The replacement lenses

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 07, 2017

Got replacement lenses which matched the old ones, were great for a few years but then the inside of the lenses started wearing or rubbing off which made them very annoying to wear as they are patchy to view through.

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Poor quality

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 05, 2017

These lenses were poor quality and fit. Cheap sunglasses give me eye strain headaches. I have 4 pairs of Oakley and one pair of Raybans and have no problem with them. I replaced the rayban lenses from this company and immediately started getting eyestrain headaches. The inferior quality to the originals was very obvious. Save you money and look elsewhere.

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The Sunglass Fix Official

Hi Jerod, I'm really sorry about the issues you had with our lenses. I must also state that I'm very surprised and something must had gone seriously wrong with your order and the manufacturing of y... read more »


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Give them a Miss, cheap plastic and poor colour!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 15, 2017

Having dropped my Ray Bans and cracked a lens I looked on line for a replacement and found Sunglass Fix, I really which I hadn't!
The site is very misleading with its home page, its states that the replacement lenses will be as good if not better than the original but they are far from it.
Took 3 weeks after ordering to get them and when they came they were cheap plastic lenses, there's no weight to them which make the sunglasses sit and feel totally different, with out the logo's on it makes the sunglasses look like fake ones.
The colour is totally different and while they do fit it's not a secure fit.
Their customer service is exceptionally poor, when I contacted them all I got was message one - "I need to speak to my manager" fair enough, message two - (From the manager) its all in the small print!
When I said that there was nothing on the sites home page clearly saying that the lenses are plastic and will not come with any logo the reply was "our home page is there to sell lenses the detail is in the T&C's".
They did offer that I could return them at my own cost and once checked for any damage I could get a refund but sending them back to Australia for the sake of £38 is just too mush hassle.

My advice, put your £30/50 towards the "Real" lenses form a reputable local shop you can trust.

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The Sunglass Fix Official

Hi Eho Man, First I would like to apologize for the experience you had with The Sunglass Fix. I'm having a serious look into our customer care's response to your complaint as it sounds abnormal. ... read more »


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In the Bin!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2017

So with the good reviews I thought i couldn't lose but ... i did! I watched the vids and got to work but just couldn't get the lenses to fit. They say the lenses are a guaranteed fit but as an engineer by trade I measured the lenses and there over size of the originals by .3 of a milometer. The top of the frame near the screw doesn't sit flush because the lenses are bigger than the originals all the way round. I complained and they replaced the lenses but there still over size so in the bin they go as i nearly damaged my frames trying to make the lenses fit the first time.
Waste of time and money ... track the originals down there be glass not plastic and fit!

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The Sunglass Fix Official

Hi Buba, Sorry to hear about the fit problem. It's rare but it can happen. If we reshipped and the lens was still too large it could be one of two things. 1) You've got a different model number o... read more »

New South Wales

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Perfect Experience. Will be going back.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 14, 2017

After having my Ray Bans for a few years the original lens where destroyed. I was searching everywhere to try and find another pair but I stumbled across The Sunglass Fix. I was delighted to see they carried replacements for my glasses that had been discontinued by the company I purchased them through.

The lens arrived promptly and where a solid 10/10. I was able to select the level of tint and colour before checking out and I prefer the tint provide by The Sunglass Fix over the original lens. The lens I brought are now 6 months old and are still in perfect condition even with the way I treat my glasses.

The lens for my particular glasses where easy to replace as the frame is plastic. I assume if your frames are not plastic they might be harder to replace but there are videos on their website / YouTube channel to step you through replacing them.

I have noticed that other people are complaining that the lens do not come with 'Ray Ban' written on them. This is obvious as the lens are not genuine Ray Ban lens, they are replacements. So do not buy these lens if you care about the brand being printed on them.

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Verified Customer

I have my favourite sunglasses back!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 19, 2017

Highly recommend! Scratched my Prada's on hols and thought I would have to bin them, thank god for Sunglass Fix!! Thank you soooooooooo much! Took a bit of effort to get old lenses out and new in but am absolutely delighted xx

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3rd time, and keep coming back

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 11, 2017

This is the third time I have had sunglasses repaired. Paying $60 to get new lenses in a $200 pair of sunglasses where the frames aren't damaged is a no brainer. Excellent value and workmanship and even have my wife getting her glasses repaired instead of spending $300 on a new pair! What a win! I can't recommend The Sunglass Fix enough. Their customer service is excellent, their shipping packaging is robust and their turnaround time is fast.

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Fantastic service and quality by The Sunglass Fix!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 30, 2017

What a great find this little company based outside Byron Bay is! They custom-cut and installed lenses in my 8-year old semi-rimless RB 3217 Ray Bans - I just received them back today and they look amazing! The turnaround time was just over 3 weeks, and that involved posting them from/to Perth which took a week in each direction. I was about to bin my sunglasses after the lenses cracked when I tightened the little screws holding them in (silly me!), and was actually looking for new sunglasses online when I came across an advert for The Sunglass Fix. The replacement lenses were unbelievably reasonably priced, and the consistently good reviews were very confidence-inspiring. Communication was fantastic - after I had placed my order online, an email was received telling me how to get my frames to The Sunglass Fix, another one advised me that they had arrived, then a final email notified me that they had been posted back to me and gave me the Australia Post tracking number. A potential complication was that I decided shortly after posting them to change the order to have them polarised, and then also a little later to change the colour of the lenses from green to dark grey. These changes were received with good grace - nothing is too much trouble for The Sunglass Fix! They confirmed my requested changes to my order by email and my online order page was also updated. I thought there might be additional costs involved with all this chopping and changing at the last minute, but no. As they say on their website, customer satisfaction is their priority.

