No Stock or Reply - PayPal Dispute and REFUNDED!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 15, 2018

Ordered parts online late May. Received confirmation email in regards to parts ordered. Over a week later I hear nothing from them so I try and call the 1300 number which just left me waiting for over 5 minutes so I hung up.
Sent an email and contacted via chat option on website and was told that one part was not in stock but they would send all other goods express post and then send the one part when it arrives.
A week later, and nothing again! No replies to messages.
Opened a PayPal dispute and was refunded quickly.
First and LAST time with these idiots... MY ADVICE, AVOID THESE TIME WASTERS!

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Will not process product after 2 weeks

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 15, 2018

Place an order online with advertisement saying delivery in 4 days. After making payment they send a stock email saying there will be a delay because having a special sale. After two weeks the order has not been processed. Any attempt by email goes unanswered, phone calls ask to leave a message but no response. Live chat does not respond. They have sophisticated software to avoid personal contact. At this stage it appears to be a scam organisation.

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Speedy dispatch of product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 14, 2018

Purchased online - simple process. Seemed secure. Product was dispatched quickly and in my hands quickly. Plenty of email communication about the items delivery to my door.

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great help to keep my 1972 Holden GTR XU1 on the road

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 14, 2018

on line ordering very happy with the service i would use sparebox again very help full quick dispatch & delivery

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Verified Customer

Poor effort

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 14, 2018

I ordered the goods after quite a lot of hassle from the website timing out when directing me to PayPal. I was slightly unconvinced that my order had gone through. 24 hrs later still no confirmation of the order, but kept getting hassled that my goods were still in my shopping cart (a good indication that the order hadn't gone thru successfully, as once ordered they should be removed from cart). I assumed it had all failed but checked PayPal and my payment had indeed been deducted. As it was the weekend I raised this via the contact form on the website, this was never responded to EVER. On the PayPal receipt I noted an email address so I sent an email with a copy of the PayPal receipt to this account, this email was never responded to EVER. With no response from sparesbox for 3 days I called the help line who confirmed the order had been processed (despite me never getting any confirmation) but it was for some reason delayed. When it finally did leave sparesbox, it took a few days to get to Tasmania then sat doing nothing for a few days and then spent 3 days going out with driver but not being delivered, we have a camera doorbell so we know no-one came. So overall it took 14+ days to get here. I raised the above with sparesbox and they did apologise and offered a $20 voucher, which was good, but was still a poor order experience

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Quick delivery, great service.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 14, 2018

Online ordering was easy, the parts to vehicle matching is convenient and the products were well packaged with tracking communication excellent. Delivery was prompt. Thumbs up!

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A professional company

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2018

The Sparesbox team demonstrated professionalism in all aspects of my online order, have no hesitation in recommending this company to future purchasers. Thank you Sparesbox team.

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I have used them before but I was let down this time

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2018

It is a good web site has special every now and then but I was let down by its delivery time took too long to get to me but I will look at them again.

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Products were fine however customer service sadly lacking

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 11, 2018

Purchased 5 items online. After 10 days without any notification or change regarding order status (email or online SB portal) I decided to ring.
I was told order was being processed and delay was due to one item on back order. It would have been nice to be emailed/told...
Items (4 of 5) arrived after 2 weeks, final item a few days later.

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Shipping issues

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 11, 2018

I managed to receive 1 item out of 5 due to repeated “stock issues”. Terrible template apology emails. Don’t buy

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Took 20 days for order to be delivered to Sydney

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 11, 2018

Ordered a nulon oil additive and was told that the product had been discontinued. Then I got told they had their parts specialist look into an alternative but couldn't find one, so I said how about replace the Nulon with the Liqui Moly. It really never took a genius to work that out. I'd hate to get a product that their parts specialist would recommend. A parts specialist selling car parts but has no idea what parts they are selling. Then to top of my experience it took a total of 20 days to receive my order, which only cost around $80. Just not good enough considering sparesbox warehouse is less than 90 minutes to my house. Laughable really, absolutely no service what so ever. Never again.

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Best service - great Price and no crowd !!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2018

Best service - sparesbox are cheaper , deliver to your door and within a couple of days ... I’m a repeat customer and will continue to buy from spares box , it’s just great !!

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Poor. Items not in stock and not as pictured when arrived

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2018

Ordered 4 items 12/4/18.
Sparesbox notified not all items in stock; I expected that a partial shipment would be made.
Items arrived 6/6/18 but not as pictured.
Items will be returned for refund.

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Verified Customer

Fast shipping 9 days later advised don’t have stock

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2018

Purchased products via their eBay store. Fast n free shipping - yeah right! 9 days later and I had to get eBay involved for them to respond to my messages. Then just now told they have stock issues. A most unprofessional mob. Go elsewhere do not use this company.

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Verified Customer

No reply or effort to exchange wrong parts.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2018

So I purchased 2 front cvs for my Audi and a gearbox mount, a week after purchasing the items I had received no confirmation that the purchase was made and had to follow up multiple times to confirm I was going to receive my parts. After my parts finally came another week later I was shocked to find one of the cvs had been opened, packed with grease and I can only assume installed as the replaceable bolt and gasket was missing and the packaging was a complete mess. Both cvs were wrong anyway. Instead of replying to my emails, calls and Facebook message and making the exchange process simple my car has now been off the road for 3 weeks with nothing being done on sparesbox end. not happy at all

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Excellent online auto part trader.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2018

Amazingly good and helpful service. Prompt delivery & appreciate no delivery cost. Advised that there were 2 alternative parts but I couldn't know which one until I dismantled so Sparesbox rep suggested they send both & return the unused part for refund. I like that kind of service.

