Fantastic Customer Care and Outstanding Customer service from Joanne Abdel.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 14, 2018

Several years ago we purchased a swim spa at the Melbourne Show , Joanne was amazingly helpful and helped us decide on the right swim spa for us. We purchased the swim spa to then find through local area topography we were unable to go ahead. Joanne was amazing throughout the whole harrowing experience. We promised her if we were ever in the position to purchase a swim spa again we would contact her. Having worked in retail and knowing over several years you deal with hundreds if not thousand of customers when we rang Joanne we did not expect her to remember us. Joanne not only remembered us she again using her outstanding knowledge about her products and her customers requirements ,was able to advise and assist us through our now purchased Vortex aqua-lap pro plus swim spa.

Joanne has helped through the entire process of what without her would of been a daunting task. Having seen the other reviews in relation to other Spa world employees it is clear Spa world make excellent products and truly care about the customers needs.

In this day and age of terrible customer service , We can honestly say if your looking to purchase a Spa / swim spa . Do not go anywhere else until you visit Spa world. We do not envisage any problems with our Swim Spa , however I do have complete confidence if we do . We will be looked after and any problems fixed.

Thank You Joanne

regards Peter and Karen Crook

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Great helpful service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 14, 2018

I dealt with Joanne and she could not have been more helpful in helping get the right spa for me

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Outstanding customer service Elaine from Fyshwick

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2018

Im not one to write reviews but my experience needs to be shared as you dont find customer service like this anymore. I have had a spa for over 8 years but my husband would look after and maintain it. He suddenly died last year so I was left to take all his duties on my own.
I went to 2 spa shops in Canberra and asked them what I needed to do to start my spa again as I was clueless. Both stores brushed me off made me feel so unwelcome and didnt assist me.
I googled spas and spa world came up so and thought I would try there as that was my last resort. I walked in and met Elaine, I asked her if she could help me. She sat me down and wrote down and explained everything I needed to do to start up my spa.
I was in the store for a while as she gave me a whole run down. She also recommended I can get everything I needed from and even gave me their number and said they would be more then happy to assist me.
Before I left she gave me her card and said to me if I needed help once I filled it up to call her.
I walked out of there and for I couldnt stop thinking of what a lovely kind lady she was to go out of her way and be so friendly and help me when she was not making money from me.
I called her yesterday afternoon and she remembered who I was and was more then helpful to answer my couple of questions I had.
I had to share this experience because it is very rare to find customer service like this these days.
I know If I ever needed a new spa or had to recommend some one it would definitely be straight to see Elaine from the Canberra store.
Thank you once again
Regards Jennifer Lastly

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Exceptional customer service from Elaine in Canberra

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2018

We recently bought a Hydrozone Pro Swim Spa from Elaine at Spa World in Canberra and the customer service, even after delivery, has been exceptional. It’s rare to be able to say that someone has truly exceeded expectations, but Elaine continues to do so.

The spa itself is brilliant; it’s exactly what we were after and we got exactly what we expected, no surprises. What has made this experience truly exceptional, though, has been Elaine herself. Before we made our decision to buy, she took the time to understand how we and the kids would use the spa and pool in order to ensure that we ordered the right unit. She also ensured that it met our needs for simplicity of maintenance (weekly, not daily, chemical dosing), and economical heating (additional heat pump for the pool). However, the real customer service began after delivery.

The day of delivery she called us (even though it was after 6pm on a Friday) to talk us through the spa controls, and to ensure we set everything up correctly, including chemical dosing. She has since followed up with us to ensure we’re happy, she has provided chemical and water quality advice, helped me resolve a cloudy water issue (note – make sure the pH is correct!!), and even helped me with our first order.

Thank you Elaine – you have made what could have been a daunting and difficult purchase simple and pleasurable. We love our spa and pool and can't stay out of them!!!

If you are looking for a spa or pool in Canberra, there is simply no other person you need to talk to.

