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2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 12, 2018

I flew TR12 from Singapore to Sydney yesterday. The flight was ok, but the customer service was poor. It took us 2 hours to get some drinking water, and 3 hours to be able to purchase some food. I was given the incorrect change as well. My young daughter was starving for food, and thirsty for water.

I am aware Scoot is a low budget airline, but come on, no meals for international flights? At least customers should be able to purchase food a lot quicker, rather than having to wait for the food carts to come along - very slow in coming along?

Not sure I want to fly Scoot ever again.

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Starting with low price but ending high

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2018

This month I booked ticket from scoot to India. Started with low price but ending paying high. I got a message (e-mail) from scoot stating that they took exact amount (low) but the travel agent took more money. Asked me to contact travel agent but there is no number or e-mail for travel agent. At the end I paid higher amount. I do not know the how to proceed.

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Never had a problem with Scoot

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 09, 2018

My wife and I have used Scoot air 11 times to different Asian destinations from Gold Coast alway with excellent service and on time flights we book them directly on Scoots own website
I find a lot of the negative reviews are mostly guests own fault not reviewing fare inclusions. For the fare as low as $128 to Singapore don't expect the same as full fare airlines. We have never had a problem. Always pay with poli no extra charges. As to not taking water on board it is airport security that that doesn't allow this for obvious reasons could be anything in the containers you can take empty bottles through the last security check and fill them afrer going through the last security check point. Food purchased on board is not expensive for the low fares paid come on be reasonable or fly on a airline charging 3 times as much.
Have flown on a lot of different airlines around the world and scoots seats are as comfortable as any we have used sure not as much leg room but always remember what you have paid.Transfers at Singapore to next destination has always been easy.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 03, 2018

My experience travelling with SCOOT was appalling right from check-in at Hong Kong through to five days after my arrival in Melbourne when I finally got my suitcase which did not arrive with me on my flight and whose whereabouts could not be confirmed for some days. However the lost baggage was just the icing on the cake of amy appalling SCOOT flight experience.

I travelled from Hong Kong to Singapore on flight TR981 on 22 July 2018 departing at 1855 and arriving in Singapore at 2315 on the same date. Then I had a connecting flight to Melbourne approximately 2 hours later - TR018 departing at 0130 on 23 July 2018.

At the check-in counter at Hong Kong, I expected to be given both boarding passes for my two flights. I also expected to be able to check-in my suitcase to Melbourne. To my surprise, I was told by the check-in staff - later confirmed by the supervisor I spoke with - that I could only check-in my baggage to Singapore and I could only be given my boarding pass to Singapore. Not my second boarding pass for my onward travel from Singapore to Melbourne.

The reason I was given was that my second flight was on a different date - albeit only approximately two hours after my arrival in Singapore! I noted that this issue must arise with airline passengers every day but to no avail.

I was extremely annoyed when I learnt from the passenger seated next to me - another Australian also travelling to Melbourne on the same two SCOOT flights - that he had been issued both his boarding passes and had been allowed to check-in his baggage to Melbourne. The sole difference between us was that - unlike me - he had not paid extra money to sit in the front row of economy! When I discussed this with them, the flight crew told me that I had been given incorrect information at the check-in counter.

The check-in staff also told me that I would have to go to the SCOOT transfer counter at Changi Airport Singapore to get my second boarding pass for my travel to Melbourne. I got my boarding pass but was told that unfortunately I could not have the front row aisle seat I had pre-booked and paid for because the aircraft for the flight had been changed and had a different seat configuration. I was also told that my suitcase would be transferred to my flight and would arrive with me in Melbourne.

On arrival at Melbourne Airport my suitcase was not on my flight. I then waited five days for SCOOT to find it and deliver it to me. During that time it was difficult to contact SCOOT. Except for one occasion, the mobile phone number I was given was never answered and always went to voicemail.

