Unsecure, reactive and slow in handling fraudulent transactions

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 12, 2018

After I had to identify $22,000 worth of fraudulent activity on the Virgin Money credit card. After 3+ months Virgin Money is yet to resolve this. This company is not proactive in its communication, does not have adequate systems in place to resolve or identify fraud quickly and does not value its long-term customers.

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Lame - go elsewhere

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 08, 2018

Too much messing around on the application. Other companies are far more streamlined on application. I gave up in the end.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 02, 2018

Never sign up with Virgin Credit Card or anything else for that matter.
They suck you in ,it is impossible to negotiate with them.
Wont say to much more for defamation issues, but you have been warned

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Read the fine print before signing up, Clunky and confusing,

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2018

I have the card for a total of 40 days and have been charged interest 3 times even though I have 0 balanced the card twice within the 40 day period, this is one of their clauses,
If you do not pay your account in full by the due date and you carry a balance on your credit card from month to month the 44 days interest free period does not apply. If you then make a purchase you are charged interest. You will then need to pay your balance off in full for 2 consecutive months for the maximum 44 days interest free period to take effect. No interest free period is available on Cash Advances or Balance Transfers.

Clunky to use as they utilise CitiBank. Confusing, I had a 50K limit, and states Unpaid Balance: AUD 808.43 Available Credit Amount: AUD 49,053.93, add the 2 figures together and it does not add up to $50K. Purchases are not done in real time as with the likes of NAB, will return to NAB as my main card for purchases, a lot easier to manage and understand.
Lesson Learnt, don't let the bonus point rewards sign up deals lure you to another provider if your current provider does the job!!!

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Absolute Joke

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 13, 2017

Unfortunately, my experience with Virgin has been anything but impressive. I signed on purely for a reward point offer they had early June 2017, only to find out recently that they put a different offer on my card. They are now stating they have no recollection of the previous offer, and that the calls they made to me to acquire the final bits of information where they stated exactly what offer I was receiving (or apparently not) didn't exist, and were not recorded, despite all calls being recorded.
Would not recommend.

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Third world country service --- so far

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 11, 2017

Applied 6 days ago...had to call them to provide details that their application did not ask.... it reminded me of my third world country heritage..where you have to call or visit the office to make your file/application move from one office/stage to the next. Called them to give info...called them to remind to do verification...called them to forward to assessing team.. I think i will call them tomorrow to open the file...
In past I applied for 7 credit cards ...all approved...upto $30 limits for some. Closed the cards and got the new once to avail interest free offers. This time i gambled on Virgin despite reading the reviews bcoz no other card is offering 12 months on purchases.... stressed out ...

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Please stay away-very unprofessional

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2017

Please stay away, the most unprofessional bank institution I have ever dealt with. I very badly felt regretting that I have dealt with Virgin Money card, after 8 business days without response I have not even been updated and I gave them a call the consultant could not even update me professionally. i have sent hard copy of my documents which I am worried about and the lady could not even confirm if they have received it. Same balance transfer fee deals available at all the banks so the most terrible experience please stay away from it.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2017

You would think Virgin would want a $12,000 cheque? Wrong address info provided 5 times - 1 cheque already lost and customer service not prepared to email me a correct address to send a bank cheque to. I am still waiting for a manager at an Australian office to return my call 5 days after I was told this would happen, and in the meantime Virgin have told me I will accrue late payment fees! I will close this account and warn anyone in Australia not to use Virgin Money.

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HORRIBLE application process

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 10, 2017

I applied for a Virgin Money Credit Card on 23/03/2017. On that day I uploaded more than 100 pts of ID to your database.

A few days later someone called me on my work number to confirm I worked at the company I said I did. I asked the person if they could call my mobile for any further contact as I would appreciate my work line not being called in the future. A few days later I received another call on my work line again.. telling me that my application was being processed.

A few weeks went by with no contact, and I was unable to sign into my account online (it has given me an error since the day I first applied). So I called the help line and they let me know that my application was missing something… no one thought to call or email me during this time to let me know that I was missing something? I put in a complaint that I have not been able to check my status online, and the girl let me know she would look into it for me as this issue has been happening to a few people. I then sent the documents that were needed.

