This product has been discontinued by Toyo Tires.


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Car: 1998 Corolla

Can feel the difference.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 15, 2018

These tires replaced a set of Michelins and I can really feel the difference in the way the car handles especially in the wet. I recently drove to Adelaide and back to Sydney and the tires handled it all well, no flat spots and the car was very comfortable to drive long distance.

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Car: 2005 Lexus IS 200 sports sedan

Toyo two plus discontinued tyres

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 15, 2018

These tyres are the best I have had on my Lexus 2005 IS 200, unfortunately this line has been discontinued, but going on these tyres performance both in wear and road noise being low, I will be getting toyo tyres in future. With 17 inch rims I have about 2.5 mm on the tread after 40K. Legal tread being 1.7mm still probably 12 months wear, although they recommend you change tyres after 5 years service. Excellent tyres at a good price of $200 each at Sutherland

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The Patch

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Car: Lancer


5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 11, 2017

Totally changed the performance of of car. On advice from tyre guys we replaced the Pirelli's that came with it to Teo's and could not believe the difference. Even my wife who is not a big driver noticed how good they were. Quiet and grippy. Made a crappy driving car great. Because Teo's have apparently been superseded we are about to put a set of Toyo Nano Energy 3 on our Hyundai i30. Hope to see the same positive results.

Purchased at: Tyrepower

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Car: Mitsubishi Verada

Long lasting and quiet but no good in wet.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 23, 2017

I bought these as they seemed to have a good reputation. I though they would have good wet weather traction. I have been very disapointed with the lack of traction in the wet, they are worse than the original Bridgestone RE92 tyres. They seem very slow wearing so it looks like I'll be stuck with them for a while yet.

Purchased at: Tyrepower

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Car: toyota corolla

Great Tyres

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 05, 2017

solid types. used for many many years. no issues. no excessive wear. good grib after 3/4 years. on a toyota corolla. would highly recommend. got from tyre plus. very good value for money. payed less than one hundred dollars for each tyre. not sure if they still sell them anymore.

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Car: Toyota Corolla hatchback

Good value for money

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 04, 2017

Bought these tyres almost 4 years ago for my Toyota Corolla Ascent hatchback.
- I used it for long distance driving (4 hour drives) and it seemed quite fuel efficient
- Tyre tread is still doing satisfactorily after 4 years
- Price point is good, not the cheapest but you seem to get value for money

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Car: Subaru outback

Tyres fail near end of life

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 14, 2017

Whilst they are a durable tyre, once they get 60,000 plus (Still got plenty of tread left) I have had three fail structurally causing severe vibration. The tyre gets a bulge on the tread as something lets go in the construction of the tyre. My dealer says it's the glue letting go in the bonding. Never had it happen before, only with the TEO.

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Car: BA Futura Wagon 215/60-16

Good Japanese Tyre

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2016

I had these fitted to a BA Falcon wagon. (Sold car at 250,000 km, never had any suspension repairs)
I had done 40,000 km on these tyres before selling the car with still plenty of tread, would expect to get another 10-20,000 km out of them.
Only one balance & wheel alignment when fitted, nothing more.
They were quiet when fitted, starting to get a little noisy.
The car is always loaded, towing and taken on dirt and rough roads, I generally don't fool foot around.
Good grip in the wet.
Tyres look a bit skinny when fitted compared to OEM Goodyear.
I will try a different brand as these are getting expensive.
I now have BF Wagon with Bridgestone EP100 that have done 85000km - these where good as well.

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Car: 2004 Honda Euro Accord

Absolutely loved it.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 01, 2016

I'm note sure how yours fell to bits after 1000kms ??? I've had them on my Euro Accord for 5 fantastic years and they were simply fantastic. Only replaced them yesterday due to their age but there was still a lot of tread on them. Very good in the dry, not too shabby at all in the wet, and noise level was probably 7.5 out of 10 comparing to ones I had before that ( Dunlop I think it was ). Overall very good set of tyres, wouldnt hesitate to recommend these to family and friends.

