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Model: 6 Panel

Great for our grandson

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2017

We bought the VEebee six sided playpen for when our grandson visits, which is quite often. We have used the mat on its own when he was rolling and we were sitting outside, it was large and nicely padded and made us comfortable that he was a on a clean safe spot.
We now use it when we need to put him in a safe space if we are in the kitchen for instance. He can comfortably play in it and if he falls over he had not hurt himself. Big enough to store his toys etc when he leaves. Love the bright red colours. Mat is fairly easy to wipe down. He has however pulled off the velcro when he is outside the playpen, but when he is inside it, all good.

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Model: 6 Panel

Good but has safety concerns

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 25, 2016

We own the 6 panel Vee Bee Play Yard and our have 6 month old baby has been in it for a few weeks.

It's quite spacious due to its hexagonal shape.
Assembling was not that tricky.
See through mesh allows parents to monitor the baby while being outside of the play yard.

Bottom mat isn't thick enough.

We have noticed that when the baby rolls around edges of the base, baby's head hit right bang on metal frame at the bottom.

He would kneel up and roll so that the head would hit hard from a distance of at least 200 mm directly on these metal frames. When you work out the force, area of impact and the pressure of impact, it is quite concerning. I was wondering what safety tests that has been conducted to confirm that these metals frames do not pose a treat to baby's head.

Can Vee Bee confirm that these metal frames cannot cause head injuries due to baby's movements?

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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Great playpen

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 06, 2015

The size of this playpen is the big winner! My baby has plenty of room to crawl around and pulls herself up to cruise along the sides as well. It is easy to put together and I managed to pick it up 2nd hand, saving me a small fortune! There is no gate, but if you're tall, it's easy enough to step in and out of. This playpen only loses points from me for not being able to take off the panels to wash them, being material, this would have been very handy. Also it would have been great if the joins could go completely straight, allowing you to make the playpen a rectangle shape, using all 6 panels, if desired.

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Model: 6 Panel

Seriously, for the price...?

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 23, 2014

For the amount of money you pay to get this new, it should be so much better than this. Thankfully I got mine off eBay. Yes it does the job to provide a space for your little one. However, if you don't have soft flooring do not bother, because the mat provides no padding whatsoever! I had to put a lot of foam mat underneath the mat on my tiled floor.
And I notice it shrinks/lost its shape after washing? It also does not secure enough to the mat/floor. No gates. Velcro is useless, my babe can easily undo the velcro, and then the zip that covers the gaps between panels.

Its good, but not great. especially for the price.

+ Easy to install, spacious (6 sides only), mesh panels, I like the fact that the mat is portable, I even use it outside in the backyard sometimes.

- Expensive. Spacious also means it takes a lot of room (with the 6 sides), no gate, velcro is pretty easy to undo for toddlers, and most of all... no padding in the mat!

Purchased at: eBay

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Excellent Playpen, but has some significant improvements needed!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 08, 2014

I purchased this playpen when my son was 6 months old and when he wasn't a curious and determined toddler it was great. As soon as he worked out he could lift the sides off the mat and remove the Velcro connecting strips I realised that it had some flaws. It would have been much better if the mat had been better integrated into the design. Also not being able to also use it as a square is a little disappointing. Made the mistake of machine washing the mat and it shrunk significantly. Babies and toddlers have a habit of being able to make a mess wherever they are, and hand washing is not the most practical care solution. I had to place the playpen on interlocking foam squares to prevent him hurting himself when he fell down - not every house has carpeted floors, especially not in common living areas. Hopefully the next model will put some further thought into these areas.

+ Good overall design. Doesn't look like a cage.

- Velcro is convenient, but no match for toddlers. Much more significant padding in mat and better system to secure base to playpen.

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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Does exactly what we want.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 01, 2013

This playpen is large, sturdy and does exactly what we want. We often have friends with their babies come over & we can fit lots of babies in here with no fuss at all.
The number one reason we bought this playpen is because it feels very safe.
I do not mind that there is no gate as there is no way to get out unless you climb over. I feel safe leaving my child to play in here compared to other playpens.
My only suggestion would be for the floor mat to be more cushioned as we have had to put foam tiles underneath as the mat doesn't provide enough support if baby falls over and bangs her head.

+ Large, sturdy, simple design, easy to assemble, easy to clean & maintain.

- Expensive, floor may does not provide enough cushioning if child were to fall.

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Nothing special nothing terrible

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 18, 2013

After reading the reviews, and not wanting to put bub behind bars, we went out and got a 6-sided VeeBee. After all the hype we were quite excited. However, our excitement quickly died away as we put it up.