Another week or so went by without any contact, and your online portal did not work for me. So I call again, and was told that I was required to have an ID verification done and that I had been sent a letter with the request. (Again because I cannot access my status online I had no idea where my application was at). Another couple of days went by and I received the letter.

I’ve taken the Identity Verification Request form to the post office today, and they refuse to confirm my ID because the letter you sent me does not have my middle name on it.

I’ve then called your 13 37 39 number and explained the situation to a girl, who had no idea what I meant but pretended that she did. She passed the call onto a colleague who then asked me, “hello, so I am aware you are waiting to receive a letter from us?” I then had to explain again the reason for my call (which took a few times for this person to get their head around). They then tell me that I need to send them certified documents. In which I say, I did back in March when I first applied for this credit card.

What do you know, he looks in the database and finds my certified uploaded documents! He tells me, "oh I have your passport here, you don’t need to get your ID’s verified, all I need is a certified copy of your address".

I then tell him that, that would not be a problem, however, the letter I received from Virgin Money told me that my application expires 11/05/2017. I asked if he is able to extend my application time so that it does not expire. He then does not understand what I am asking – and I have to continue to try to explain. I am still not sure if my application with be put on hold.

I am so frustrated that it has been 7 weeks, and I still do not have a credit card. I have applied and received 2 credit cards in the past, and have NEVER had an experience like this one.

The staff are lovely and try to be helpful, however, they do not seem to listen to questions or requests. I am annoyed that I was never contacted during my application to say that I needed more documents. I am annoyed that your online system does not work and I have complained about it on every phone call and it has been acknowledged – but still is not fixed. I am annoyed that I was rejected for an ID check, because my identity verification form does not have my middle name on it. I am annoyed that I have to explain things 3 times to the person I am speaking to, and then they pass me onto another person who I then have to explain another 3 times and I don’t feel comfortable with my application process after getting off the phone.

Where I am at now, is that I need to get my address certified and send it back to you. As I am unable to access your online portal, I have to email it to an unsecure inbox.

To be honest, I am at the stage where I’d rather just go to another credit card company. This has been a horrible application process and I have no desire to spend money using a Virgin Money credit card.

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No problems

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

I've had this card for over 12 months and had no issues, I thought the application process was clunky and intrusive and I did get approved, to date so far no issues. I do like having a no fee card and I pay in full before the due date so I don't get stung with any interest.

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Application process a joke

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 15, 2017

Had a terrible time applying for this card. The application process doesn't ask enough questions in my opinion.
Had an application open for 20+ days. Had had one phone call wanting to verify details which was fine (I think that was within first 2 weeks of applying if I remember correctly.)
Then after 22 days had passed and my application said under review on the online status checker, I decided to ring them and ask to cancel my application. When I did ring them the lady I spoke to advised me that my application had been rejected and she did not give me a reason.
I asked if I would receive any information about this and was told I should receive a letter. (I still have not received this letter or any explanation as to why it may have been rejected.
Without divulging too much personal history, I will just say that I have had no defaults or bankruptcies etc and was given no explanation why this was being rejected.
It has now been at least 2 months since my application and I have received no further information.
Wasn't very impressed at all.

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Application process unreliable

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 24, 2017

2 weeks of waiting and my application still isn't processed!!!

I've had to follow up credit card application 10+ times in 2 weeks, verification team were not proactive.
I was told I would have confirmation of my application in 2-3 days, every day for a week.
They had misheard a verification phone number I had told them, knew it was not the right person but kept calling the incorrect number without asking or confirming the details with me.
Then after calling the correct number, they needed to verify all of those details again over a landline - which I had to call up to find out.
Once I gave the company's landline number, and instructions to ask for "a specific" room within the company they advised they would call - while I was on my mobile to them - and never did.

After my application was sent through for final confirmation I was given inconsistent time frames of when my application would be processed.

When there were questions the application team did not know they transferred me through to the customer care team and failed to do so, twice.

I externally called up the customer care team, got my answer and was transferred back, waiting on hold for 20 minutes.
So I called up the application team externally and they took my external call in 4 minutes, which I had been waiting to be connected through to them for the last 25 minutes (in total) on the other internal line.

