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Generation: TM5 Date Purchased: Oct 2017

Thermomix review

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2017

Blending stuff like home made cake and quick sorbet and whipping stuff like cream and mincing meat into homemade mince by blending it and

And a issue when making fruit sorbet the machine fails to work with ice inside

Machine is great

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Generation: TM5 Date Purchased: Jul 2016

Great - but expensive.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 01, 2017

You can do everything another way - but, it does make it a lot easier. It kind of does the cooking for you - and there are heaps of free recipes on the internet.
It pretty easy to operate and to clean. The only real downside is how expensive it is up front, and then how sensitive it is - such as you can't tap the side of the bowl (due to the scales/sensors in it) and you can't slide it around due to the scales/feet.

It particularly comes into its own making sauces, or risotto.

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Generation: TM5 Date Purchased: Jan 2017

I like it, Its growing on me.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2017

I have had this for 8 months. I live in a tiny residence so making home made soup comes at a space cost.

Whats good :
It cooks, chops, steams, weighs
it has a warranty which covers the system and I believe the blade base.

Whats alright:
Food can often be caught in a 2 mm gap between the base of the blade and the attachment of the blade.
tumeric can stain the lid for a number of weeks turning it green.

Whats not so good:
It can be quite loud ( i like my delicate hearing :) )
It need supervision for the higher powered jobs (when the feet move around).

What would be nice:
A website so that people that had unthermomixed recipes would be able to convert it and save to computer or print off.

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Generation: TM5 Date Purchased: Jun 2017

All in all, very good!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2017

So, what can I say? I love almost everything about the Thermomix and what it's built for. It has made cooking more efficient, easier and less stressful. It is great for someone who loves eating at home but doesn't necessarily love cooking.

Where the Thermomix lets us down is the noise it generates while performing most functions including normal cooking. A minor issue is that there is no easy way to get stuff out of the bowl 100% - not even the provided spatula allows for easy removal of ingredients.

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Generation: TM5 Date Purchased: Sep 2016

Met my expectations

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 26, 2017

The TM5 mills brown and white rice into flour, sugar into icing sugar, and is great at a wide range of cooking from desserts to meals, mixing dough, whisking and chopping. It jumps around a bit at times during tasks such as kneading dough. Easy to clean and a pleasure to use.

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Generation: TM5 Date Purchased: Dec 2015

Machine to Build Confidence in Cooking

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 19, 2017

The TM5 has allowed me to have confidence in my cooking.
It is fantastic at cooking rice and pasta, creates ease for making cakes (including icing), can grind spices simply and quickly. Fantastic for making things from scratch like bread, pizza bases, naan, curry paste.
Best function is the varoma (steaming) which allows me to cook a healthy meal all at once
It is easy to clean, the bowl comes apart simply and is dishwasher safe. I find I forget to clean the body of the machine, so they can be stubborn particularly on the locking mechanism.
It can be bulky on the bench and not that easy to put away, so need to be prepared to have it out all the time

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Generation: TM5 Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Good addition to the kitchen...BUT..

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2017

I was very happy with it until recently. Used it for everything but I have never used such a sensitive machine. If the cord isn't all the way out or the cord touches something else it affects the scales. Even a grain of rice under a foot. The scales have stopped working now and it's only 4 months old. It doesn't mince gravy beef either...even chopped into cubes and partly frozen. I love it for everything else but the scales in the machine is a big mistake. Not happy that an expensive machine only 4 months old needs repair.

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Generation: TM5 Date Purchased: Oct 2010

Still a good investment but I preferred my TM31

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2017

I was a raving fan of the TM31. Absolutely loved it to pieces and used it multiple times a day, took it away with us on holidays even when camping (if there was a power source nearby). I had it for 5 years, then the TM5 came out which my neighbour bought. I went to her delivery demo and I was sold on the new gadgetry and automated features. I took advantage of the 2 years interest free deal that came up a little while later with the thought of giving my old one to my daughter. However 1 year later I'm going to give her the TM5 and go back to the TM31. If you are an owner of the older model toying with the idea of upgrading, don't do it. The silly new safety features they implemented for people who have no common sense drive me nuts. It is a bit like going from a standard top loader washing machine to the early automatic front loaders - you lose control of what you can do. New users won't know the difference but standing there waiting for the lid to unlock really tests my patience.

However I still think it's good value for money when you put it up against similar quality products (KitchenAid, Vitamix). We've easily cut out huge amounts of preservatives from our diet by not needing to buy processed foods. We only rarely buy commercial bread, or buy the ridiculously expensive gourmet breads. I make my own gourmet artisan breads for a couple of dollars. I make all my own sauces, mayonnaises, yoghurts, cakes, butter, curry pastes.

There is a bit of time needed to adapt to doing things a bit differently but before long you will be cooking things you had never dreamed you were capable of doing. Also for people that have no idea how to cook, it's great. The recipes are step by step - ingredients, time, temperature and speed. No strange terms like saute, simmer which a non cook may not initially know exactly what that means. I know of a couple who had 3 kids under 5, the wife was the main cook as hubby didn't cook. Within 6 months of having the thermomix the husband was the main cook in the house!