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Swim Spa in Canberra? Look no further than Spa World

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 05, 2018

We needed hydrotherapy and rehab solution for my daughter. I researched for months and had a budget. Went to a few places which weren't helpful or knowledgeable, was told to look up their website and then go to Sydney to view their swim spas. My last stop was Spa World in Fyshwick, Canberra. Elaine was fantastic from the moment we stepped in. Professional, listened to everything I had to say and answered all my questions. She let us step into a dry one on display, to get a feel for it's size, etc. This alone was great but this lovely lady went further. She absolutely knows her products, because she uses them herself. She understood what our needs were and went above and beyond with her time and generosity, so much so that we ended up ordering our swim spa that day. This service continued even days after we left the store, I texted her with a small concern and she allowed us to come back and have a go in the full swim spa on display, which helped us with our concern.
Well done Spa World for opening a big display centre in Canberra and for having such an asset as Elaine in your store. I would not have purchased the swim spa that day had it not been for her. Give this girl a pay rise........she deserves it!!!!!
Anyone looking for a spa in Canberra, don't waste time anywhere else, go see Elaine at Spa World.
Now I just have to wait for it to arrive.

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Aqualap Pro + Smartstream Avante - PERFECT .. Service brilliant

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 26, 2018

Late Last year, I was on my way to Bunnings to get the usual "sausage sandwich" and remember the Spa World advertisement I had seen, and thought "why not just go and have a look?"
I located the brand new premises in Fyshwick ACT and took a punt and went and had a look at the varying designs. At the time I had a 'normal' 4 person cedar finished spa, which was nearly 10 years old.
After some discussion with Elaine K at Spa World Canberra, I was sold!!!! deposit paid and I realised I had made a massive investment, which would add significant value to my home. Elaine and her team were brilliant through out the entire process. Spa arrived on time as promised and I haven't been out of it since... The neighbours are also enjoying it :)
Great Service, product is awesome... couldn't be happier. I purchased the Aqualap Pro + Smartstream Avante

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Love My New Spa

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 24, 2018

Elaine at Spa World Canberra,,,
Elaine at Spa World Canberra knows her products inside out & helps guide you towards the spa or swim spa you desire for any therapy, fun & relaxation. After meeting Elaine we didn't bother comparing others spa companies as Elaine is clearly passionate about customer service & providing the right solution to our needs above what we were expecting when we first visited. Elaine's after sales back up support is awesome too. Great work Elaine

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Im still in shock with the great service in this day and age

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 23, 2018

Me and my husband have been looking for a spa for close to 2 years now. I have been to about 6 places but I never felt that I was assisted in the right direction to find a spa for my needs. Then I went to Spa World and met Elaine & boy did I hit the jackpot. She asked me all the right questions to find out my needs & and narrowed it down to the 2 that spa she recommended. She also explained to me why she recommended this spa due to my needs. For the first time in my life, I actually felt there was a care factor from someone that I have never met before.
I decided to purchase instantly which is something I don't ever do, I usually go home and do thorough research before making such a big purchase.
I became so excited to receive my spa that I wanted it there and then.
Throughout the whole process, I always had updates on the arrival of my spa. I made multiple calls and was always assisted with great service from every person I spoke to.
I finally received my Vortex spa & I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done. It has brought me & my family so much happiness. The product is amazing.
I called Elaine yesterday to ask her a couple of questions which led to multiple questions and she was on the phone with me for 45mins helping & guiding me and never made me feel dumb with my silly questions.
I am still in shock to know that once I handed my money over that I still had received superb customer service. In this day & age, it is really unheard of. Me and my husband are so glad we made our purchase through Spa World from the start to the end its been nothing but Joy.

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Professional from start to finish

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 03, 2018

Fantastic service from purchase to installation. Trent was my salesperson who helped me decide on which spa would suit me, he made my buying experience easy with no fuss. My overall experience has been exceptional I am so happy with my spa and have loved getting into my spa late in the evening to unwind and relax.

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Best purchase ever made!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 02, 2018

I purchased the swim/play spa sight unseen after an 'enquiry' telephone conversation I had with Joanne. I was a tad anxious but went ahead and placed the order. Joanne had it all organised and delivered (6hrs away from the city) and I haven't looked back. As this was a newbuild deck, the Plumber/Electrician and Builder were given extremely clear guidelines to follow with no issues whatsoever. Joanne's expertise and attention to detail are second to none. The swim spa is extremely easy to maintain and certainly looks great in our new deck. I can't recommend this product and Joanne's professionalism highly enough. A great team all round. Well done Joanne!

