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All their dairy and eggs are out of date and rotten

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 17, 2018

Supabarn in Sans Souci is shocking.. I have had to return cheese and yoghurt many times before I had learnt my lesson not to shop there again!!
Not to mention the eggs... had to buy the expensive eggs as of course they were out of normal cage free ones and when I tried to cook them they didn’t look fresh !!! Everything dairy is rotten once you open the packaging. Eg shredded cheese once I got home and opened it it was rotten on the inside... their yoghurt is the same!!
Not to mention their fruit and veggies are not fresh either
Their shelves are never restocked properly
Shocking store.... I’m surprised they are still operating

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Expired food products

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2018

At the Sans Souci store on 5 March I came across four expired food products in the refrigerated section. They were selling potato bacon and egg salad, rice pudding and pasta salad which had expired 4 March and they were selling falafel which had expired 28 Feb. It was 12:30pm so you would think a staff member would have gone through the fridge to check the dates by then, assuming this should be a daily task first thing in the morning. The staff member I took the products to ([name removed]) was very polite and apologetic unlike the manager (who no longer works there) who was not as nice when a while back I pointed out they had expired butter milk in the fridge. Food safety is clearly not a priority in this store. If they have not already been named and shamed by the NSW Food Authority I hope it happens soon. Locals have had enough.

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Beverley Park, NSW

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Superior fresh food and produce - service hit and miss

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 06, 2017

My local store (Sans Souci) 9 out of 10 times peovides fruit and veggies fat superior in freshness than Coles Woolie or Aldi (was 10 out of 10 times but these past few months they failed to check prepacked fruit and veggies on ocassion so lost that point). Overall very fresh and good quality and even their "frugly" section produce is fresh and happily lasts in the fridge 3 to 4 weeks...

Meat seafood and deli freshness surpasses even what my local butcher sells and I am beyond words as to rhe promptness and quality of service of their butchers. Absolutely wonderfull, obliging and area basically spotless cleanliness wise.

Seafood fresher than any ither local place and competes well with Sydney Seafood Markets

Price wise on seafood and meat competative and specials better than those provided by Coles or Woollies but quality and freshness surpasses the other supermarkets .

Also loce the selection of Organic and Health foods as far superior to local supermarkets and saves me a trip to local Health food shops or speciality Organic and Asian stores and price wise slightly cheaper than Speciality food stores so point given for that.

When they run a special it trully is a special price but the rest of the prices in the store not as competative as Coles or Woollies.

Two areas this store fails at as very much hit and miss is general supermarket prepacked food freshness as on many ocassions have found items past use by date on the shelves or in the last day or two of their expiry date and this is a seriois problem as most kids would never check such things and tends to be items kiddies would go for. Not to mention problems vision impaired people face. And I am not talking one or two but dozens of such packages of the same items. This has been brought to the attention of management for a year now and sadly they are still on top of it.

Second are they are hit and miss at is their check out. They have couple of cash out operators that provide trully superior service and are an absolute joy to deal with. They are fast, ensure there is no cros contamination of foods and ensure you are given all your bags.
At the same time there is complete opposite and sorry as this may sound sexist but trully is not as this is my actual experience they have operators that are simply terrible and do not care about food comtamination as had them throw meat and poultry on top of tomaties and letruce, washing powder on top of fruit and pest control produce on top of bread. One put hot roasted chook olin the same bag as cold refidgerated milk. I mean these are simple basic issues of food hygine or basic quality (and the 3 I had missfortune of dealing with were all male).
Also as mentioned by another reviewer they have a shockingly bad policy when it comes to shopper not being given item they have paid for as I have not been given items on 2 separate ocassions.