One thing nobody mentions when reviewing why anyone would spend $2000 on a machine that several other machines could do for far less money (or the cheaper copies) is the German technology. These machines will still be going in 20 years time. How many blenders would you have burnt out in that time, especially when trying to grind wheat or ice. There are no moving parts, it is electro magnetic. The cheaper versions will burn out in a year or 2 of constant use. A friend of mine has an older model Theormomix she bought out from Germany 20 years ago and it's still going strong!

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Generation: TM5 Date Purchased: Sep 2015

A year of cooking more adventurously

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 29, 2016

I received my TM5 one year ago and so far I've been very happy with it. I use it most days and I feel I can justify the price tag because it does make my life easier. I've definitely cooked a lot of things I wouldn't have tried before, like making my own stock pastes, risottos, sorbets, dips, pizza bases and protein balls. I bake more and I hide more veggies in our food because it's so easy to throw them in and grate them up in the Thermi.
I started off making a lot of the recipes on the chip and then found blogs and websites like Skinnymixers, Quirky Cooking and Thermobexta. The Recipe Community is a great resource and I use it regularly.
You can find recipes for just about anything you want to make. I always search the recipes by rating so I can find the most reliable ones.
I don't think it has saved me money on groceries but I have to admit I've not been bothered to make my own bread, yoghurt or pantry staples. I'm sure it is easy to do.
The Thermi is easy to clean. I give it a quick whizz with a little detergent and then use the cleaning brush. I put the bowl in the dish washer and I don't bother taking it apart unless blades are really dirty.
I do think Thermomix could have designed this product better, especially for the money. One day I was making a smoothie and liquid somehow came out of the side of the sealed lid and dripped into the base. As a result I got an error message and was worried I'd have to send it off for repair. Luckily the Thermi dried out and has operated fine since then. My criticism is that the base should be designed so it still works even if it gets wet. It's a worry to me that minor spills could potentially ruin a $2000 machine. I also find it hard to dry the pins inside the bowl base.
Overall I think the quality of the machine is good and I haven't had any issues with the scales.
If you're considering buying check out the Recipe Community and look at most popular recipes so you can see the types of things you can cook and decide if you'd get enough use out of it.
I'm not a consultant, just a customer who has tried to write a fair and balanced review of the product.

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Generation: TM5

Great addition to the Kitchen

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 05, 2016

Have had my Thermie for a few weeks now and starting to feel confident using it. Thought maybe it was a younger persons appliance but it is very easy to use especially with the recipe chips which allow guided cooking. You also have many varied recipes to choose from on the web.
Yes......expensive but amazing the number of things you can make in it ........and saving money on things like almond meal/butter/condensed milk and the list goes on and on. Certainly a time saver and and good to know exactly what you are feeding your family.
Can only say that I am enjoying using it and surprise myself each meal I cook.
The appliance was delivered by the consultant who went through all the safety /cooking options and was very thorough

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Generation: TM5

Almost perfect

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 17, 2015

It is so easy to use, especially with the recipe chip. And I would give it 5 stars but I find the cooking temperature often doesn't reach the pre-set temperature on the recipe chip. And I'm not the only person with this problem either, my mum has the same issue. She contacted her consultant who contacted thermomix. They made her run a few tests and sent a technician out to have a look at it but the issue wasn't resolved. He said the problem wasn't in the machine but the recipes on the chip (??)
It doesn't overly bother me - I just cook it a bit longer if required - but you'd expect for the price, there shouldn't be issues like this.

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Generation: TM5


4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2015

I've had my TM for 2 wks now & loving it. What I'm not loving though is the customer service. I was promised a follow up phone call within a week & still haven't received it, also, I was cooking beef stroganoff for tea on Friday night & TM kept on stopping. When my TM was delivered my consultant told me to text or phone if I had even the smallest question, so I texted her about TM stopping cos I didn't want to keep on using it if there was a fault & void the warranty - 3 days later, still no reply to text.
Seems they get the sale & then ignore you for ever after.

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Generation: TM5

Love my machine but use it for specific needs

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 06, 2015

To give you an idea of whether or not this machine is for you, it would be best for me to explain why I bought one and how we normally eat as a family. When I was looking into buying a machine, there wasn't a lot out there that talked about the things that I wanted to know, so hopefully this will help others in a similar position.

I am a working mum and my cooking is pretty basic. Our meals need to cater for small children (6 and 2) are fairly everyday, I certainly don't view myself as a gourmand! Meat and salad or meat and vegies is pretty much it over the summer months and in winter, pasta, soups and curries are also a favourite, especially if I can leave it in the slow cooker all day. However, having said that, I don't want all of my meals to be carb based and we would only have one of these maybe 1-2 times a week in the winter. We are a fan of Mexican and love the Old El Paso taco kits, chicken pies and basic hearty food. I am health conscience and as such as a family we are not massive dessert or cake eaters but we do have special dietary needs.

