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Customer service slide

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 15, 2017

I first ordered from USAfoods about 10 years ago, live in Qld so can only do online/delivery orders. They've always been uber expensive, but for hard to find products and good service I was ok paying the premium. For example, one time I ordered dispatch was delayed for a couple of days. When the box arrived, hand written note apologising and a couple of little chocolates or something on top as a 'sorry'. Very well appreciated, and when calling to enquire about status the owner was always polite.
Fast forward to this year during the easter sale - placed order, heard nothing for nearly two weeks (left it about 10 business days to call). When I did call, this time around the owner was nowhere near as polite (Im being kind here - she was almost outright rude), and when I asked just to confirm they'd received my order / was their any problem with it, I got "yea well we're super busy because of the sale (duh?), nothing we can do about it; ill see what i can do" and basically got hung up on.
Im not sure what happened to you over the last ten years to sour your attitude towards customers, but I hope you get your 'groove' back. When you're paying 10 bucks for a packet of chips, prompt and polite service is a reasonable expectation!

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Used to be a great place to get American food - still has the largest range but make sure you leave

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2016

Used to be a regular customer when we first arrived in Australia. Now I generally only order for special occasions. The website suggests that orders will be sent within a day or 2. This is not the case - will take nearly a week for it to leave their warehouse (1 item) - rang and they said it was due to a large volume of orders for the holiday. When I enquired they didn't seem to think it was a problem - just said they were busy.

I would order again but would make sure I left plenty of time.

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Late delivery and dented stock

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 05, 2016

I just ordered for the first time with USA Foods but not sure if I will again. The products were all dented, the box they came in was pretty well cushioned for travel but a lot of the stock was broken and it took over two weeks for delivery. As for their customer service, not the best. Always got the feeling that they didn't really care about anything.

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Really really poor customer service - spend $ where they appreciate it

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 14, 2015

Not the big fan of this place like I used to be. American living in Adelaide, so I've both made great efforts to get to the store when in Melbourne, and shopped online. Just had a very unsatisfying email encounter, although they did reply almost immediately. Bought Jiffy cornbread mix during July 4th weekend sale - use by date of July 31. Made cornbread almost immediately on flying home and it had a horrible, inedible metallic taste (baking powder/soda?). A few weeks later I tried again (yes, had expired by then) by thoroughly sifting the mix to make sure it hadn't just settled. I'm not a complainer. Again, had to throw out. When the email notice came today about new food products, I was reminded I had meant to contact them. I lightheartedly told them 'send me a bag of fritos and we'll call it even.'
These are all the excuses I was given: no one else has complained about Jiffy, you didn't get back to us soon enough, it would be expensive to send anything compensatory to Adelaide, maybe you didn't store it properly,..." Not impressed. So definitely not American-style service of keeping the customer happy. For less than $10, they could have turned this around and I wouldn't be complaining online.
Also be aware that there is not a public toilet in the store. Used to use it but now they rather gruffly send you to drive to a health club nearby or the Bunnings. They're not nice people anymore, and I choose to give my $$ to places that appreciate my business. Have learned substitutes for many items not available in Oz e.g. granita biscuits for graham cracker crust or go to Costco now.

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Not happy

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 17, 2015

I've placed an order a week ago today and still haven't even gotten confirmation they have shipped my order. I live in Melbourne and would have expected it would only take a few days to receive, they've received my money though. Really not happy with this, just a simple we have shipped your order would be bloody nice!!

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