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Excellent service and products

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 10, 2018

Recently we've had Stegbar install new wardrobe doors and a new window. In both cases we had an initial shock at the price they quoted, but then we realised that it was worth it. The products are high quality. Eg, we got a double-glazed window to cut down on noise, and it really works. In both cases the installers turned up on time and did a good job. There were some technical challenges with the wardrobe doors, due to an uneven floor, but they solved it. After they did the installations, they took away the old bits and pieces. In other words, full service from go to whoa. That's quite different from some of the other companies we looked at. They were happy to sell us a product, but said we had to find our own installers (try finding a good tradesman for a one-off job!) or cart away our own rubbish. In future we'll choose Stegbar where possible.

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Will never use again

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 05, 2018

Terrible quality, terrible customer service if you are especially if you are not from Sydney - I am from the building industry and all of our doors have had faulty locks. First three went and they told me it was a factory fault and I suggested for him to just fix them all which he refused and sure enough the rest have now gone. So I booked in another service call in, take the day off work and they cancel it 2 hours after they were supposed to be here. I am moving interstate at the end of the week and no compromise but 10 days from now. Do I not go next inline tomorrow- or even the next day???? No. Even after the explanation of moving, my house at risk of break and enter yet again, they refuse to compromise. Pretty poor when you have spent $25000+ with them. Do your self a favour and go with a cheaper alternative as you will probably have less issues and better customer service. The wardrobes when they were installed were also a nightmare but that a whole different story. Not showing up, not finishing on time and then the man onsite demanding payment in full before it was completed after not showing up for days. Sorry pal, COC is when you finish, Mr dodgy west Sydney Tradesman. You are why the building industry gets a bad name.

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Outstanding service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 04, 2018

Please see this email I wrote to Vanessa, I thought I should let you know what an impressive ,talented, professional and helpful staff member you have. Her service is impeccable and her product knowledge outstanding. She represents your company with distinction.

Copy of Email to Vanessa
Hi Vanessa,

First of all let me say a HUGE thank you for all your professional help and advice regarding the window quotes. Your expertise and customer service is faultless!

As it turns out my best mates brother in law builds windows in Warrnambool and has kindly offered to build the windows for me just above cost price.

As a result, I will be able to save a considerable sum of money by doing this.

Being on a tight budget it’s a great help.

I’m really sorry to disappoint you particularly after all your effort.

Please forward this email to your manager as a sign of my appreciation of your service on behalf of Stegbar.

Kindest Regards,


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Excellent service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 03, 2018

We were very impressed by the Service of Stegbar.
We have recently had 3 built in robes installed and the service was absolutely excellent. We had Les, a representative of the company come in for a quote. He advised us really well and helped us make the right choices. He was friendly, helpful and very patient with us and took a lot of time preparing several well written and illustrated quotes then and there.
When our wardrobes were booked in to be installed, Chris, the installer did an absolutely fantastic job. He was very friendly, helpful and did an extremely professional job, with every attention to detail.
Well done - we are very happy customers!

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Fantastic service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2018

We wanted to replace an existing window with a larger one, we were given great advice, quote and delivery time. Window was perfect, exact colour match. Thanks Damien and Vanessa at Rowville for your great service!

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Disorganized and uncoordinated

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 20, 2018

We ordered stacker doors from Stegbar in Jan 2018. It arrived 2 weeks after the promised date. Then one of the glass panel was damaged. They promised to replace within a few weeks. It’s now 8 months later and the glass still had not been replaced. Each time there was an attempt to replace, their were parts missing or glass not in the frame or just the frame was delivered or just the glass was delivered. They are so unorganized and uncoordinated and unsafe in their practices. For example, one of their delivery people actually climbed from our neigbour’s fence to put a part at our front door since our gate was closed! ! We chose Stegbar as it was more expensive. Unfortunately we learned an expensive lesson - expensive doesn’t mean good!

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Unhappy Customer

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 16, 2018

Rang to get a quote on new window, also required repairs on existing windows.
Receptionist advised will only make and install new window, Stegbar do not touch or repair any windows that are not Stegbar Windows! She advised I would need to get other windows replaced! (You have got to be joking! )
Then I was advised I would not find anyone who would do the job!
My reply: I already had!
Was in process of getting couple of quotes and already had first quote!
Dot use Stegbar Windows.

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Great service and product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 14, 2018

I know I have told you how happy we are with the job but I would also like to put it in writing

As I said the job is perfect!!