This is what drove me to buy the Thermomix. As other people have mentioned, if you are handy with a blade (which I am) it is just as quick to chop things yourself as do it in the thermo, unless you are doing fine blade work. I also don't use the machine to cook meat that much as quite honestly, I find it just as quick and easy on a stovetop, bbq or grill. My primary use for the thermomix is that it allows me to make my own GF bread and Almond Milk. When I sat down and did a cost analysis for the machine and then weighed up the cost of $7.00 a loaf of bread and a minimum of $3.50 a litre for the milk it was a no brainer - the machine would pay for itself in 18 months.

Others have mentioned lots about its amazing features - which it has - it is German after all and an exceptional piece of engineering. The ability to mill your own flours, sugars etc is what makes it truly special. These are the things I make regularly in my machine:

GF bread
Almond Milk
Spice Mixtures for chicken etc


Choc yogo

If you would like to amp up the desserts you make, you will probably love this machine - it is exceptional. However, if you are a pretty basic eating family, unless you have a specific need for the machine, I wouldn't say it is value for money. There are some people out there who truly do make everything in their cupboard from scratch and I applaud them. But realistically, this does take a lot of time and as a FT working mum, I just don't have it. If your kids are also fans of specific store bought items, be prepared for a battle. My toddler will not have a bar of the soy yoghurt I make in the machine and my 6 year old refuses to eat any other taco mixture than the store bought one. The recipes online are nice but you will not be able to make your stuff taste the same as the commercial items no matter what the claims of the recipe :)

I have attended a cooking class and found it to be very helpful. A lot of the things they made though were very much 'treat' food and not something you would necessarily make every day. There is a GF Cookbook now available, so maybe I will use the machine more in that respect.

I hope this gives others a bit of an idea as to why I bought my machine and what I get out of it.

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Generation: TM5

Loving it so far

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2015

Sad to see so many reviewers with faulty machines. We've had our Thermomix TM5 for about a month and we're using it a lot. Hoping that it remains reliable.
It's not really saving me time because the food I used to prepare without Thermomix in the olden days can still be done that way, sometimes more easily. Chopping parsley, for example is more time consuming in the Thermomix than just cutting the parsley on a chopping board with a knife because it's so hard to get all the little parsley pieces out of the Thermomix bowl.
What the Thermomix TM5 has allowed me to do is to cook food that I wouldn't previously have tried, and to make things from scratch which I would have previously bought at the store.
When I see bread with all sorts of preservatives and other nasty additives, I'm happy to be able to make my own bread relatively simply using pure flour, yeast, water and salt.
There are other dishes like stroganoff that I might not have attempted previously but which the Thermomix makes so easy.
I would never have previously made muesli, but with Thermomix TM5 I can do it in a few minutes, with all the seeds and fruit I like and none of the things I don't want.
I've made the most delicious smooth mayonnaise I've ever tasted using basic pure ingredients in about five minutes. And the vanilla egg custard is so easy to make and the best consistency and most like what I think a custard should taste like, without all that stirring.
There have been other reviews about how difficult it is to clean. I haven't found this to be so.
If food is stuck to the blades, a few seconds on 'turbo' speed usually dislodges anything.
For general cleaning, nine times out of ten it cleans itself with a bit of water and a small amout of dishwashing liquid in the Thermomix bowl, run the blades at speed 5 for ten seconds, then reverse the direction of the blades with a press of the button and run for another ten seconds, and then a final ten seconds with the blades running in the normal direction. At the end of this, the bowl is nearly always completely clean except around the top of the bowl, which just needs a bit of a wipe. Give it a rinse, and it's done - completely clean.
I'm told that the entire bowl could also go in the dishwasher, although we have not done this.

In summary, we are enjoying using the Thermomix TM5 and are hoping it remains reliable.
We are NOT Thermomix consultants, just a husband and wife who now enjoy cooking more than we used to and are enjoying a wider variety of food than we used to cook, and enjoying creating food from scratch without preservatives and other nasties sometimes found in pre-packaged food.

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Generation: TM5

Very good

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 12, 2014

Simply good .blends, cooks complete meals and does so much more! You need to check it out to believe it! It's many kitchen appliances in one unit.

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Questions & Answers


What is the little plastic piece on the jug handle? Mine bursted it yesterday while using the thermo. Is this serious?

MoniqueLS asked on Feb 10, 2018

Answer this

Please email a pic.dont know what I mean


How do you ‘shut down’ thermomix after putting it in to transportation mode?

Joasea asked on Dec 22, 2017


Im in the middle of making mashed potato in my TM5 and invariably the butterfly whisk dislodges mid way thru cooking. is there a trick to securing the whisk so this doesn't happen?

Han asked on Dec 08, 2017

Answer this

I think it's a common problem. Just search in Google and you will find a few videos to show you how to secure it properly. Otherwise just ask your consultant ☺

Yes, if you twist the butterfly clockwise it will hook slightly under the blades and help hold it in position. Try doing this when it’s empty to get the hang. Then checking it’s still correct once you’ve filled the bowl. Good luck.

Thanks so much for the tips. Very grateful. I'll give it another go. Very frustrating atm. :(

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