The Toyo Open Country H/T has been replaced by the newer Toyo Open Country U/T model.


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Car: Nissan Navarro 2016 model

Value for money

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2017

The tyres performed very well,produced very good mileage approx 60k kilometres. Tyres gave a very comfortable ride and felt safe in all weather conditions. Vehicle travelled on winding roads daily and showed limited corner tyre wear and gripped very well on braking. Tyres were so impressive they were replaced with the same tyre on the same vehicle

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Car: Landrover Discovery TD5

Excellent braking and handling

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 05, 2017

I recently had the Toyo HT Open Country tyres fitted to my Landrover TD5 as replacements for the previous Hankook tyres fitted four years ago .
The Toyo's were almost two hundred dollars cheaper and after two months I have found them to be far better handling and braking tyres than the Hankooks .
There is more road noise , marginal perhaps but far less then the original Michelin tyres fitted from new .
Tread appears deep , side walls robust [ I am a gutter scrubber so this is important ] , compound appears to be hard wearing , it took a few hundred kilometres to wear off the rubber pimples on the tread .
The greatest difference I have noticed is in cornering , roundabouts required very slow negotiation in the past , not so with the Toyos , moderate speed is possible without the massive body roll the Hankooks allowed .
Early days yet with only a few thousand Kilometres traveled , but I am certainly happy so far .

Purchased at: Tyrepower

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Car: Mitsubishi Challenger 2014

Cannot believe this

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 05, 2017

Away on holidays, we needed new tyres. We had the original tyres on our Mitsubishi Challenger and never had a problem. Had a great run out of them, but the road noise was unbearable. When we went to purchase new tyres, the salesman asked us if we were happy with the tyres, but sorry, he never had any( this was over at Charters Towers) and we would have to wait for 4 tyres to come in. We said yes, we were sort of happy with them, but could he show us some that we could purchase. We needed to be on the road again.
He showed us the Toyo H/T Open Country tyres, told us how great they were and we bought them. NO ROAD noise. Awesome. Very very pleased with the purchase of these beauties, and they look great on the car.

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Car: 2005 Toyota Kluger

Grips well in the wet.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 04, 2017

The tyres are lasting well. They are expensive! I bought 4 new at the same time, but got a screw in the tyre the very next day after purchasing them. I went back to Argy Tyres, who inspected and explained that there was a screw which had come from the inside of the tyre to the outside. They said that they had "never seen anything like it" before. I asked them if they thought that it could have happened when being fitted yesterday. They said I had no way to prove it. They charged me full price for a new Toyo Tyre. I felt ripped off. As for the tyres themselves, they seem to handle well in the wet. They are not a serious off-road 4WD'ing tyre, but perform well around town, and on the freeway driving 110 kms. I would recommend them for a family car, where you want to maximise safety on the road.

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Car: NP pajero


1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2016

Have 2 of these in 265 70 R16 s on an NP Pajero. I was replacing Khumo Road Venture s. The Khumos were fabulous but the dealer talked me into the Toyo s. Bad decision I had them on the front and even though I had the wheel alignment done twice they were very heavy to steer and always pulled hard in the direction of the road camber. I moved them to the back recently and had new tyres fitted to the front. Decided to write this review now as I nearly had a smash half an hour ago. I was doing only 25 to 30 kph in the wet on a small roundabout and the vehicle spun out. Only the new front tyres held on and saved us from crashing. The Toyo s have at least two years wear left in them but I'll be getting rid of them as I believe they are the worst tyres I have ever owned.

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Car: Outlander ZJ ASPIRE

Fantastic tyre

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 08, 2014

Mine are on an Outlander and have done 110,000ks and still have at least 5mm tread to the bars. They have never been swapped and the Outlander has never had an alignment from new. The original tyres only did 22,000ks (Geolanders) The Toyo's are a lot quieter and hang on better and still do. I expect around 150,000ks. I am not gentle on the tyres either. 20,000 was done towing a 1500kg caravan as well.
I have since sold the Outlander and bought a new diesel Outlander. The old one did over 150,000ks on the toyos. It never had an alignment or balance
Obviously a well built front end
I have put Toyo open country HT 235/60/18
tyres on the new one from new
Have done over 100,000ks so far again without an alignment or balance
Still 3mm to the treadwear indicators
Very good in the wet and dry and quiet.
Great value.