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Bad customer service

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 01, 2018

They cancelled my flight from Singapore to Amritsar and were extremely rude on top of no compensation at all. Help desk was useless as [name removed] and another lady was not knowing anything. She was putting me on hold again and again and was talking to team. I held phone for 45 minutes and they did not do anything. No accommodation, no rebooting with other flights.
Don't ever travel with scoot.

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Pathetic scammers. Still waiting for the ticket refund

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 28, 2018

Biggest scammers & worst customer service. They are refusing to pay the ticket refund after they cancelled the flight. It's been 2+ months. Pathetic. The customer care guys say the same thing every time when I called. "We escalated your issue and we will refund within 1 week".. I called them more than 20 times now.

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Want terrible customer service? Fly scoot!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 25, 2018

I have never been more frustrated in my life dealing with anything, as I have trying to get a fair customer outcome with Scoot. I had booked two seats with extra legroom for my wife and I, as we had a young infant flying with us and needed extra room. Without notice, they had changed the aircraft we were flying on, and the seats I had chosen were not extra legroom seats any more, they were just ordinary (cramp) seats. Imagine flying on a budget airlines with an infant in the tight budget economy seats, it was horrible. There were more spacious seats available, but the crew insisted we had to pay to change to them.

Anyway, that was not the frustrating part. Ever tried to get a refund from Scoot? I will tell you it is probably impossible. You would think it is straight forward: I paid for extra leg room seats -> they did not give me extra leg room seats -> therefore I should get a refund? Not so simple. I had paid $158 for the extra leg room seats, they told me they cannot refund me the whole amount as I had selected seats during the booking process so they had to charge me a seat selection fee (something like $20). I proceeded to tell them that the only reason I selected the seats were because I wanted extra space as we had an infant with us, not because I liked 11D and 11E. "Sorry sir, it is our policy", but they cannot actually point to this policy in any of their policy disclosure documents. No one I spoke with seemed to understand the basic concept that if I pay for a service and do not receive what I paid for, I should get a refund. They said they will escalate it and call me back. Three months had passed, no call. I call them back, have to re-explain myself, and they said they will escalate and call me back. This went on for a year (can you believe that). I have called again today, and concede just to refund me whatever they saw fit, guess what? They are escalating and calling me back soon. Oh and another thing, Scoot will never give you a cash refund, only in Scoot vouchers.. Why would I fly scoot every again after an experience like this? This is the hardest I have ever worked for $158 of vouchers.

Did I mention the plane was horrible as well? The aisles were run down and blackened, and the seats were small and very uncomfortable. And the crew probably needed a dose of anti-depressants. I guess that is what you expect from a budget airline. But at least I would expect fair treatment, which I definitely have not received from Scoot.

Never fly Scoot.

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Scoot Insider scam - be careful of credit card fees - mine were quoted at $200

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 20, 2018

I joined Scoot Insider and was offered a 15% discount on my next booking. The discount was only available on the outward journey for 5 people. I was impressed ( approx $193 saving). When booking the saving came up as $115 - not sure why ) but the real sting and scam was that the booking fees were $200 and no Paypal or POLi available if I used a voucher. I had this confirmed by the customer support over the phone. I deleted that booking at the last stage and started again without my 15% discount voucher, used POLi and was $200 better off but NO discount and a useless membership to Scoot Insider.
I have never had any correspondence from Scoot re my membership despite an email saying that I would within 24 hours and my email to them has gone unanswered. I have not taken the flights yet but am very worried about this airline - not a good way to start a holiday!

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Took months to get a refund!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 19, 2018

We booked a flight from singapore to Sydney and paid for a seat upgrade of about $150 and had our seats booked by travelagent months before our fligth. The scoot flight was actually changed to a singapore airline charter flight. They did not give us the same seats and so we lost the special seats we paid for. I have called SCOOT three times firstly was told it would take 4 weeks to get a refund. When calling the second time I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to get a refund. Today after 8 weeks they told me I had to wait one more week! Talk about poor service! I will never fly with SCOOT again.

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No bassinet for infant. Really?

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 18, 2018

Be aware they do not offer bassinet for infant. Do not accept debit card on board if you want to purchase food and drinks. Customer service is worse. Never again, i would rather give business to jetstar.

