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Generation: TM5

Hate it. Like a cult

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 09, 2015

This review is a 30 something male being bullied into the purchase by his wife. The machine is ok at some tasks. Certainly not as wonderful as the nazi like consultants would lead you to believe. clean up is a nightmare and I wonder if it would be easier to throw food around the kitchen and then wipe it up. I also found a lot of the recipes on the recipe community are disgusting. Yet people rate them and give them 4 or 5 stars because they don't want to upset the rest of the cult. It has got to the point where if a recipe goes wrong my wife wil l blame me that dare say anything bad again the culty consultants and community. A disturbing culture that preys on women's need to compete with other and desperate need for acceptance. the cooking classes are more to entice more people to buy. They are filled with lies and often most of the class are TM consultants. If you question anything or argue a point they quickly surround you and try to shut you up. They don't want you disproving their lies and stopping a sale.

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Generation: TM5

Terrible waste of money

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 26, 2015

Bought the latest model, TM5. Very, very expensive at over $2,200, but the consultant told me it would literally make me a " Master Chef". It has some great features, no doubt about it ....BUT it requires quite a bit of washing and cleaning. Some of the claimed features such as ice cream making is not that simple. It is quite bulky, use a lot of bench space. Customer service is very poor. To be honest, at that price, it is really a waste of a lot of money. A friend of mine purchased top quality electric pressure cooker and blender and can cook amazing things with the combination of these two appliances for a fraction of what I paid for the Thermomix. Please avoid this appliance.

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Generation: TM5

Always Breaking

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2015

I had my thermomix for only a month before it broke due to an error in new machines. When I sent it back it took ages to fix and was returned without the chip. When I told my rep she said my 2 year old must have removed it? Now it has broken again. Not weighing and no longer heats. What a waste of money.

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Verified Purchase Generation: TM5

poor design

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 19, 2015

We only had ours a few days before a small spill of liquid found its way onto the power board and motor.
Why are the seals inadequate ?
Why was there no protection for either ?
Why wasn't the circuit board coated ?
If you really must have a thermomix, I suggest that you :
- 1) keep the box and packing material so that it's easy to send back for service
- 2) buy a second one to cover the time when the first one is being fixed
- 3) budget for a few hundred dollars every few weeks to cover the service costs

A half baked design !

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Generation: TM5

Has its good points but a very large bad point.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 04, 2015

I'll probably be slammed for this review. But it's an honest opinion. I've wanted a TM since I first went to a demo 3 years ago. Of course the $$ put me off. Since then I've been to 5 demos, and although I never thought the food was *that* great, I could see it was a helpful machine. My sister in law went away & offered to lend me her machine. I was so excited!!
I will say I am a person who cooks from scratch as much as possible, I take a lot of pride in my cooking & am pretty good at it.
First job was chicken nuggets for the kids. All fine
although it didn't process/mince as well as I thought it would. Anyway, 1 job done. Kids liked them & I'll use the recipe again, with added veggies but it was nothing I couldn't do in my food processor.
2. It was recommended to make Butter Chicken (a recipe I often make myself) & all went well. Made the rice too. Sat down to eat & hubby had a few mouthfuls & refused to eat anymore. I ate about half a serve but put it this way: if I was served this in a restaurant I wouldn't pay for it (not that I think you should eat restaurant quality every night). It was ok at best. We both thought my homemade Butter chicken was much much better & took the same time.
3. Made fruit & yogurt Popsicles for the kids. They like them but it is the same time & consistency as the food processor.
4. Butter. Was good. Was quick. Was tasty. I usually make it in my Kitchenaid. Faster in TM.
5. Bread. Pretty good but again, the same as in the Kitchenaid.
6. Hollandaise Sauce. It was quick but tasted awful. Hubby refused to eat it, as did I.
7. Poached eggs. They were fine but very slow. Have to heat machine for 12 mins prior to cooking, then cook eggs. So over 15 mins. I find it quicker to make in a pan.
Anyway, that's enough. I made much more but at the end of the day, it was all pretty much just as time consuming & nothing that can't be done without a TM. In fact most will taste better without a TM sadly. My opinion is if you already have a food processor and mixer you really don't need a TM.
But my biggest complaint is the food is pretty substandard. Most of it we wouldn't ever eat again & hubby is worried he's going to miss out on his usual fare & eat bad food haha.
We're actually pretty confused that everyone raves about the food. I'm not trying to be rude to anyone but most of the people I know that own a TM believe cooking means going to Aldi for a frozen lasagna to reheat & dumping a prepackaged salad in a bowl. If that is cooking to you then this machine will definitely help.
The dips & sorbet are great but how often do you eat that?
In the end, I am really happy I had the opportunity to try it out, but I'm even happier that I didn't spend the $$$.

