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Check your receipt for incorrect charges

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 23, 2018

I am a fairly regular Uber user and the last 3 trips over the past couple of days have all charged me an extra waiting fee. Fair enough if they had to wait for me, but they didn't. Today my Uber was advised as 10 minutes to pickup and actually took 15 minutes and also charged me $1.61 waiting time. It's the principle to me, not the money, and to be fair Uber has refunded me 2 of the fees charged after complaining on the app. I have checked all my past trips in the last couple of months and all the waiting times have only been in the past week. I am always out the front waiting. If 1 in 10 complain about the overcharging they still make good money from the rort. Check your receipts guys! I nearly always give my drivers five stars too, now I will check my receipts first.

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Unreasonable Fees were Corrected

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 13, 2018

We were waiting for an uber in Melbourne city, and was struggling to find the driver because in the UBER APP the car was jumping around and not displaying accurately where it was, only to find out we were charged ‘wating time’ because the UBER APP didnt function properly and had the pickup location wrong. However after reporting it in the app they refunded me within seconds which I think is great bacause companies often take a couple of business days before refunding customers.

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Reasonably priced in Perth

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2018

I went to Perth recently for a long weekend and relied heavily on Uber service to get me around.

Initially I was quite worried as I have heard heaps of complains out there about terrible service, harassment, overprice etc but was I guess I was fortunate enough as I didn't not experience any of these issues. All my rides arrived within few minutes of booking at the waiting point and the ride was smooth without any dramas. I also did fare comparison with taxi service and I have to say Uber is a tad (not a lot) cheaper.

The only complain if I were to nitpick is one of the driver has rather strong Body Odor. But that's one out of ten drivers so it's not something I see everyday.

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no complaints from me

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 11, 2018

I have used Uber about 20 times going either to or from work. I have never waited more than 5 minutes. I've always been charged estimated fare which is 2/3 that of taxi. I called an uber for a friend once and 3am. Still only waited 5 minutes and I live in suburbia (approx 20 mins from CBD). My only complaint is if I want to stop at shop mid ride they get really terrible. One guy even said he had a dr's appoint so could spare the extra 3 mins. I get they don't get paid for waiting around (but hey, that's where timing comes into it)
4.5 stars from me.

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Why are you so expensive

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 02, 2018

Hi there,
I use Uber quite a bit, but I find that your rates are the same or even more expensive than taxis now days. My trips are relatively short approximately 3-4kms. Don't you think that you should have a sliding flagfall for shorter trips? $10 -$11 for a 4km trip when cabs charge $9. I think you have lost touch with your mantra.

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Uber are generally excellent

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 21, 2018

I've used Uber over 200 times in the last year and as long as I hire them from the eastern suburbs of Sydney it works well , the standard UberX fare used to be 20% cheaper than taxis although now with the fixed fare there is minimal difference, also for exactly the same fixed price trip the cost can vary 5 -10% ? , I've needed to request a credit for a no show that once went to the wrong address and the Uber website immediately approved my request.
I love the app but I'm concerned that prices are heading upwards as they become more of a monopoly in this business. The surge pricing leaves me cold and I generally avoid using Uber whenever this occurs, I think it should be called gouging instead of surge it also appears to be the source of most complaints and smacks of opportunism in the extreme.

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Super handy

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 16, 2018

Always happy with this service and never had any complaints so far
Account was hacked in USA once and they were great with rectifying the issue and closing account and paym by dthe tails promptly

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Provide vehicles relative to service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2017

I ordered an Uber Black and was going to receive a Holden Caprice. This vehicle is not worthy of Uber Black. So I cancelled an ordered an Uber Select and received a BMW 5 series. How does a Holden Caprice out-rate a BMW 5 series? Uber, please ensure the vehicles are representative of cost and service level requested.

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WAAAAY better than Taxis

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2017

Ever since Uber was introduced to Melbourne, I have continued to use their service over the past 2 years. The drivers are great, they treat you like a human and want you to have the best experience because if they don't, they get a bad star rating and can result in losing their right to drive for Uber.

Yes I've had some bad experiences but in comparison to the other times I've used them, its been mostly a good service. I would change a few of their policies like if the Uber is more than 15 - 20 minutes late, we should be reimbursed with a free ride!

