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Lovely banks. 3213

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Generation: 2013-2018 Badge: SPR Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Feb 2018

A Real Surprise Purchase.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 26, 2018

When I decided to buy a new car it took me about 6 months searching on the internet to find the best choice, I was 73 at the time and wanted a roomy car as we have many grand and great grand kids. So I punched in 7 seats, diesel automatic, cost, economy etc. Internet came up with about a dozen models of which to my annoyance Ssangyong came up all the time. And that was mainly because it was pretty cheap at about $30.000. Finally I decided to have a look at the car and take it out for a test drive. For it's size it was amazingly easy to drive and handle. I settled for the Stavic 2 lt. Diesel. It was Feb. 2014. At the time we drove regularly from Geelong to Porepunkah holiday cabin. The big car did 7.1 lt to the 100 km and that was loaded with gear. Even with loaded trailer it pulled well, we still got about 8 lt to the 100 km and that was really a pleasant surprise. My experience was that it performed and handled very well with very little noise in the cabin. The car is big with plenty room for 7 people in it and baggage. Versatile in seating as well. I didn't like the instrument cluster position in the centre of the dashboard, but got used to it in the end. I also think that for such a big car a reversing camera would have been appropriate and GPS. However, I did these as an after sale project and it wasn't too difficult to do. There was plenty legroom for all in front and two back seats, but a bit limited in the back row for 3 adults that is. These were good for 3 grown up kids. Car is a bit high for people of my age to get in, but that is because of dodgy knees. The tow bar came with the car as an incentive and that was great. We had the car for almost 3 years to the date when I had an accident, which did damage to the front left hand pillar and passenger door, but nothing serious and the car was still driveable and all still worked. I drove the car for another two weeks after the accident. To my astonishment the car was a write off by my insurance company, purely because of spare part problems and the insurance gives life time guarantee on repairs. Spare parts would have taken months to be ordered from Korea and of course so would the repairs. I was a bit upset about this as I became very attached to the car and at my age that would have been my last new car. The car had only done 34.000 km at the time. However, I went back on the internet looking for no other car but Ssangyang Stavic Diesel and found one with 38.000 km on the clock. It was a 2016 updated model with still the balance of the factory guarantee on it. This one had the leather seats, the upgraded dashboard with separate odometer in front of the driver with too many calculations I care for economy. Apart from that the car is the same, but new about $8000 more, that is a significant increase in updated model. But still no reversing camera or factory GPS. After the accident and having a good look at the impact location, I realised how strong the body is of the Stavic and the extra protection of the intrusion bars in the doors. At the time of accident I had my 8 year old grandson in the back of the car and no one was hurt including the other driver of the car. There was no damage or whatsoever on the chassis, but just panel damage to door and front pillar. The engine (Mercedes design) is very smooth and strong for pulling and very economical for a car this size. Parking is a problem because of it's size and length and the size of the doors have to be taken in consideration as well when parking as they are big doors. With all the seats collapsed, you have an enormous space for whatever you wish to transport, but watch the weight as it will be resting on the back of the collapsed seats. I am mainly doing short drives these days and average 8 ltr's diesel to the 100 km, of course I have the car serviced as per maintenance schedule. Air conditioning and heating facilities are pretty good with individual outlets for the back passengers with also plenty of cup holders, one power point in back seat and one in luggage compartment. If you ever have to use the spare wheel, is a bit of a hassle to drop it and get it out particularly for older people. Location of the electric drivers seat are also easy to use. The back light in luggage compartment does NOT come on when you open it, it is a manual function, the rest is automatic. High beam adjustment is great. Fog lights I can do well without, but good for parking in the dark though. Brakes are very good and they do shudder when you have to break heavy, but that is normal with ABS system. I am not saying this is the best car for value, but I certainly get my value out of it, it is smooth to drive. My wife has used it too, doesn't like the size of it understandably, as she has a Mitsubishi Colt. All in all I am NOT DISAPPOINTED with the Ssangyong Stavic and consider it real value for money.

