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Model: Real Beef

Much better options out there

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 13, 2017

I was lured into the brand at first by the name "Supercoat", believing the food would do justice on my dogs' coats. The food has caused many problems in my dogs, such as diarrhoea, vomit and actually excessive shedding. Guess it's all marketing at the end...

"Meat by-products"
"Wholegrain Barley and/or Corn and/or Sorghum"
"Ceral by-products"

Those does not scream out quality products. With all the "and"s and "or"s, I'm guessing the company is using which ever ingredient that is cheapest at the time to manufacture. It's good to see meat as the first ingredient, but considering the rest of the list and the price tag on the product, this is not the best choice. Since it is now not rare to find much better quality grain free brands out on the supermarket shelves, Supercoat's quality falls behind the average. It's not the worst, but definitely not even close to good.

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Model: Real Chicken

Smaller bag but same price.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 10, 2017

Having 3 large Dobermans means the cost of feeding can be significant and when I started running out of food before the normal timeframe I began to wonder why. It turned out that the 20kg bag is now only 18.5kg. That means a drop of 3kgs over my buying cycle. Funny that the price didn't drop. No notice to my knowledge.

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Model: Real Beef

Get what you pay for

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 18, 2017

Per vet and pet food wholesaler supercoat is like feeding your dog cardboard. Our bordercollie was constantly itching and had lots of loose poop but it has all stopped with change to dry food who's top 5 ingredients are not crap left over from making beer, husks of things and cereal leftovers...with a bit of meat by product thrown in so it qualifies as food. Shame on the company.

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Model: Real Chicken

Constant Diarrhoea with new pack containing "SmartBlend"

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2017

I have fed my 2 German Shepherds Supercoat Large Breed chicken for several years with no problems. In recent months since the new "SmartBlend" package came out one of my shepherds had constant diarrhoea. On going to the vet and having multiple tests and treatments it only cleared up when we switched to the Hills Prescription ZD dry food. As this is extremely expensive and after a month or more on it I switched back to the Supercoat for a trial (no other changes to his food). Within a few days his diarrhoea came back, never having a solid stool. I switched to BlackHawk Large Breed (still much more expensive than Supercoat) and the diarrhoea has totally settled again. Meanwhile my other Shepherd has no problems with the Supercoat and we continue to use it for her. It would appear that some dogs have a poor tolerance to the new blend.

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Supercoat caused MOTHS in my house since 4 weeks ago every night

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2017

I will never ever use super coat dry or wet food ever again... I've always kept my dry food indoors and now i've switched to Supercoat my house is FULL OF MOTHS.. because of one bad bag i always empty the bag into a 20 kilo fully sealed container. MOTHS every time i open the container they fly out and now they have laid eggs somewhere. I kill about 10 - 15 per day then next day i get home from work and there back... I find the nightly killing moth rampage is really killing me...Sure i now keep all dog food outside now the moths are still around... they swarm all over me while i'm even eating dinner....I contacted Supercoat last week and i still await a reply

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Model: Real Beef

New pack causes Diarrhoea

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 10, 2017

We have been providing two meals to our German Shepherd since she became an adult. First meal in the day, is our cooked meat. Second meal in the day, is PURINA dry food. In our recent purchase at our local supermarket, we bought two different bag on two different batch. We opened one of the bag. Our dog suffered Diarrhoea. We took our dog to Vet and was given medication. Once she got better, we slowly gave her our own cooked meal without the purina dry food. She totally recovered from her Diarrhoea. We needed to test what the cause of the Diarrhoea, so we once again gave the purina dry food as part of her diet. There we found her Diarrhoea came back. We now stopped giving her the purina. We would like to return the two bags of 7.5kgs to Purina. Please let us know how to go about it.

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Model: Real Beef

Dog enjoys it, i do not

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 23, 2016

I dont eat it obviously.
Dog likes the taste of it. it is marked to be very healthy and good for dogs. Look at the ingredients and how much of it is in a serving. filled with fake stuff and fat!

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Model: Real Chicken

Bag Split-8Kg Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 05, 2014

Shocking! I bought my 8 kg bag of dry dog food in the newer red and black plastic bag and by the time I got home, the seams of the bag had already split, very distressed. I lost about half a kilo of dog food in the boot of my car. I think for such a costly brand of dry dog food, you should ensure the packaging is up to standard. In the traditional Aussie way of giving it another go and suffering the same fate, having to rebag the dog food into garden sturdy bags, I am now switching brands.

- packaging was sub-standard

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No complaints from fussy pooch...

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 09, 2012

after two and a half year of mexican standoffs at meal times, my pooch is taking this on quite straightaway and naturally. And it's a third the price of royal canin. Day two and no problems.
wanted the chicken flavour but got the beef instead as it had a spaniel on it and mine is part spaniel. Served with some meat and cooked rice for moisture.

Stool seem healthy. Hopefully no hair and skin reaction.