Overall, they are a lot better with customer service than a fair amount of taxis and actually talk to you and they can't refuse to take you somewhere because of the short distance.

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Mostly good

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 06, 2017

Great service every time I have used it.
The problem is that living in Wonga Park about 45 minutes east of Melbourne there are many times when no vehicle is available.
And when my daughter left her phone in the car Uber was unable/unwilling to connect us with the driver.

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Great service so far

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 06, 2017

UBER has been a great experience with the app and finding drivers constantly when needed.

I have had only one mediocore experience where the driver seemed to be having a bad day, but nevertheless gave me 5 stars.

Definitely recommend UBER to anyone needing transport at any time and if you decide to use it make sure you're going to be travelling somewhere that's not in walking distance as there's a high minimum charge.

You can use the code nicholast4349ue to get $15 off your ride.

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Good service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 29, 2017

Would have given 5 stars except the car stunk of cigarettes. But great price and service once again. Price is more than half what the taxis chsrged plus never wait more than 3 to 4 minutes.

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Alternate to Cab

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 08, 2017

The Uber driver (they refer as UBER partner) was good to chat with. The car was ok. I wish there is a way to get a special car/service with some extra charge. Like SUV or Booster seat. These will come along I hope.

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App Customer Service good

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 02, 2017

My Family and I have used Uber many times. Every now and then a driver tries to overcharge, such as going a longer route or overcharge on tolls. After contacting Uber, via the App, I have had all overcharges refunded within a couple of days. I can see that they are trying to keep their drivers in order, which would be an ongoing job. Overall, its still better than a taxi, so I suggest you just check you invoice each time.

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Why give a price for a trip then charge more without any advance warning.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 06, 2017

First gripe - I would prefer to have sent my comments direct to Uber instead of a public forum but like so many companies this does not seem to be possible.
Second gripe -as a first time user I thought the price quoted when I booked the ride was what I was going to pay. Very surprised to find that a few minutes after I arrived home I received a message advising that I had been charged $6.00 more than the quoted price. Why?
Absolutely no issues with the driver who was very pleasant and efficient. My issue is with Uber pricing. Went to Help section on the App but it requires your issue to fit their formula, without offering any free comments area., usually an indication that this is a company that is not too concerned with customer satisfaction.

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An Uber Partners ( and Riders) view

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 13, 2016

I have been driving, and riding, with Uber for 6 months now and would like to share my viewpoint in regards to some of the comments posted on this website.

Firstly, I believe the "surge" pricing that applies at so called "peak demand periods" should be scrapped. Many riders have told me that if a surcharge of greater than 1.5 applies when booking then they will cancel the trip and wait until the surge period passes or catch a taxi instead. As a driver I have also driven to and stayed in a "red hot" surge area and not received one trip request. In the city recently on a Saturday night I was quoted $160 for a journey home of 20 kilometres! Of course, I caught a taxi instead. What I would recommend is that Uber set one rate, slightly below that of taxis, and still allow the app to show drivers where the peak demand is. This will result in more trips and happier riders who will speak positively to their friends regarding the Uber experience.

The consumer demand for Uber is growing at a rapid rate. And so is the corresponding demand for drivers. Yes, Uber submit prospective drivers cars to a mechanical inspection and conduct a criminal record check of the driver. But at no time do Uber conduct a short interview with prospective drivers to assess their suitability to drive! I'm not aware of any organisation where you can get a job without an interview! This has unfortunately resulted in Uber drivers who have no concept of customer service - with vehicles that are dirty inside, who play the music THEY like, who share their political views without being asked to do so, who drive in a dangerous manner, who think they are doing you a favour by driving you, who put the windows down on a sweltering day to save using the air conditioning, whose knowledge of English is minimal and are not competent in using the online navigation system. These drivers do not convert more clients to Uber, they do the opposite!

Before I drive I have my vehicle professionally cleaned, ensure an adequate supply of mints, chocolates, phone charger and bottled water and dress appropriately. The RIDER in my car selects whatever music they want to hear and the temperature that the air conditioning is set to. If THEY wish to engage in conversation then I'm happy to oblige, if not then I don't. They are welcome to consume as much water, mints and chocolates as they wish (and they have never abused my generosity in regards to this). I always drive in a proper manner so the customer enjoys a smooth ride. The result is happy riders who then recommend Uber to their friends.

