Pathetic customer service &lazy port Hedland

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2018

I had ask for a quote on getting all my brake pads done they accidentally under quoted me $600 total then they did the fronts but not the rear pads and tried to charge me $540. I demanded they do the job properly and do the rears properly for the quoted price. They huffed and puffed nastily and did it then told me I suddenly and mysteriously had a broken master cylinder brake issue which sounded very dodgy and they treated me really lousy. Promise you they are as corrupt as they come !!! They caused me a lot of grief especially [name removed]!!!!’

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Complete rip Off and criminal negligence

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 29, 2018

Repco on number 1 Stanbel Rd, Salisbury Plain, SA 5109 kept my car for over two weeks.

They told me I would need a completely new ECU for my car as they could not find one in Adelaide, this is after two weeks of holding my car hostage on their premises, while I waited and waited patiently. The price of the new ECU was in the $1500 to $1700 range. After two long weeks, I decided it wasn't worth spending all that money on my car and I asked them I didn't want to go ahead with the job and that I wanted my car back. They still billed me $265 and my car was not repaired.

One year later after basically having my car parked in my driveway doing nothing I decided to try and find someone to see if I could repair her before I sent her to the car scrap yard in the sky. A mobile mechanic came over and fixed the problem within 5 minutes, no exaggeration. It was The time delay Relay switch not the ECU and the cost? $100 all up.

Moral of this story is be careful who you take your car to and try to get multiple quotes if you can before you get your car repaired.

I have suffered a lot mentally to get my car back on the road over the past year and it was all because of shonky people like Repco.

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Bad customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 26, 2018

Try to book my car in,the receptionist was so disgusting the way she spoke to me. I still can’t believe the lady did not want my service. I will never go there again . 238 new ham Mount Gravatt. What is wrong with the younger people, is it because I am a older person .

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Repco service or lack there of Katherine Nt.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 13, 2018

Had a service on my bt50 on my way around Australia charged $600 pulled the air cleaner out in front of the salesman at the Katherine Repco store so he could witness the fact the air cleaner element had not been removed & cleaned or replaced as I requested. It was still full of dirt so I replaced it myself with a new one tang the service centre to inform them I was not happy they hung up... great service not!!! Best stay away from this service agent they give the rest of the team a bad name

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small request for service but a big rip off

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 19, 2018

Took my flat battery (Exide N70ZZLMF) in to HARRY'S AUTO CARE BELCONNEN ACT for a long charge as it has not been used lately.I came back 3 days later to pick it up ,mechanic said it was flat and not holding charge ,I should get a warranty replacement, When I got home to take it out of the boot I spilt battery acid on my pants and the battery had been tampered with with open seal between the lid and main body showing screw driver marks.The battery is a sealed unit and is suppose to be maintenance free as the label indicates.I went back to show the mechanic who bluntly denied everything.I know that when I dropped off the battery there was no leakage or any damage to the casing.

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Reliable service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 21, 2017

I took my car to Ingleburn Repco on Lancaster street and the guys were professional from the very start and, in the right sense of the term. They fixed my car's AC and also detected an additional problem my usual service guy hadn't picked up or hadn't bothered to alert us on. So happy with their service!

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Attention to detail. Friendly service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 05, 2017

I have had my Saab Aero and Honda motorcycle log book serviced at Dromana Repco. Always friendly. Confident work performed to standard at reasonable cost. Will provide loan cars or drop you off when leaving vehicle.
Happy to recommend.

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Auto Service Centre, Narre Warren. Very happy, great service.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2017

I have been having my cars serviced by these guys for about 5 years now and have been very happy with the service. They are friendly, knowledgable and trustworthy. I have always been happy with their workmanship and they never come up with bogus work that needs doing like some have been known to do. They give me a heads up on things that are coming up, and when I ask will estimate costs for those items and how long before they need doing. I would happily recommend them to others. In fact I have and my boss now has them service his cars too.

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Why try fix a car they know nothing about!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2017

00 Ford cougar.... They got $600 to put a fuel pump installed I supplied the pump the new filter for the pump i supplied. Well it didn't fit the new pump they said...... So the put the old filter back in which was 18 yrs old I drove it away for less than 100 km and the pump blew up it was clogged with dirt from the bottom of the tank. They had it for three day and they were telling me it wasn't the pump. I paid lube mobile and they fixed it in 2 dam hours.

