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I love the star pronunciation course.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2017

I attended the star pronunciation course around 2013 - it is now already three years ago.
As I completed the class, I might be able to say something about the class. It is very well organised class; especially there is a special course for the origin-specific class: examples - Chinese, Russia, Korea, Japan or India - each of them has a particular weakness of pronunciation regarding their mother tongue.
I would recommend that it is beneficial to try around 37 free lessons below before the paid teaching.
( Utilising the automatic play and it is very convenient way to study multiple lessons)
Although I completed the class around three years ago, I am watching it the Youtube Videos above one time per week as speaking like native speaker it is the uneasy task for all adult, but I think that my pronunciation was improved.
To try studying this course,
After learning the essential tasks your improvement of the pronunciation,
As the last word: it is essential to practice continuously at least 5 -
10 minutes per week ( not to try 1 hour? as it may be not realistic)
and realise your weakness and correct it by recording and compare with the native speaker - it helps me a lot.
Improvement of the pronunciation - from my understanding; it require balance of two areas:
1) Understand the weakness of your pronunciations and action items for the improvement
2) Keep practicing at least one time per week - by comparison between your recording and native speaker's pronunciation.

I've reviewed the star pronunciation course around 4.2 stars because I think there would be no perfect learning course and it requires our continuous efforts and trials... :) - no automatic input to our brain as you understand well. ( I might be able to rate five starts to a fridge or electrical items ...)

Thank you for reading it and good luck. :)

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 10, 2017

I've tried other courses in the past. I can say this one has been very useful. Particularly because it is design on your own language background, so it made me work on my common mistakes. It is well structured, you can see your own progress. As every online course you need to put time and effort. The most useful part of the course for me was the phone support, it is really fantastic and motivated me a lot!.

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Best Pronounction Program !!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 02, 2017

i tried many pronounciation programs and i didnt find none of them as usefull as star pronounciation! it's not only helped me with improving my pronounciation but also improved my confidence in speaking .this program is very well structured and easy to use ,and getting the feedback from coatches is really helpfull .thanks georgie for this wonderfull program , 100% recommend !

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I hear the difference after having finished the course

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 21, 2014

I have been living in Australia for over 25 years but when I had started learning Japanese in French (mother tongue) and it had been going on for over the last 7 years, I developed a weird thick accent. People could not understand me. I had to repeat myself. My patience was tested on all levels. I thought to myself that I needed to do something about it and I stumbled across Starpronunciation.

I rang [name removed] and I was amazed that she understood me over the phone immediately. She recommended me to go on an extensive program tailored on my accent and my background. Not only have I received intermittent excellent coaching, but the online videos were fantastic. The course also came with mp3s to download which I listen everyday on my iPhone.

I am now equipped with the knowledge and know-how to speak a clearer English.

Thank-you [name removed].

+ Friendly, entertaining and can use the course anytime and anywhere

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Powerful course

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 09, 2014

It's a really powerful course to improve the pronunciation and speaking! I really liked this course in so many ways: 1.Be aware the way how we speak 2. Build up a lot of confidence 3. A great tool to learn how to speak clear and correct. I have highly recommended this course to my friends who want to improve their pronunciation.

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The best in the market!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 05, 2014

A few reasons why to purchase this program:
* Videos focusing on the different mouth movements that helps to pronounce the different sounds in English like a native speaker.
* Additional bonus lessons that will help you to master the most difficult sounds in English. As a Spanish speaker, I have experience difficulties with some sounds like J, W, Y, Z and some weak vowels.
* The course is tailored to your native language i.e Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, among others.
* The big plus: it is this course will really help you to improve your speaking skills and not only to pass an international exam.
* Online access, so you can study at own pace.
* Phone support, if you still can't master the sounds.
* Excellent value for money, in Australia, one hour with a speech coach will cost you around $100. This course has a lot of hours of practice (15 weeks)

To be honest, I spent thousands of dollars in another courses, not half as good as this course. Do not wait, and buy it!.

+ Efficient and good value for money

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Most comprehensive pronuncation course!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 01, 2013

In the past I tried few pronunciation products to improve the clarity of my English. While they all are informative no one is in-depth, cohesive and comprehensive as Star Pronunciation course. In cover basics such as correct pronunciation of the consonants and vowels. But it go further and give you in-depth information on intonation and music of the English language. In addition it provides more teaching material on topics such as saying the time or talking over phone.

Most importantly the whole course is customized on your language. I speak Arabic and Farsi as my native language so I received excellent tips of the mistakes that often Arabic and Farsi speakers do. Some of the mistakes are obvious, but noticing some of them require working many years working with people form around the world to improve their accent and pronunciation. These detailed tips are PRICELESS.

Finally the fact that you are not buying a product is amazing. You are actually hiring a private tutor. Author of the course called me to speak about my progress and she also fixed few grammar problems that I had. Also they provide assessment of your pronunciation. I couldn't be more satisfied with this course.

