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Date Purchased: Sep 2015

2nd Time Round!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 28, 2016

KiwiStev55 here, sold my first M50 and took a job in Queensland for a couple of years, rode a Honda ST1100 over there. Came back to NZ and started looking for a bike, and kept coming back to the Suzuki shop to kick the tires of a couple of used M50s. There was just nothing that ticked all the boxes that the M50 did.

Mid size cruiser, not too heavy
Great styling, love the small front guard and the headlight hood.
Instruments up on the bar, no looking down to the tank top for your speed or fuel state.
Shaft drive, no chain oiling and adjusting.
Comfortable enough pillion seat for me to take my wife on a cross town ride for a coffee at the beach.
Very good handling for a cruiser, comfortable riding
Mag wheels and foot pegs, just personal preference.

So, after a bit of discussion about prices and accessories, I rode off on a 2012, blue, M50 fitted with a small GIVI windscreen and a pair of saddlebags. I've bought a 40 Litre top box with wrap around back rest for the pillion from the States and mounted that on brackets behind the pillion seat. It's great for commuting, I do a round trip of 70 km every day and leave my helmet, gloves and jacket in the top box.

But best thing about this particular bike is that the previous owner had drilled four 12 mm holes in each muffler back plate, and that just makes the exhaust note that little bit louder and deeper. I've just fitted heated grips to her for the winter commuting season, so now she's complete.

So, with the small screen, saddlebags and top box, she's my mini tourer/commuter bike combined Because she's my blue lady, I've called her "Layla". Had her about 10 months now and have done over 20,000 km on her.

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Best bike I've ever owned!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 25, 2016

This bike is all I l ever wanted, has plenty of crome, nice gauge, double exhaust, I did take out the baffels so it sounds amazing. I'm only 5ft 7" and I'm able to ride with no trouble what so ever. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a nice cruiser!!!

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Awsome 10 /10

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 20, 2016

Just the best bike as an all rounder I have rode the C90 and the 109R however shure they have the BANG on acceleration but the 800 is perfect for day to day! Not TO heavy just right great for older bikers who don't want the mass weight A truly AWSOME Bike however as comments 6th Gear would be Nice!! 10/10

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M50 good bike with lack of support from Suzuki

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 23, 2015

I have owned a Suzuki M50 boulevard for over 2 years and ride it nearly every day to work and back.
The bike its self i have found no faults with and everyone that lives around me are apprised i leave at 3am in the morning and how quiet it is.
I do have one big problem and it would turn many people of buying one that is Suzuki do not provide and products to fit to the bike as they find it to small a market.
Anyone would think if i asked for a tank cover "how simple is that" well let me tell you NO and have fun looking else where.
Floorboards simple go down to the local shop and order a pair over the counter well NO.
I did get saddle bags mind you but hay that worked but it took over 1 year.
Suzuki sell great bikes back lack the support and service to make anyone think twice about going back for a second bike.

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My first motorcycle: M50 2014

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 04, 2015

A buddy recently bought an Indian which encouraged me to look at bikes also. I knew I didn't want a crotch rocket as now I am 50 and my Glamis dirk bike and ATV days are over so I started looking at cruisers. Looking at what the manufacturers were offering, the M50 caught my eye and everything else I test rode and looked at had a hard time contending for my interest. Suzuki offering zero interest had me buying my first bike July 2015. I often catch myself walking out to the garage just to look at it. So far its only been used to commute to work so I can't wait for my first road trip.

Still trying to figure out the MPG, today I ran the take down to blinking. Panicking, I filled it with 3.8 gals traveling 209 miles. So I figure I get about 55 mpg and having .3 gals left, I could travel 18 miles further. With that I assume on fuel indicator represents 45 gals each segment. What are you seeing? Please share.

The seat is very comfortable and buying the sport windshield makes the bike look awesome and very functional. I wish the rear brake had more bite but the front brake seems to do the job. I am very proud to own this bike but the plan is, in two years the m109 will be my next investment.

Note: I've gotten 4-5 thumbs up out of cars windows as we pass over the past few months of ownership.