The guys who installed the windows were so positive and friendly – really happy to do a job well

They arrived punctually, the worked quietly and they left the place with all rubbish removed and tidy

In addition, they were very careful not to ruin our beautiful garden

It was such a pleasant experience and I would like them to get the feedback they so richly deserve

It is not often that you get such pleasant and eager tradesmen and they deserve full credit for a job well done

I would be grateful if this could be passed on to them and I look forward to finishing the rest of the house when money allows!

Best wishes to all


Family Fogel

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Shocking Service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 11, 2018

Installed wrong glass free shower, they put a glass lintel around top. After many calls for them to return and change to a corner grommet. 4 weeks later they made an appointment to come back, didn’t turn up! Again called them they didn’t even bother another appointment ......didn’t turn up. Third appointment ....didn’t turn up!! They never communicated and had to be called even after them advising they would advise time never once did that happen. Finally they did turn up and repaired. Took them 6 weeks to complete.

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quality product, quality service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 01, 2018

We upgraded all the windows, installed new French doors and new bi-fold doors, all double glazed.
It is all well and good to have a quality product but it was the representative that made everything happen from the initial enquiry, through all options and possibilities, the quoting to the very end of installation and after.
We had a very specific way we wanted the bi-fold doors to be made. The representative confidently said it was possible due to his extensive experience and knowledge and after confirming that indeed they could be made we went with Stegbar. We had approached 4 other companies who said it could not be done.
Being a retrofit of an almost 30 year strata apartment, there were a few restrictions and complications. The representative worked with us throughout the entire process and sorted all issues unconditionally without a fuss. His manner was always professional, thorough and friendly.

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Terrible product and no customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2018

After spending almost 100k on new windows and doors on our home, which a few were measured and made wrong. Stegbar sends out someone who is meant to fix problems but has just made them worse. Putting holes in doors and bending flyscreens. Highly contemplating going to the ombudsmen. Not a happy customer. When you pay good money for a service, you expect results. Not destruction. To be continued. .

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Horrible customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 22, 2018

I'm looking to replace the windows in my unit and the entire block. Sent a request for a price, my job was assigned to [name removed] who stuffed me around for over three weeks telling Me:
1) we are reviewing it
2) It will be with you shortly
3) our estimator is sick
4) our estimator is looking at it
5) We do not have enough information we can't price it.

This whole time there was not communication of any issues. Based on the other reviews it is obviously a company to avoid.

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Great service and installation doors & windows.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 16, 2018

Excellent pre sale service from Jane-Francis Christie and Nathaniel at Chatswood store - coming out to our home and happy to discuss options that I had not thought of. The change in airflow is now immediately noticeable since replacing our dated windows and doors.
The crew that put in the windows/doors were thorough and diligent and a pleasure to have. We are so happy with their attention to detail, having to replace floor tiles to fit new doors in an existing frame.
Prices were reasonable and I would not hesitate to recommend Stegbar, Chatswood.
Many thanks Jane Francis and Nathaniel - we love the shutters & new doors.

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Sunshine coast

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Worst customer service have ever experienced

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 15, 2018

Average fitting of product followed by appalling after sales service. On three occasions they have failed to turn up to rectify their mistake. They’ve got my $5,000 so clearly couldn’t care less. I would never use STEGBAR again or recommend them to anyone.

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Happy to sell but not support

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2018

We were just notified that a property we purchased does not have an occupancy certificate.
One of the data sets required is the compliance letter from Stegbar. The builder used now does not exist and we are being told that due to privacy they cannot release the compliance letter issued to the builder.
Every other supplier we have contacted has been great and released the information.
I would be very careful when considering long term support on this product because apparently you only matter if you purchased directly!

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Kadina, South Australia

Private message

Every detail covered, no hassel, perfect advice, wonderful result.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 09, 2018

After moving to Australia 10 years ago and doing lots of different projects, adventures etc, we found for this project the most wonderful helper and adviser with KIRSTIE at Poortaka SA. We are not a builders but KIRSTIE knew what I was talking about immediately, advised on things which I was not using the proper technical details for and guided us through the window catalogue . Time was not an issue, samples of aluminum sliders and tracks were supplied without asking. Delivery was organised 300Km round trip exactly on time, drivers were outstanding with help etc. 'WINDOWS ARE PERFECT', from the smallest to the biggest 3.5mtr triple sliding doors. We just love what we call the 'Café Windows' both sections go up or down half way (bottom half glides up on springs!! that was a surprise, works perfectly).
Most importantly the end result is fantastic, we are so please with our new area.
Thank you Kirstie and thank you Stegbar.

