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Sydney, Australia

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Generation: 2013-2018


1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 24, 2014

We bought a brand new Stavic less than 24hours later it broke down; took the car back to the dealer 9/11/14 immediately, and asked for our money back; they asked to assess the car.
5 days later after many phone calls they told us there is a leak in the transmission.
The dealer kept the car with them over 9 days, Ssangyong dealers changed their story and told us the car oly needed calibration due to it sitting in the dealer ship for a while, and insisted their is nothing wrong with the car.
Their explanation made no sense.
Assured us there is nothing wrong with the car, over and over again. we took their word for it,
However it was still shaking and vibrating when we changed gears from reverse to drive.
Took it to a private transmission expert few days later, he test drove it and Told me to take it back there is definitely something wrong with it.

took the expert report to the dealer immediately.
The dealers mechanics emptied the transmission oil and found pieces of steel in the oil.
they decided to change the transmission.
Gave the car back to me insisting the problem is fix, they asked not to change gears quickly for a while for the car to adjust.
the car still has the same issues and more. it still shakes and vibrate when changes from reverse to drive and delays in taking off and the gear stick catches. SSangyong dealer had the car with them of 16 days to fix the problem yet the problem still there.
we went back to the dealer and demanded our money back or replacement.
they insisted that the manufacturer it is up to the manufacturer.
we called customer service of Ssangyong, not much help at all.
we are taking the dealer to Fair Trading.
My rating of this car is zero stars.

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Generation: 2005-2013

Be warned

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 31, 2013

Loved it for first 2 years, then everything started going wrong. It started with a constant beeping that randomly turned on.Tten the brakes had to be redone for over a $1000. Then the dashboard/radio lights packed it in. Then the airconditioner went. Then the handbrake went, then the turbo failed requiring a new one for $2000. Then the transmission would randomly not get out of 1st or 2nd sometimes requiring scarey freeway rides. The cherry on top was travelling home on a sunday from a picnic when the engine started shaking violently and the noise forcing us to stop. It was towed across town. It cost us $1000s to get the diagnosis that there was bearing failure with metal scoring the injectors and pistons etc. Was told the cheapest fix was a short engine replacement and with everything would cost at least $13000. Not bad for a car that cost us over $46000 in 2005 new. The car was serviced about 3 months before it failed. This has got to be the greatest depreciation of any car known. We are left with a hulk worth $500 if we are lucky for scrap and a $3000 bill for diagnosis. For what its worth a nice letter will be sent to ssang yong, or should that be suck long....

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What about the warranty cover. Does it not apply in this case. Since you have said 2 years. I assume the normal warranty is 3 years so you would have been within the warranty and Km period!!!!

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Generation: 2005-2013


1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 27, 2012

A good car to stay away from, although this car drives well the downside to being a low volume manufacturer is that there is a very small dealer network and very few parts available for them. Due to Ssangyong Australia changing hands so often, and offering next to no support to there dealers this dealer network only gets smaller every month. As a technician that used to work on them daily I feel sorry for my customers that were constantly left waiting months on end for parts that we could not get out of Ssangyong themselves.

+ Drives nice and is very comfortable, plenty of room for 7 adults in the car. Good fuel economy for the size of vehicle.

- Looks can be very polarising. The availability of parts especially panels is lacking, even if you have a minor accident the car can be off the road for months. Very poor resale value.

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Hi Sheep I don't think you have owned a Stavic. You have to own one to really appreciate it. The best value for money MPV, reliable, spacious, practical and more than adequate engine. The only com... read more »

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ssangyong actyon sports airbag light staying on ?

Tanya K asked on Nov 05, 2018


Has anybody heard of a WEIGHT SENSOR in the driver’s seat of a Ssanyong that prevents people under a certain weight (46 kg??) from starting the vehicle???

Bretto asked on Oct 22, 2018

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No, I have not, but heck it would be a good idea to have one though.


Hi we recently brought a diesel 2013 Stavic owned it 4 days and the battery keeps going flat, we have had to jump start it a heap of times to get it going even taken it on long trips in hope of recharging the battery but if it sits over night it goes flat. We cant find anything left on over night in the car to cause it to go flat by morning. Could this just be that it needs a new battery? Or could it possible be something else? Cheers

Charity A asked on Oct 15, 2018

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sounds like a battery issue. If it is an original battery that was with the car then it has had it. if you have no lights on the dash to saying there is no charging after starting then it is the battery. We have had batteries replaced using RACV. So if you are a member they will come to you check the car out and then replace the battery. if the car was purchased through a used car dealer in Victoria they usually are sold RACV tested and come with RACV roadside assist so you will only be up for a battery.

good luck

I agree with Paul, the battery "IS" probably the original one and 5/6 years old. Diesel cars need strong battery power to start them and 5 years is not bad. Check out if the battery sides are bulging out a bit, that is an indication of the lead plates corroding and making a short circuit internally between the plates. Don't go for a cheapy as diesel cars do need heavy batteries to start them properly.

Good luck Charity A.

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