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Great Cruiser

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2015

I have bought the bike 2 month ago with 20000 km on the clock and serviced. It is the 2007 modedl but looks almost new. It rides fantastic and compared to my trail bike you would think you are sitting on your lounge. It got the power to pull you away from trouble but it is no speed machine, having said that it will cruise at 120 km/h easy.
It takes about 5l per 100 km which is quite good and even long rides dont make you feel tired.
If I would get another bike I would go the 109 model just for the extra bang.

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Think about the ride

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 17, 2014

This is a really nice bike, but I wish I had gone with the 90, as the M50 is a little bit gutless when trying to pass at 75+ mph. To be fair, my other bike is a 205 SV650S, and that puppy has some torque, so I'm a bit spoiled.

Also, the M50 takes some getting used to when riding in any sort of serious crosswind (gusty 35mph +). You have to be comfortable with countersteering, or you will -feel- like the bike's going to blow over. It's NOT going to blow over, but it'll feel a bit sketchy. With additional time in the saddle, you'll become increasingly comfortable with it. I'd recommend NOT loading it up with saddlebags and sissy bars and such, as that only increases the surface area the crosswinds have to push against.

I WOULD recommend getting the sport or touring shield. Not that expensive, and the touring shield makes a huge difference in ride comfort. Looks nice too, not like some clunky paste-on. Sometimes find myself so comfortable that I'm spacing out, checking out scenery and such, and have to remind myself to pay attention to road conditions.

Low seat height makes for easy handling at slow speeds in parking lots, etc. Easily flat foot at lights. Clutch and shift performance is SWEET (like butter!). Nice rake angle means that it's a lot more agile in curves than many cruisers. Front shocks are good, but rear shocks are a little spongy if you're big (I'm 215 lbs in my socks. Add 20+ with helmet, leather, backpack, etc).

Haven't really noticed the 'buzzy' quality that some people mention. Typically cruise 80 to 90 mph on the slab, and it's pretty comfortable for my 45 min one way commute. Bike will go faster than that, too, but its pickup at high speed is a little gutless. Trying to pass someone doing 80 can take a good three to four seconds, which is NOT good in CA freeway traffic. But everyone here drives pretty fast on the freeway. 75 is 'normal', 85 is 'I'm late for work' and 90+ is 'I'm a very important person! how come all you a^&^&^&les are in MY way!"

Think about where you ride. If fast-lane speed averages 70mph, this bike is fine. If you ride on the interstate a lot, and average fast-lane speed is 85 (but-I'm-gonna-do-95-if-can't-see-any-cops), then save up and spring for the M90. (or better yet, the 109 *drools*)

+ Handles great. Great clutch, smooth shifting. Good low end power, street-light to street-light.

- Lacks top end power for passing at freeway speeds. Feels squirrely in gusty crosswinds.

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Test Rode Brand New M50

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 03, 2014

I just test rode one of these excellent machines. First and foremost, I have always been something of a Yamaha man but this Suzuki really got my attention the moment I sat on it. Brands aside, I have been looking and at least sitting on all kinds of cruisers lately and I am not terribly swayed by whether the cruiser is Japanese, British (If you can even really call them that anymore) or American. (O.K. Harleys are a bit special...)

Anyway this M50 is the first cruiser I have ridden. Although I prefer the somewhat more "Classic" look of big chrome headlights and foot boards with tank mounted speedometer etc, at least on cruisers, this Suzuki just looked right in profile and felt right the moment I sat on it. Has plenty of chrome around the tank, where the indicator lights etc are, and the speedo looks great mounted up past the handlebars behind the headlight nacelle, in the rider's line of sight with a LCD fuel and odometer window there as well. The speedo is a little on the small side though. Fit and finish looked good.