Purchased at: Tyrepower

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Car: Commodore VS

Great Tyres (TOYO) Transas TEO

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 18, 2016

I have had a set of TOYO =225/60 R15 (Transas TEO) on my VS Commodore for 8 years now, they have done a GREAT 140,000km (plus) and most are still short of the wear mark! BUT time for new ones now due to some side wall cracking, (they are done) BUT after 140,000km on TASMANIAN roads (all corners) virtually, these tyres have done a magnificent job and I WILL do my best to get the same again (why the hell would I change now) best I have ever had!!! They have lasted and I have never lost it in the wet! I will admit I drive to make them last! I do treat them with respect and try and make them last, NO ! not an 80-year-old with a bowls hat on :)
Tyre pressure for the right car size and weight is crucial in my opinion! get it right and a good tyre will last (with a good driver) wear, grip Tyres (excellent).

August 6th 2017 Update: Toyo TEO Plus

After writing that review (SNOZ) on the TOYO TEO PLUS I found the tyre is no longer available.
Did not like the look of its replacement so bought "KUMO SOLUS" instead, they are the same size and virtually the same tread pattern as the TOYO's, With luck they will be the same rubber compound also, hope i can write a review on the KUHMO'S after 140,000km. :)

Purchased at: Tyreright

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Car: 2003 camry 2.4

So the best

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 02, 2015

i fitted my 2003 camry with teo 215/65 at the back and 205/65 up front and today (3 years and 1 month) i need to replace the tires on the front because it's worn-out. this should not have happened if i fitted 'em all the same size. it's the reason i didnt attempt to rotate other than just replace them sides. my tires at the back are still like brand new. i previously used sumitomo, falken and yokohama. compared with these...the TEO is the best. and by the way..i got lucky because i found 2 tires from my supplier and it's their last stock.

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Car: Lexus LS 400 Falcon AU II Ute

Used for Years Best Tyre

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 19, 2015

I fit the Teo S to my Lexus LS 400 (225/60/R16) and Falcon Ute (215/60R15). These tyres outlast most others. I get 55k kms on the Lexus and 45k kms on the Falcon. Very tough tyre; a lot of miles done on bad country roads never a puncture or a cut in nearly 7 years. It seems the Teo S is being replaced by the Nano Energy; I haven't used this tyre yet but I will review it after 20k kms... I hope they've got it right!!!
Wollombi (Hunter Valley) NSW

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Car: Jaguar, commadore, Beetle, Falcon, Kombi T3,

Toyo Tyres Not so great

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 08, 2015

I used to drive on Toyo and I must admit the mileage I got was great but when they got older they got Harder and I didn't realise the danger in this my daughter was a passenger is a car that had Toyo Tyres on it the car broke traction at a roundabout in a 60K zone fish tailed up the road and then went head on into a work truck she got abdominal injuries and broke her back and the Toyo tryes on the car had plenty of tread but they were old and hard as the owner had just bought them from a wrecker they were on another car that was written off apparently so cheaper might not be so bad as you can afford to replace them sooner as we don't want to be driving on hard over inflated tyres do we? I am getting pretty good mileage out of my current tyres for half the price all new tryes are made from this new silicon compound and not the old rubber we used to use. I am pretty sure the air pressure was 35lbs. I recon 28-32 would be better.

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Toowoomba, QLD

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Car: 2010 Holden Calais V Redline VE Series II Auto

Really good tyres, longlasting and great value

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 11, 2015

Got these fitted on my wife’s vehicle. She’s done 40000km in her Holden Calais and we'd still have another 4000ks that we can get out of them as we rotate regularly. We have found them to be great all rounders and great value. They handle well and grip well – my wife takes corners pretty fast and they never let us down.