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Great Website

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2018

Its a great website however i find the shipping alittle slow to get things sent also would be nice if they gave free shipping on order over a certain price. other than that a great selection of product all good name brands and can fault the prices

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Private message

Received email "Don't Stop Now... You're almost there"

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2018

I placed my order on Sparesbox, it has been several months since they stuffed up my last order.

After receiving confirmation from PayPal that the payment had been made, I received an email from Sparesbox.

Now I am worried .... dejavu

Sparesbox asking me to complete my order.....

I sent a copy of that email and the PayPal email to Sparesbox support email. No answer about why I have received a few emails asking me to complete my order.

Oh more dejavu, I just remembered that several months ago, they were really bad at replying to support emails.

I have now asked for a refund so I can order the same product from somewhere else.

UPDATE: Several emails later, ONE of my emails gets a reply. They confirm that they have received my order and will process it ASAP.... OK, but if they are just doing that now,.... so much for the stated 3 days delivery. I replied that I want it for THIS weekend.
They will also investigate the incorrect messages sent after I placed my order.
PS. They offered me a $20 voucher for my next purchase.

UPDATE: even though I received an email to confirm they have received my order, they did not give me a tracking number so I still don't know what is happening with this order.
Even though they apologize for the spam messages telling me to complete the order that they confirm I have already paid for, I now receive an email telling me that "Your parts are waiting.... you're almost there" I don't know how they expect me to feel good about that. They should email a tracking number. Why don't they??

UPDATE: Even though I am receiving ALL the Sparesbox SPAM to my email folder, the Sparesbox confirmation of order with the tracking number went straight to my spam folder. Must be something about the title of those emails? I have tracking info now and it reveals that.......
Order placed Sparesbox - NSW
Yesterday 4:41PM
St Peters, NSW

Well that isn't correct, I placed my order 2 days before they acknowledge my order because I wanted to make sure they had 5 days to deliver it, so I can install parts on Friday night/Saturday morning.

I hope they have upgraded the delivery to something faster than 3 day eParcel.

Shippit Delivery ID:
Delivery from: Sparesbox - NSW
Estimated delivery date:
Tuesday, 12 June


Your delivery is coming tomorrow*
It’s on its way
Delivering to you.
It’s on its way
Scheduled for delivery on Thursday 07 Jun 2018*
From Sparesbox - NSW

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I think there must be a bunch of problems with their backend software. (I think it is the same backend software that another online company, "VPA" use and they have similar problems). My package a... read more »

New messages from Sparesbox "GONE DRIVING? YOUR SPARES ARE WAITING" Attached listing of the part that I purchased, paid for and received the other day. Strange that the listing for same is more ... read more »


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Private message

SPARESBOX: Use any other Couriers, Please!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 06, 2018

As per other Product Reviewers, I have had to resort to opening a Paypal Claim against SPARESBOX to get a refund.
Ordered a large box of service item for several vehicles. After three weeks items still had not been received
(urban Melbourne).
Couriers Please used by Sparesbox because they are inexpensive. They are inexpensive for a reason, see all the negative reviews on Product Review!!
Sparesbox contacted via Paypal, but advised that they will not refund my purchase until Couriers Please returns the box of parts to them. Really??

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Incorrect parts listing

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2018

I ordered online the listed spark plugs for my car but unfortunately they are incorrect, they are too short in the body which means that the hex is in a recess which I cant get a socket or spanner on, I realize I should have checked the current ones before ordering but I went off the sites recommendation. The hose I ordered was spot on and fitted perfectly.

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Questions & Answers

On Friday 27 Apr I ordered 2x5l liquid moly 5x30 special tech f oil, However I mistakenly ordered special tech LL. I rang and tried to change the order, The bloke staid that the order was changed and would be sent to-day. The oil I ordered was about $79 and I paid $158 by paypal. The oil I want is $86; therefore I owe you $14, The bloke did not seem interested in tellinf me how to pay the extra. Could you confirm that I am getting the liquid moly special tech F and how do you wish me to pay the extra $s Bill Farrell

Bill asked on Apr 30, 2018

Can I get a replacement connector joint for my panasonic sd-2500 wxc automatic breadmaker? Espares says connector joint stock number: es1623171 is not compatible

BBBOOKWORM asked on Mar 10, 2018

Answer this

Hey there,

Thanks for getting in touch, our Customer Service team will be able to answer this. You can email us directly, just flick us an email to - If you would like us to email you directly, please just send us your full email address or contact number so we can answer any fitment, order or pre-purchase enquiries.

Sparesbox Support

why doesn't anyone answer the phone when calling sparesbox?

ken asked on Dec 07, 2017

Answer this

Same problem called today at 1.15pm aest and on hold for 12 minutes and still no answer.i For an $60 online order they want my credit card statement transaction code to confirm my order before they can dispatch. Seriously? Get your shact together otherwise close up.

They don't. 10 minutes on hold then message bank. They don't return your call either. They also don't respond to email or the online chat function.

They are happy to take your money however. One of the great online fraudsters in my opinion.

Hey Guys,

So sorry to hear you were all having the same issue! We hear you in these reviews and have made positive action to fixing this. We've hired more staff to assure that we're answering all the enquiries and will also be opening later to answer email and chat enquiries in the near future.

Should you require any further information please don't hesitate to let us know.

Sparesbox Support

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