Vodafone, can you be more dishonest, tricky, and thieving?

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 27, 2017

Poor company in Aus ever used!
i hope there is a negative rate!!
My bill says i sent a message called Premium message and costed 4.54$ on the number 19940004 on 22/7! what hell, i never sent any messages to this number!!!
And this 80$ redcap includes 3 hrs international call, and i only made 3 international calls this month, which were 11mins, 15mins,and 1hr, and the total is far less than 3 hrs! then the bill says there were 3 extra charges for international call!!!! then Vodafone charged me about 16$ more in total for those calls!! Why?
It is a nightmare when using this company.
Stay away from this company!
I hope this dishonest and thieving Vodafone closing down straightway.

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Too many problems

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 26, 2017

I tried configuring my phone to receive/send mms by installing the vodafone software for my model, it installed correctly and I pressed ok, but I still can't send/receive mms (with data turned on).
The worst was when my grandfather passed away and i tried to recharge
so i could call overseas but their 1511 and help line numbers were not working. I went into the store and they told me it was a technical problem and they didn't know when it would be fixed. It was a day or two later when their numbers were working again. The apology to their customers and bonus data was of little comfort. Their service usually drops out in the middle of a call as well.

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Mobile contract finished.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 26, 2017

After being a loyal customer for two years I decided to switch my phone to dodo for a cheaper plan my mobile contract have already finished and have no plans to renew anymore with Vodafone, on my last bill they are charging me $600 extra dollars for exit fee how ridiculous is that!! Vodafone is the worst poison eats ever to rip you off, my worst nightmare company exit fee money after contract have finished.

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St marys

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Horrible customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 25, 2017

My average plan for a few services comes in at $450
Sometimes there's unexpected bills or medical and Vodafone are heartless no care for there customers I had an extension in may and tried to get another today they refused saying only 1 extension every 3 months anyone on plans go to another provider they treat you like crap
But if your a new customer they will suck up to get money out of you

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Terrible customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 24, 2017

I just signed up for a new 24 months contract and got a new iphone 7plus. I purchased a new protective cover to go with my phone, which was highly recommended by the sales person and paid separately for that as well. The very next day I couldn't switch my phone on or off and found that the cover was to blame. I took it back to the same store here at Hobart City and was told it could not be exchanged or refunded if I didn't have the original cover for it. Now I'm not normally keeping every single cover and packaging for everything I ever buy, bu t was lucky to retrieve the iphone cover packaging from the bin. I went back to the store the next day again (I had to pay for someone to mind my own store for that time) with the original packaging and the Eftpos receipt I was given and was then told by the staff at Vodafone that the case was already "dodgy" when they put my new phone into it on the first day! They then told me that my receipt wasn't good enough and that they had to go through their system to find the original receipt. I waited patiently for about 10 minutes while they apparently searched their computer for it, while at the same time serving other customers. I then said that I had to go back to work and how long they thought this would take, to which they replied it could take all day!!! I said that that was ridiculous and that I couldn't understand such a store policy, especially as I had my Eftpos receipt and had only signed up for a new contract the day before!! The store manager seemed to get annoyed and told me to go back to work and come back later, which I declined. Altogether I spent more than 1 hour at the store waiting for what they claimed was the original receipt, after which I demanded my receipt and cover back and left rather upset at such appalling customer service!! When I got back to my own business I was still shaking and my daughter had to the Vodafone complaint line who helped to resolve the issue for me. I now got a refund of $37 and can still not believe that it took three days for Vodafone to refund (as they didn't have a replacement case instore) that rather small amount and to make everything so incredibly difficult, when they will surely make a tidy sum of the new contract I signed?! Very poor customer service Vodafone!!!

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The worst provider

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 21, 2017

All I can say is don't go with Vodafone
I've had a really bad experiance
No service at all
I'm not happy with Vodafone

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Never have had an issue!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2017

When it comes down to it all phone companies are the same... yes the network coverage in the country isn't as good... But I don't need it and i'm not paying a premium for it.

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Bunch of con artists

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2017

After my post paid plan contract expired.
Went for a more affordable month to month plan over the phone. However, they conned me and somehow added extra $20 for some extra broadband which I never asked for, ever needed or ever have used.


