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Date Purchased: Apr 2018

Coonara 2100 replacement

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2018

been running the heater a month now and started to believe some of the bad reviews I wasn't getting much heat out of it even though it looked like it was burning OK just had to open it up and burn some wood as it can make a log last all night Yes the ash falling out the door and was an issue but can be managed (Coonara had an ashtray) I decided on this heater because of the amount of steel in the construction and are happy with the heat is stores. My only gripe is I would have liked a third fan speed (boost) but if one comes available it is easy to access the fan with only 2 bolts to remove. It looks good and the glass stays clean

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Date Purchased: Mar 2014

Looks great but that's about it!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 13, 2017

Looks fantastic but that's where it ends. Doesn't heat any where near the area that they claim it does and frankly you only feel the heat when standing right in front of it. Burning the recommended Jarrah so not the wood. Still have to use central heating to warm the room up. Very disappointed and would never buy again. Don't waste your money people!

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Date Purchased: May 2017

Absolutely Awesome

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 22, 2017

Installed the Regency Bellerive two months ago and am thoroughly impressed. The unit was installed into an existing fire place and looks absolutely amazing. I've found the heat output to be excellent, especially when the inbuilt fan is turned on. I've been burning all types of timbers without an issue, obviously some burn faster than others, just as some burn hotter than others. To be honest the unit was kind of out of my price range, but I bit the bullet and am so glad I did. Just my two cents worth :)

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Jun 2017

It was an extremely expensive and COLD mistake!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 11, 2017

I replaced my 30 year old wood insert with the Bellerive. It looks great but that is as far as it goes. No matter how I try. It fills the room with smoke every time I open it. The firebox is almost level with the opening which is a major fault ash comes out so the box needs to be cleaned out constantly nearly every 2nd day, I burn very old iron bark so the wood is not the problem, which it eats! In the previous one the box sloped into the fire box providing a safe and excellent bed of coals for the new wood. As far as heating I do not know how they come up with the heating areas as mine heats a quarter of what they say if lucky.
I could not replace my old heater with the same as it was a New Zealand brand no longer available ( much to my dismay ).
Bottom line is investigate others thoroughly before getting this insert.

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12 months old so far so good!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 07, 2016

Heats 170sqm house in Tasmania no problem. We have to open windows when it is zero outside and 26 deg c inside. It does seem to be a little fussy with wet or semi green wood and the fan is a little noisy but nothing compared to a/c. love it!

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Not as Good as Expected

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2016

We upgraded to a Regency Bellerive inbuilt, having lived with a 2nd hand Saxon free standing that was sitting in the fireplace. We have been disappointed with the upgrade. Sure it looks great, with a wonderful big viewing window, the downside to which is smoke being released into the room on most occasions that we open it. We open the door as slowly as we can, but somehow it always manages to sneak out the door opening - rather than up the flue - I just don't think the design can cope with such a large opening. I was also disappointed with the increased wood use, but I think that's down to the damper being set slightly more open than older models to meet with emission standards.

All up, I regret spending the money ($3300 plus installation) on an inbuilt heater requiring an electric fan - I think we would have been better off installing a free standing sitting in the fireplace, and making use of the brickwork's thermal mass. Like the other review says, the heat distribution is not great - but maybe that's your lot with an insert wood heater.

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After a top of 9 degrees today, and getting nowhere near the warmth we experienced with the old unit, we are looking at replacing the Bellerive with a cheaper freestanding unit.

Can't work out where the heat is going - up the chimney is my guess !

Eltham, Victoria

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Great looking wood fire insert but a little disappointing in heat distribution and wood consumption

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 29, 2015

We deconstructed our fireplace to remove our old JetMaster open fireplace and rebuilt the fireplace to install one these Regency 'Bellerive' Wood Heater inserts - which actually looks much better than the pictures on the net. It looks brilliant when burning! We have gas ducted heating as our primary source of heating for our moderate size open plan home and was hoping to use the Bellerive as a secondary source of heating. Product claims it can heat 250sqm+ - however on a very cold morning without any other heating I found it barely heated the house outside a range of ~6metres with the fan on full. I had a thermometer set about 15metres away and after 3 hours of early morning heating the mercury barely moved. Bit disappointing - thought it would really heat up the house nicely. The internal fan is only a tiny, single drum, 2 speed blower - I was a bit surprised how tiny it was when the installer showed me! Chews through a LOT more wood (hard wood only) than we anticipated (with damper full open or closed) - but this is our first closed wood heater so I guess thats what they do... It's certainly much better than the old Jetmaster open fireplace but I couldn't see us using it frequently in winter with the amount of wood it gobbles up - but perhaps that's par for the course for any closed wood heater? I don't know...

Note: With our limited experience with wood heater inserts it just may be that all wood fireplace inserts are of this performance - so please carefully consider this review and compare it to other similar heaters and reviews before choosing against the Regency Bellerive.

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Questions & Answers

I am having trouble with the door not sealing when closed. Anybody else?

Jack asked on Jun 05, 2018

Answer this

i havent experienced that problem not yet anyway, my advise contact dealer.

I have no issues check there is not ash in the seal or you may need to adjust the door handle

What is the price and what are the dimensions of the unit ???

Peter K asked on Sep 09, 2017

Hello, Enquiring if you have any further thoughts on your heaters since your last review?

Wellington27 asked on Jul 13, 2016

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Funnily enough just today I was considering that when going well our old Saxon made the room too hot to sit in - when going well the Regency doesn't do the same. Sure, if we really stack it up it's fine, but it takes a lot more wood to achieve the same level of warmth.

And I've had no response from Regency using their online contact form.

Still going strong. We went the biggest box possible so we could load it up and burn all night. With good hardwood it will burn all night and the glass remains clean. I'm sure there are better/more efficient heaters on the market but for sub $4000 including custom install and flue I'm very happy. Please note that the installer explained that flue design eg bends and total length plays a big part in how well the fire performs and ease of cleaning.

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