As well as I paid them to fix my thermo fans cause it was overheating they turned the knob on the adjustable thermostat and charged me almost $200 for it I drove it for 3 days and the adjustable thermostat melted as there is a short somewhere in it. Dont ask Repco for a tissue cause they will hand you sand paper!!!!

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Quoted $665 For a repco brand Radiator. "NOT" including installation.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2017

That's a bit steep considering they start at $92 for the cheapest on the market and $375 for an original DENSO
Ripco core more like it.

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Temby Auto Service, Eltham, Vic

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 08, 2017

I have nothing but praise for the cheerful, professional support and cost effective service from Andrew, Michelle and the Team. My '63 MK2 Jaguar has in their quality experienced hands and they go out of their way to source the necessary and often scarce parts, at no additional cost to me. I have no hesitation in recommending them to family and friends, who have appreciated my suggestion to try them out.

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Great Service from Temby Auto Eltham

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 29, 2017

Just picked up the 3rd car I have had serviced at Temby Auto Eltham, in the last 12 months. My son's Ford Typhoon, my mother in laws Focus and my Triumph TR6. The workmanship, communication to me and the level of care given to these 3 cars has been first class. The cost has been reasonable in all 3 cases and I wouldn't take my cars anywhere else. Thanks very much to Andrew, Michelle and the team at Temby Auto, for a job very well done.

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No Service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2017

Ordered parts at Repco Kewdale on Monday morning was told it will be in the afternoon, waited 45min in the the store that afternoon to hear it not ordered. Re ordered it and call in on the Thursday afternoon and the wrong part was in. Will not call there again

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2017

My daughter took her Discovery 2 V8 to the Repco Service Centre in Balina. Thinking they had the backing of a large company like Repco they would kmow what they were doing. The vehicle had an overheating problem probably the plastic hose fitting under the alternator. A common problem with this model. They had the car for a week & replaced the radiator & charged $1700 my Son in law drove it home & it overheated on the way. Taken back they had it amother week told it was now fixed drove it home & on the way to work it overheated again. Repco are now blaming it on a water pump leaking that was fitted 6 months & 5000 ks previously without any problem. The car was left with them with an overheating problem which they didnt fix. They fitted expensive parts that were not at fault & charged for them. Now the car has blown a head gasket because it has overheated ( when it was suposed to be fixed) which will cost around $5k to repair. The car was sold the buyer had deposited the cash in my Daughters account which was refunded. Repco will not reply to any correspondance. If you have a problem with your car do not take it to Repco there Australia wide warranty they sprook is worthless. Now a young mum with 2 kids under 3 is stuck in her rural home with no transport while her husband is at work. The new car they were buying has had to cancelled as the sale of this one was withdrawn due to this stuff up. The effect of Repcos incompetence has caused this young family mental & finacial stress. They dont deserve to be treated badly by this company who took there cash & told them they had fixed their car twice.

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The Manger of Repco Australia rang my Son in Law & told him they dont accept any respinsability for there repairs . So there you have it there warranty is worthless . Dont take your vehicle to any ... read more »

Rip off!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 12, 2016

My services were being scheduled for every 5,000 km. I had three services this year before I realised I was being ripped off!

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Panamax Motors in Ravenhall.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 13, 2016

After being with Kmart Tyre and Auto since I got my 1998 Ford Falcon EL three years ago, with the occasional deviation to other mechanics who were cheaper, and not only reading the negative reviews about KTAS and having my own questionable experiences, I decided to shop around for another mechanic. I found Repco authorized Panamax Motors in Ravenhall. The manager Joe was friendly from the first minute and very helpful. He is professional, kind, and seems like an all-around nice guy. I didn't have too much interaction with his employees so I can't say too much about them, but they must be decent if they have such a great manager at the helm. He fixed my car's leaking water pump after doing a pressure test for free, right in front of me, which took only one minute (a previous mechanic had taken the car for two hours, apparently did the pressure test, and only said 'there's lots of pressure' - leaving me with $30 taxi travel fees (to and from) and no answer as to why my car was losing coolant) and told me that the issue was the water pump, which I had been suspecting, anyway.