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Worst Customer Service Ever

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2017

I would not give them rate at all... since last 6 months, on every 20th of each month, they send me one message that my net is used... this can't be true as I am at home and my wi-fi is all the time on... when tried to talk to them I am on on hold for 45 minutes and no response at all... they just put me on hold... and i get a message at the same time giving reference no... never seen such pathetic services...

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Parafield gardens

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2017

As a valuable customer of Vodafone for the last four years I can give you my recommendation. Plans with Vodafone are terrible if like me you use ALOT of data. I paid a ridiculous amount for the plan, probably 3 times as much as the phone would of cost me outright brand new!
Thankfully I am no longer on a plan, HOWEVER I can give better feedback on prepaid and value is alot better. Alps data add ons are amazing life savers. Would recommend pre paid not plans.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 19, 2017

Dishonest .the staff we tell u anything to get u to sign up..scammers the reception is poor .
Plus many other problems

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Terrible. Don't fall for it. Customer service poor and bills are overrated

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 19, 2017

Don't buy. This is crap. They overcharge you and network is the worst. I hope it closes down. The plans are no longer cheaper. Don't buy. Big no from me.

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I have a plan that gives me $7 discount a month which then gives me a monthly bill for $23. This plan was suitable for me. It is a sim only plan and you have to lock in for 24 months. Now after 16 months Voda fone has changed their conditions saying that I changed my plan and therefore loose credit of $5 month which means I am now paying $28 a month. Rang vodafone only to be told that I changed plans so no longer get the full discount of $7. After much bantering back and forth, I tried to explain that it was impossible to change my plan cos it was locked in for 24 months but it was totally hopeless trying to speak with their customer service as they don't speak clear English. My question is this. Has anybody else been caught out short by vodfone renegging on their deals?????????????

Sharon Mundie asked on Nov 16, 2016

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yep they did this to me when i had to change my contract from 3 to vodafone when they fully took over the service. I wanted (being a long term customer) a similar deal i had or at least some discounts or i would take my business elsewhere. They offered me a $35 contract which had a few discounts that took it down to $18 i think. One of the discounts was temporary, the other was supposed to be permanent. A year later i suddenly noticed i was being charged $35. after calling they denied i had any such discount, and since i couldn't find the paperwork my arguements had no evidence and so i had to suck it up. I later cancelled my contract when i realised how bad my deal was (along with the poor coverage).

Yup. We had this as well. A discount was offered but not applied and then was finally applied after TIO involvement to only be removed again after they had to change the plan again to move it to what it was meant to be (a shared one instead of not shared) meaning it took it going to the TIO again and after still having issues with coverage (in the middle of Adelaide) we finally gave up and told the TIO agent that we were done.

Back again with new issue. I am not going to be held hostage to Vodafone so I have taken an early termination with 5 months to go. It is a loss to me financially however I intend to make Vodafone beg for their payments and see how they feel being treated with contempt

Why is there no comunication within Vodafone, service and accounts?

albert asked on Aug 04, 2016

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Because they are trying to cut costs to save money and until more people like me and you complain about our issues that will get away with it. Vodafone is the worst. Big regret.

Why when I am trying to pay my overdue bill you still threaten to block my incoming calls and continue to charge for services that you won't let me use? Until now I thought Vodafone was the best.

Bribie asked on Dec 19, 2015

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This answer is simple. Pay your account before it becomes overdue. Or call to set up a payment arrangement. Simple

get staff that can do there jobs. in the 20 years iv been with mobile carriers vodefone has the worst service iv ever had iv told all my friends about the lousy service to go els where as the numbers are changed the mines of my whole bowling team they told their friends and so one. 100 == 1000 1000= 10,000 =100,000 = 1,000,000 customers?
do as telstra did fix it first the first time, better customer service, ask the customer what we can do to fix the problem not wait months, to finaly get where you are now that should of been done in the first place. if is not fixed first then customers will go els where?. i will never ever use vodafone ever again i thought they were good but they have not pleased me in there service, products, very sloppy service, no customer service, products never work properly, will never use a other mobil phone ever again since the experience iv got from vodafone?.

Im sure vodafone are glad that you went to Telstra, you can pay $50 more for 50% less, Its customers like you who want want want want...... give me give me give me..... Im loyal Im loyal Im loyal..... im special im special im special give me credits!!!

have fun with your new provider

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