Many drivers comment in that Uber does not show you the riders destination until they are in your vehicle. I find this totally understandable as if they did the majority of drivers would not pick up those riders going a short distance, as has been proven with taxis. Sure, as a driver you may end up with a short journey or one that's out of your area on occasion, as I have, but that's just how it is. Overall I don't see this as a major issue.

On the issue of remuneration I currently drive only on Friday and Saturday nights and would average $700 in gross earnings, which I'm happy with. I'm impressed with the way professional way in which Uber is managed, with comprehensive partner statements plus regular updates and support. Only disappointment is that their navigation system can lead you astray at times, however I link Uber with Google Maps and now have no issues.

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Uber Driving for a few weeks in Sydney

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 02, 2016

I have signed up with Uber as a driver in Sydney over the past few weeks and so far, it has been really good. 95% of my riders have been decent people and not to snobby or arrogant, although my size may intimidate those who wanted to be. They tell you where they're off to, what they're doing etc etc.
I work as an IT professional as my main career and love driving so it was a no brainer for me. Own hours and when I choose. I always make some light conversation when the rider jumps in and read the situation whether the person wants to talk or just bury their head in their phone. Im not fussed either way.
I offer phone charging facilities for either iPhone or android but i think providing water, food etc would eat into my bottom line and may leave my nice car messy so I dont provide these things. I have never been asked for anything other than a charger.
Working Friday and Saturday night, after fuel expenses I am averaging $20 p/h. I have 5 star rating with 100% acceptance rate on my pickups and some really grateful comments added by the riders I have dealt with.

For the riders - please ensure you book when you are ready (this includes your wife's makeup, feeding the cat etc) and relate to the app as to when the driver has arrived. There isn't a lot of money to be made from Uber so be respectful as to your timing.
If you are a new rider to Uber, DO NOT 'test' the app on a Friday night when you live on the outskirts of Sydney and have drivers waiting for 15min for you to never show up. You will be guaranteed a low star rating for the wait and for the driver to then return to civilisation.

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Be Smart, Be Nice and Uber Will Work For You

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 28, 2016

Having ridden on and driven briefly with Uber i have experience at both ends. Firstly, don't look at UBER as a taxi service. If you haven't worked out UBER has changed the industry then do more research before you try it. It is different.

The key pros with Uber are;
- it has an easy app to use that tells you wait times, fare estimates, trip breakdown etc
- you have a choice of service and price levels
- surge pricing means there are likely to be Ubers at peak times and events
- cashless

The best thing to do is download the App at home and have play with it before you add card details and start using it for real. Don't wait until a Friday night when you are out and about to download it, that's when mistakes happen. You need to understand a few things;

PRODUCTS - Uber has several ride options for you that vary from State to State so check their website. In NSW there are;

UberX - think Jetstar/Tiger Air - the economy option. People using their own cars driving you around
Black - think business class - nicer cars, better drivers, higher price
Lux - think First Class - top of the line cars eg Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 series,
SUV - quality 7 seater vehicles eg Mercedes van, Audi Q7, BMW X5

UberX will generally be cheaper than a Taxi unless surge pricing is operative. You have no idea of the vehicle and driver you will get ie you might get a no frills Toyota Corolla with a person with little English, or a high spec'd Audi with a very proficient English speaker. Cars and drivers have been vetted and will get you from A to B.

Black are generally Hire Car vehicles so will be a bit more cost than a taxi but substantially nicer. Drivers will be of a higher standard as well. Expect a nicer more relaxed ride. Many business and corporates use Black.

Lux - higher standard again, just sit back and enjoy, if you have to ask the price it's not for you.

SUV - great if you have 3-5 passengers or a lot of luggage. Be aware the back seat of a Q7 or X5 is really designed for kids not 6ft + adults but ok if someone is prepared to squish in there. Uber allows you to contact the driver by phone or text so call them immediately to confirm details if you are concerned so you can cancel without penalty if required.

