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I have been denying myself the quality that these speakers deliver

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 26, 2012

For 20 years I havemade do with average plastic speakers for use with my PC. When my last pair died I began researching; this is where I came across the MyAV store. At first I was going to chose another model and sent an email to MyAV requesting info. Their was a delay in their response so I continued my reserch and discovered a better product. MyAV did get back to me when I placed the order for the other product to check to see if I still wanted the product in my original enquiy. Their communication since then has been excelent.
The speakers have performed as well (if not better) than as reviewed on various sites.

+ I could have got the speakers shipped over from the US howevere there would have been a delay. @ MyAV I was able to see how long delivery time would be and order online. My beauties came in 3 days!

- I would have preffered a more prompt response to my initial enquiry. Neverthess, as I made a better choice with time to reflect, maybe it was ment to be?

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