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Toyo Open Country H/T

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 16, 2014

Purchased these to replace Cooper All-Terrain tyres on a Nissan Navara. Toyo Open Country H/T are beyond doubt a high mileage tyre ( just over 100,000) and the rears are down to the wear bars, front tyres have possibly 20 to 30 thousand kilometers wear left ( I do not rotate ) the Toyo H/T have been in some very inhospitable country; grid lines with quartz /iron stone a very real danger of staking/ cuts to sidewalls, high heat - 40 degree plus. They have come thru with some wounds - minor rubber cuts/chips, 1 puncture (tek screw) that's it.

Be under no illusions these Toyo tyres have an Achilles heel which many have alluded to "wet roads" they do aquaplane on sheets of water, once aware of this issue defensive driving goes along way to keeping occupants of the vehicle safe!.

Use: 90% highway gravel roads 10% offroad.

Will I purchase Toyo Open Country H/T tyres again - You betcha!!.

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Soft ride and soo quiet.This review has been edited-bad in the wet- i feek unsafe

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 22, 2014

Reading the reviews on here I bought a pair.

I bought the fronts to replace my Dunlop Grandtek pt2 which you can find the review on PR.
Ride is much softer I think than the Dunlops.
The quietness is even more impressive.Yeah really quiet!

Handling is not as precise as the Dunlops and there is a little tread squirm in hard cornering.
This may be because this tyre has an 2mm extra tread.
It is nothing to be concerned and in the wet I have found them very good.
The softer ride and less noise more than sways me about the tyre.

The wear rating is much higher(harder tyre) and I thought grip would suffer,nah no problems the grip is great.
I was always afraid of hard tyres but the new technology silica treads do grip really well.

Only done 2000 kms so cant comment on wear but with 2mm more tread and a harder tyre gotta be better than the dunlops.
Also H rating rather than S or T of many others so it shows it may be of better quality.

I must mention I have had them rebalanced twice.
Went to JAX quick fit in EPPING.
I think it was the tyre shops fault as I had to go back 2 weeks later and they said they were out.
Things havent been the same since KANE left!!
Sometimes new tyres also need to be rotated left to right due to road camber.Had that done too as the wheel alignment shifted,Seems ok now but not spot on.

I will buy the back ones as well soon.
I am impressed with the wide internal grooves that stop aqua planning and the solid outside tread that seems to lower noise.
Made in Japan.
Bought them from OZZY Tyres online when they were 140.00.Now $210.00 ouch!!
Have done about 5000 km so far tyres wearing well.
Slid around corners as well with the front giving out.
Transfered the tyres to the back and bought Hankook HP2 for the front.
Now I have had the rear slide out twice at round abouts in light rain.
Have never had this happen with this car in 5 years.The dunlops stuck like glue.
After further experimentation I have concluded that these tyres are unsafe in the wet.
EU tyre rating label has them rated as F in the wet.The Hankooks as B and it shows.
DO NOT BUY if you are using them in the wet.All other comments in review stand.
I will not be buying these tyres again.

+ Quiet,Good ride.

- Poor grip in wet.I feel they are unsafe for my family.EU tyre rating in wet as F.Balanced twice but cant determine tyres fault cause both needed it.PRICEY

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Glad it is not just me. I had these on the front of my Territory, and they were a little slippery but not too bad. Got new tyres that went on the front and these went to the rear. Even though they ... read more »

Thanks, now I feel it aint just me too!!


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Toyo Open Country H/T

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 11, 2014

I have drove every back road I could find around Longreach just recently, drove about 8000km last year on gravel, have drove on lumps of ripped granite in state forests, pulled the porcupine spines from my tyres, never lowered the pressures when I should, abused them in every way possible, and hit potholes that left me at the chiropractor. I was told many times how I have ruined my tyres or they would delaminate. Not even a flat.

+ Indestructable.

- Wear indicators very high.

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05/09/2015... the old girl their on is now a '2nd vehicle', but still the same toyos!


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So far 88,257 km out of tyres RAV4 2008 manual reg rotations 5k

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 27, 2013

Excellent tyres I purchased to replace the Dunlops on the 2008 RAV4..They are up for renewal now after doing 88k on them.. They have been great set of tyre still have a few thousand km left on rear but fronts are on wear bars.
I would recommend these tyres to anyone.. great value considering how many kms travelled

+ length of wear

- none

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Mark reviewing his review :) .. well I now have 201,000kms on the RAV4 - I replaced the tyres at 137,312 kms, so I have approximately 68,688kms with approx 2.5mm to the wear bars on front and appro... read more »

81,000 km and will be replacing next week this model Toyo is no longer available and have changed from HT to UT not sure of difference but will be trying Michelins this time.