NOTE 1: When booking double check you are requesting the right class so you don't end up with Lux when you wanted UberX

2. Lux and SUV can also do Black jobs so if you go black you may be lucky and end up in a $200k Mercedes S Class.

Most Uber drivers are working hard to help you out so keep this in mind and consider them and you will get a better experience and reap the rideSHARE benefits. Here's some tips;

UberX - generally UberX riders demand the most, behave the worst and treat the drivers like crap . . . . don't be that person. UberX is a budget service with low margins for the driver so respect that, treat them well and enjoy the benefits of a cheap ride. Don't get annoyed because there is no water, mints, charging cords, foot massage etc. Drivers will tell you people grab all their mints, spill their waters, leave rubbish in the car and damage/steal their charging cords. If these items are available be respectful and thank the driver. If you spill water and he has to go and dry the seat your $30 ride has now become a $30 loss to him. Treat the car and items in it like you would if you visited someones house.

- check the wait time and order when you are ready so the driver doesn't have to wait while you find your house keys or go to the toilet etc. He may start the trip (turn the meter on) or cancel because he is losing money waiting for you
- check the pick up location marked on the app - is it correct? Can the driver easily find you? If it is a funny area (roadworks, odd shops, lots of traffic etc) find an obvious spot and call or text the driver to let them know if it isn't. When the App tells you the driver has arrived look for a car that looks like it is looking for you - wave to them. Make it as easy as possible for them to find you, it saves a lot of frustration for everyone.
- don't expect the driver to park illegally to pick you up eg Bus zones etc, why should they risk $350 and their licence for your $30 fare?
- enter your destination address in the app
- Google Maps - some drivers just go by Google to avoid disputes even if they know a better route. Problem is if they take their route and there is a problem they know they will get blamed. It's ok to guide them, especially you you know a time saving short cut or want to avoid tolls. Don't expect them to know all of Sydney, the more you help them the better for all.
- Temperature, music etc - let them know if you want the air turned up or down, music on off. If they do have an AUX cord don't try and blow their speakers - don't be that guy.

EATING/DRINKING - don't eat in the vehicle or drink things other than water. Your crumbs and food odurs could cost the driver his next fare or give him a lower rating.

SURGE PRICING - at times of great demand Uber increases pricing eg 1.3X, this is to attract drivers to the area so there are enough cars for everyone so Surge is a good thing in this respect. BEWARE on big days eg Melbourne Cup, New Years etc this can go quite high so double check eg if your expected fare $50 and surge is 2X it will be $100, READ THE SCREEN. Often people complain after but it is very obvious, many people take taxis when the Uber is surging.

RATINGS - Uber drivers live or die by your ratings. They will rate you to. If you have left the vehicle tidy and behaved well they should give you a five. If they have driven you well, have a clean vehicle (bear in mind for UberX they are not Hire Cars so as long as it is clean, tidy and in good condition that is fine) didn't get too lost (have a bit of grace for the odd wrong turn, they are humans not robots) and were pleasant then rate them a 5. A 4 if you had a small issue. Reserve 3 and below for more serious issues. Aussies and Kiwis generally avoid giving a 5 but with Uber you need to. Giving them a 4 because you only reserve 5 for the exceptional wont work in Uber because drivers need a 4.6 average or they are gone. A 3 to a newish driver with a few rides could finish them so be generous unless you have a good reason not too, eg dirty car, smelly/rude driver, erratic driving, no idea where they were going etc.

While Uber Black/Lux/SUV are more upmarket hire car services UberX works when people see it as a RIDESHARE service - the driver is helping you get from A to B as cheaply as possible, and you are helping put food on the drivers table, pay uni fees etc. If we are all respectful to one another, exercise a bit if grace and tolerance when required, it works really well. If you do have complaints/issues contact Uber via email.
If you have used UberX and aren't happy, no worries there are alternatives;
- Uber Black
- Taxi
- Friend
- Walk
- Don't drink so you can drive

Uber is a service many people love, there are a few quirks and it is not for everyone but millions of people use it everyday so give it a go. Google around and you can probably find a $20 voucher code you can apply in the App so you can give it a try.

Good luck

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Great service, patchy service delivery

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2016

Used Uber quite a lot recently and had mostly great service. Like anything this large there are exceptions. Out of about 20 uses, had 2 not so great experiences. Fortunately if you notify Uber they (in my experience) put it right.
One driver took a really log route, so the fare was bigger than usual. Notified Uber and they checked and agreed with me and refunded. The other driver came to the street next to mine, waited and then drove off. I was charged for this. I again contacted them and they refunded.
I tried Uber in the US when visiting recently and wow, what a difference to here in Perth. Far more professional, the cars all come with an Uber sign on them so you can spot them when they pull up.
I love this service compared to the taxi rubbish we have here, but they need to iron out a few bumps before its perfect.