+ My dog seemed to like it

Purchased at: Woolworths

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Best dry food I have used

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 09, 2012

I switched to this dry food about 6 months back and ever since my dog has been noticeably happier, has more energy and his stools are better quality. Also, my bank balance is healthier. I also feed my dog fresh meat/bones and veges to mix things up as he can get a bit bored with the one food. I highly recommend Purina Supercoat

+ happier dog

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after two and a half year of mexican standoffs at meal times, my pooch is taking this on quite straightaway and naturally. And it's a third the price of royal canin. Day two and no problems.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2012

Overall I have found this to be an excellent dry dog food product!
Our dog loves the taste, the packaging has a lot of helpful information, including feeding amounts per weight of your dog, and importantly the advice to always have fresh water on hand.
Our dog has not had any problems with bowel movements - not too runny and not constipated - so pick-up is much easier.
The product is well priced and I believe, is of equal quality to vet brand products. The protein content is quite high and is from real beef or chicken, and not simply fillers or mixed sources.
In general - an excellent product, well tolerated, well priced and one that has kept our dog in great health with a lovely coat since he moved into the 'adult-dog' range and began this diet about 2 years ago. Even his teeth are remarkably free from tartar which our vet partially attributes to our dogs daily dry food diet of the Purina Supercoat (and some occassional raw-bones to chew on!)

+ We have used Supercoat for our labrador sized mixed breed dog for the past 2 years. It has performed as well as the more expensive vet-only brands and is cheaper per kilo to buy.
It is convenient to buy at most supermarkets, and it has a zip-lock closure system so it does not need special storage once opened.
Our dog loves the taste and there is never any issue about him eating it.
The stools are well formed but not ov erly offensive and as long as adequate water is provided, constipation has not been a problem - not diahhorea.
I like the high protein content and relatively low 'filler' content of this product, and it does help that it is recommended by the famous TV vet Dr Harry Cooper!
There is a feeding guide provided and an easy-to-understand pictorial graph of the main ingredients and what they are necessary for (e.g. omega 3 & 6 which is good for the dogs skin and maintaining a healthy coat).
There is a 1800 Australian phone number provided if more information, comments or concerns are to be discussed, and a link to the products website provided.

- Nothing in particular.
For best value-for money, the bigger sized bags are better. However, lifting an 8kg bag of dog food can be difficult and would be hard for a more elderly or disabled person, and because the food pellets move about, the bag can seem "unstable" as it is carried.
But aside from this, I cannot find any particular fault with the Purina Supercoat Adult Chicken or Beef product (our dog likes both flavours equally)

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Never recommend!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2012

Never again would I use this product, I tried supercoat wet food on several dogs & every dog has had the same effect. All dogs had vomiting & diarrohea, 1 dog went to the vet, Vet has seen similar patients from product and would never endorse Supercoat. I asked a friend & she had the same happen to her Kelpie

- Cause dogs vomiting & diarrohea

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Killed 2 of mine and put my 3rd in hospital for 4 days.
Aflatoxin poisoning.
Still have 18Kg left if anybody would like it (free)

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5 out of 5, reviewed on May 26, 2012

A the higher end of the supermarket pet food scale, has a higher price tag but you get what you pay for. My dog loves it and is one of the few store brought pet foods I will use consistently as it seems to be of much better quality then the others. It lasts a long time as well. Highly recomended.

+ A great supermarket product.

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4 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2012

My dog does like these biscuits but we do have to mix his diet up a bit otherwise he gets bored. He prefers the biscuits that comes in different shapes. This is a good quality, affordable range of dry dog food and I highly recommend it.

+ This is a good quality, no nonsense brand of dry dog food. Simple packaging, easy to read labels.

- It is more expensive than some of the other brands available, but I suppose you are paying for the quality. The biscuits come in the one shape and colour and since it can take a few months for my dog to go through a whole bag, he can get really bored of them and he tends to stop eating them unless we mix in other biscuits to peak his interest again.

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4 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2012

A good, mid range dog food product, available from supermarkets and pet food store. Large size bag is ecconomical, and the dog likes the food. I would recommend this product.

+ A good quality dog food, in the middle range of the pet food price range. The big bag is ecconomical and I buy it from the pet food store and they carry it to my boot of the car. Only need to do this once every 6 weeks with the largest bag, so saves time too. Dog likes the food and eagerly clears her bowl each evening.

- I expected that because its called supercoat, that her coat would improve and there might be less hair loss , but this wasn't the case.

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Adelaide, SA

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Pretty good

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2012

Supercoat dog food is a good cheaper alternative brand of dry dog food. It is available in most supermarkets and pet food stores in a variety of pack sizes.
It would be good if it could come in a greater variety of flavours in the normal range, rather than just chicken and beef.
It can also make my dogs wee turn the lawn yellow.

+ Cheap.

- Needs more variety of flavours, can make my dogs wee turn the lawn yellow

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Real Chicken

Our dog has always had Purina Supercoat for small breeds,I purchased a new bag last week he ate some and within 5 mins had vomited it straight back up.As he eats it all the time just thought he was a bit off color but as soon as he ate it the next time same thing happened.Read on packet it is NEW formula has anyone else had this problem?

Maxs mum asked on Jan 14, 2017

Answer this

i went on this site to see if this has happend to anyone else .. yes my dog hasnt been the same on the new formular .vomiting and not been himself

Thanks Kristy I thought I was being a bit paranoid I am trying different foods to hopefully find one he likes.I have offered him the supercoat a couple more times and he won't even touch it now.I don't know why they felt the need to change it.They haven't even bothered to reply.

My boy wouldn't eat the new formula at all. He had been eating supercoat for 6 years and now wouldn't go near it. Purina were great, sent me a refund card and a postage bag to send a sample of the food to them, along with photos of the batch etc.

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