+ It is comprehensive and it is customized or taylored based on your mother tongue.

- It is a bit expensive

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The best investment on English!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 23, 2013

As an English learner, I have been learning for over 10 years, and I found it is quite hard to learn a new language. I've tried so many program, and this one is the best one based on my experience! I highly recommend it to everyone like me who used to be struggle with my English.

Fixing pronunciation is a long way to go, so don't expect this program will automatically change your pronunciation over night. However, it has taught me every single possible way to change and improve my pronunciation, so even though I have finished my lessons, I can still listen to the audio to keep practicing. After my daily practice for over 3 months, my friends around me have noticed my big improvement on not only pronunciation, but also grammar.

The other great thing I have gained from this program is confidence, which is very helpful and important for me. Now, I am not afraid to talk to native speakers over the phone anymore, because I know that my speaking clarity and accuracy is getting a lot better and easier for them to understand.

I highly recommend this to everyone who wants to speak English like a native. This is such a great program, because like I said it doesn't only fix your pronunciation, but also gives you more confidence!

+ Teacher was very helpful, she was always there whenever I needed her! It was quite easy to use, and very handy that I could just down the audio to practice everyday.

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Highly recommend this program

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 26, 2013

This speech program is the best I have come across since I started speech lessons ten years ago. Here are five reasons I thought made this program so unique and special.

1. The instructor is a qualified speech pathologist with years of experience in teaching speech and English pronunciation. She understands the enormous challenges involved in changing one's speaking habits, and she shares candidly her knowledge and techniques for improvement.

2. The program is individualised to the speaker's background. A Chinese speaker for example, needs different speech exercises from an Indian speaker. By practising the right kind of exercises, I was able to see improvement in a much shorter period of time.

3. The video sessions are highly informative with clear objectives, and they can be played in any order or time I choose. Since I have done a fair bit of speech training in the past, I initially picked out the sessions that I thought would benefit me the most. I eventually went through all of the sessions anyway because they were so informative, I was picking up pockets of valuable knowledge here and there.

4. There are lots of practice materials. Changing a speaking habit takes a lot of practice, repetition and patience. Each video session provides many additional materials and audio recordings that can be downloaded and played by the users with no time restriction. I uploaded the audio recordings to my iPhone and play them when I drive to work in the morning, which saved me from having to find time during the day to practise.

5. The program is cost-effective. There is enough content on this program to last for a good year or two if one was to take it out on an one-to-one private session on a weekly basis. With this program, I have access to all of the materials with the price of three private sessions.

All being said, this program requires a motivated learner who takes time to go through these sessions, and most importantly, finds the time to practise. For those who are serious about improving their pronunciation, look no further, this is the best thing you will find in a while.

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A great course for non-native English speaker

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2013

I have understood the difference of writing and speaking in English from this course. It has helped me in better understanding how native English speakers speak and why they face trouble in listening non-native English speakers. I would say that it is an eye-opening course for better speaking and listening for non-native English speakers. Star Pronunciation also offers a lot of bonus lessons. I have felt that they have similar impact of main lessons.The teaching method is also fabulous. I have felt that it is similar to a face to face class.

+ The research, Star Pronuncation has conducted, is great. The teacher has explained why non-native English speakers have difficulties in speaking English and how to solve them.

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It is reallly an useful course! I love it!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 16, 2013

This is a course that can really help people who speak English as a second language. It is about how to improve the pronunciation - so being understood, rather than the English lessons. Before starting this pronunciation course, I was facing a huge problem: most of people told me that they found it hard to completely understand what I was saying because my pronunciation and the way that I expressed my ideas were not clear. I was so disappointed about that and felt so lonely since I found it hard to make friends with native people in Austrilia without speaking a clear English.
During the course, [name removed], an enthusiastic and experienced teacher, helped me to correct my pronunciation step by step and taught me how to use the right tone, tongue and mouth position to speak a clear and accurate English. I am so appreciate that.
After [name removed]'s class, I have learned a lot and improved so much!. I have corrected most of the wrong pronunciation and feel more confident when speaking English. My English is easier to be understood and people don't say "Pardon" anymore! Thank you!!

+ the patient, enthusiastic and experienced teacher; the effective teaching method; the ways that make me realize my mistake; the bonus lessons; teach the useful words and expression

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Questions & Answers

Will we get certificate after attending?

Millie Huang asked on Oct 21, 2015

Answer this

Hi Millie,
Thank you for asking. Yes, you do receive a certificate after you attend, we also give you some suggesting wording that can be inserted into your CV.
We look forward to working with you.


thank you James for responding. Hung

Do you have any document or MP3, MP4 for pronunciation Training? I find it hard to improve my pronunciation. Borin, Cambodia

borin asked on Apr 10, 2013

Answer this

Yes. There are handouts and MP3 for pronunciation improvement on the Star Pronunciation website for you to download after you register the course. Then you can use those material for practicing and improving your pronunciation after each lesson.

Hope my answer can help you!