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Verified Customer

Vortex Swim Spa Aqua Gym Max Pro Plus

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 14, 2017

Very good quality spa and excellent customer service from SPA World. We had a few small issues that have been addressed immediately. If you are 6.4ft tall you can consider 1.5m deep swim spa as it will be better for swimming. If you are in Brisbane you can use Astek Cranes they did job very well for half price. Thanks to Joanne for her customer service.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 12, 2017

Joanne understood what we wanted, and from our first telephone conversation she organised the whole process. Living interstate I expected the process to be a lengthy one. Not so, too our surprise the whole transaction and delivery took only three days. We couldn't imagine that we would be relaxing in our own spa so soon. Joanne you made it so easy, my husband and I thank you so much. Dee

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 09, 2017

Just had my swim spa from David & Joanne Abdul at Spa World installed. What can i say, David & Joanne's professionalism and knowledge is second to none and it made to whole process seamless with no issues.
The quality of their products are amazing and the wife and kids absolutely love the spa and it will service our family for years to come.

A special thanks to David, Joanne and the team, GREAT JOB!!!!

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2017

So less than a month ago we ordered a spa, not just any spa the Nitro Therapeutic. We went through sales manager Joanne Abdel and the service we got was fantastic. Could not fault anything from the first call all the way throuugh to delivery and set up. Constant contact with easy to talk to people. Also a massive thanks to Geoff and the crew for delivery and help to set up. Within hours was relaxing in my brand new spa. Thanks awesome team!!!

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 19, 2017

Joanne Abdul has to be one of the best customer service ladies I have ever had anything to do with, her knowledge , her passion for her company is just second to none, nothing was ever a problem to her.... we need more Joanne’s in this world.... not enough can be said about this beautiful lady

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Best decisision we ever made

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 18, 2017

Our swim spa has now been used in winter and spring it's the best purchase we have ever made. Great for those physical hard working days to just melt away the aches and pains and rejuvenate your tiredness . The Spa world team have been extremely great to deal with, nothing is to much trouble for them, with exceptional customer service skills I can highly recomend them.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2017

Really disappointing customer treatment I ordered a spa through Spa World paid a $3000 deposit ($11000.00 total) waited a couple of months to be made then they have harassed me to pay the balance in full before I even see the product is correct & undamaged.I have had multiple phone calls from head office to come to a fair arrangement they will not accept balance on delivery via bank cheque, eft or I have even offered to hand deliver payment to their Warners Bay site.& I was also told by there manager David they don't even do a hand over explaining the operation of the spa, their contractor will just drop it & run !! Really worried why they don't want me to see the product before I pay in FULL ???? I have been told they will sell my spa & not refund my deposit..maybe off to fair trading ??

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Spa World Official

Hey Leon, Thanks for that review. When your ex Wife purchased the spa, she had seen it on the showroom floor. We went thru the terms of the order with her which includes paying for the goods befo... read more »

Very Happy to have Vortex Spa

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 09, 2017

Excellent service from Joanne Abdel - Sales Manager. She really knows her product well and is very helpful and didn't mind taking time to explain everything for me. She really is a credit to the company.

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Verified Customer

Bubbles. bliss and great service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 30, 2017

My husband has nagged for 30 years about getting a spa. I wasn't as keen. I finally gave in and we went to Gregory Hills Spa World and met Lili. What a salesperson!No pressure selling techniques-just advice on which to make an informed decision. We bought the spa and the heat converter thingie that saves 70% of the electricity used to run the unit. Why did I wait sooooooo long to own a spa. It is fabulous, there is even a cooler compartment for my bottle of wine. What more could a girl ask for. Oh and any questions, just talk to Joanne she knows her stuff. I highly recommend Spa World to everyone who wants to be relaxed and sleep like a baby every night of the week. Stock up on the aromatherapy it is divine.

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Great choice

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 29, 2017

So glad we bought a Vortex swimspa. Service was excellent. So much better than a small pool.
Cheaper, more fun, we can use it all year and next to no maintenance.

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Interested to know from swim spa owners is 3 swim jets enough for a strong swimmer, or do u use all 4, would like to hear comments from owners of the aquagym max extreme and aquagym max pro plus please?

Countryhome asked on Feb 03, 2018

Just wondering how effective the heat pump is likely to be during Melbourne's winter months? Would a gas heater be a better option in this climate?

jimbojames asked on Nov 07, 2017

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Hey Jimbojames, There are a few options and we are more than happy to discuss.

So when you get a minute feel free to call 1300 939 294

Is there anyone other than a Spa World representative who has had a heat pump installed in a cool climate, that can offer some insight on their performance?

Just wondering about electricity costs for a normal 4-5 person spa. Do you need a heat pump? Thanks

Daisy asked on Jun 24, 2017

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I'm happy to get a consultant to go thru this with you, since there are so many variables involved. You can give Joanne a call on 0411 897897

Ok thanks

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