1st time, a year ago, it was a whole bag with meat that I would have paid in the excess of $30 for. When I got home and realised it was missing I immediately called and was informed they were aware of it and would need to go back to get a replacement. I was very ill having had chemo the previous day and the original trip had worn me out and explained to them I would not be able to and requeszed they just note in the book so they could refund me the next day upon which the answer was a flat out "no, you MUST come back same day and get same items as we will not refund and refuse to do anything the next day". Even thiugh it was their cashier that failed to pass the bag to me and that they acknowledged it they simple did not care. I obviously did not want meat that had been out of the fridge for hours and unable to get to them on the day but could not afford to lose rhe money as was not working for months due to cancer and chemo so dragged myself back with intention to get back the money and not the items that had now been out of the fridge for hours.
Manager was summoned as I demanded refund and upon arguing with a sick chemo ravaged woman on a verge of collapsing for 10min on the basis of their Policy he finally relented and provided a refund. To make matters worse I have found in the meanwhile they had already taken those items back to the fridge and had intended just to bring to me several packets of same meats so weights would have been different than those paid for.
To me this is shockingly bad attitude and a shocking policy. They acknowledge they stuffed up and they hid the bag out of sight and acknowledge they are awre of the items being found by them but unless you go back that bery same day (even though you report it by phone) you forfit the value and the items. Not to mention refusal to refund overcharged amount. SHOCKINGLY BAD !!!

On another ocassion I had come home to again find one bag missing but remembering the trauma of the bag of meat I just let it go as could not handle going back.

As mentioned each time I had encountered these issie had dealt with male cashiers so now I simply avoid them. Sounds horrible and sexist but trully is not - just self preservation.

Why do I do there ? FOOD AND MEAT / POULTRY / SEAFOOD FRESHNESS. Simply surpasses the quality of anythinf else in the are and makes it worthwhile going through being the extra warchfull at the register. Then again they have 2 incredibly conscientiois ladies at the registers that I "aim" for so in all with some planning bad regiszers experience can be avoided.

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Evening staff not helpful poor service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 06, 2017

When staff are scanning items & placing items in plastic bags, who would put only a loaf of bread in one bag & in an other bag asmall jar of saice. yes this happend to me twice in the last 2 weeks & yes its partly my fault for not checking, left 1 bag behind,wrnt back within 5 minutes & was told bad luck nothing handed in (pathetic attitude pathetic staff they should learn to pack properly. Yes onlly 1 small jar has cost supabarn $150-00 prer week. I will certainly not be shopping there again. I will go back to woolies.

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Price check

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 25, 2016

Usually happy shopping at Crace, enjoying convenience and pleasant staff. On 23.8.16 I paid $6.39 for a 250ml Cobram Garlic Oil. Not so happy to notice the same item today at Woolworths Kippax at regular price of $5.50.
I hope you can improve on this.

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Great new additions to the store.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 15, 2016

Love their fresh seafood. Great bread not too doughy. Fresh Cakes and biscuits are their new line. Excellent and prices and quality to match esp their almond shortbread. Love their points system. So easy no fuss. Their meat is so much better than their competitors as well. Rarely disappointed. Hate shopping anywhere else now. Staff are wonderful. Mind you only been to Sans Souci store but 10 out of 10. Breath of fresh air. The only items I've sometimes not been 100% happy with wld be the fruit but has improved a lot. Thankyou guys.

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Best fresh foods in Sydney

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 15, 2016

The produce lasts twice as long as any other supermarket. The meat is tender and really well priced and the deli is excellent. The range of groceries is different. You can find all thiese groceries that COLES doesn't carry. The Seafood is fresh and is only sold a few days a week so you know it hasn't been sitting around all week. Overall a great shopping experience.

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Best supermarket in Australia

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 17, 2016

Best range of product different to the chains. Massive gluten free range. Fantastic prices just bought Huggies for 19.99 and the best fresh foods.

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Ripping off at checkout

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2015

4 times we have found prices higher at the checkout, 4 complaints and 1 to head office with no reply. How much are they making from shoppers who dont check, like the elderly and vunerable.

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Will keep using - changed my opinion on this place

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 04, 2014

Now shop is being used the quality has been great and use by dates fine.
Have started shopping regularly.
Really like the 10$ off day once a month.

OLD REVIEW - I was hoping for a Coles/woollies alternative, with easy parking, great use by dates and super fresh quality with large range of organics.
I found -- Use-by dates gave 1 day to drink milk and plenty of meat expired same day. Very disappointing
Mangoes at $1 were great as were bananas at .99 per kilo.
Several other items noticeably more expensive than woollies.
Won't be back.

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Best fresh foods by a mile!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 12, 2014

Best quality and priced fresh foods. Kills Woolworth's. Range of gluten free products is excellent. I bought roast pork for 4.99 kilo and it was perfect. Staff were excellent. I was always scared to shop here because I had the impression it was expensive. It is not at all, in fact it was better priced than Woolworth's.

