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Apple Tree Creek

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No Loyalty

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 18, 2017

We have held Suncorp accounts for well over a decade, these accounts include savings, subsavings superannuation and business accounts.
Recently noted fees being charged which were not notified or charged before-when i questioned this they took weeks to respond and didnt answer me just suggested a different account which would have drawn higher fees. Our superannuation accounts were frozen for weeks without notice while they'improved' their system-came back on line identical. On line banking in down at least once a week, the staff in sub branches are hopeless and basically there to send you home to internet bank-no idea why they are even there!!
Well this customer has finally had a gut full and is moving on...just have to find a bank that isnt as dodgy as suncorp.....surely there is one out there

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Gold Coast, QLD

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Another bank not taking responsibility

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 13, 2017

I ordered a meal from Eatnow and as my meal was cancelled by the restaurant with no explanation.

So when I rang Eatnow contact centre, I was told there would be a refund within 24-48 hours, 1-3 days and 7-10 days.

And when I rang Suncorp contact centre to confirm if they can see pending transaction of a refund, I was told they couldn't see any pending they didn't call it Transactions, even those I saw on the app it being called transaction and call it how I see it on the official Suncorp Android app, "Pending Transactions".

I was told after 15 minutes of not believing me, contact centre found the pending transaction but they claim because it was a holding money put aside, there was no refund and both money being taken out and put back cancel each other out and I won't see this on my statement as it wasn't a transaction.

So I ask Suncorp contact centre to contact Eatnow staff to tell them what you told me, it was a holding no refund.

But they refused to do this.

So who is right?

Eatnow claiming it is a refund?


Suncorp claiming it is a holding, no money was actually sent?

As customers are not responsible as they don't have control over the system controlling transactions.

PS In 2018, a new system through Reserve Bank transactions should take only 30 minutes, but Banks and Companies blaming each other for delays in Transactions like refund well be the same blame game.

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Pretty good service... but I'm leaving

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2017

They had a really the best home loan rate when I joined, and their customer service has always been pretty good. It's good to be able to talk to real people, and not just in business hours.

They have just enough branches, and the tellers will fill out deposit slips for you if you're too lazy to do it yourself.

Why I'm leaving:
My home loan product got discontinued. Not like, I can't have it anymore, just that they don't offer it anymore.
Normally, existing customers get the same rate as new customers. Competition for new customers, keeps interest rates low.
But if the product is discontinued, then there are no new customers to make the rates competitive.
So, it turns out that new customers are being offered better rates, which don't apply to me because I'm in a different product.
But I'm pretty sure both old and new products are exactly the same "We lend you money for a house, and offset your savings against balance to calculate the interest... and you get a credit card" but with different names. It's not like the old one has hand-carved ivory statements that you can't get anymore.
And since I went from the best available rate, to a rate that could easily be beaten, another way of looking at it would be that they jacked up the rates on me without telling me (relative to the market - actual rates fell, but that's an exogenous factor).

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Suncorp accidentally closed off my account - & claim they can't reinstate it

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 06, 2017

If you want a completely incompetent bank, try Suncorp. Yesterday I found they accidentally closed off my sub account. This is a business account that clients pay into. The young lady who did this was cheerfully apologetic, explaining she mistook an 06 for a 60. Well, anyone can do that. But I'm angry that the bank can't just reinstate my account that they deleted in error. Suncorp just claims the system won't allow it, without elaborating. Computer says no apparently. I'm taking this to the banking ombudsman as I at least have a right to know why, exactly, my account can't be retrieved. I'll be spending a fun night advising everyone of my new banking details.

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Stay away

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 05, 2017

There systems are constantly down due to maintenance, high interest rates and dont even offer apple pay. Ive been a customer for years but moving to a more reliable bank. Good bye.

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Worst bank ever encountered

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 20, 2017

Banking wise, suncorp provide average products but the service is the worst I have encountered. Both manager and staff lack knowledge and hold disgraceful attitude.

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No loyalty

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 18, 2017

Ive been a Suncorp customer my whole life but aye who cares they don't! Charges increase all the time. The worst part of all you apply for a loan and they ask you the most rediculous questions, "how much do you spend on hair cuts", "how much do you spend on food"? Of course they don't want to give you your requested amount. "Oh savings have no value on the loan application". Doesn't matter how long you have been a customer that isn't taken into account either. After 30mins on the phone loan still isn't approved. "Oh its going to have to go the creditors". Dont bother with Suncorp

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Bank guarantee service is appalling.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 17, 2017

I lodged a bank guarantee variation request on 9 August. I called Suncorp 9 times between 18 August and today (15 Sep) to see what the status was, and with 1 exception, no one followed me up to advise what was happening. I eventually found out today that the branch manager is on leave until 28 Sep and no one can access the documents until he returns. I called to lodge a formal complaint and they could not resolve it without further investigations on Monday. I've spent about 3 hours in total on the phone with followup calls without any resolution.