I found the seat to be excellent and well padded and the sweepback of the 'bars looks and feels great. Being a cruiser the pegs are of course forward a bit so the riding position always requires some stretching (I am nearly 6 ft) but it is quite acceptable. As it was a team leader chaperoned dealer test ride I didn't have it all day but we went on quite a generous ride on motorway, 80 or 90 K zones and down 60 and 70 k an hour arterial roads. Enough to get a good feel for the bike. I don't think I got beyond 3rd gear-didn't need to! Admittedly I am inexperienced with cruisers but the engine is a gem-loads of torque. It's hard to imagine anyone needing more, such as the M90 or M109. You just crack open the throttle a tiny bit at say, 60 k's an hour in the higher speed limit zones in third and away it will surge. Beautiful and smooth. Lots of engine braking when you back off though.

Not a loud exhaust by any means but that's fine with me and it had a nice burble to it. Gear change was of course a bit clunky in the cruiser tradition but by no means difficult and of course it was brand new. Clutch feel was excellent.

Seemed to handle nicely-I'd probably set the front forks softer if possible-rear suspension fine. Handling seemed fine but really can't comment too much on this as I was nowhere near pushing it. Can't comment much on the brakes either as I did not apply them hard during my test ride. Pedal and lever pressure seemed OK though. Indicator repeaters down on the tank can be easy to miss so check they aren't still on!

A great ride and I would recommend anyone in the market for a cruiser to try one. MJR-Love To Test.

P.S. Many thanks to Oliver's Motorcycles of Ipswich Rd, Moorooka, Brisbane for the test ride. Courteous, Professional and Generous ! (I do not have any commercial or other ties to them.)

+ Looks, riding position, seat, engine smoothness and power.

- Speedo a bit small, indicator tank flashers easy to miss, some plastic chrome parts.

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Needs 6th Gear !

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2013

2013 model-- Good Looking bike, but lacks a 6th gear. Highway riding would get too buzzy with only 5 gears. Suzuki needs to add a 6th gear to the 805cc line or go 950cc range. Otherwise I would buy one, but will probably go with a new honda w/ 6 gears.
Style and ergonomics are very nice on the new 2013 model

+ Style, Handling, FI, Reliable

- Badly needs a 6th Gear.. too buzzy at highway speed

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Bribie Island .

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Suzuki Boulevard M50 , 2011 model .

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 27, 2013

Great machine , purchased new and had Vance and Hines short shots fitted before delivery , sounds tough and goes hard enough , they have all the power you need , you dont need anymore power , and im an experienced rider , 47 years old , 6' 3 in height , and 110 kgs . They handle well for a cruiser , brakes could be better , but you ride it accordingly , fuel economy is good . Have also got a Harley , but just love riding the M50 which cost a 3rd of the price of the Harley did . I removed the M50 badges on the side covers , just peel off gently , then polish up where they were , and removed the Suzuki sticker from the rear guard and removed the rear seat , and rear passenger footpegs and brackets , and fitted the rear seat cowl , looks good , great for solo registration look , many people think its a lot bigger than what it is , as they cant tell once they dont see the M50 badges . Great in traffic , easy to manouver compared to a bigger cruiser , great on the twisties or cruisen down the highway , or used as a commuter , and just a lot of fun to ride , there reasonably priced , with two year unlimited klms warranty , so i dont think you can go wrong with one of these .

Safe Riding
Cheers .

+ Brakes could be better , but there ok .

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Suzuki Boulevard M50

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 11, 2012

I have had my M50 for rour years and cannot fault its ride. The seat is comfortable, handles are at the right hight and so comfortable for my wife she falls asleep.
Did find the factory pipes were a bit quiet so put after market on and now sounds great.
Only downside it does not like downhill corners, wants to psh into them so must be careful. Up hill handles as good as any bike ridden.
Te Boulevarard sissie seat and accessories have pitted and do need to have it re-chromed.

+ Comfort, especially in city traffic

- Fuel distance is only 275 klms

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Thank you for some informations about this great bike Suzuki M50 Boulevard. The bike has 15.5 Liters of Petrol/Fuel Tank capacity and it can travel 275kms. journey in a Freeway/ Motroway? Thanks a million.


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I love this bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 01, 2012

Comfortable; my first ride was 300 km non-stop, with no numb bum or other discomfort.

Great handling, I love to lean this bike, it's light and easily manoeuvred. Easy to keep up with other bikes.

Responsive engine, low rev torque is more than enough, and easy cruising at 120 km/hr and above.