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Always fantastic, fast, and helpful

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 01, 2018

I deal with Vanessa on a regular basis and it is always a pleasure. She always replies quickly to any requests and offers helpful advice and service, and makes the whole process smooth and hassle free. Keep up the great work!

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Knock, knock, wink, wink. Abysmal Customer Care.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 30, 2018

We were recently considering Stegbah's Home and new Lumniere range for a new build, possibly double glazed but the could not get any price comparisons from them in order to make our decisions.
We requested the information numerous times over a period of months with un-returned telephone calls, un-returned emails, un-returned website submissions and eventually an un-successful 150km drive to their state office.
Eventually contact was made with the state sales manager who said that they were unprepared to provide comparison details but would provide prices for only a single product range in a single glazing type and if that was unacceptable then we should go to another supplier.
Three other suppliers were more than happy to provide comparison details and prices of their products allowing us to achieve a great balance of efficiency, durability and value for our build without an input from Stegbah.
During this journey we met a man who had previously worked for Stegbah who told us that basically their products were good but over recent years they were becoming less and less customer orientated as their parent company enforces more and more cost cutting and profit making measures on them. Reading between the lines I got the feeling that perhaps this may have led to his leaving Stegbah and perhaps why we had such difficulty in dealing with them.

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Verified Customer

Outstanding customer service.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 28, 2018

The customer service I experienced from Vanessa at the Rowville showroom was outstanding. From product features and benefits, the consideration of standard and custom features, including the attention to detail during the consultation process, and then the finalisation of my order was outstanding.

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Exceptional Service which blew me away

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 25, 2018

I recently purchased a house and noticed one of the built ins had a significant gap. The building inspector picked it up and recommended a carpenter. I instead went online and put my query on the stegbar website. I am so overwhelmed because that was late afternoon yesterday. At 8.20am this morning i received a call from Mark, he had already looked up my address and found that they had installed three wardrobes for the builder several years ago. At 4.20 pm tonight Mark (Sales manager) came out and aligned all three of my built ins and with a huge smile. What a legend. Didn't expect anything but advice but instead was blown away. This is the best service i have ever received from any person or company. 10 stars from me i will be using them in the future and highly recommending them. I am just blown away that this type of service exists.

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all my stegbar doors and windows have scratches on them as though were scratched by a bear they face the ocean what can i do to fix them they were all coated by sickens?

kevin french asked on Jul 06, 2018

Does anyone know if you can purchase Stegbar windows other than through their outlets, the service is apalling and the reps are useless, they cant even add up, dishonest practises. Alternatively is there another brand making Cedar windows that look the same, as I have to get them to match the existing stegbar windows.

Ross asked on Mar 24, 2018

Answer this

I believe that you can only buy Stegbar products from Stegbar. I have only had the best experience from Stegbar but have only dealt with one sales rep John Newman. He knows his stuff is helpful and honest. Any monor problems I had John corrected immediately. Hope this helps.

You should try a local joinery shop near you- Where are you located.? To be frank i know you need to match the existing ones but STEGBAR would probably butcher the job anyway so you wouldnt be happy regardless. Most Joinery shops do the stegbar profiles and you will get a much better result. Let me know location and i will recommend a joiner near you.

Five dock

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Does stegbar have a central office that deals with complaints. The recent flooding revealed that they had destroyed flashing when installing the $15000 double glazing

The facts asked on Jan 14, 2017

Answer this

I am afraid I don't know the answer to that. I did not make a formal complaint as they just kept sending the same poor quality installers again and again. In the end I just had to accept poor quality to move on with building. Their installation was delaying many other things I had to get done before Christmas.

I am not at all surprised this happened with you as the quality of their subcontractors is unpredictable to say the least.

They should have a warranty though.
Good luck

They have a customer service manager who can assist here. Also there is an online feedback area on their website you can log a complaint into. The last area is to call the head office in your state and ask for their service department and they will send an employee out not a contractor to inspect the quality of the workmanship and product they supplied.

Hi, Have you resolved your issues with this appalling company. If not, maybe a solicitors letter or contact and follow the advice from Consumer Affairs.

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