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Where is my refund!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 17, 2018

This is the worst airline I have every book with. I have not flown with them yet. I booked a flight from Melbourne to Singapore in May for December travel, in July they changed the departure time from 12pm departure to 10.30pm. They gave me an option to accept of a refund. So I decided to cancel the flight and repurchase a new ticket from another airline so I won't missed all my prior appointments in Singapore. It's now September and I still have not received my refund nor an email confirming my cancellations. I have called numerous times. Who can I report this dodgy airline too. They owe my nearly AUD$1400. It's not a small matter.

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Flying with Scoot is fine but Customer Service is incompetent

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 10, 2018

I have flown Scoot quite often and have always (so far) found the flying experience to be fine. I also like that I can purchase, from a very low base price, the extras I actually want. However, as with a lot of airlines it seems, when something goes wrong and you enlist the help of customer support, nothing happens. I am currently in a situation where the customer service rep on the phone says to email the problem, the online customer support says to phone in the problem, and nothing changes. I have been waiting for about 6 weeks for someone to get back to me from my last contact. This problem has been to do with being a "Scoot Insider" and not being able to login to access my bookings, which has caused me a lot of hassles. I will fly Scoot again but I will book as a guest/visitor to avoid my current situation. Also, Scoot changes their flight schedule quite often it seems, and not just a few hours, but they change flights to different days which can muck up onward arrangements. The best way to avoid this is to have a city-break in Singapore between flights - a nice thing to do if you have the time.

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Currency conversion - beware

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 28, 2018

The airline charges a $20 processing fee, but because the transaction is not processed in Australia you bank may charge a foreign transaction fee. So beware.

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 17, 2018

We had a scoot flight to the Maldives on there dreamliner aircraft it was fine, the flight was cheap and i expected worse, but was surprised by how much room was on the dreamliner .We changed to a smaller plane in Singapore which was a lot smaller The food was not the greatest For the cost I would fly again

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I would give them no stars if I could

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 14, 2018

To council a flight 1 hour before and then council it for a further 3 days , is disgraceful, just because 1 crew member was too sick for work.
Will never fly again.

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dehydrated customers

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2018

I just came back from a trip in Singapore yesterday and I am extremely disappointed with Scoot's cabin crew. I have never ever seen anything like this before, and I have fled with low cost companies all over Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.
I took the flight from Singapore to Sydney yesterday (9:35am flight on the 6th of August), and had bought plenty of water in the airport as, given it is almost a 7 hour flight, I wanted to be ready. When we went to board the flight, the lady at the control check made us throw the bottles away with no explanation whatsoever, so basically, I just lost almost 15 dollars in water. I thought it will be fine as there will be water on the plane, but to my surprise, you guys are the only airline who apparently like to keep your customers completely dehydrated, when water should be a basic thing that you should give for free, we are not in the middle ages anymore.
Anyway, I proceed to purchase a bottle and have no cash (it is quite normal that when you travel to a country you are not going to go to anymore, you spend your last coins before leaving!!), so I proceed to pay by debit card. To my surprise, Scoot does not accept my card (apparently debit cards "don't go through their system"??). So I ask the girl from staff for solutions, and obviously not only I received no interest whatsoever in sorting my problem out, but get a rude response saying "if you can't pay, you don't get water". Excuse me?? I want to pay you, but just don't want to accept debit cards. My boyfriend had a massive migraine as well, so I tell your staff that is ok, I will survive 7 hours with no water (still absolutely degrading, but well........), but tell her that I need a glass of water for him to take a medicine. The girl just responds sharply and questioning me "what medicine? we don't have glasses". I offer her a little cup that I carry but she refuses to fill it up saying that she is not going to give me water, and saying that my boyfriend doesn't look sick at all, so she's not going to do anything about it.
I ask her for another solution, and she just dares to say "can't just ask someone in the plane for money??". WHAT? I respond to her that clearly she does not care about her customers, to which she finally decides not to respond, turns her back to me, and leaves.
I have never ever experienced such a degrading and humiliating treatment in a flight, it is absolutely inadmissible. 7 hours with nothing to drink and my boyfriend just had to ask the guy next to him for a sip of water??! seriously! I will certainly not fly ever again with Scoot, but I really hope they sort their issue out because it is completely surreal that they give that sort of treatment to people, not only as your customers but as a human beings. Very disappointing.