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Generation: 2013-2018 No Badge Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Dec 2016

A very nice, dutiful and economical car

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 01, 2017

We purchased a Ssangyong Stavic in Dec 2016. We were looking for a 7 seater and were not decided on any particular brand. So, we shopped all around Sydney for 7 seaters. I browsed the internet and saw Ssangyong Stavic for the first time and found it pretty decent in pictures so we went to a dealer near us who told us that they don't stock Ssangyong anymore. We couldn't find any dealers nearby. So we started looking for other cars. We had a look at Honda Odyssey, Kia Carnival, Hyundai Santa Fe, Holden Captiva (I don't know if I have missed any). All of them were way too expensive and some were not roomy enough (Odyssey for example). By chance, I happened to find a Saangyong dealer in Parramatta and we went to have a look. We were quite impressed when we first entered the car. One of the USPs from my perspective was that the 2-2-3 seat arrangement which meant there was no need to collapse seats for the back seat entry. We also found the car very spacious and contained all the things we wanted from the car (nothing fancy but everything we needed). On top of that, the car was available for $28k which was by far the cheapest car around with all the specs we wished for. So, we bought the car and we are very pleased that we did. It runs beautifully and is quite quiet :) for a diesel car. The air-conditioning of the car is absolutely wonderful. It reaches all the seats with the top vents in place.
A friend of mine recently took it for a couple of weeks and did around 3k with seven adults and a boot full of stuff in the car. He has given me great feedback about the car. He has said that he got excellent mileage out of the car despite the full load. He told me that he never found the car wanting despite the full load.
The only slight niggle I have (which a few have pointed out already) is the speedo showing on an average 10% more speed than actual. When I first drove it on a freeway, almost all the cars overtook me despite the double demerit points and police around while I was myself driving at 110 km/h. So, I checked on an app and I found this out. Saangyong told me the following ("As per Australian Design Rule (ADR) 18 specified the accuracy of +/- 10% of the vehicles true speed when travelling over 40km/h. The speedometer must not indicate a speed less than the vehicle’s true speed or a speed greater than the vehicle’s true speed by an amount more than 10% plus 4 km/h.
· As your vehicle complies to the standards set by the ADR this cannot be altered.
We do not recommend you use alternative devices other than your speedometer as a guide to indicate the speed at which you are travelling.").
The manual boot light (which also others have already pointed out) is a bit of an issue.
But when it comes to car performance, I could not be more happier. I hope the dream run continues......

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Generation: 2013-2018 Badge: SPR Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Dec 2013

Good Car

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 06, 2017

Have owned my stavic since new(2013), best value for my money. I love this car. Good space and my big family travels in comfort ( not squished) whilst there is respectable boot space. Very good car to run.

Ssangyong should keep improving the interior (plastics) ,incl the sound system (more powerful speakers)

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Generation: 2013-2018 No Badge Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Feb 2014

I loved this car ...... Until

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 08, 2016

I've always liked this car, so when looking for a people mover it was my first choice.
I purchased a new 2013 model Stavic In South Australia.
Pro's : Great fuel consumption 850km per tank on average , the back seats are removable, seven adults plus luggage fit easily, the middle walk thru isle is great as there's no need to fold seats to access back row, the cars interior is huge, it has four 12 volt chargers, all seven belts are lap sash seatbelts, the steering wheel features a radio control which could even change songs played via Bluetooth, and also changed radio channels and mode it also features cruise control on the other side which enables you to not only set the speed but accelerate or slow down via the controls .

Cons : There's no lockable storage space except the boot, the passenger doors are very large making it hard to park and allow adequate room to exit, after less than two years the chrome peeled off the front interior door handles, the hand holds broke after minimal use, the sun visor keeps dropping down, and the black exterior paint scratches easily. All except the paint were covered under the warranty , replacements were ordered but didn't arrive in the 15 weeks we waited for them.
Unfortunately my car was damaged in a accident and in ten weeks we never even received the price for replacement parts, let alone the parts
After 12 weeks with still no pricing my insurance company labelled it a financial writeoff .

Over all , the Stavic drove well and was a great family car, unfortunately parts aren't readily available and we've since replaced it with a different make of people mover.

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Generation: 2013-2018 Badge: SPR Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Oct 2013

Excellent car

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 06, 2016

The car is excellent and runs well. It is also quite economical on fuel - does Canberra to Melbourne (650km) with three-quarter tank. And for sub 30K price, you can't go wrong.
Got to be careful with dealers though. The one in Canberra quoted more than twice the normal price to replace brake pad and rotor during service at odometer reading of 55000. Protested and called Ssangyong directly and was told to seek a second opinion. I ended up paying less than half the dealer's price.

