Never Again.....

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 16, 2017

I called this company last month and the fellow introduced himself as Peter whose grasp of the english language turned out to be as poor as the quality of his unknown brand batteries. Anyways, I took the chance and despite Peter telling me that his technician would be there within the hour, after several hours of being stranded, the so-called 'technician' showed up. Long story short, the battery got changed however, it left me locked out of my audio system and the top-of-the-line-maintenance-free battery died yesterday so I did the job properly this time by calling NRMA. Sydney Battery is one hell of a dodgy company and I for one will never use them again.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 19, 2017

The installer could hardly speak English, they billed by credit card for more than agreed, and then they replaced the battery without putting a power back on the vehicle, so I lost all my settings in the stereo.

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Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 13, 2017

Avoid at all cost. Never be so desperate to use this service. I had to get a jump start within 2 months of getting my battery replaced and since then i have jump started battery twice. Every time i call for a warranty replacement they say they are closed for refurbishment??!! How can a mobile battery replacement place be closed for recurbishment or renovations? Big time scammers and shonks. Plus the verbal abuse you receive from team manager peter and the appaling language to boot is an utter disgrace. Please everyone, they are not the cheapest in sydney by a long shot. Stay clear of this rip off company, do yourself a huge favour and use NRMA or marshall first up because you will end up using them after Peter tells you what he thinks of you with foul language, then hangs up on you and you end up ringing Marshall after all the abuse. Scammers!!!

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Stay away

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 29, 2017

Battery life of less than 12 months,absolute rubbish battery,avoid ssb,will never use again and will never recommend rip off,crap,garbage ,not happy

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Disgraceful, deceiving & dishonest.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2017

I called Sydney Batteries 3 months ago to replace a flat battery. Despite advertising that they were the cheapest, I have since found out I was overcharged. 3 months on the battery went flat. I contacted Sydney Batteries who immediately sent me a text message saying I agree to the warranty conditions. I smelt a rat so clutch started the car and drove it to my mechanic. His test revealed it was a flat battery. I called Sydney Batteries again to arrange a replacement. [name removed] aggressively disputed this and said he would send one of his technicians to check it using his Medtronic tester. He sent me the warranty conditions twice and wanted my credit card details. I told him I was not providing my card details and that I would be at the mechanics. After. 3 hours I called again to be told he would be there between 1-4pm (5-9 hours after my initial call). In between (and by co incidence) the battery manufacturers sales rep called at the mechanics. He checked the battery and informed us it was over 12 months old as well as being faulty should not have been sold in the first place. He replace it immediately. I contacted Sydney Batteries and spoke to [name removed] the team Manager and informed him of this. He sent through the warranty conditions and again and said that there would be a $90 call out fee and hung up. I called back to tell him the manufacturer replaced his dodgy battery and he sent me the warranty conditions again and then swore at me and hung up.
Do not use this company. They are scammers. I will be following up with fair trading.

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They Use Old Batteries- Do Not Buy From Them

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2017

I purchased a battery from these guys & the guy came and installed it, after 1 month I noticed the clear cylinder on top of battery (that is meant to be green when battery is new) it was black but I didn't take any action as battery was still working.
A few months later battery would not start after car was not in use for 3 days & it continued like this every time car was not in use for 2-3 days I had to jump start it. I called them up (Sydney Batteries) as Invoice says 3 year warranty & he said he will come out to my place but if battery is still good and it is only dying due to a battery drain when car is off then he will charge me a $80 call out fee so I ended up going to his place instead,
after arriving he puts this stupid little machine on it & says look it says battery is good- I said of course it is still good I just drove 40 mins to get here so it has charged while I drove here (as I knew my alternator was fine) he said no no no its a good battery we not sell you an old battery maybe you have a battery drain when the car is switched off go to electrician to check. So I leave & go to electrician & he checks for a battery drain but there is NONE the car is good the alternator is good but he says battery is old, so I called Sydney batteries & told him everything and he just gets very aggressive & keeps saying that they don't sell old batteries or faulty ones, so I asked him to explain the reason for my battery dying after only few days when car is not in use (as a good battery won't do that) & he would not explain and just hangs up.
CAUTION= So they sell 2nd hand batteries at full cost then when it dies early they will not honor the 3 warranty & will try to make it out as if there is something wrong with your car!!!

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Scam Company

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2017

This company is a SCAM. They give provide faulty batteries to customers and do not fix the situation when you ask them for a new battery. They act aggressive and tell you that you have to pay to have it replaced! Even with a 3 year warranty!! And that is WHEN you can actually contact them, they always go straight to voicemail! This man is scamming everybody (as you can see below in almost every single comment) and I suggest that everybody call fair trading to complain like I am going to do right now.

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SSB Batteries

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 02, 2017

Purchased 3 SSB AGM batteries for a game fishing boat - a $1000 investment.
One of the batteries was dodgy from the beginning - would not hold a charge. Over a year it deteriorated until I could not get a charge into it. Took it back to SSB who refused to honour the 3 year warranty because I had let it go flat!!!
It went flat because it was faulty not because of anything I did with the battery.
Stay away from SSB batteries.

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Avoid Sydney Batteries

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 26, 2017

[name removed] Sydney Batteries Team Manager will not honour 3 year warranty on my battery. Requested to text my Tax Invoice, which I did, then my receipt, which I did then he called me to say I had a 2 year warranty not 3 year. My Tax invoice clearly indicates 3 year. He then text a warranty condition agreement that I had to acknowledge. I refused. This company must be working on scams. I'm contacting the relevant NSW F/trade department to follow this thru.