Fuel tank large enough for 275 to 300 km. A slightly larger tank would be nice, but not necessary.

Exhausts!!! Suzuki, make the factory fitted exhaust louder - be seen, be heard, be safe! This is the first thing I'd change with after market parts.

Brakes. Would love to see this bike with double front discs and a single rear disc, but then it probably wouldn't be such a great price. The bike is a cruiser, not a sports bike, so the brakes are adequate for the intended purpose.

I started riding at the age of 61, two years ago. I did 20 months (24,000 km) on a leaner 250cc cruiser, then bought my Boulevard M50 a couple of months ago. I did a lot of research and decided on the M50 because it was in the size and weight range I wanted (750 to 900 cc), had mag wheels, was shaft drive, had a nice low and comfortable seat, and looked like a classic cruiser.

I've done 2,100 km in just over two months. I ride her whenever I can, I use her to commute (unfortunately only 10 km each way - I try to take the longer way home whenever possible) and take longer rides in the weekend.

I would just like a little more noise from the exhaust to make me more noticeable to other vehicles out on the road.

She's the bright orange colour, I like that, and people come up to me when I pull up and comment on her looks.

+ Comfortable, low seat, easily manoeuverable, great looks, nice cornering for a cruiser, finally able to pass other vehicles.

- Brakes are adequate, but ride it like a cruiser and not a sports bike. Exhausts need to be a little louder.

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mate i just saw the orange version at a dealer and fell in love but was sold.....have you got any pics of yours . . . . .alas i might have to go the blue colour . . pics would be great of yours [email removed]

I had one , what a bike, could not fault it. Wife said rear seat to small.

I have the 2009 model. Awesome bike

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Capable and fun mid range cruiser

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2012

After a 20 year absence I have gone back to motorcycling. My re-entry vehicle, so to speak, has been a 2010 Boulevard M50. Three months and 3000 km have passed, since it wheeled out of the dealership. Every time I climb on the saddle I do so with a big smile. The machine is stable, easy to ride, accelerates and brakes well.

It is no sport bike but twist the throttle and the response is very satisfying. It is just plain good fun to have a V twin, to feel the machine rumble, to enjoy the ride, have a stylish reliable comfortable machine and not scare the [censored word removed] out of yourself. Handles Sydney traffic quite well and great for a Sunday blast up to the Blue Mountains and beyond.

I'm really glad I got it and enjoy riding it. IMO, the M50 is also very good value for money. What more could you want? Highly recommended for those like me going back to biking.

+ Very comfortable with good ergonomics, so far very reliable, good in traffic, good on the open road, good ride to work, good on the weekends = all good!

- Rear brake is ordinary, about the only fault

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I sold Yammy FZ1 as was having way too much fun for Vic speed limits , and it had 54k on it . Saw 2008 M50 for sale and took it for a ride , bought it on spot . Looks great , i fitted K&N air filte... read more »

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Great bike. Felt at home immediately

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2012

Been out of bikes for 15 years so when the time to re-enter the market came around I decided on a cruiser as my boy racer days are over (almost). First impressions were how comfortable and easy the bike was to ride, very confidence inspiring. Value stands up really well against other metric cruisers leaving me some change in my pocket to customise. Only downside was the bike was a bit to easy and sedate for my 6ft 3", 105kg frame but I loved the size of the M50 so I have spiced it up a bit with V&H exhaust to give some growl and save about 10kgs in weight from the original pipes, GIPro ATRE gear sensor, Bully Stealth air intake and Healtech FI Tuner Pro. I now have performance, sound and ease of ride. All smiles! Fuel economy is solid getting 260 - 310k's out of a tank depending on how much I twist the throttle. Riding in traffic is a breeze and feels lighter than its size to manoeuvre about. Riding through the Perth hills is great but I have to be careful not to lean it down to far and scrape the pegs. Clearance is better than most however. My wife is comfortable on the back. Bottom line is I just love riding my M50.