Not only did he repair that for a decent cost (Only $218 including labour), I got to use a courtesy car (included in total price previously mentioned) and got my car back next day at midday (I had taken it in the previous day before closing; we agreed on having it ready "by 12pm 'tomorrow'" and that's exactly what they did for me). I took the car in for a service yesterday and was told that everything mechanically is great. However, there is a slight shuddering (discovered by Joe during a test drive - I knew of this, already, so I know he wasn't trying to get one over on me) when braking, which means a brake machining is required - which Kmart having changed the brakes a year or two ago should have done. He also replaced a steering rack boot which massively needed to be replaced. There's rust that needs fixing, and the exhaust needs replacing (all things I knew about already) but everything else is sound, so I know that I can trust Joe at Panamax Motors as the only issues he told me about were issues that I already knew about. :) The prices he quotes are reasonable as well, and twice now (for the water pump repair and then the full service and boot rack) were on target. In fact, the price charged for the boot rack replacement/labour was actually less than what I was quoted.

Thanks very much, Joe, to you and your team, for taking care of my baby! I would definitely recommend you to anyone needing a trustworthy mechanic team. <3

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I've had my car serviced with Panamax Motors several times since writing my original review, and I won't change! It's eighteen minutes away, on the main freeway, as opposed to Kmart Tyre and Auto b... read more »

Same customer here as the original posts. Unfortunately caught Andrew, the other partner, badmouthing me via my dashcam (which I had accidentally left in my car when I dropped it off for a serv... read more »

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Verified Customer

I will never use Temby Auto In Eltham again.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 13, 2015

I got my 1997 EL Fairmont 5 years ago with full service history and in amazing condition for its age and looked for what I thought was a trustworthy and reputable car mechanic in my local area, I found TEMBY AUTO in Eltham Vic, a Repco authorized outlet and thought it would be a good totally reliable bet. Being on a limited income I was unable to go there as often as they recommended for servicing, but took the car there when I was able for it's services, the prices were always much higher than anywhere else I checked out but I thought I was paying premium price for exceptional service so I happily paid the extra. The time I had fuel pumps or air filters changed the prices were also through the roof but again, I thought that it was just something I was willing to do because I thought I was paying top dollar for the best I could find for my car. I decided that it was going to be my permanent mechanics at least for servicing and I am a very loyal customer who is unlikely to change once happy.

A year ago the car developed a loud rattle when stopping the engine, also when cruising along at 60ks and no accelerator you could hear it, I was very concerned that something was coming loose and that it should be fixed asap. I took it in for a service and forgot to mention the rattle and when I picked the car up was disappointed to find that the rattle was still there and they had not mentioned it to me or picked it up. They are supposed to do an extremely thorough check on the whole car when servicing and should have noted this problem. Not long after I lost 2nd gear on the auto transmission, it was drivable so drove it only locally for a very long time until I was able to afford to have it fixed. I was overdue for a service very recently, so took the car to Temby Auto and also asked them to check the rattle and give me a quote on the transmission. I was applying for a credit card to get the work done so I was soon going to be able to have it fixed. When I collected the car they told me that the rattle was nothing to worry about, that it was just some brace or other minor piece of metal concerning the exhaust system which had come loose and not a problem, but they could fix it if I wanted them to. They also quoted me $2,400 to either fix or replace the transmission with a reconditioned unit, same price for either. I wanted to get a second quote seeing it was so high, but more importantly I wanted the original transmission kept and fixed if it was at all possible and Temby Auto had told me that it was all the same if it was fixed or replaced and I didn't like hearing that. I want to keep the car as original as possible for future owners and Temby Auto knew this very well.