I have finally been told a timeframe, how long?
2-3 days.
I still have the same answer as to how long this application that has been in the final stage of processing for 7 days now.

Once it has been approved I can't use my card until it is posted to me.

2 weeks of waiting, and my application still isn't processed.

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Don't waste time

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 10, 2017

Applied for the credit card and fullfilled all the requirements and at last neither they inform us about our application and when we call and ask for our application they say its declined... I asked the reason behind they have NO ANSWER for that.. I wasted my time..

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Incompetent and total waste of time.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 01, 2016

Don't waste your time with these guys, as dumb as, can't understand second incomes, incomes from investment properties, ask for documents forever for a lousy credit card for a few grand, big deal! Doesn't help with Indian sounding operators with very little english skills. Gave up after wasting hours back and forth.
God help you if you have a real problem with them.

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Cheap and nasty. Go elsewhere, it's easy to find a better card.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 08, 2016

This is a cheap and nasty card, it's possible to do much better using many other companies (e.g. Coles Mastercard).
- My credit card bill often arrived after it was due; even when it arrived on time, I only had a couple of days before it needed to be paid.
- Fees and penalties are over the top.
- The process of applying for a card is onerous. They insisted on speaking with the company accountant to verify my income. They then tried to contact me on that number to sell me insurance.
- They kept on trying to sell me various kinds of insurance, even after I requested them not to.
- Security procedures are over the top. The burden and risk is placed squarely on the customer.
- Customer service is outsourced to an overseas call centre.

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Everything is sub standard & they keep making mistakes then charging me

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 28, 2016

You just need to look at Virgin Money Australia's website to get an idea that they are so far from Richard Branson's vision of good customer service & great deals. They don't even have a mobile friendly website or app.
I have numerous issues & much of it is due to poor systems & mistakes by customer service.
Most recently, after setting up auto payments exactly as advised by them, they've charged me 100s of dollars in late fees. They promised to reverse the charges & identify issue but have not done so. Worse still they keep calling me but then don't/can't help me. I'm leaving them asap. I feel cheated & lied to by Virgin. Richard would be ashamed.

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Port Melbourne, VIC

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Virgin Money Credit Card Abuse

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 05, 2016

After life threatening domestic violence by, my Italian/Egyptian psychopathic ex-defacto and securing an Intervention Order against him, he then ran up debt in my name to tens of thousands of dollars and Virgin Money would not identify me so I was left with the debt which took ten years to pay off. Virgin Money was linked with Westpac and could have stated that as I could not ID myself, to go into a Westpac Branch for ID confirmation. This is extreme abuse as all the signatures were those of my ex-defacto and women and children should not be abused in this manner by an international corporation.

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Maybe I'm the lucky one!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 09, 2016

I recently applied for a credit card, hah and LOL I got knocked back! Not sure why they certainly didn't do any proper financial statements. Who in this day and age doesn't do any asset checks! 3 very painful phone conversations and one to our accountant in which they asked stupid questions and we get the "if circumstances change you can reapply in 3 months! Seriously got to be joking, I wouldn't use a Virgin card if it came gold plated.
Should have read everyone's reviews before hand!!!

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Verified Purchase

Great for balance transfer deals!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2016

I originally started with the Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card. While excellent value, I later changed to the No Annual Fee Visa without difficulty.

It's important to note that you can still carry this card in perpetuity and not incur any annual fees. One of the greatest benefits of this card is the ability to avail of balance transfer deals, even if you are an existing cardholder. You get better deals if you are intending to cancel the card, as they would prefer to keep your business.

I did elect to cancel my card at one stage, and after some time, I changed my mind. They were very happy for me to come back as a customer and they did reopen my card account! The downside though is the propensity for card providers to charge a balance transfer fee of up to 2% for new customers.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 27, 2016

This company is disgusting in the way it treats its customers. I had to take them to the Financial ombudsman service after more than 3 months with their complaints team that completely lied, considering changing which airline I fly just because of this.

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What is the postal address for the Virgin card application?

frodo asked on Jun 16, 2016

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Hi frodo,

I never applied via post but instead completed and submitted a form via their website.

Good luck with that one

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