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Bad customer service and misleading info

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 10, 2018

Very unssatisfied, with a 9GB sevice and an $80 plan plus handset x2 paying almost minimum of $400and a maximum bill of $600 why because everytime you go over 1gig $10. What is amazing even you used wifi at home and your mobile data is off and you still get charge. And when you pay the due for activation of service when you speak to another operator next day they said need to pay additional $$110 dollars in advance for the payment for next bill. I ask how can you pay service in advance when you haven’t used it yet. And still insist for you to pay for it before they will activate the service. The guy that i spoken to earlier he said i only need to pay $560 which is overdue plus all the interest and all other fees. From one to another transfer the call reassure that it will connected and still have to repeat over and over. Its like paying $80 plan x 3 for a month. Calls etc and customer service are so rude. She could of have offer or ask any option to pay off the bill on a split payment in consideration for being with them for almost 8 years.
It’s so ridiculous he even told me off and did sermon me for not paying and in fact its a lie telling i havent paid my bill for 6 months. And I said hello one month of being late i get barred telling nonsense of 6 months i havent paid.
He didnt even apologise when he realised he is wrong.
Now that im not with them even though they have good offer maybe because when intold them that almost 8 of my family have gone to another service provider cos their service terrible and expensive.
The only thing i can say is make sure you check your bill and ensure that your getting the righ deal rather than paying so much for a crap service.

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Poor coverage, plan

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 09, 2018

I was with Vodafone for more than 2 years. At that time I was in a 24-month phone plan, which was about $50 a month, and they deposited directly from my bank account.
The network was disappoiting. I lived in a populated area in Sydney. My location was supposed to be covered, but my phone could always receive no signal when I was in my home! I asked some friends, and found I was not the individual case - all the Vodafone users complained such issues!
Also, they will never let you that your phone plan was going to expired. If it did expire, they would still charge you the amount as you were in a phone plan, until someday you realise and ask them to stop that.
After some months my phone plan was expired, I switched to Telstra. Goodbye Vodafone, never ever think about getting me back again.

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$40 SIM card package that didn't activate and you need to wait 24 hours to get resolved.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 04, 2018

I perchased a $40 12.5GB SIM card for my phone to use while I'm back home in Sydney for two months and I went through the process of activating it and gave all my details and drivers lisence number and it didn't activate. I waited a day thinking it would and nothing happened I contacted them today and they said it was an issue from there side. And was told I needed to wait 24hours for the issue to be solved. I didn't buy the card to have to wait to use it. I needed it straight away! If I knew it would be such an issue I would have gone to a different company. And I bought the same card at the time for my parent. Such an annoying start to my trip.

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aldinga beach

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be very careful and know your rights

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 12, 2017

a rep called me offering a super special. I could keep my $22 plan , extend for 24 months and get a free tablet with 3 gig of data.. a few times I asked are you sure I would not pay more than $22 to Vodafone per month total.. answer was yes... ok, that appears great.. of course I would do it... no.. it actually meant I would pay $22 for my phone plan and an extra $22 for the 3 gig with a free tablet for 24 months... I became suspicious after a day or 2 and rang Vodafone to cancel after confirming I would have to pay $44 per month total to Vodafone. they wouldn't let me cancel. point blank NO you are stuck with it.... my daughter then went to a store in the shopping centre and told them the story. the lovely lady actually fixed the problem saying that of course I could cancel within 7 days. NO FUSS.. she is the only redeaming feature that allows 2 stars.... so be very careful and know your rights...

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Bad services

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 28, 2017


The reliable of the nextwork coverage was neither good or bad. The services of the signals were terrible in regards to my area.

My plans is a postpaid account on the sim only contract and said it is no lock in contract but when I used it to the timeframe that my contract it wouldn't let me quit my service.

Service and customer rating is 1.5/10

I wish vodafone have to improve its services.

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Not good. Don't recommend it.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 12, 2017

Very unreliable. Doesn't work in most places. My plan is almost a rip-off as it almost never works. Usually when I use it it will stop working randomly and I am out in the open with no interference whatsoever.

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Pink, Ohio

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Bad customer service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 07, 2017

Everytime i ring Vodafone I cant understand a word there saying at all and im always say "pardin pardon i cant understand you
And when ive had someone that speaks a bit clearer well they just talked right over me and asking me the same question 4 or 5 times!! My plan is up soon n im dreading to call them

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No overseas roaming

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 02, 2017

I landed at London's Heathrow airport and turned on my phone. There was no signal indicating that the phone was useless to use in the UK. But I was not to be without a phone. I went to a UK Vodafone shop and got a prepaid sim card. I was unable to top it up electronically because I didn't have a UK home address. So I just visited a UK Vodafone shop of which there are many in the UK and they loaded it for me and activated it for me too. It meant a changed phone number but at least I could arrange accommodation in advance and keep in touch with family back here in Australia.

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Rude Service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 18, 2017

I was on the phone to a help person she got very rude when we needed help or said we don’t understand or we can’t do this. I’m hoping most help people aren’t like this!