+ Value, riding position, looks, performance

- Rear brake only adequate. Motor stiffled a bit by those huge mufflers

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2012

I considered going bigger as I am in love with the M109R but too big for me and the M50 is next best thing

+ ease of handling and so EASY to ride considering I am an 63kg woman, she is just magic

- black wheels, but I changed that, had them polished and added more C50 engine chrome and she looks hot.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2012

Its a fine bike. Its neither big nor small. Its neither a rocketship nor a slug. It handles the twisties better than I would expected...bearing in mind it is not a sports bike. So I like it a lot. Its my first cruiser after riding many bikes of various types over many years and I went to some pains to pick the right one, which meant several decent road tests, poring over many internet and magazine comparos, etc. So, I say I spent my $11,000 (on the road which included screen, saddle bags and sissy bar AND a Shark helmet) wisely enough. The end of the financial year is certainly the time to hunt up a bike bargain.
The bottom line is I am very satisfied with the M50 and think that I will keep it for many yeas. Well done Suzuki for your value for money bike.

+ There is a lot to like. Handling, power, looks, comfort. Its a lot of bike for not a lot of money. Mine is a week old, 600km on clock, fitted with windscreen, saddle bags and sissy bar. Comfortable to ride, sitting nicely on about 120 kph with the accessory windscreen giving enough protection to make is quite relaxing and significantly reduces the windsock effect.

- Sure it has a drum brake rear and only one front disc...but its a 800cc cruiser. I find the brakes very appropriate for the bike that it is. Horses for courses. So, there is really nothing I dont like about the bike. I tested most of the mid size metric cruisers (Honda VT750, Yamaha XVS650 and 1100, Kawasaki VN900)and found the M50 had came out well in front.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 03, 2012

The Boulevard M50 is hands-down the best mid-sized cruiser available on the market today. It gives cruiser comfort with muscular power and near-sport-bike handling characteristics (just don't try to lean it like a SV650), while being affordable to buy and run (I average 42MPG in city). Many owners complain about the tameness of the stock exhaust note, but this is easily fixed (without dropping hundreds of dollars on aftermarket pipes) by drilling out the stock baffles with a hole saw (an online video tutorial shows how to do took me 20 minutes). The result is a stock exhaust note that sounds much more deep and aggressive without being so obnoxious that the cops take interest. Cheap aftermarket kits ( are available to lower the bike or extend the pegs for shorter or taller riders (I'm 6'-5" with a 36" inseam and the M50 fits me fine...unlike most other mid-size cruisers). Those who want a "sixth gear" can swap out the rear differential for a unit from the C90 to lower rpm at highway speed. Learn how to adjust the valves yourself and save the $450 or so it costs for each 4,000 mile service.

Overall, the M50 is an incredible value with lots of style and excellent performance for its class. It's also a very forgiving bike for beginning and intermediate riders, while providing some fun for the experts. I love mine, and recommend it highly.

+ Great torque and power, handles much better than most "cruiser"-style bikes, easily and cheaply customized, looks great, a lot of bike for the buck (low first cost), resale value has held up well.

- Stock exhaust is a bit tame, does not have self-adjusting valves (so service can be expensive), requires significant break-in period before crank-shaft vibration goes away, could stand to have a 6th gear for high-speed freeway cruising, stock seat can be uncomfortable on longer rides.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on May 28, 2012

This bike is a gem. Not too big or small; delightful and good fun to commute, punt along on a weekend ride, or go touring on. A keeper.

+ Just about everything! My missus had a 650 V-star and I found it too uncomfortable for me (195cm). This is slightly larger and far less pressure on the tail bone. I have owned lots of sports-bikes and sports-tourers, plus an "adventure" bike - but this just does it all for me. I like the look (I have a 2008 model), have fitted bags and a screen, plus a sheepskin. It handles 1-up touring nicely. Brakes are adequate, without being awesome, but ridden within it's design brief, I find them OK. Fuel economy is fantastic - 20km/l commuting and 23-25km/l touring/open road cruising. Also fitted staintune pipes and it sounds lovely, without being obnoxious. Slight increas in HP and 5kg lighter than OEM 'zorsts, so it is noticeable. Handling is good for a cruiser and you can punt along at a fair clip, even through the twisties. Why I like it so much is that it is "fun" to punt along at legal speeds, whereas most modern sportsbikes ain't fun to ride unless you're doing license-losing speeds. I commute daily on this bike, and always get to work with a nice relaxed feeling. I'd put this bike as the top value for money bike I've ever owned - 8990 ride-away with a good trade-in deal on my VFR800Fi and remainder of new-bike warranty. It had 8000klm on the clock when I bought it and previous owner was meticulous with looking after it and servicing. Had it just over a year now and it's never let me down.

