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Verified Purchase Generation: 2013-2018 No Badge Date Purchased: Nov 2014

Nice car but the warranty sucks!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 28, 2016

I like the Stavic, the service costs are very high, and the warranty is terrible. The minivan has a decent engine, lots of room, but feels very cheap. Two plastic parts inside the centre console broke during normal use. ParramattaAutoCentre refused to fix under their warranty or ACL. $345 Unhappy!

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Generation: 2013-2018

2014 stavic slow to go

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 09, 2015

Our stavic speedo is out 100kms on gps is 92kms, and 100kms on gps is 110kms on speedo, was told that it can be fixed but not under warranty at my cost, is a fault from factory. had ours 4 weeks and just about to go in and have first check

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We are looking at buying a 2013 Stavic with 2014 compliance plates. It is an ex rental. I've had it inspected and the gear select lockout is not working but the owner is going to replace it, it's actually already been ordered. My concern though, especially as it's a private sale and therefore has no warranty, is it likely to be the beginning of a string of things that need to be repaired or just a one off thing? I really need to make a decision today. It's all consuming and I've still got other things I need to concentrate on lol. Thanks

kaishra asked on Jun 28, 2018

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Hi kaisha. We bought a 2013 stavic 2.0 turbo diesel for 14k thst had traveled 73k with a 5000km warranty. Have put 7000kn on it 4 weeks no issue but i would ask for a racv green light inspection before you buy as thus insure tat it is road worthy and should dpot any problems also checck if it has been serviced every 15k as being diesel could have issues if not. Price is dependent on kms.

On the gear select give freeway ford a call in victoria as they seem to be straight shooters and up front on issues and can probably advise you.

Thanks Paul, I've had a prepurchase inspection done and it'll have a roadworthy done before I at for it. It has been serviced regularly, the car rental place it's coming from has its own mechanics. It's done 82324kms.

I'll give freeway a call tomorrow.

Well the guy I was going to get the car from and I couldn't agree on a price, basically what he wanted was what I wanted to pay plus the cost of the part that needed to be replaced and then a bit so instead I've found a different one, still Stavic but its the SPR model, already has a tow bar and it's not white (thank goodness) and even though it's coming from interstate it's only gonna cost me about $200 extra than what the original one would have (cause I won't need to install a tow bar). Hopefully the dealer will call tomorrow and we can get it here asap.

Other than leather seats what's the difference between the base model and the SPR?

I have a static sometimes when I start it the 4wd light comes on I stop the engine for a minute sometimes it goes out but it can take quite a few times its annoying. Any ideas?

Barra asked on Jun 07, 2018

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Just bought a 2103 stavic and the air bag light came on took it back to the dealer who cleared the codes and it has not come back. Take it to a dealer who can check the computer codes and then advise.


Hello, I have a 2005 stavic 2.7l turbo diesel and I have just did the starter motor my question is does anyone know where the location of the starter motor is & is it hard to replace yourself?

Kathleen M asked on May 17, 2018

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you can download a service manual [1200 pages] for free . just google it it got every think to much at times .
check the battery charge . terminals on battery and starter motor .

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