The sides are 3 sets of 2 folding 'walls'. The walls are a metal tubular frames with a fabric/mesh taught 'panel'. When connecting the sides you slot the tubes (sprung nipples pop out of holes to keep the tubes connected), do up a zip and bring the panels together with velcro. The floor is a hexagonal canvas-feel lined cloth with velco for elastic straps with yellow plastic clips on that clip onto the wall corner-bars.

1. It is really fiddly to put up/take down.
Getting the walls up is quite easy as they just slot into each other. But zipping the panels is really difficult as you need to stretch them together and then bring the zip together and do them up. We now do it with one of use holding the panels together and the other doing the zips.

2. Velcro everywhere.
When will baby/toddler equipment designers realise that velcro and baby/toddlers do not mix. The fisrt thing our 1yo does now when we put her in it is go round undoing all the velco. We have a pile of ruined wool clothing that the velco has eaten. And some of the velcro doesn't even line up - on the walls the velcro that connects the top-tube flap has the vertical bar in the way! Also the velcro that connects the elastic floor straps just comes away too easily.

3. Floor mat too small.
The Floor mat only goes up to the walls. As a result bub has quickly learnt to just sit there pull on the floor material to expose the ground and feast on the soil/bugs/grass.

4. No door/gate.
Despite the price this play-pen has no door/gate. You have to step over the side panel/s to get in out. Usually this is not a problem but is when tired (80% of the time) and/or carrying bub in out. Forget standing on the outside and and putting bub in or taking bub out as that will just do your back in. We assumed it would have a door/gate before purchasing - maybe that was our mistake.

5. Floor mat not really cushioned.
The marketing material says the mat is quilted. It is, but I think it is just a bit of thin foam or something it is as the floor is still hard under it. Bub has hit her head on the mat a few times with the normal screams and bruises as if the mat was not there.

6. It is not adaptable.
For this price I would expect to be able to make different shapes with it. A long oblong for instance. Or to be able to use the sides to cordon off an area of the room I don't bub to go in temporarily. But no, its is hexagonal or nothing.

7. Not washable
Although the floor mat is material it says hand-wash only. That is really disappointing as hand-washing means we cannot use 70+ degree water to sterilise it after an accident (wee or worse!). This means bub has to stay in her nappy which is a shame as we had hoped to be able to put her in for bare-botty time. Also, the wall-panel material gets dirty from dribble/sick/hands and it would have been nice to be able whip it off, boil-wash and put back on.

8. Quality not brilliant
The yellow plastic caps on the panel corners tend to pop-off easily. Would not have expected that from a premium priced play-yard.

1. It has no bars.
We think there is nothing worse that seeing bub behind bars. She is 1yo - shame to put her behind bars :-)

2. Looks nice
It is pleasing to look at.

3. Sturdy
Bub has given the panels a good shake (and boy, is she strong!) and all has been well.

If we knew what we know now then we would probably have gone for a much less expensive wooden option if it had door and was adaptable (and just got a large tarp to put under it). We do use it, but without quite the feeling of 'what a good choice this was' we would have expected.

+ Looks good and has no bars

- Disappointing for the price and an addiction to velcro everywhere

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Valco Baby Official

Thank you for posting such a thorough review of our VeeBee 6 Sided Play Yard. Your comments have been sent to our product development team for consideration with future development. The three p... read more »

I agree with the "no gate" being an issue. In fact, a recent guest tried to climb out of the cot, fell over the side, and broke the cot at the same time!!!! Any one know if you can buy a replacement panel?

Thanks so much for this thorough review! I was about to purchase one myself as it is one of the only ones around that baby can't put her hands through (and risk the rambunctious affection of a youn... read more »

warragul, vic

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Fantastic! 9 month old baby plays happily in here.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 05, 2012

We brought the six sided play pen for our baby and it's been great. So quick and easy to erect and folds up to a very small size so that we can take it everywhere.
We took this on our holiday on a houseboat and it was fantastic, worth every cent. I only wish i had brought it earlier but we were umming and arring about the expense of it and whether it would be worth it but i can honestly say this has been the best buy.
It comes with a soft mat which we use because i have it on timber floorboards. It provides some padding when she falls and the mesh sides means she can play and be quite happy as she can see everybody around her. The tops are also padded so I know she is safe and comfortable in there.
When friends come over with their baby you can pop them both in the playpen and they are quite happy in there with enough room for both of them while you can have a cuppa in peace and not be chasing them around the house making sure they don't get into everything.
the only thing i would say is a pain is that the mat does not quite stay where it is meant to. it ends up bunched up on one side as the straps do not hold it securely enough so constantly fixing the mat.
My older kids (13 and 11) jump in there with bubs and all three still have plenty of room.

+ safe for baby, great size

- playmat keeps bunching up. Big size may be a problem for some.expensive

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Excellent Playpen!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 07, 2012

We bought the 6 sided Valco VeeBee playpen and have never looked back.