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Car: 1995 W124 E220 Mercedes

Mixed Feelings - ride on the harsh side.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 24, 2015

I purchased these tyres at a great price, 4 for 3 from Total fitted was $395! so I really shouldn't complain much about them. Time will tell as far a wear goes however my first impression isn't what I thought it would be. I replaced a VERY worn set of Yoko A drives, so the handling is much better than before.
I have to say though that the usually supple ride of my mercedes has suffered with the Toyos. It may be a harder compound than the Yoko A drives... or the weight of a nice new tyre compared to one with hardly any rubber left is showing the imperfections in my suspension, but the bumps are noticeably harsher. My family has noticed too. Please comment if you have had a similar experience or are able to explain why these new tyres would cause a harsh ride.

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Roselands, NSW

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Probably the best value for money tyre that was available.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 15, 2015

I have these fitted on my second vehicle, they are excellent tyres for the price.

They handle well, grip well and the tread wear is excellent.

The main downside with these tyres is that they have been discontinued by the manufacturer (according to the tyre retailers I have called) so finding them can be very difficult now.

If you are looking for good tyres and have a modest budget, then try and find a set of these tyres, you won't be disappointed.

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Can't complain about these.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2015

I have just replaced these tyres on my 98 Camry sedan V6, performed adequately over their life. I bought them on recommendations purely from this site based on many reviews. These tyres are discontinued and Nano Energy 3 is nearest replacement - which I have just fitted.

I am surprised by some of the comments and experiences people have had. Perhaps driving conditions and vehicles account for this.

As for some of the comments:

$1000 for a set, even a set of 5 with front and rear wheel alignment is excessive. I bought mine 5 years ago @ $102 ea fitted and balanced incl disposal fee. 205/60/15. I shopped around, could have easily paid another $20-$30 (city). My current set of Nano Energy 3 were $100 ea, although most other outlets were $110-$120 (city prices).

Some say they get 60,000+ kms out of these. I could only potentially get 60,000 on this car on constant highway driving where there was little city driving around street corners and roundabouts - I don't drive hard to avoid wearing outer edge in these situations but not a tortoise on a good mountain road either!!! I inflate my tires higher to reduce wear on the outer front shoulders. I would have to inflate even higher to get even wear across the tread in the city, less so on highway. I normally run 35 rear and 38 front (psi cold) and rotate front to rear so that they wear out at the same time. Even at the higher pressures my tyres still have about 30% left in the center and 20% on the inner side when the outer is down to touching on illegal. Tyre placard states 32 psi cold.

Cracks in tyres - yes mine had slight cracks in the bottom of the tread grooves when they were worn out, but 5 years old.

Slippery in wet - not mine.

Noise - were a bit noisy on concrete motorways or course blue metal, not sure if any worse than other tyres I had previously.

The best way to really compare tyres is under similar conditions, driver, same car. As I stated above I used to get 70-80000 kms out of Michelins (185/70/13) on my previous car - about 4 sets, so good comparison over 20 years. The last set I found got a bit hairy in the wet when getting old, a different model (XML etc) each time replaced. The originals were Olympic Steelflex 165/70/13 and lasted about 40000 kms.

Current car - 1998 Camry V6 sedan. Always get front and rear wheel alignment with each new set. Decided to try cheaper tyres to the Michelins as I would no longer get the higher mileage I used to on old car. I do some interstate driving which might account for 25-40% of use on average. New sets fitted:
B'stone GR50. 42,000 kms. Performed quite reasonable
B'stone GR50. 39,000 kms (probably a little less intestate driving than above)
B'stone RE92. 45,500 kms. (The GR50's went up in price too much). Performed OK, slippery buggers in the wet when getting old.
Toyo Teo Plus. 48,000 kms. No complaints.

As you can see the Toyo's performed better than all previous.

