Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2018


5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 26, 2018

Hey. I'm the one who put review last year when I signed contract with Singh homes, I presumed that I have been charged bit higher then other builder but now I realised after looking around what other builder do. They are putting slab on steps which is quite unsafe with babies and elderly people as more chances of fall .so Singh homes have used every single dollar in right way...secondly this also myth that they are using particular community peoples as a Tradeperson. I have never seen seen that on my plot so far even I have proof as well.3. They poured P slab on 25/7/18 in front of me. Management doing good job from office and Raja the supervisor always keeps us updated about the progress, good communication with me so this is another myth that they r rude or not well connected...4. I'm building in mernda and you contact me to see all mentioned point with your own eyes . Email me on [email address removed]
I will put review on next stage by that way you come to know quality and speed..Sukhbir Singh

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2018

Really bad experience pls don't go with then can't trust them

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 16, 2018

Started very well with sales person after sending all details advised me site cost and quote which they changed after taking deposit, my base price gone up by 5k, when asked they said by the time you put deposit price increased i believe they need to advise me before taking deposit if there is any changes then refuse to provide the things what i needed as in there display they have black or golden tap or tiles. Be careful before signing contract they have clauses everywhere client has to pay after. Pls check before signing for example my land has fall which they checked while i send them my land engineering but in contract they put clause if fall is more then 300 mm fall client has to pay after paying them 15000 fixed site cost which i know is more. Don't trust there words, they charge once you pay if you still feel like going with them make sure take everything in written and no way you will get your home build within time frame. They are very rude after you signed contract. Best of luck if you are building with them. If need further information feel free to contact.

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Manor Lakes

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2017

Low quality products used and nil supervision.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2018

In experienced tradies were used to build our home with nil supervision. House not made according per plan. Nearly all the tradies from a particular community with the nil level of perfection. Arrogant staff no accountability and freshly hired in the field.Took seven months to build a home and nearly 9 months after we got in and repair work still going on,no official handover.Could not arrange the same tradies who had done the work originally. Keys were lost before we came in. Every lock has its own separate key now. All kitchen appliances (Gas cook top,chimney & oven) were defected changed within first two months such low was the quality of products. Used cheap builders products. Used 1 2 star gas heater where 7 star are available at least should have given a 4 star. As we were interstate had to come again and again to see the progress was even refunded the ticket once as the things were not happening according to the plan. Calls go to some other message receiving centers who used to forward them the messages. Top management staff always in a meeting or with a customer. Most of the work now being completed by a handyman.

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9 Rye Street Truganina 3029

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Verified Customer

Impeccable Experience!!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 02, 2015

Our experience with Singh Homes was nothing short of fabulous from the minute we spoke to the sales rep to the day we got our keys. We customised our own design. Our Site manager was brilliant and got things done. They took the time to answer our smallest and silliest questions.
From office staff to tradies they were all knowledgeable and helpful. Our house is finished to perfection and we couldn't be happier. Everything was smooth 10 out of 10
The colour selection expert was really professional, and offered the right advice, while keeping our preference in mind, and as a result, we have a warm cosy home, just what we hoped for. Thank you for building our dream home

This experience has shown that Singh Homes offers high quality building works and its effectiveness.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Quality workmanship

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 15, 2014

We were referred by our friend to Singh Homes.
We have started with singh homes in October last year .. Initially we were given formal quote and plans...
Singh homes have delivered what they promised not only that they have guided us through all over process.
They have made building process easy for us with there excellent customer service. They believe in building elegant homes by adding little features to the house and I must say I can count my home design one of the beautiful designs...

After built service is amazing , quick and efficient....

I will recommend Singh homes to everybody for good workman ship and reliable people...

+ Reliable , Honest and fair advice , after services is amazing

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Totally satisfied....

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2014

One of my friend suggested me singh homes...and I must say I m totally satisfied with them... They deliver what they promise..there service is very friendly and great... Specially there after service...I highly recommend them to the people who want to build there dream homes...thanx singh homes for making my dream a reality...

+ Realiable, reasonable ..helpful...They deliver what they promise...

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Excellent customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 02, 2014

Our built finished midyear 2013, we also had little bit maintenance problem was promised within first 3 months. I have to say the build went very quickly and there were only minor issues, which I believe quite usual in this process. Initially little bit problems had in the doors but fixed immediately and some other minor fixes were done also like towel rails and tapes things. However I am not sure that whom I should blame as they (Singh Homes) initially warned me about the product quality.