- Nothing! I would like a 20l tank, rather than 15.5, but with good fuel economy, it doesn't really matter. I'm not likely to do more than 250klm before wanting to stop for a stretch anyway, but knowing you have a 400k range instead of 280-300 when touring would be a bonus.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 29, 2012

I only paid $5,800 for my M50 with bags and pipes.And at 25,000 k's I am stoked.
Its everything I want in a bike as it looks great and does everything except brake really well.

+ It goes really well. Off the line I keep all my mates honest even the rocket ships. Good ground clearance for a cruiser, great fuel economy and looks great.

- The brakes are on the poor side,about a 6 out of 10 and she dont like mid corner bumps.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 27, 2012

After not owning a bike for over 10 years , I fell in love with my M50. Its great on long trips , and is a real head turner. It handles great on the windey roads. Being a relatively short rider , it is well suited to me , with all the controls in easy reach. I got the Suzuki sissy bar fitted , along with K Drive saddle bags. I find the bike hard to fault, and teh value for money is exceptional. Why would you buy a Harley?

+ The engine, the looks and value for money

- Maybe the rear brake could be better

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Questions & Answers

Why would the clutch lock up?

Badmotorscooter09 asked on Nov 19, 2016

Answer this

I would say that is a question for a qualitied mechanic

That has never happened to me before...
Maybe you just have a bad clutch.

I have a 2014 Suzuki M50 and cannot find aftermarket pipes. Cobra tells me the Streetrod Slashdown pipes will fit 2009 M50 but they are not sure about 2014. Anyone have info on this?

SRogacki asked on Jul 16, 2016

Answer this

I own a 2007 suzuki boulevard m50 800cc. All i did is debaffle the pipes. And it sounds alot better. There are youtube videos on how to debaffle the exhaust. Its easy, saves money and sounds better.

Drill four 12 mm holes in a cross pattern on each muffler back plate, put each hole about half way between the centre pipe and the outside diameter of the muffler equally around the back plate. That produces a louder, more bass exhaust note without being to raucous. Saves hole sawing into the back plate as well and they're not too noticeable.

I'm a re-entry rider, having not even sat on a motorcycle in 33 years. I got a great deal back in Dec. '15 on a 2013 Suzuki m50 with 1 mile on the odometer ($5000, incl. a cheap helmet that I've since replaced). I love it, but rides over 50 miles wear me out and I don't know why. I'm not stiff or sore when I get off it, but I have to sleep. I never had that problem on my 550 Honda, and I could go 400 miles on it a day, with rests every 150 miles (the seat was like sitting on a rail). Is it just because I'm old(er)? I'm 62.

Dirt Road asked on May 17, 2016

Answer this

For me I use my bike primarily for commuting (70-85mph) with an occasional longer ride. I won't ride with out full gear (full helmet) if I plan to travel faster than 50-mph. My jacket is a mesh (pulled out liner) with full pads. That keeps me cool and keeps the wind off me. They have those cold packs (you freeze) for your neck. Other than that take some fish oil pills or take a nap before you ride :) Joking aside, just be comfortable. The M50's sweet spot is 45-65mph. Faster than that, I'm still looking for another gear (even after 10 months of ownership). Wanting 1 more gear aside, I love my bike. Now eye balling the m109.

I had the same problem with the seat but after I did some researche I found that most seats from new take a little while to wear in. The foam padding settles down and mounds to you and also becomes a little softer.
You can alway modify the seat if you find a decent repairer.

Hi there, my guess is that age has to do with it. These bikes are quite comfy. I have to admit that longer rides wear me out these days more than in the past and I am only 45.

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