I am very, very happy that I decided to get my lenses replaced instead of just consigning my favourite sunnies to landfill (as I'm sure a lot of people do once they've damaged their lenses and don't know where to go to get them replaced). The entire experience from start to finish was overwhelmingly positive, and I will be recommending The Sunglass Fix to all my friends. A lot of Australian businesses could learn a thing or two about customer service from the Sunglass Fix!

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Awesome service!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 04, 2017

Ordered a pair of lenses for my 7 years old Ray Bans. Once I have received them, I realized I ordered the wrong size and raised with the support. They sent (at their expense) the SAME day the RIGHT pair of lenses along with a PREPAID return envelope to return the wrong one I have ordered. How awesome is that?

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Excellent Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 25, 2017

The Sunglass Fix is personable, efficient,quality and excellent communicators.They know how to fix sunglasses and they are professional and very organised.I was so happy to find a company that did this. My lovely sunglasses suffered a slight crack on one of the lenses and rather than buy a new pair I was able to fix.

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Awesome! Very good!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 19, 2017

Replacement black/red mirror for Ralph 5208. Very nice! Just ordered the G 15 green mirror also fo mix up.

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So happy to have found replacement lenses!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 18, 2017

Service by Sunglass Fix was excellent, and the lenses fitted beautifully into my Ray Ban frame, plus the little extras I bought came in very handy!

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Great communication and product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

After multiple inquiries from myself, The sunglass fix was consistent in replying on time and sending ample information and pictures to help me. Great product too. Thank you

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Mako Sleek

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 12, 2017

Awesome replacement lenses, fast delivery, value for your bucks. Cannot fault them. The Sunglass Fix website video on removal and installing of lenses is very helpful too. Will definitely be referring this company to others.

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St Ives 2075

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Brilliant service from Sunglass Fix

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2017

Some time ago I posted a negative review of Sunglass Fix. Clearly I was wrong, and I now have regrets about what I wrote. After my review, I was contacted by a customer support person, and the offered to not only provide replacement lenses, but if I wished, they would even fit the lenses for me.
I opted for them to fit the replacement lenses for me, so I posted the sunglasses to them.
They were returned to me in very quick time, and they are FANTASTIC. The sunglasses are better now than when they were made by RayBan!
I am so happy with them, and wish to record my utmost satisfaction with the quality of the lenses, and the courtesy and professionalism of the team at Sunglass Fix.
Thank you so much.

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You saved my Sunglasses from being ruined

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2017

After my husband purchased my Chanel sunglasses as a birthday present, I only got to wear them for a week before my daughter accidentally sent my sunglasses flying across the pepple crete and scratched them. For 1 year I wore them all scratched everyone told me that there was no point getting them fixed it would cost to much. My husband then cracked his lenses on his glasses and looked online and found Sunglass Fix. We couldn't believe how fantastic the service was, so quick and efficient and how perfect our glasses came back. Thank you sunglass fix I will definitely be using you guys in the future and recommending your company to all my friends.

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Love this product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 05, 2017

I am a regular user of sunglasses fix as I have a terrible habit of leaving my sunnies laying around the house, car, work place. I always purchase their polarised lenses and find their product to of a very high quality that easily replaces my original lenses. Their shipping time is very quick and customer service is excellent. Replacing lenses is a fraction of the cost or purchasing new pairs, especially when the frames are still in excellent condition or you've found pair that fit perfectly and hard to find again.

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Great products, great service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 04, 2017

I have bought 2 sets of polarized lenses from these guys over time and am thoroughly stoked with the product and the service.. Always a quick delivery and no hassles..

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Polarised lenses work great

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 19, 2017

The lenses arrived quickly, and popped right into my Oakley Holbrook frames. No issues. It's like having new sunglasses again, amazing. I don't think I'll ever go back to buying replacement sunglasses--buying lenses is easier and allows you to change the color style.

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Absolutely brilliant.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 12, 2017

Great concept. Brilliant fast reliable service. To be able to buy Prada lenses in a rural area and have them delivered in 2 days is nothing short of unbelievable. Great well mannered staff.

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Questions & Answers

I have a pair of rayban rb3016 clubmasters and i need to replace the lenses. My only question is will the left lens still have the rayban logo? I really enjoy the logo and its a deal breaker if it won't.

stylingballer23 asked on Jul 15, 2017

Answer this

Hi, Sorry, no logos, just great lenses. We manufacture our own lenses and have nothing to do with Ray Ban.
Best bet is to go to Sunglass Hut who is also owned by Luxottica (who owns Ray Ban too). OPSM is also owned by Luxottica so they may be able to help too.
We offer a high quality option for most consumers that don't support their product after sale, especially with regards to lenses. If you can't find replacement lenses or discover that getting lenses from Ray Ban proves too expensive or takes a few months we are always here to help but sorry, not branding or logos. Craig and the Team at The Sunglass Fix.

Hi there I have a pair of Prada SPR 12S ( new 2017) that are totally scratch from being dropped . Do you have these lenses or could I have some customer made for this frame ? Regards Julia

Jules asked on Jun 20, 2017

Answer this

Hi Julia, I have checked the site and lenses are not currently available for the Prada SPR12S frames. Probably too new.
Your best bet is to order custom make lenses. here.
Same price and we install them for you. However, there is some small shipping cost as we need your frames in the lab to do the work.
Thanks, Craig

Hi, I have a pair of Preen Nottingham sunnies & have dropped them on sand & now there's annoyingly abrasion on each lens right at eyeball level, they're a lovely quality shade & would love to have you take care of them for me based on all your great reviews. not fussed if the lenses are slightly different to originals but ideally darker the better. if possible how do i get them to you. Cheers, Gyorgyi

Gyorgyi asked on Mar 15, 2017

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