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Generation: 2013-2018 Badge: SPR Transmission: Automatic

Ssangyong Stavic

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 31, 2016

Performance great for 2.0L engine.
Handling comfortable on long trips, minimal engine noise.
Interior practical, can remove rear bench seat for more space.
Climate control air con works well for heating and cooling.
Plenty of legroom but wife finds the leather seats too firm.
Reliability excellent, servicing expensive, fuel 9.0-9.5l/100kms.

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Generation: 2013-2018 Badge: SPR

Great solid car

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 25, 2013

Just seen the SPR in the flesh for the first time today. The leather seats make a big difference to the overall ambiance of the car. Also one of the problems is that on the base model there the speedo is in the middle and difficult to see is solved - the SPR puts a digital odometer behind the steering wheel.

I have created a Facebook group for people who own a Ssangyong Stavic, or are thinking about buying one.

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Generation: 2005-2013


4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 13, 2012

I love the car, it drives smooth and has not trouble handling the road and hills with cruise control on, the features are great and placed well in the car. The service centre in Bundoora is awesome and helpful and friendly - DO NOT USE BAYSWATER they do not do what they promise.

+ beautiful to drive, has everything you need, cup holders, cassette, cd, radio, under seat storage, glasses case, tray in the rear, plenty of charging outlets, spacious, carpet comes out to be washed in machine, has a mercedes engine without the proce tag

- the back seats have to be taken out and they are very heavy, Can not remove the middle seats, did not come with tinted windows

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Questions & Answers


2016 Ssangyong Stavic, the car automatically locked when the driver got out of the vehicle and closed the door whilst the engine was at idel, the drivers side seatbelt was latched. This is the second time this has happened to the same driver, is there a fault somewhere in the car or is it driver error?

Steve asked on Sep 15, 2018


Air bag light keeps coming on in my 2013 stavic, about 6months after we bought a 2013 model new here in SA the air bag light came on, took it back under warranty and was told it was fixed, light was off so all good. 3 months later it came back on took it back told all fixed again? this happened 5-6 time until the warranty was almost out and I got a bit pushy to have it fixed correctly. They then told me it was a high resistance joint in the cable under the seat caused by us putting something under there and to fix it would require a complete new wiring loom at our cost. At the time they could give me a cost because one hadn't been done before. I have had it look at by other repairers and they tell me when they check the fault code in the air bag system it just doesn't have one, which they tell me is a issue with the airbag computer. What rights do I have now the car is out of warranty as the fault was recorded multiple times while in warranty.

Scott 2013Stavic asked on Jul 31, 2018


We are looking at buying a 2013 Stavic with 2014 compliance plates. It is an ex rental. I've had it inspected and the gear select lockout is not working but the owner is going to replace it, it's actually already been ordered. My concern though, especially as it's a private sale and therefore has no warranty, is it likely to be the beginning of a string of things that need to be repaired or just a one off thing? I really need to make a decision today. It's all consuming and I've still got other things I need to concentrate on lol. Thanks

kaishra asked on Jun 28, 2018

Answer this

Hi kaisha. We bought a 2013 stavic 2.0 turbo diesel for 14k thst had traveled 73k with a 5000km warranty. Have put 7000kn on it 4 weeks no issue but i would ask for a racv green light inspection before you buy as thus insure tat it is road worthy and should dpot any problems also checck if it has been serviced every 15k as being diesel could have issues if not. Price is dependent on kms.

On the gear select give freeway ford a call in victoria as they seem to be straight shooters and up front on issues and can probably advise you.

Thanks Paul, I've had a prepurchase inspection done and it'll have a roadworthy done before I at for it. It has been serviced regularly, the car rental place it's coming from has its own mechanics. It's done 82324kms.

I'll give freeway a call tomorrow.

Well the guy I was going to get the car from and I couldn't agree on a price, basically what he wanted was what I wanted to pay plus the cost of the part that needed to be replaced and then a bit so instead I've found a different one, still Stavic but its the SPR model, already has a tow bar and it's not white (thank goodness) and even though it's coming from interstate it's only gonna cost me about $200 extra than what the original one would have (cause I won't need to install a tow bar). Hopefully the dealer will call tomorrow and we can get it here asap.

Other than leather seats what's the difference between the base model and the SPR?

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