I took it to a place in Thomastown called Transdoctor who specialize in Fords and Holdens (I would recommend them to anyone, they are fantastic, even give you a free courtesy car) and they quoted me $1,350 for a reconditioned transmission if it was not possible to fix mine, the cost for repairs were even less, about $850 or so. They rang and said it was not repairable so I gave permission to have a recon trans put in, paid the $1,350 (I got my credit card approved) and they did a great job on it, the transmission runs perfectly now. But when I picked the car up from Transdoctor, the guy told me there was an issue with my car, he mentioned the rattle (which I told him I was aware of) and told me that hardly any air was coming out of the exhaust on revving because the Catalytic Converter was screwed and this was what was causing the rattle and it was also severely affecting power. He also told me that a suction issue behind the climate control where some tube or other has either perished or come off would be affecting the way the car ran. He said these were both urgent and needed attention asap. I thanked him and booked the car in with Temby Auto to have the work done. I also arranged to have all the power windows completely serviced as the drivers window was not working and wanted all window components cleaned and lubed to keep the windows in good nick. Another thing I wanted done was that I needed a new steering rack installed, the old one was worn on one side (according to what Temby Auto had told me 5 years ago) and the high pressure power steering hose was weeping which had been a long standing problem with I had not been able to afford to date. The steering was sloppy and I wanted a brand new rack put in. When I mentioned this to the owner (who I always only dealt with and was my only contact for arranging work) on the phone at the time of booking he seemed confused and told me that he didn't think the rack needed replacing, but would check it while the car was in and get back to me.

I put the car in with Temby Auto at C.O.B Tuesday so they could start first thing Wednesday morning, with a definitive list of 7 things I wanted done. I was told it would take 2 days to complete. At lunchtime on the second day I was supposed to pick the car up, the owner rang me and told me that the rack did need replacing, but a brand new one would not be able to be delivered for another day so it was going to take 3 days in total which I agreed to. He told me on the phone that it would be all shiny and new and perfect and I would be very happy with the result.

When I picked the car up it was sitting out front of their offices, I waited and the owner came out with me and sat in the front of the car with me and we went over all the repairs. I checked through all of them one by one and he told me to my face while smiling that they had all been completed. New Catalytic Converter (which I was annoyed they hadn't picked up on themselves), windows all serviced and drivers window fixed so it operated again with a brand new motor, new steering rack, aircon completely cleaned and serviced and re-gassed, brake fluid flushed and replaced, radiator/cooling system flushed and anti-corrosion and anti-hole fluids used. The other thing in the list was the suction problem behind the climate control unit. He said he had done all he could to fix that, but that I could only have it on external airflow if I wanted the problem to be gone, that internal flow still caused the issue but that it was fixed otherwise. The total for repairs came to $2,352.

I drove the car off and was amazed at the power of it, it was like driving a new car. I put this down to the Catalytic Converter and exhaust system now operating as intended, something which they at Temby Auto had not even told me about and had in fact told me it was just a minor brace or whatever which had come a bit loose and not something which needed attention. Now the car has amazing power and response.

I later found that the car had been damaged, there was a spot on the perfect finish of the boot which looks like something corrosive has been dripped on the finish and now the top clear layer of paint is missing (I always wash the car carefully by hand before taking it to the mechanic and vacuum it out also, so had looked carefully at the paint and panels while I was washing it and removing tiny little pieces of the usual stuff which needs cleaning, and there was nothing wrong with the boot surface only an hour before I dropped it off), also, the air freshener bottle which sits on the centre air vent had been tipped out and was put back upside down and had formed this dreadful sticky stinky mess on and under the rubber mat just behind the gear shift lever, and when I picked the car up had noticed a long plastic drinking straw on the passenger side floor which I had told the owner was not mine and he had picked it up and removed it without comment. The digital clock was no longer set and was flashing continually and the petrol gauge was considerably lower than it normally would be (about a third of a tank) after any kind of service of repair work I have had there before. I suspected that the car was taken for a joyride.