Sydney Batteries should not be in business if it treats customers like this. Avoid them.

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Fast service and back on the roas

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 24, 2017

I rang and had a technician out within the hour. He was polite and knowledgable and the battery was connected and worked fine. After reading the reviews I am nervous about the longevity, but so far so good. Good price.

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Avoid Like The Plague

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 19, 2017

Driver was a nice enough guy but he is under instructions from the boss to blame the car as the problem and not the battery. As soon as he arrived he asked me how often i drive my car and focused on the car having a power leakage. The previous battery (Not from Sydney Batteries) lasted for over 4 years without any problem so obviously there is no fault with my car. This battery lasted just 5 months and they falsely offer a 3 year warranty with the batteries they sell but you can forget that. It is cheaper to buy a battery from an auto store anyway as i later found out. This business is a scam and should be deregistered.

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Very very disappointing

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2017

Please guys never ever deal with this company. They told me someone will be there within 1 hour and I was waiting and waiting but never showed up and when I called them to cancel my job and first think the team manage start with F...k you Mother Fu... bla bla. This is the customer service they have. Non stop swearing to me and I hang up.
Think about the future what could happen if I needed to change or replace the batter or something else.
I never recommend to anyone to go ahead with this shitt company

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Sydney Batteries - Run for the hills

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2016

Don’t deal with this company! Pay extra and get NRMA or MARSHALL to replace your battery.

Their quote and alleged warranty for my 4WD battery replacement was the best I could find. I sent photo of existing battery and how it was connected as this was my 2nd battery, and had lugs instead of round terminals.
Mobile technician arrived after 1.5 hours but brought a battery with the wrong terminals. The technician did not know how to connect the battery, and my mechanic had to perform the installation.

In less than 3 months the battery was not holding a charge and I called [name removed] to get it rectified. He has to be the rudeness person in NSW and possibly the whole of Australia. His starting position is that you are the problem and your battery problem is your problem. If the battery is faulty it is because of your alternator or because of something else wrong with your vehicle. He then sends you SMS messages stating that he will charge you $80 to send out a technician to check the battery.

He reminds you twice in the SMS messages to check warranty conditions. Basically, you will have to hire an auto electrician to check the battery independent of Sydney Batteries, else you will not be getting a replacement battery.

Please stop supporting these companies because you think you are getting a good deal… use a company with a good reputation like NRMA or MARSHALL. He does not have a service office and works out of a van from home.

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Amazing price !! Fantastic service and quick.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 18, 2016

Called at 1:50pm...text with quote arrived 1 minute later...technician at my home in less than 15 check of current battery and replacement as i knew was pass quick and easy. .back on road in less 10 minutes...cannot fault service or response from Peter or the technician. ...just what i needed with a newborn and little time on my hands..

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These are terrible people... more like a scam

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 19, 2016

I got my battery replaced by them last month. The car started but eventually died again in 3 weeks time. I checked it with a mechanic who pointed out to me that the battery is not a new one to start with and is of a much lower power rating than the one that is supposed to be used for my car. My car uses 670 CC amps and the one these guys fitted was a 550 CC amps which is not suitable at all. I called them and a guy called Peter Law answered and as soon as he knew I was calling for warranty replacement he totally lost interest in the call and said someone will call me back next morning to come and check the car. This means that the 1 - 2 hour service wait is rubbish and not true and also means that they do not entertain anyone who is asking replacement under warranty. Peter was SO rude over the phone and said he is not interested in wasting his time with warranty issues and that if the battery worked for 3 weeks this means there is nothing wrong with the car and that they will sure charge me 80$ plus GST to come and check it and that too is a day later. Rubbish people. probably not all the deals they do are scam but most of them are. They sold me a battery with lower rating, it was a used one, and probably faulty one and they had no intention to rectify any of that and asked to be paid 80$ for them just to come and take a look, that too, delayed by 24 hours. Terrible people. BTW, they charged me 189 + GST for the battery and later I found the same battery at supercheap auto for $134. At least $60 than what they charged me. Scammers.

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Terrible Experience

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2016

I rang and had an appointment for Tuesday between 10-1230. On Saturday morning at 8am I recieved a call to say they were in the street to replace the battery. I had done night shift and was not happy to receive this call, I explained it was the wrong day and time and said I would like to cancel my Tuesday appt as I was not confident with their business processess if they could get this so wrong. Then the guy started yelling at me that he did not want a customer like me anyway and did not want my business. Great customer service - NOT.

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Last minute call and same day service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 14, 2016

I called on a Saturday and needed to get my car battery replaced. I was given a 2 hour slot straight away. The technician turned up on site within that time and had communication leading up to his arrival. The technician was polite and efficient and most importantly, the car started after he left. Could not ask for more from a service. It does exactly what it advertises on their website - thank you!
UPDATE: After having had the battery replaced in March this year, by August I was having problems again. They came and checked and (after the 2nd visit) replace the battery again. They are adamant there was not a problem with the first battery and it was a problem with "power drain" from my car so I was charged a call out fee. Having taken my car to the auto-electrician, there is no problem with my car, also, since the 2nd battery was put in there has been no from that I can only see there WAS a problem with the first battery. Now have not only had the call out fee, but also the cost of the auto-electrician to check my car...not happy and will no longer be recommending them (my original rating was 5* and now a 2, only because the actual guy that did the call out was really helpful and friendly).

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