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Vehicle Inspections Australia - firm but fair comprehensive assessment of vehicle for R.W.C

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 12, 2017

VIA are located at 160 High Street Preston, Melbourne.
Efficiently run business, independent vehicle inspections, generates consumer confidence in outcomes. Yesterday, I as a seller of a 2002 sedan, and also the purchaser attended at VIA by appointment booked on-line with ease for an Express Inspection ( 50 minutes). As the reception area did not have a coffee or water machine, we walked to a nearby cafe. When the car was inspected, I received an sms to collect the car. The only items requiring rectification related to lighting, missing or d
ead globes, and non-ADR approved day-time running lights fitted to the car: they had to be removed.
After rectifying the faulted items, I booked in on-line for a 15 minute re-inspection around lunchtime the following day. This was completed within 10 minutes and we were free to go. By having both the buyer and seller able to ask questions of the licensed vehicle tester mechanic, it gave both of us confidence in the accuracy of the inspection, but also in each other as consumers.
VIA also offer a full comprehensive mechanical review of your car, which addresses those items not covered by a RWC inspection. In the passed I have used the RACV for this type of inspection.
Whilst this is a small work shop with only one hoist, it is run efficiently and effectively with great ICT communication by email and sms. Hopefully we will see more VIA inspection sites open around Melbourne!

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Melbourne, Victoria

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Cheap Roadworthy Certifcates

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 13, 2016

I was looking for a cheap, independent inspection for my vehicle - worrying about garages trying to overcharge me left right & center.
I found Vehicle Inspections Australia through a google search and a few mentions in whirlpool so i decided to check it out for the good price

I opted for the $99 express, no issues with the certificate or the car.
I saw the previous review about the customer service - I agree the customer service guy could have been friendly and "gone the extra mile" but honestly I was looking for a cheap, independent service & thats what I got which I'm more than happy with

I've already recommended my friends to their service & they were happy too
5 stars for fast & reliable service - cheers

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They will yell at you for asking questions

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2016

[name removed] at Vehicle Inspections Australia, I'm sorry to inform you but you require a personality transplant! It is entirely normal for people to ask polite questions about the service your business provides. It is expected that you should provide responses consisting of more than one word. If you are uncomfortable with being flexible with customers and taking a short amount of time to answer reasonable questions may I suggest that a customer facing role is not for you.

I am giving this business one star because of poor customer service
- and it is well deserved. When I am paying money in exchange for a service I expect that the details of that service will be explained to me politely and in full. It's also just much nicer to deal with people who are friendly and personable - something which I found to be very much lacking at VIA. I phoned to determine the outcome of a roadworthy check and [name removed] informed me that two of the tyres on my vehicle had failed. I work full time and have a very busy life and was aware that the time frame for re inspection was only seven days so wanted to act quickly to resolve the problem. But first I required proof. I requested details of the location of the wear on the tyre and photos showing the measurements. [name removed] provided either one word or very short answers which volunteered no information and made me suspicious he had something to hide, so I probed further. This made [name removed] angry. He raised his voice to a level that was audible to my colleagues at work, he told me my questions were pointless and that if I wanted answers to these questions I would have to wait until I came to pick the vehicle up. He declared that if I wanted answers prior to this I should have paid extra for the express check. He asked me to repeat myself a number of times and then laughed at me when I did. He eventually agreed to look into it and call me back - I did not receive a call back.

When I arrived to pick the vehicle up [name removed] was laying on the couch in the waiting room with headphones on - obviously too busy to call me back! I had to remind him that I still required him to demonstrate the location and measurements of the defect which I must say he did do without complaint. His attitude at this time was much changed from when we spoke on the phone and far more agreeable. However I don't believe that this makes up for the ridiculous and childish outburst I received from him on the phone earlier that day. For that reason I won't be recommending this business to anyone and will tell anyone who will listen to avoid it at all costs. Very frustrating experience and totally uncalled for.

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