Later that night while I was driving the car the drivers window suddenly stopped working again and refused to open, the owner had told me to my face that a completely new motor had been put in the door and this had fixed the issue. So when I returned home I looked carefully through the invoice to do some checking, I normally only had one thing done at a time and never bothered to check the details of the invoices before, just filed them straight away to join the rest of the service history papers I have. To my horror, I found that the "shiny and new" brand new rack I had ordered and paid for was listed on the invoice as an "overhauled rack" which means it is a reconditioned one, this is despite the owner telling me to my face several times that it was brand new. There was nothing at all on the invoice about the windows being serviced or cleaned or a new motor in the window and no charge for anything at all concerning windows, just that they had checked and cleaned the centre switch. On the invoice it had one item which cost $190 but was only listed as "repair task", after much checking through lots of detail on another page (invoice is three pages and hard to work out) I found this task to be lubing door hinges. $190 to lube door hinges which I never asked for and did not need. There was also a charge on the invoice for a headlight globe replacement for the sum of $45.76 my headlights while dim were not touched in fact I discussed that I was going to get them upgraded next visit on my final talk with the owner when he was in the front seat and I was picking up the car, and he said nothing about globes. I do have one parker which is out but this is still out and the headlights are still dim so this charge is also totally bogus. So if you take off the two items which were not on my list and not authorized I was overcharged by $235.24. This is in addition to having things not done like the windows (and being told they had been fixed, but they are not fixed and not even on the invoice) and paying $790.00 for what I thought was a brand new rack and finding out it was an old one that had been overhauled. I would have happily paid whatever it took to have a new one fitted, even if it was another $2,000, so there was no reason or excuse to have an old one fitted and then tell me it was new. They wrote it was old on the invoice, they must think I am dumb as a brick. Lastly when I read the invoice, the problem with the suction behind the dash was referred to, it said that they had taken the dash out and dismantled parts, that they had put it all back together as it was, because the "customer elected not to proceed with the work." They never told me contacted me or mentioned this, and had I been informed, I would have told them to go ahead and do whatever was necessary, I had $6,000 sitting to be spent on the card and could have easily afforded whatever it cost to do. -I am fanatical about my car and looking after it so it becomes one day hopefully a vintage classic. Saying I had 'elected not to proceed with the work' was a lie and made no sense, like so much other stuff on their invoice.

The ONLY thing which I am delighted about concerning the repairs was the way the new Catalytic Converter has fixed the rattle and power problem, and it now has power and response like it never even had when I got the car 5 years ago. This was not even something Temby Auto had suggested or picked up on and it was only when I took the car elsewhere for the transmission that it was identified. A Catalytic Converter is a major piece of equipment and having the exhaust blow properly is a huge thing where car performance is concerned, Temby Auto were specifically asked to check what the rattle was (I'm not a mechanic so how would I know, I trusted them) but when I directly asked them about this they told me the rattle was nothing and needed no action when in fact it was a major issue. The only thing which they did on this last visit which made a major improvement was something they didn't even identify themselves, they should have picked up what I have found was an obvious and easy to spot problem.

I now have to go and pay more money to have the paint finish fixed on the boot as it is on the top surface and gets most exposure so I am concerned that it will lead to further degradation of the paint without it's protective top layer.

I would not recommend Temby Auto to anyone, they make you pay top dollar, but they don't even do the work they promise and charge you for things you never asked for. My experience is that a major problem which had been there at least a year was not fixed, had they fixed it to start with it would have driven like a new car a year ago. If you go there already check your invoices carefully as they are typed out in a very confusing manner and hard to sift through. You may find overcharging like I did and see that work you think has been done has not been done, especially if you have many things done at the one time like I did.

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Poor customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 25, 2015

For some years my car has been serviced by E & D Koutalis Automotive Services trading under the Repco name at Granville NSW. I had a reconditioned engine installed by him and therefore the car had been serviced every 3 months. In January 2014 I was advised there was a problem with my steering rack. Later on when my car was serviced I asked about the problem with the steering rack and was told it was a minor leak.

In April 2015 when the car was being serviced I asked for the tires to be rotated - I had purchased these tires through him. At this time he decided to replace the steering rack. He said because it was now leaking it had to be done. As a consequence of the steering rack not being replaced earlier the inside tread of my front tires were worn out and now need to be replaced. The Repco motto is trust, knowledge, experience.

How can you trust someone who knew from experience and knowledge the inside tread of the tires will wear out because of the problem with the steering rack. Considering the amount of work he had carried out on my car and the many thousands of dollars I have paid him I feel he has not upheld the values of the Repco motto.

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The worst rip off.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 23, 2015

Took the car to get the battery recharged.........they said they would, but I walked back to check up on them. They sure did NOT charge up my batter until 20 min before I was supposed to go pick it up. Then they wanted huge price for new battery. I called RACQ and got the matter fixed.
Won't go near the "Authorised Service" ever.

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Complete Scam at Tingalpa

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 10, 2015

Complete rip-off! I don't trust them, and won't recommend them. Charged me $500 to fix the air conditioner and did not fix anything. They recharged it when it didn't need recharged, replaced an air filter, and told me they found the problem & had a fix for it, but it only worked half a day. What's worse is since they did not replace anything, they don't have to honor the warranty. Scam. I could have put $500 in the trash, and got the same results. Don't go here!

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