I had lots of concerns before starting with them but I am quite glad with their right advice and great customer service especially lots of lots of thanks to Parvinder, he is a great man. I found the whole process went smooth and I would recommend Singh Homes to my family or friends...

+ quick fixing

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Customised home

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2014

From day one all the way to the end until they handed over, we did not ask much as supervisor was always available to update, No silly question were asked and none of the job was considered small, an excellent job.
Whatever we dreamed for and whatever we envisaged it was met. Even after the house is delivered few things were brought into their knowledge all of them were done on spot.

Apart from Daman, I am very much pleased and grateful to supervisor Lucky, lucky you have done a great job my friend especially getting there sometime whenever requested made me feel special. Thanks again.

Our house area is 50 and it’s a customised according to our needs. I would highly recommend to someone the one who are looking for custom built home.

+ Down to earth behaviour, always timed accordingly

- Pushed for overpriced items

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Simple easy and quick

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2014

We did contract with Singh homes. They also favoured us to find the best place (land) in point cook.
It was an amazing experience, I believed that there will be lots of paperwork and extremely complicated documentation, however our experience with Singh homes was great.

We heard that slab work and overall construction going to take 1 year plus time, however after slab it took only 4.5 months and meanwhile the overall behaviour of supervisors and Daman was great. Even though they advised us bit expensive choices, however for us, we just built the house once and probably the last. It is absolutely gorgeous and we love our customised choices in the form of our dream home.

We thanks Singh homes and their staff to making or changing our thoughts into reality

+ Simpler process and not much delays as we expected

- They usually push for high end products

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A well organised build

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2014

Singh homes is well organised and customer services oriented company. They build our house earlier than scheduled. From Daman Singh to supervisor, all were amazing, and they gave us time more than our expectations.
We are extremely happy with whatever we got. They guided us at every step and helped us to find the best stuff as we envisaged. Overall we rate them really good and recommend them for our family, friends and community.

+ Well organised and always advised according to our budget

- Not really much except we just missed one meeting

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wonderful experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 27, 2013

Building with Singh Homes has been a phenomenal experience. The quality of the home has by far exceeded our expectations. Upgrade costs were minimal, as finishing and superior quality products were included in base home price. Floor plan is amazing with great flow, function and no wasted waste. Time line was accurate and there were no unexpected delays. Customer service was great, and communication was appropriate and timely. We love our home and would definitely build with Singh homes again!

+ punctual, reliable

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Dream Homes can come out of Dreams with Singh Homes

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 11, 2013

This was our first time building and were very stressed but Singh homes made it a great experience. They were very accommodating in designing our custom built home as we wanted our master bedroom that the back. We went through so many designs and they were happy to provide a no obligation service. The process was friendly, no pressure, just a focus on ensuring we had what we wanted.

When the building started we were at the site every day speaking to every contractor and looking over their shoulders. From the guy who dug the footings to the guy who cleaned the house on handover. Everyone was friendly, accommodating and professional. The site supervisor was very accessible and knew the status of our home when ever we called. They all did a fantastic job - we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of the final home.

We had a great experience with SinghHomes and will definitely build again with them

+ Friendly efficient and 'The Best'

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Quality Homes

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2013

Like everyone else finding the right builder was a challenge for us as well as, we wanted a fully customised house with 5 bedrooms +lounge + family & 3 bathrooms. We checked out all the big builders but they didn’t offer much flexibility plus the quotes provided by them were way over blown. One of our friends had built his home with Singh homes and the house looked awesome in terms of Quality so we decided to get in contact with sing homes. They showed us some of their finished house which was awesome plus we also got the chance to talk to some of their previous client and every one was quite satisfied with three homes. I would say we made the best decisions by going with Sing homes. I had always wanted big bathrooms with high Quality Bathroom fixtures and that is what exactly we got with Sing homes. I love the balcony with overhanging black glass balustrade and glass balustrade around stairs. Honestly Singh homes built our house exactly how we had envisioned it. We are so in love with the house. I would highly Recommend Singh homes if you are looking for Quality and flexibility.

+ Quality , flexiblity

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Great Experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 13, 2013

We wanted to build large balcony at the back & on-suite for downstairs bedroom. Apart from this major requirement, we wanted to supply number of items (electrical like fans, schweigen rangehood, etc.) we accumulated over the period of time.

After analysing many big builders, we realised the ongoing cost of "change" during build that is charged for any "change of mind". Also the quotes we received for additional balcony/en-suite were unrealistic.

