shaved with sorbolene, and although it doesn't lather well, after shaving it off with the razor, the skin is smooth and clear, without any sign of shaving rash. This is the first product I have found that relieves facial rash after shaving, and I use it exclusively now. A side benefit is that it is far less expensive than the shaving foams, the only down side may be that the handbasin needs to be cleaned thoroughly after each shave, as the sorbolene tends to stick to the surface of the handbasin.

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Sydney, Australia

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Thicker-than-average moisturiser.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2017

This moisturiser is probably better to use during the winter as it's quite thick and I feel it takes a bit longer to get absorbed by my skin. It does hydrate for a long time, and it's great for dry, tough skin like that on the feet & elbows. However when the weather is warm, it tends to make my skin sweatier and stickier as it creates a barrier over my skin and doesn't let it breathe as easily.

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Cheap but great body moisturiser.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 11, 2017

I've been using this product for 3yrs now and I find it beneficial to my skin. It provides whole day moisturisation and is really great specially on winter. I use it on my neck down to my toes and it leaves my skin supple and smooth. It's mild and fragrance free so I use it on my daughter too since she was 3yo.

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This product saved my skin

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2017

I don't understand why people are writing bad reviews. I've used this product over about 2 years now and it has completely changed my skin. I battle with Perioral dermatitis on my face and this is the only moisturiser I've used that has 1 made it go away and 2 not irratated my skin. It's natural and soaks in leaving my skin feel fresh and soft and gives a nice glow. I use this every day and night, it's great for exchema as my brother uses it for that too. I couldn't recommend this cream enough!

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3 out of 5, reviewed on May 08, 2017

The moisturiser is ok but could make some changes.The moisturiser tightens my skin. My friend asked me the other day which moisturiser between Redwin or Cetaphil is better, I would say Cetaphil is the winner in this case

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Not so good..

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 06, 2017

Makes my skin soooo soft. If you read on the back it says you can use it to shave, so I thought I'd give it a go, but now I have big red rashes all over my leg and it really stings. Only recommended for people with non sensitive skins and just use it as a basic moisturiser.

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Developed a weird red rash

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 22, 2017

Developed a rash around 15 - 20 minutes after using this product for the first time. I'm possibly allergic to something in it. The rash is not itchy, not pain at this point but rather many red and tiny "pen-dot" sized dots that are spread out. I'm going to wash the moisturiser off now (this could just be me).

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Why change a great formula

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2017

I have used this product for years and just recently purchased another bottle from my local pharmacy. What have you done to the formula!!! This used to be a rich, creamy product that soaked into the skin. Now it's a watery, slimy cream that sits on top of the skin and basically it's crap. Never buying it again!

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Best one available

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 09, 2017

I used to hate the smell of sorbolene but started loving it after it has done wonders on my skin after a few uses. I have dry skin since birth and this moisturiser has saved me from dry flaky skin. Not experienced any allergies from this.

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Do not use this cream

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 19, 2016

I received this skin cream from my doctor who said it was better than one I had been given by another doctor, I realized that it was responsible for a rash I developed on my legs where I was using it. at the time I hs a pill change which my doctor thought was causing the rash, so he changed that at the same time. I found out by deduction in the end that it was in fact the cream. ( who would have thought that a cream prescribed by a doctor could cause this to happen) I ended up cionsiderably out of pocket and discomfort through this. zero for review marks. !

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Made my skin break out in rashes.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2016

I tried to use this cream to combat eczema on my hands and it made the flare up far worse than it was to begin with. I woke up the morning after applying it with disgusting scabs and puss oozing from my skin. The only place I used this cream was on my hands, forearms and face which all broke out in a rash the next day. It says the cream is suitable for all over the body on even the most sensitive of skin and for skin conditions such as eczema. Would give a 0 star rating if I could.

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redwin sorbolene Cream

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 20, 2016

This Cream is excellent, as my Husband has very thin Skin & since using it (6 Months) ,it is so much better & feels like it is getting thicker... very good Product but he gets it in a Tub, by Prescription, no Pump Bottle.

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Got rashes and allergic

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2016

I got allergy using this due senstive skin. What should i do ?? Give some suggesations?? When ever i applied i felt hard and sticky creame..
Thats why i got allergy on my face

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Questions & Answers

On going thru a family members cupboard i found a pump bottle of sorbelene. It has been there for years im told harldy used. My question is does this product "go off" or can it still be used. Im told it hasnt been used for many many years.

Cheryl Taylor asked on May 30, 2018

Answer this

I am sorry, Cheryl, I can not say - my Sorbolene does not sit for so long, and my 1 litre bottle is well used within a 12 month period. I did check my Redwin Sorbolene labeling to see if there is any indication of a shelf life (many products have a "best before [date]" label), however, there was not any. If it were me, I would throw the old one away and purchase a new 1 litre container of Redwin Sorbolene (~6$ from Coles Supermarket) to be sure to gain the benefits of the product.

I do hope somebody will reply....How do I access the pump action?... Neither my husband nor I can make the action respond. Bottle after bottle gets used up with the top unscrewed. What a mess that is!

Mary Smith asked on Nov 13, 2017

Answer this

The Redwin Sorbolene container has a very useful lock to avoid accidental presses of the plunger expressing the contents. To release the lock so that the Sorbolene will pump when the plunger is pressed, hold the serated screw top with one hand and turn the sprout clockwise with the other hand until it clicks. Now, when the plunger is pressed, the sorbolene is pumped out of the spout. When completed, turning the spout back anticlockwise until it clicks will lock the spout again, avoiding accidental spills.

Stephen, thank you very much, indeed.

Can I use Redwin sorbolene mositurizer cream as a hair consitioner? How do I use Redwin sorbolene moisturizer cream as a hair conditioner?

charmaine asked on Aug 30, 2017

Answer this

I haven't tried it actually. But I've used it on my dry hair before using a straightening brush, just to protect my hair from damage. It did protect my hair from damage but my hair lacked shine, so I purchased argan oil to replace it

I have no experience using Sorbolene as a conditioner. However, I use it as protection for my coloured hair to the swimming pool. After applying the Sorbolene I create a turban with a thin (striped) cleaning cloth and a pin or clasp and cover that then with the swim cap (with stretch).

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