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Verified Purchase Generation: TM5

Fault after after 7 weeks use

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2015

We have also had the C34 error after our new thermomix being delivered in December. The blades made an unusual sound and could be seen going into reverse when on a slow chopping speed.

Tried to to contact our consultant to be told that she had left the company but would forward her team leader contact details (had wondered why we hadn't been invited to any cooking classes or to hold another demo as we had lots of friends who were interested and couldn't come to our original demo). After nothing was received we contacted the main office.

main office told us that 9/10 times the fault was because fluid had gotten into the motor - insinuating that we'd caused the fault! We have been very careful to not let water get into the motor as $2000 on a kitchen appliance was a very expensice purchase for us! It seems from this forum we're not the only ones with the fault! Had to take our machine down to the main office which is a huge inconvenience when we both work full time and are now waiting for a response.

Very disappointed at the quality and the customise service we have received!

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Generation: TM5

Lots of problems with TM5!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 10, 2015

Please be aware of all the thermomix consultants posting in here. I am not a consultant and bought mine 2 months ago. I have had 2 problems in2 months and now my machine needs to be sent back and the process of fixing it is not a quick one. that's despite the 2 k price tag. If you want to see how many others are having problems have a look at the and see all the users posting breakdowns on there.
My advice, yes it's a great machine but wait a year or two until they have ironed out the bumps. It's clear they have rushed the launch of these.

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Generation: TM5

Love my machine but use it for specific needs

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 06, 2015

To give you an idea of whether or not this machine is for you, it would be best for me to explain why I bought one and how we normally eat as a family. When I was looking into buying a machine, there wasn't a lot out there that talked about the things that I wanted to know, so hopefully this will help others in a similar position.

I am a working mum and my cooking is pretty basic. Our meals need to cater for small children (6 and 2) are fairly everyday, I certainly don't view myself as a gourmand! Meat and salad or meat and vegies is pretty
much it over the summer months and in winter, pasta, soups and curries are also a favourite, especially if I can leave it in the slow cooker all day. However, having said that, I don't want all of my meals to be carb based and we would only have one of these maybe 1-2 times a week in the winter. We are a fan of Mexican and love the Old El Paso taco kits, chicken pies and basic hearty food. I am health conscience and as such as a family we are not massive dessert or cake eaters but we do have special dietary needs.

This is what drove me to buy the Thermomix. As other people have mentioned, if you are handy with a blade (which I am) it is just as quick to chop things yourself as do it in the thermo, unless you are doing fine blade work. I also don't use the machine to cook meat that much as quite honestly, I find it just as quick and easy on a stovetop, bbq or grill. My primary use for the thermomix is that it allows me to make my own GF bread and Almond Milk. When I sat down and did a cost analysis for the machine and then weighed up the cost of $7.00 a loaf of bread and a minimum of $3.50 a litre for the milk it was a no brainer - the machine would pay for itself in 18 months.

Others have mentioned lots about its amazing features - which it has - it is German after all and an exceptional piece of engineering. The ability to mill your own flours, sugars etc is what makes it truly special. These are the things I make regularly in my machine:

GF bread
Almond Milk
Spice Mixtures for chicken etc


Choc yogo

If you would like to amp up the desserts you make, you will probably love this machine - it is exceptional. However, if you are a pretty basic eating family, unless you have a specific need for the machine, I wouldn't say it is value for money. There are some people out there who truly do make everything in their cupboard from scratch and I applaud them. But realistically, this does take a lot of time and as a FT working mum, I just don't have it. If your kids are also fans of specific store bought items, be prepared for a battle. My toddler will not have a bar of the soy yoghurt I make in the machine and my 6 year old refuses to eat any other taco mixture than the store bought one. The recipes online are nice but you will not be able to make your stuff taste the same as the commercial items no matter what the claims of the recipe :)

I have attended a cooking class and found it to be very helpful. A lot of the things they made though were very much 'treat' food and not something you would necessarily make every day. There is a GF Cookbook now available, so maybe I will use the machine more in that respect.

I hope this gives others a bit of an idea as to why I bought my machine and what I get out of it.

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Generation: TM5


1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 27, 2015

We were told by the consultant. It's not plastic it's ' food safe polypropylene'. Which is a fancy word for plastic. The lid contains harmful bpa. How can a company sell a machine for $2000 when half of it is made of cheap and nasty plastic? And why are the consultants so cheerful and running with the line there's no plastic in the thermomix? I call scam! Don't buy this ridiculously expensive machine and never cook with plastic at high heats.