After many discussions with Singh Homes, we got our most of requirements met. [name removed] were great to work with during contract period and remained so for the rest of the project. [name removed] was helpful & would call to remind us before commencements of phases so we could discuss the expectations.

Considering our's was customised design, we were impressed with the craftsmanship. Direct access to suppliers/tradesmen was very advantages from the requirement translation perspective. We were also happy with the quality of inclusions offered such flooring, appliances and fittings, etc.

+ Communication, craftsmanship, inclusions

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Singh homes Great job

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2013

We built with Singh Homes this year. (Custom design) I could not find many reviews for them on this site so I decided to write my own to hopefully help other people in the same position. We know lots of people who have built with the larger companies and were a little bit sceptical listening to some of their bad experiences. We loved the service, quality and construction time we got from Singh Homes. Our sales person looked after us from start to finish. We had direct contact with our site supervisor and any concerns were answered for us promptly and effectively.

+ It took only 3.2 months

- Nothing special

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Perfect Builder

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2013

We booked our block of land in Epping Jan 2012 which got entitled in October 2012. We have been looking a lot of display homes during that period. Ii was really hard to find the house what we were after. we do like some homes but that were too expensive. During that time we heard about Singh Homes in Epping. We thought to give a go and why not.? We discussed our budget and plans with Singh Homes. the house what we want they promised to build within our budget. We were really happy. We signed the contract with Singh Homes in December 2012. Our dream house was ready on April 20.2013. We moved in our house on Sunday 21 April. We are really happy with their quality and promises .I wish whoseoever have to build a new house or reconstruct. will go to Singh Homes once. They got plans with good quality work in all the budgets.

+ Quality and Time promises

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Singh Homes

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 10, 2013

We were searching for our home design , as we thought the perfect design can fit on any land, so the house was most important to us,looking at homes and builders at a land sales office Singh Homes caught my eye and was best for budget and extra's .

we continued to walk through the single story homes as i knew what i wanted in a home with lots of cupboard space & room to live in , the consultants were at my aid with there views & showing me all the different designs that I could create for my home (eg larger shower) theatre room etc...

Once the design was in my hands they worked with me and the land sales consultant untill they could fit the house on the block , we did look at a few more designs with Singh Homes to fit the house perfect on the block but had to start with new our own custom design, to then have a few alterations , singh homes worked through every difficult question i threw to them way as I am building for the first time, I can Recommend them as a very professional & efficient Team, working with me on a one on one basis with the best result.

+ 1. Custom Design 2. Direct Contact with Builder and Supervisor 3. selections before you do contract. 4. Lots of new in-house features. 5. Honest people.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 13, 2013

I decided to go ahead with Singh homes and probably that was a great decision. I am really impressed with their dedication and professionalism, they helped me at each and every step and also helped me to reduce the cost. Whatever I thought they customised accordingly and I believe that was their best point.

+ The way the customised according to my choices that was great...A great transparency about the product.

- To down too earth.

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Questions & Answers

I want to build a double story home with 4 bedroom & 3 toilet , 1 theatre how much the base price for this ...thanks

CHANDER asked on May 20, 2018

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My only advise to you is avoid Singh Homes

Aviod singh homes if you don't want your journey to be nightmare i done the mistake pls

We looked at Singh Homes today. We were very surprise to see their offer price. Most of their inclusion are like big upgrades for other builders. Does anyone have recommendation for Singh homes?

Nirmal asked on Aug 13, 2017

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Pls don't go for there display its all show off most of the thing you dont find in color selection and they have very few options in color selection kind off force you to choose that i wasted my 4000 deposit now going to vcat for refund pls avoid fake promises

Hello sir I am vikram from New zeland and I bought land in point cook park brook development for built my first home 381m so please could you help me how we can go for further stage with your support? to be honest I don't know much more trust honest builder in Melbourne. I just read your review and ratting as a Indian I am putting trust on you. My email address - please give me your details through email so I will contact to you . thanks Vikramsinh Rajput

Vikramsinh Rajput asked on Apr 04, 2015

Answer this

Hello dear, my honest opinion is you can trust them with closed eyes they are very helping and above all they know their work. Easily approachable. If want to know any thing in particular please let me know. Thanks wish you all the best

Thanks sir

Hi if you still haven’t started building your house from Singh homes than STOP or you can contact us for more information, their page on Facebook have 80% fake reviews don’t get fooled by that please.

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