I don't feel bad putting my son in there at times with some toys when I need to cook dinner for example as it's such a good size. He has plenty of room to crawl around and explore and play with his toys and be entertained. He now loves holding on the sides and cruising around, he thinks that he's very clever doing so :-)

The sides are mesh so when my son was younger and would stumble, he wouldn't hurt himself in anyway, unlike the wooden ones or his cot.

I honestly can't fault it in anyway, we just love it!!!

Also a little tip - we don't use the floor mat inside the playpen as we have carpet, instead we take it with us when we go to a park and use it there instead and place his toys in the middle and he plays happily on his mat, and mum and dad sit on there too and we can all enjoy a picnic!

+ 6 sided playpen is the perfect size, soft mesh see through sides make it nice and safe

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TAHMOOR, New South Wales

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6 side is awesome !

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 31, 2012

great for 2 bubbas to play in! lots of space for toys and babies and the mest doesnt make it feel enclosed.. nice and soft and the attached playmat is grea! we used it for 18months and it still looked like new! highly reccomended.. and easy to set up and transport too

+ nice size.. soft and sturdy

- nothing!

Purchased at: Baby Kingdom

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Melbourne, Victoria

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Fundamental with twins!!!! Could not have done without it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 25, 2012

It's light and easy to put together and it was great peace of mind for us specially having twins in the house.
I also believe it has provided my boys a safe area which gave them enough confidence to start walking VERY early. I am a big fan of this product and have recommended to all friends
We used for a long time and couldn't have done it without it!
Some people think that playpens only limit babies exploration space but my experience with this one was exactly the opposite, it is massive space and I filled the playpen with things for them to find, play and they were entertained for hours. They loved it from day one.
We even took it to friends so we could enjoy bbqs and parties without having to worry to much if the boys were getting into trouble or hurting themselves. Love it!!!

+ A must! reliable, sturdy, easy to assemble and light enough to be quite portable.

- yellow caps tends to fall and the velcro straps don't really help keeping padded mat in place but still no major issues even with those two little details.

Purchased at: eBay

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Couldn't live with out

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 11, 2012

My mother bought this for us when our daughter was 10 months old. I needed somewhere safe to put her while I packed the house while we were moving to our new farm.
We have the six sided playpen. It's fantastic. I regulary use it while I do jobs around the house. My daughter is not a climber , she is nearly 23 months now and I still use it .
It is quick to errect and easy to pull apart & store. I didn't use the floor mat. I found it easy to just vacume my carpet instead of spot cleaning the floor mat.

+ Reliable , safe

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Love Love Love this!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2012

The 6 sided keeps my 1 year old son happy and safe. Plenty of room to crawl around and his toys are no longer taking over the house! It does take up a lot of my lounge room but it dismantles really easliy and we drop it down to a 4 sided when we have guests. Fantastic product.

+ Keeps the house neat, baby is safe.

Purchased at: My Baby Warehouse

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Brisbane, QLD

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Great product!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 16, 2012

When our baby starts moving about, I went on the internet to search for a playpen. This is just what I am looking for. I am not a big fan of the wooden and plastic playpens. I was looking for one with a good size, so there is plenty room for our baby to move and play with other babies in our house. It put my mind at rest when I need to walk away for a short time to know the baby will be safe in the playpen.

+ Good size for the baby to move about in the playpen, like the mat underneaths for hard floorboards at home

- When baby start pulling herself up, the mesh does get a bit slippery when she pushes it to try to stand. I wish the mat can be a bit more thicker, so when baby falls it does not hurt much.

Purchased at: Pram Warehouse

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5 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2012

Our bub is just starting to get mobile and we bought the 6 sided version. It is worth the money and if you shop around online you may still get in under $210. The 6 sided one can be set up with just four sides if you are going out somewhere with more limited space, it just means you have to be a bit creative to attach the included playmat to the playpen, but it can be done. Meanwhile the 6 sided area is great outside, for more than one child or if an adult wants to sit in the enclosed area and play with the child for a while. The fact that there are no hard bits (uncovered) that little heads can bump on is great and it is easy to watch them, they can see you and it's cool and well ventilated. A bit pricey but worth it.

+ Lightweight, easy to assemble, portable, safe, softsided, well ventilated, bright and colourful.

- Typical Valco intructions included, they are next to useless.

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Brisbane, QLD

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5 out of 5, reviewed on May 07, 2012

I bought this playpen for my twins when they were about 7 months old. They had so many toys and I didn't want them all cluttering up the house, so we bought a playpen. So happy with the 6 sided playpen, so much room and I can easily fit both my babies, and their toys inside.

+ Mesh sides, comfortable play mat, size.