Cheers and signing off


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3 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 21, 2012

After research and reading all the good reviews, I decided to go for those tires. First corner and I felt that the car was less stable than on the old tires. The side wall is way too soft on them. And going through the roundabout straight ahead and you feel almost drifting, as the car dives into the sides. The tires aren’t actually loosing grip, but they just flex on the sides. Last set of Simex lasted me over 100k km, so I am not an aggressive rider. But the way the tires behave around corners is not acceptable. Ended up pumping them to 38psi, when the cornering is almost acceptable, but then the ride is way to hard. I should be running my tyres at 29psi according to the car manual. Taking them back under Toyo’s money back guarantee. No problems there, I have to say. It’s a shame. Might be ok for lower profiles. Mine is 215/70/16.

+ Quiet and good dry grip.

- Soft sidewall.

Purchased at: Tyrepower

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Morayfield, Queensland, Australia

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The Best

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 10, 2012

Toyota landcruiser 80 1996 I just clock up 90000 + with a 80 series which still have more in them The best 4x4 tyre I ever had on wet roads & when the family comes first with Toyo now I just have to find a good price for a new set lol but it dosent matter on the price ride safety comfort

+ The best

Purchased at: Tyrepower

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 19, 2012

For the four wheel drives that don't go off road, this is a strong tyre that has great mileage, is superb in the wet and is reasonablely valued for a tyre that is made in japan

+ Best H/T tyres in the world. Perfect wet cornering & wet braking, superb aquaplaning control, next to nothing road noise, super reinforced side walls (which keeps tyre bulge to a minimum), very good dry tyre, lighter steering feel and the tyres don't follow the grooves in the road. Under $250 each fitted and capable of over 80,000kms. This is the tyre Cooper Tire won't test against.

- Being a Highway Terrain tyre not suitable for 4 wheel driving in wet mud or climbs. Being 90% road tyre and 10% sand tyre you would want the sand to be hard. Not recommended for hard snow, sleet just passed.

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what car do you have?

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 19, 2012

To early to tell re wear, but very quiet and comfortable. I have always ended up buying Toyos in the past and have found them a superior product to others.

+ Very quiet, much improved ride compared to my old cooper ATs

- May not be very good off road, but 90%+ for me is on road anyway.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 26, 2012

I have just clocked up 95,000k.s on a set and will make over 100,000 buy the time I have to put on a new set

+ perfect tyre

- non that I am able to think of

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Questions & Answers

Have Dunlop grandtrek st20 on my 2014 mitsubishi outlander.The noise level is totally unacceptable. Any one with the same vehicle recommend a replacement type? Size is 215x70x16.vehicle is 90% road use. Regards Tom

Tom Hull asked on Sep 15, 2015

Answer this

I had the Toyo open country h/t. They were VERY quiet and gripped great. I have since sold the vehicle and still have contact with the new owner. The tyres have now done 145,000 ks and still have 5mm to the treadwear indicators.
My new vehicle is an Outlander as well and I have fitted toyo's as well

Wanting to replace the OEM Bridgestone Duelers on my Mitsubishi Challenger diesel automatic RWD which has currently travelled 75,000 kms, with a potential to do over 100,000 kms. Never been on unsealed roads but regularly tows a 2500kg van. Opions please on the Toyo Open Country HP tyres for my situation?

shf001 asked on May 31, 2015

Answer this

My feeling is the Toyo is a softer compound, and in your situation 'maybe' the Duelers would be better, in your case being RWD, towing. All the weight and wear on the rear tyres. Ask your dealer 2 simple questions. Which has the most ply in the wall? and which has the hardest compound rating?

Hi, Im looking to purches 4 Toyo HT Tyres for my Mazda CX-7. Originally I had Bridgestone Dueler 400 & its was nice. Just want to know is that right choice? Mahen

Mahen asked on Aug 25, 2014

Answer this

If you are doing any no off road driving at all, then similar tyres. I am currently running both on two 4wd's, a Ranger and a DMax. The Toyo will give you better water displacement in bad weather conditions due greater tread spacings / aggressive tread. A comparison I found online rated the Toyo 86% above the Bridgestone 79%.

Hi Mahen,
Thanks for the question, I'm unsure if they would suite your Mazada, all I can say is I got nearly 90,000km out of the set of Toyo I purchased the current set I have are going well, with all this wet weather we are having in NSW they are secure on the road and it takes very deep water at 110kmh before they start to squirm through run off. I originally had the Bridgestones (cannot remember model) but they were too expensive to purchase. Good luck with your purchase just remember to rotate every 5,000km to get the most out of the tyres.

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