+ Consistent great quality and the best specials.

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The real fresh food people

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 14, 2013

Fresh food sections are excellent including deli,fruit and veg ,meat and seafood.every Saturday there is a market day where fresh seafood is available.the groceries are well priced with all the trusted brands as well as cheaper generics.the best part is that ther are plenty of checkout operators and waiting times are bearable.

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Rude Service at Front Counter

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 26, 2013

I Will never go back due to the rude & unhelpful service at the front counter on Sunday night. Male staff member who made very snarky comments, and made me feel very uncomfortable. so I dropped my products and left. Forget the convenience and decent product range... Id rather make the drive to Dickson...

+ normally good range of product and conveniently located

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Fresh food excellent

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 23, 2013

I shopped at the Wanniassa store for the first time and loved their Fresh seafood on a Saturday. The produce was excellent and so was the rump steak I bought for 7.99/kg. Prices were cheaper then Woolworth's. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the specials were and the quality of the fresh.

+ The fresh seafood, meat and produce at a great price.

- No coffee shop in the centre.

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Meat is terrible

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 01, 2013

Bought some meat at city store while back.porterhouse was tough.chicken smelt thigh fillets.mostly markdowns on display which should have told me something.the store was messy and not many staff available for assistance .i attempted to go through the auto checkout but 4 were not working.hopefully larger supermarket chain will take them over.I will never shop there again.

- Slow to get through checkouts

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Best Meat and Best Prices

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 28, 2013

I used to own my own butcher shop and have winged about the quality of meat from Coles and Woolworths for years. I have now discovered Supabarn. Their meat is incredibly priced and the quality is superb. In fact the whole shop is really well priced. It looks too good to have prices that low with the quality.

+ Everything, especially the meat.

- I have to drive an extra 20 minutes to get there.

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Supabarn is not like third world Aldi

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 01, 2012

Only one penalty notice 3016653559 from NSW food authority. The store is clean and bright. The staff leave customers alone. The one cashier that gossips is kept on the last row, so she isn't a problem and goes unnoticed by most customers. Most of the time the staff are polite. One late Sunday night they hadn't sold enough hot chickens and said over the microphone 'yummy yummy yummy chicken for your tummy'. After that they started putting their greasier than woolworths/Coles chickens on self serve hot plates. Currently there is nothing they can do about all the elite quality meat going to the wealthiest areas shops, where Supabarn isn't located, but the prices are almost as high. The Supabarn card may be better than Flybuys and Everyday Rewards cards because you receive a discount after a relatively short time, making up for their higher prices compared with other supermarkets. One day a week elderly people receive a discount, so it is best to go on the other days if you want to avoid them. All round, it's good.

+ clean, well lit, they encourage elderly people to go there on a specific day.

- higher prices

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Great variety - real brands, convenient

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2011

Shopping at Supabarn almost takes the pain out of grocery shopping! It is so good to have a well stocked alternative to the horrible twins. I also enjoy that there are real brands not just private label goods.

+ Range of goods, good quality, close to homegood parking, extended opening hours

- stocks most things but not everything :(

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2010

Gosh, what a revelation to find a full service super market that is both locally owned AND offers a great range. Supabarn is both of these and more. Their range is larger than both Coles and Woolworths with more unusual/imported items alongside your normal favoured brands. YAY! Being locally owned, more of their money goes back into the local economy than if I shop at the other two large super markets. My one and only real gripe though, is please please please teach your younger staff how to launder their clothes properly. I'm a little tired of seeing white shirts that have turned 'grey'. It makes your staff look dirty, dingy, unkept and tired whilst doing nothing for your image.

+ Quality of fresh fruit and vegetable. Range. Locally owned (and expanding). Not Coles or Woolworths.

- Can be a little dearer than Coles or Woolworths, but then their buying power is not as great either. Staff, whilst helpful, have little clue how to pack a bag and can look scruffy.

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 15, 2010

I shop at Wanniassa, but dont do all my shop there only the extra items I need each day/week. I find it a bit too expensive overall.
Though I would prefer to use a supermarket other than Woolworths and Coles - they are becoming far to big.

+ good product range, great fresh vegies.

- Quite a bit more expensive on some items than other supermarkets. Deli cabinets make the product look 'stale/old', they seem to be dried out! I do not buy any of these items.

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