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Course: Launch Program

Gave me the push I needed

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 19, 2016

I'd been in business for a few months while working fulltime but I didn't have the business running well enough or the motivation to take it full time, beyond the awesome advice given in the workshops from the advisors, the people in our group got me motivated to actually do more with my business and I'm actually seeing the results. Highly recommended

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Course: Build Program

Feeling duped by a company of no substance

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 19, 2016

I signed up to a Diploma of Business after attending a fantastic conference and seeing and hearing all the possibilities from this company. I started my diploma with gusto! I had my wow guru who took 2 weeks to initially introduce himself and then never heard from again...wow what a guru!! I had no support...students were expected to give each other support which is ok if your getting something else from the entourage...which didn't happen. I feel I was scammed and duped by a company thats just in the business to make money...what an entrepreneurial way to do it! Use small business owners vunerability to use what little money they have at start up stage and then drop them like a sack of potatoes once they are signed up and paid...disgusting! I wanted to warn others as I wish I had. Good luck entrepreneurs, there are many other ways to get the info and its not through the entourage.

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