Do not do any business banking with Suncorp.

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Worst customer service - mortgage applications

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2017

Suncorp has the worst customer service when it comes to mortgage application. It took approx 22 days to get my mortgage approved. I had to pay $130 penalty rates per day for 2 weeks because they were giving me fault promises since they were busy. The assessor and the BDM didnt have time to answer customer calls. According to the staff they have number of mortgage applications that cannot corp.

Even thought I explained to them that I am paying penalty rates they were promising " your application will be approved soon". It was frustrating and I was under huge stress. Because of their inefficient customer service I had to pay approx $2300 penalty in total.

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Suncorp not the same now.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 08, 2017

I am really disgusted, frustrated and disappointed at the manner in which Suncorp is managing a "transition" from a bank as we used to know it to a teller less, electronic transaction institution. There has been no announcement or advice that this is so, however, from their actions and lack of explanations, one can only conclude that this is so. In doing so, they have discriminated against people with disabilities. Suncorp was a supporter in this area and had a written disability policy and statement of obligations to people with disabilities, which was easily available on the web site. That is no longer. It simply does not exist. We have been treated shabbily, unfairly, and very rudely. We are still no wiser regarding what will replace the passbook when that is taken away entirely. The cart has been put before the horse and now they are in damage control. One of my brothers had his passbook account cancelled in the most rude and hurtful manner without advice or discussion. That has taken away the little amount of independence that he had to conduct his own banking to a level that he understood and could manage. It is now placed on his already burdened and time poor family to assist him. The one star I am giving is for the one remaining staff member that has been with us for over ten years, and is a lovely, trustworthy, respectful, caring person, who puts the person first. Of course, Suncorp is only concerned about the money. Will be looking into alternatives now. And Suncorp may think that it is only a couple of people with disabilities that will be no loss, but think again, it is their families and friends and insurances and other investments that will also go. Multiply that a few times, and yes, I believe it will have the desired impact.

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If I could put 0 stars I would

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 04, 2017

Terrible customer service. New loan lodged, it took the bank nearly 2 weeks to respond to this lodgement. A further 2.5 weeks of extensions and the bank still did not have a response regarding loan approval despite approval given conditional to a bank valuation that passed. They do not respond to customers in any sort of timely matter. I would not recommend this bank to anyone.

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Sheer incompetence! Far less then one star.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 28, 2017

URGENTLY lodged my mothers EPA to assist her with medical bills etc as she is bed ridden in hospital with dementia and has lost all capability etc. Suncorp Carindale advised it would be a matter of days, checked 3 days later, nothing. Checked 4 days after that at Southport - no record of any such lodgement. Lodge again as CRITICALLY URGENT. It is now 23 days after original lodgement and my sister is told by Carindale Branch staff that nothing has been lodged correctly, the wrong cards have been cancelled, no new cards have been processed for EPA to access mums account and our family will have to continue to wait. Absolute joke! No service, incompetent, unprofessional, devoid of empathy and useless! We are then told it will be lodged with the "exceptional circumstances team" but it's really up to them if they process it quickly or not! As if this was our fault! Meanwhile I am financially strapped and may not make my next mortgage payment due to covering my mother's bills.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2017

Hi to All,
I have two investment houses with SUCORP and both paying 4.47% interest rate.. All other banks offered cheaper than that interest rate, so this morning(24/08/2017) i called to the bank and talked about the offers from the other bank and they told me that that is the best they can do. So i would like to let every one knows that better keep away from this bank and they are taking very high interest rate from us.
Current offer i got it from 'Reduce Home Loans' and they offered 3.74% only.

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Worst bank i ever had

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2017

I have been with suncorp bank for 6 years and when someone withdrawn money from my card suncorp bank did nothing and my money was gone. I lost $5,000 and suncorp bank did nothing. Very disappointing. Even rating 1 is too high.

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Do not deal with this Bank!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 28, 2017

Suncorp has the worst customer service, especially if you try to leave them they have gone out of their way to make the process extremely stressful, requiring multiple phone calls!!