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Brisbane Qld

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False offer

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 14, 2016

I was told your first time using Uber was free..great got to go to the airport I'll give them a go be nice to receive something free for a change. ..surprise surprise it cost me the same as my normal taxi does. disappointing will be thinking twice now.

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Questions & Answers

Can I pay cash to the driver in Melbourne Australia?

Blossoms asked on Oct 31, 2018

Answer this

I am not aware of any way to pay the driver cash if you use the App to order a ride. However if you arranged for him to pick you up without using the App (call him/her privately) you could probably get him/her to quote you for the trip and pay him cash. They are not supposed to do it but many do. I am not sure of the insurance arrangements in these cases.

As far as I know (and the procedure I followed) was to book the uber through the app upon which you include your bank details. Once your journey is completed uber bills you through your bank account and this is how they collect the money.
The downside to this is, for my ride the driver did not arrive for over 20 minutes and I was charged a 10AUD cancellation fee which I have disapproved.
Further I had to cancel my bank card and have a new card issued by my bank to prevent any further deductions from my bank account by uber.
Giving bank details to unknown parties are tricky and something I choose to avoid.
Uber is not any cheaper than taking a silver cab or a 13cab (some drivers do not know their way around Melbourne - watch out that your fair is not increased due to this)
Uber hires any person who wishes to drive for them, they lack professionalism and I would not use the uber service in the future
Hope this helps :)

Thank you for the information. I too dont like giving my credit card details. Sometimes I have missed important apointments dueto the delay òf the taxi more than 45 mins

Has anyone found a phone number that you can call to speak to a human being if you have an issue you can't fix through the App? The 1300 number on the site, even though it says 24/7 rider support turns out to be only support for the drivers.

Peter asked on Oct 24, 2018

Answer this

Read both your review and this question.

My family and friends have been using Uber extensively for nearly 3 years and have never been able to find any reference to Rider phone support. Please provide the relevant Rider web link you mentioned.

Research of their website only mentions Driver phone support.
(..Got questions about driving with Uber?
Driving with Uber...
5 Ways to Contact Uber for Help
Whether you’re on the road or taking the day off, drivers can contact Uber for support whenever they need to — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...
4. Phone support..)

Drivers main feedback is about riders who forget phone, sunglasses etc. Typically Drivers get abused, threatened, assaulted and receive no monetary compensation. I guess it is not surprising then that some items are tossed out (or taken by a subsequent rider).

Also not surprising, given hacking etc, that Uber refuse to help when a rider can’t provide correct account details.

Anyway there are a number of additional documented ways to contact Uber and specifically include lost items.

A friend forgot their phone in a taxi. Rang the taxi company and provided all the trip details etc. If you guessed the phone was returned you guessed wrong. New Phone=$1100.

If you do locate an Uber contact number, find a ‘phone contactable company’ or get your phone back please share here. Thanks.

I happened to be a passenger in a car and I spotted a very large building with an UBER sign on it. I went in and the staff there were very helpful. It was a Driver centre where they processed applications for new drivers. I explained my problem to the young man at the counter who said one of the support staff could help me. After about 15 minutes a young lady listened to my story again, took identification, found the driver and called him. He had the phone. He subsequently dropped it into the Driver Centre where I will pick it up today. Happy (if very lucky) ending. Write down your user name and password as if you get them wrong you haven;'t got a chance.

More interesting is that the driver still had it.

In this instance you solved the issue by visiting their office which contradicts with your ‘no chance’ comment above !?

I assume you were mistaken about the Rider contact number.

Did you give a ‘Lost Item Return Fee’, for YOUR inconvenience to the driver, as listed in the Help section of the app?
Hint - your phone is worth more than $20 :)

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How do u get an Uber for 2 people?

Michelle J asked on Aug 09, 2018

Answer this

I am assuming that you mean one car and two passengers. If so it is like getting a taxi (one car+2 passengers) except you book via the Uber app.

Yep 1 Uber car for 2 ppl. Only $5 cheaper than a taxi and poor service

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