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Generation: TM5

Love the machine, but the disappointed it had an error after 3.5 months of owning

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 12, 2015

I have owned my TM5 since October, 2014. I ordered it soon after the release in September. I made the decision after owning other cheaper imitations of the Thermomix, and feeling that the motors in them just could not perform the way I needed them to. This decision was not a light one, as $2000 is a huge amount of money for our family budget. I found initially that the customer service was excellent, I received a call the very same day after contacting Thermomix from the area manager who put me in touch with a local consultant. She came over to my house with the TM5 to show me the machine. She then went through the purchasing options and I ordered.

Since owing the TM5, I have found it is an amazing machine. It has a stealth motor, with the ability to perform heavy handed tasks such as crushing a kilo of ice, making nut butter and grinding seeds & rice into flours. It does not struggle and can work for lengths of time without any overloading, plastic smell or weird noises. The accuracy in speed is excellent. The machine will turn at very slow revolutions to stir food, and extremely fast revolutions to grind. I love how it grinds whole spices into ground spices. Another very positive aspect is that it can go in reverse, which leaves food intact when cooking meals. When cooking, I am very impressed with the heat distribution. It cooks food very well, and heats up quickly. In comparison to cheaper models I have owned, it is superior at cooking food, even making complete family meals in a very small time-frame. I have made many all-in-one dishes using the steam attachment (varoma) and have been impressed with the quality.
The recipe chip idea for the TM5 is so clever. It runs through each recipe step and inputs the data to the machine, you just flick the knob and off it goes. It comes with the basic cookbook and chip which has over 180 recipes, including three automated recipes. To be honest, I don't use the automated recipes as I find they underperform compared to using the other recipes on the chip or using the machine manually, but others may find these very useful.
I had been a very happy Thermomix owner, until Australia Day, when my machine suddenly displayed a C150 error and started shutting down automatically. I contacted service and they advised my machine would need to be picked up by courier to be serviced. It was picked up on the 28th January stating it would be 7-10 working days until it has been returned to me following pickup. It is now the 12th February, so has been 12 working days, and still no word regarding my machine. I sent them an email last week asking if there was any news regarding my machine and I received a copy & paste type response advising it would be 7-10 working days and they will let me know when it has been serviced. I wrote back indicating that I was very disappointed with this response, and I received another poor reply just stating that they do not know anything yet and that it has been received, they will let me know when it has been serviced.
I am very upset, firstly that my machine had an error that needed servicing in the first place, and secondly that the customer service and time to service is so terribly poor. I have been reading that many people are experiencing errors on these machines, and for the money spent, this is just unacceptable.
Overall, I love the machine. The design is fantastic, the performance is excellent, but for those contemplating a $2000 spend, please be aware that the support you receive in the beginning does NOT continue. The machines do have a high error rate and the time to service is ludicrous. I am not confident this machine will continue to work now that this has happened, and feel dismayed at such a large purchase. My main fear is that when my warranty is up after the 2 years, and the machine continues to get errors, I will have to pay for servicing.

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After selecting "Transportation Mode" I get the message "Please shut down ". What do I do? Do I just turn the power off?

Judy H asked on Jun 11, 2017

Answer this

Press the big silver button until it shuts down. You should always avoid shutting it down by just unplugging it.

Do just as Harmamic says. Keep your finger on the big silver button until the sign comes on saying Thermomix will now shut down. You should shut your machine down this way after each use.


to thicken up a sauce do you take the m/c off and sit the basket ontop instead? thankyou (tm5)

sophie s asked on Mar 24, 2017

Answer this

apologies - I don't waste my time using the thermomix for sauces - quicker, easier, less time consuming, less washing up with 1 x saucepan + spoon to stir sauce...alternatively, use 1 x microwave safe container + sauce mix + spoon - using microwave - check progress each 30 - 45 seconds...a much better and easier way to achieve your sauces - Just how you like them...:]]]

Definitely. More moisture can evaporate without contents splashing over the kitchen surfaces. Plus, you can still walk away and let the Thermomix cook rather than labouring yourself with a wooden spoon.


Is it possible to have the Thermomix as carry on luggage?

Alli asked on Jan 10, 2017

Answer this

The blades are not permitted on board. I'm sure there are size restrictions to carry on luggage. If you take the blades out & it fits the size then take it on board!

It's also quite heavy so I'm not sure it would be within the carry on luggage allowance on all carriers.

Hi, l took my thermo as a carry on to Perth. I was told that it fits perfect in overhead lockers. Wrong! ...l held the fight up as I sat waiting with my Thermomix sitting on my lap, while as they arranged for it to go on another flight was quite stressful!!
But l did get through with the blade :)

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