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Pathetic - Avoid at all costs, just pray they suffer

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 26, 2017

Worst bank of the lot. Idiots can't even respond to complaints without talking about a completely unrelated topic. Banned from their store for telling the manager "you're a joke" after they cost me $12k for lying to me and then having the spineless loan manager avoid me.

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Check how your money is invested

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 18, 2017

Do not use Suncorp Super and I urge anyone with them to check how their money has been invested. We specifically asked that our money be invested in moderate balanced products, instead all of our money was placed in risk and high risk investments and as such during the GFC half of our money was lost. Suncorp have refused accountability and kept fobbing off with one weak excuse. Run and don't look back!!

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Worse selfish bank

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 07, 2017

I went into another bank where I do my everyday banking and I was offer a 3.88 interest rate. So, I called Suncorp to match it they said they can’t, so I went back to the bank and refinanced my house. Once I got the approval I needed to discharge so I called Suncorp to discharge and they asked why I wanted to discharge told them because of the better rate I got and then they told me if we offer you the same rate will you stay, I said no because I asked the first time any you said you can’t. Now it’s been two weeks and Suncorp bank hasn’t organised the transfer papers I spoke to them requesting an escalation they clearly said because I’m refinancing they won’t escalate it because it does not work in their favour.
In short if there was another chance of reconsidering this bank down the track, now for sure I won't even think about considering Suncorp.

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Gold Coast

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I already love this bank!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 30, 2017

Ok, I have finally found the bank I've been searching for.

I've only got good things to say about them really.

So, I've used a lot of banks. For the most part they're unhelpful, not inviting... but Suncorp is different.

I had a couple of questions before opening accounts and so I messaged them through their Facebook channel. Not only did I get the answer to my questions, but they were very forthcoming to offer assistance which is exactly what I needed. I've been afraid to approach a bank because they've been so uninviting and unwilling to help.

I'm struggling with a debt problem and without me even mentioning anything about it they asked whether I'd like to look into any products to consolidate other financial products and wrap up my "banking portfolio", they can arrange a local lender to visit me at home and talk through things... now all they have to do is to offer me the right deal and I'm sold for life. It sounds ridiculous in my head thinking that they initiated the offer of assistance! I will definitely be taking them up on it.

Other important things for me at the moment to consider include...

$0 fee banking with no minimum deposits
A large ATM network
A range of insurance products and other financial services in one place
Customer service! They check in with you instead of you always having to be the one to hunt them down!
A good interest rate on an e-saver account! 2.80% to be honest is fantastic for a high street bank, it's the best I've found... I know it's not ING's 3.0% but I don't want to deal with a bank where I can't drop in to see someone to lay everything out on paper together and see what's what. I'm happy to take 0.20% less interest for that service!

So the wife and I will be moving all our banking portfolio to Suncorp and we look forward to growing, insuring and retiring with them.

One last thing: maybe avoid them if you're rural or in WA unless not having access to a branch doesn't bother you...

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They don't give a damn

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 29, 2017

Customer service dismal.

Three phone calls to resolve an issue. Once I was hung up upon, second there was no apology, third the supervisor was smug and mocking me. Why? I just wanted them to send a statement for my son's account. He is a minor and even with his authority they still refused.

When we were eventually able to overcome all the reasons that they could not do this, despite my obvious frustration, the supervisor smartly replied, 'sure, that will be $3 and it will be out to you in 7-10 days, I can't control Australia Post'.

Dear Suncorp, this is anti-customer service. Clearly the desire of your staff was, from the outset, to be inflexible and unhelpful.... ie: win. Don't let that 'customer' come out on top, that would be 'losing'

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Questions & Answers

how long does it take for a transfer from Suncorp to be in my Westpac account?

Tiger asked on May 04, 2017

Has anyone any experience of Suncorp Travel Insurance because it is a third of the price of five other travel insurance providers? I have got a quote from and they have just as good, and in some cases better financial benefit cover than their competitors. Where is the catch? Too good to be true? Cheers David Jones

Locker asked on Jan 15, 2016

Answer this

Hi Locker.... I have used Suncorp Travel Insurance and they do it via VERO Insurance.... check Vero online and see if the rate is as good or same as Suncorp. Last July (2015) I went to Hawaii and used Southern Cross Travel Insurance and they were cheaper than Vero but had a good level of cover,
Good Luck
Mike B

Do not buy anything off suncorp

Please Stay away from suncorp they are thieves, I have closed all accounts and moved my home loan because suncorp DO NOT pass on the full rate cut .