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really good experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2018

i booked a flight with scoot and was a little worried after reading all the negative reviews on here, however my experience was really good. due to a delay, i missed my connecting flight however they had a staff member meet me at the connecting arrival hall at Singapore and gave me a voucher for the airport grand plaza hotel including breakfast and a boarding pass for the next flight. staff on board were also super friendly and attentive. was really surprised for a budget airline and from my experience would highly recommend.

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6 months and waiting for refund

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 26, 2018

Flights changed from 11hrs to 23 hrs in duration 3 days after booking. Canceled and still waiting 6 months later, nearly 50 phone calls (seriously) to a Philippines them who don't care and can't help. Don't even consider Scoot ever!!!

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Mount Waverley

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Worst customer service in the world!!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 23, 2018

Stay away from SCOOT!!! They advise you to send an email on the website and after every time they reply without resolving the issue then close the case!!!

If you try to email them, you get this message!
"We have received your feedback regarding with regards to [number]. Unfortunately, the case is already closed.
Should you require further assistance, please contact us on: "

So you have to go throw the website again, type out everything. If you don't they tell you to go through the website and at the same time close the case, advise you to type out everything AGAIN. So you end up opening so many cases and they end up getting confused, tell you to go to the website again... You never get anything resolve!!!!!

I never got my refund where they make it a huge hassle so they don't pay you!!!

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First and the last time with Scoot

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 16, 2018

Melbourne to Singapore flight, there is no option for walk in assistance when you book and when you call customer care they lie. They lie they can provide one and during check-in there wasn't one available. When you make calls to customer care to enquire, all they give is false promise. Also, you pay for the food which is a joke. There is no dietary option and terrible food.
This is the first and last time with Scoot for sure!

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Hey all..! How is it that Scoot can promise to call you back if the line drops, then they drop the call, then they don't call you back, then you call them back, and sit on hold for 25 minutes, then you ask every day for them to call, and then they still haven't called back in over 3 weeks, even when they know the urgency of the booking? What can we do to get service? It seems their 40% off promotion is a scam.. any suggestions folks? is there anyone worth reporting them to, or do I just have to post this on more sites everyday until they offer what they promised? Thanks everyone!

Jamos asked on Oct 09, 2018

Hi, will be going to Athens via sin using scoot this 1st Aug-13th Aug. I’m concerned about the wildfire which is going on and are still happen in Athens. Is the flight still flying or do scoot will let us know if it is not safe to go there right now? because i didnt receive any news from the airline so i expected everything is fine.

Couture B asked on Jul 27, 2018

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I suggest you visit

On January 9, 2018 I was made to pay 131 euros for checked baggage by Scoot at the airport. That was one suitcase of 14 kg. The receipt I was given specified 20 kgs. When I made the booking, there was no information about checked baggage fees on the online booking site. Later, I had a good look at the Scoot website but didn’t see any information relevant to my case. Even if I had, I wouldn’t have been able to change the booking without incurring a cancellation fee.Scoot, after denying responsibility, suggested I “coordinate with Expedia with regards to [my] concern on the lack of information upon booking”. How legitimate is it for airlines to have hidden charges or conditions passengers don’t have easy access to especially at the time of the booking? What’s the point of going to the trouble to find a low-budget airfare when the exorbitant extra fee cancels it all out? I would appreciate any helpful advice about what course of action I should take. A.G.

A.G. asked on Apr 23, 2018

Answer this

Write to the Australian ombudsmen for aviation however if it was flight for Greece to Singapore you could try the EU one. Singapore ombudsmen is toothless

Thank you, James. I'll follow your advice and fill you in on any developments.

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