Now fitted Toyo Nano Energy3. A bit skeptical as unproven but prepared to give a go due to lack of other options which have good reviews and non directional. I want the option to flip tyres on rims when half worn to try and combat the uneven wear across the tyre from inner to outer, and as I used to do occasionally on my old car - if economical !!! Only 10000 kms so far but comfort seems better. Tyre shop recommended I inflate to 40psi which I thought would be too harsh as 35/38 on previous tyres were about the limit I could tolerate on anything less than perfect roads. To my surprise I found these tyres more comfortable, not sure if the full 8mm of new rubber versus 0-2.5mm on old tyres would account for this! I now run 37/40 psi cold and no harsher than old tyres at the lower pressures. Have not tried on concrete motorways yet other than short 30 minute trips. The rumble of hour after hour on long trips such as the new ones up the NSW north coast will be the test!

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Very high road noice and high wear.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 23, 2015

I got muy car fitted with Toyo Teo plus. Found that the wearing too high, Very high tyre noise and not had a comfortable driving

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Toyo Teo Plus on Camry Wagon

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2015

Got a set of Teo plus on a front wheel drive Camry wagon about 10000km old. Since new the performance in the wet is very ordinary. I get a lot of wheel spin particularly when accelerating from a stop position on an incline.

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OK, but not a good value tyre at all

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 15, 2015

I had these on my 2001 Honda Prelude (205/50/R16). They wore out after about 40,000kms of mainly highway driving. I kept them at the correct pressure and rotated them as required; all 4 wore out at the same time.

The performance was OK, but not amazing. Compared to the Yokohama Adrive R1 tyres I had previously the Toyo Teo Plus had less grip, worse braking performance, higher noise, and lasted 10,000km less. They also squealed annoyingly when pushed through a corner. So when the Teo's wore out a few months ago I got a new set of Yokohama Adrive R1's back on, far better tyre and much the same price considering the extra life I get out of them.

These aren't terrible tyres, but I expected better for the price. With tyres I believe it's worth it to pay a little more and get a decent set of tyres that will last longer, and make the driving experience more pleasant. They might even save you from a crash. Alternatively just buy a set of Blue Streaks and run off the road into a ditch next time it rains...

Verdict; don't bother with these, whilst they aren't total rubbish their performance doesn't match up to their price bracket which makes them poor value.

Purchased at: Tyrepower

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Questions & Answers

how much cost per tyre?

Dstoj asked on Jul 09, 2017

Answer this

It's been a while since I bought them, I honestly can't remember. If I find a receipt I'll let you know. But prices are constantly changing, so the best thing would be for you to make enquiries with a local dealer.

Are they good for 2010 Golf GTi? I am not a fast driver, daily driving to and from work, about 100Km a day. Any other suggestion?

Vinny73 asked on Dec 28, 2012

Answer this

After our experience I believe they would be perfect.

My wife & I recently fitted our second set and would recommend them to most type of vehicle for everyday driving.

Hope this helps.



With a Golf GTi I would be inclined to give it some stick now and then. If you are driving daily to work and back they would be great. if you expect more then look elsewhere.

I am extremely happy with the wet performance and noise. I hope this helps. Too many to choose from.

I think you'd be VERY happy with a set of these.

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Subaru wagon 2003 currently on Bridgestone Pontenesa 030 205/55 R16 Mainly bitumen but in frost prone area. Must have good wet braking and wet climate performance. Quality at a fair price sort. Advice please?

3score10+ asked on Jun 09, 2012

Answer this

They are a good all round tyre, quite and good in the wet and will last, not the best for sports handling , made in japan and made well, a good allround midrange tyre

Excellent tyres.Bought my 1999 outback second 77000 klms ago with these tyres on. Have just reached wear bars and will only replace with same.Great grip,low noise and not one puncture .Live in country and have done comuting,long distance and high speed highway driving. Best tyres I have ever had on a car in 47 years of driving.

Have to agree with the other comments. Great all round tyres that certainly exceeded my expectations.

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