- Expensive.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 27, 2012

We chose this playpen for its size for our mobile 6 month old who has started to commando crawl with speed. We were pleasantly surprised with the ease of setting it up. The base is lightly padded which is great for baby. Although attached to the frame with velcro, it appears secure and we have not had any problems to date with it detaching. The playpen provides ample space for both baby and toys.Importantly our baby appears to be happy playing in it. For us it has been worth the money (most playpens are not cheap).

+ Big play area but also the ability to reduce the size if needed, very easy to assemble, sturdy, looks good (red and black colour combination), lightweight

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Great buy!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2012

We bought this a few days ago since our little one is learning how to crawl. We have had people tell us that buying this wouldn't be worth it as they wont stay inside. We also had a debate about this and the much cheaper wooden one which came with no play mat. Undoubtedly its definitely this one.
When hes trying to sit he falls over many times. And though our floor is carpeted the extra padding helps alot - that and he seems to like it as well.
He has a habit of moving his body backward and forward and if there were wooden bars his head would have hit it - with this it doesn't hurt him at all.
Cleaning the play mat has been easy - just wiping off the spilt milk and food.
Me and my wife can both comfortably sit inside there with him.
And to top it off he also likes being in there - he has been in there for 2 hours straight with no complaints!

+ large space, playmat was easy to clean and well padded, Easy to assemble,

- Expensive

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2012

I couldn't fault this product and was very happy to buy this one instead of the wooden/metal playards. My son never injured himself in this although I have seen him knock himself quite badly on wooden playpens. My son is also a woodchuck and has chewed his wooden cot right into the woodfuzz but he is unable to penetrate the covered rails of the valco vee bee.
It is the perfect size with 6 sides, not too huge and definitely not too small. It is also easy to clean with a damp cloth.
I would recommend this to people as an easy early alternative to babyproofing your house :)

+ Bought the 6 sided one and it was the perfect size. Our family room (filled with dvds books electronics and a giant flatscreen) we instead invested in this playpen. Big size made it very comfy for an adult or 2 to be inside with bubs.
It is easy to assemble/disassemble and it is very lightweight and the 3 sections pack flat for easy storage or transport in the boot of a 4wd. It has been perfect for when we go on a driving holiday and it keeps bubs from wrecking any alternate accommodation that we stay at.
The padded mat also helps makes the whole playpen a 'clean' place for my eczema bub when using it outdoors or indoors where there is suspicious looking carpet.

I also attribute the playpen to our son walking very early as he was always pulling himself up and would then walk from one side to the other.

My son at 16months no longer uses the playpen as we want to give him freedom to run but we now use it squashed into a long wedge to block off the corner of the room with the flatscreen. It currently also doubles as a massive toybox for all his toys and helps put all the clutter in one spot!

- Expensive but in the end, it was definitely worth the purchase. Shop around online for a good price. Considered ebay but was wary of a second hand pen as I'd read reviews about the stitching coming undone. Happy I was able to pricematch from a one of my regular online baby stores and was happy to pay the extra for peace of mind. Our brand new playpen did have some dubious looking stitching on it but in the hard yards that it has done so far, the stitching has not come undone. I can understand how easy it might be to get one that will come apart at the mesh stitching.

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Sydney, NSW

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So far so good...

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 08, 2011

We bought the 6 sided playpen after reading reviews on this Site and I must say so far so good...! It is on the expensive side but we managed to find ours on sale (I was looking...). It has been worth the money! My bubs isn't yet crawling but he is mobile (rolls & turns around) & I love knowing that once he is in the playpen he is pretty safe & contained. Also all his toys are in one place, so much easier when trying to keep a house semi-clean. The mesh sides enable him to still see me when I'm in the kitchen. It's pretty easy to clean, just a quick vacuum & wipe is all you need to do.

+ Large, easy to assemble, easy to clean

- It is expensive, takes about a large amount of space

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Questions & Answers

6 Panel

What is the dimension of the 6 side playpen?

Jane asked on Sep 30, 2017

Answer this

Hi Jane, the dimensions are 1690 x 1526 x 615

6 Panel

Can the mat be purchased separately and if so how much does it cost?

ColleenG asked on Jan 04, 2017

Answer this

Hi Colleen, thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the mat for the 6 sided play yard is not a product that we keep as a spare part.

6 Panel

Am I able to get the mesh covers off to hand wash?

Katie McDonnell asked on Oct 20, 2016

Answer this

Hi Katie
Thanks for getting in touch.
The mesh panels of your 6 Sided Play Yard are not removable. We recommend a gentle spot- wash using a very mild detergent to keep it looking sharp!
Hope this helps!

I've just bought one second hand and had the same question. but I found that it wasn't too hard to pull it apart to get the sides off to wash. it's silly that it isn't designed to be able to do do need a screw driver but it's all clips together so not hard to pull apart, especially an old one that's a bit worn. not sure if a brand new would be so easy

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