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Not registered on network Frustrated customer

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2017

for a few hours now we are not able to receive any phone calls or make out calls or receive any messages on our vodafones. The person in the Indian call center was not very knowledgeable and could not tell me what is happening regarding the outages. Instead he kept telling me that we have no coverage were we life anyway....and told me to switch the phone on and off which I've done anyway. I'm frustrated and worried because nearly everything is going through my mobile phone and I have no idea what is happening. By the way the message on my phone reads Not registered on network.

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terrible experience with privacy team

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 01, 2017

their privacy team charged to release my personal info which it should be free and took a month to send it to me
untrained stuff and unhelpful

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Very bad service and unpromising policies

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2017

Staff in this outlet has very low level understanding of English. Went for earphone warranty and they said it can not be replaced without any convincing reason. Vodafone is actually pathetic in customer service and the way they charge extra for data is also totally unsatisfactory. Not worth recommending.

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Why i got rid of vodaphone

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 08, 2017

Vodaphone sends me a text asking why I'm leaving them. It says pick from multiple choices. Ten Questions but the whole ten questions have the same multiple choices. Whats the point when I can not tell them in writing in my own words. Telstra gave me the chance to upgrade from my old iPhone 4s to an iPhone 6 at a good price owned out right and put me on a plan for $35. Only $5 more than my $3o recharge on vodaphone. The plan is only for 12 months than I can go back to my $30 recharge option. The phone $529 and some Telstra stores sold for $449. Good price for a good upgrade seeing we are on the old age pension. If vodaphone want good honest feed back it should let people tell them in their own words not pick from repeated same useless questions. After all we do give feed back by our own free will. When going online with vodaphone it is very slow. They throw bonus gigs at you but way too slow. If it was not for my wi fi connection to tpg hooked up to my phone the internet on my old phone would just take forever to respond. Ps I was with vodaphone ten years at least. In the end the product and price point were just not there. I'm not looking for $70 a month plans and $1000 outright phones just a good phone and deal.

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newcastle, Australia

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Just don't try to leave or switch

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 03, 2017

Had been a Vodafone customer for more than 15 years and never had an issue or had to ring customer service
recently moved house and have no Vodafone reception (not their fault).
Rang customer service (CS) they were helpful and offered several possibilities to improve signal, None worked (not their fault).

Decided to change carriers (this is where things start to go downhill)
they ported my number straight away (took less than 30min) however when i tried to unlock my phone (which i purchased about 10 years ago) i had so much trouble.
I tried to use their web site (www...vodafone/unlock) did not work, site just timed out after i entered phones IEM no rang CS, was told there were issues with website and they could do it for me. They logged a request with their tech team and was told i would be contacted within 24 hours with unlock procedure. Happy customer
Guess what : NO one called me back
I rang CS back, was told they are unable to unlock my phone and that i spoke to no one the previous day and that no request had been made to unlock phone and no one was going to call me back. Refused to check who i spoke with even though they keep that data. Was told the only way i could unlock phone was to visit Vodafone store, Explained this was not possible and they refused to unlock phone.

After 15 years their attitude towards me was disgraceful and they had no intention of helping my situation. Every person i spoke to offered different reasons as to why it could not be unlocked and in the end i gave up and have referred the matter to the ombudsman in hope that they can sort out my situation.

Would not recommend Vodafone due to their poor CS when you wish to leave.
Have contacted ombudsman but phone still locked to Vodafone.

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Verified Customer

Stay Away!!!!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 28, 2017

I was on contract and had been a loyal customer with them for over 5 years.

Their customer service is consistently awful. It takes over 4 or 5 different calls to different representatives to finally have someone listen to you and treat you like a human person. Once this FINALLY occurs, you've got a 50/50 shot of them actually deciding to help you or not.

The service itself was fine, but with customer service this rotten you're better off going with anyone else; STAY AWAY

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Worst Customer service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 20, 2017

Today Vodaphone called me to improve my services and changing my plan, the quality of the line was bad and the lady another side of the line couldn't hear me and instead of letting me go to work she insists on continuing. Then she starts asking private questions tell me your pin, which countries you are calling to. I told her that I'm in the office and it's not a good time instead she was YELLING at me I told you which country you are calling to.

Well, that's not a good way to improve quality, I was a happy customer till now.
I had few issues with Vodaphone in the past 9 years one time they charged me 700$ for 2gb of the internet when my cellular data usage was off then I moved to 3 and I was happy with them.The coverage was limited but it was clear from the beginning what you get. Then three years ago Vodafone bought 3 and I've become Vodafone customer once again I didn't have any problem with them upto now except few 5$ roaming charge when I travel overseas as soon as you turn on your phone you get charged even if you don't call someone or use the internet. Just remember if you get charged now you can use as much as you want.

Overall, I'm happy with their service but the customer service really bad, I've called them few times and I wait in the Que for a long time.

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Best if no others

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 17, 2017

If you love International call
I would say optus is perfect because they give more optional unlimited or huge minutes to call overeas. Like to call bali

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Can't get through!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 16, 2017

Can't get through tonight!
Bad signal!
Can't even get through to online help!

Not good Vodafone!

But...when answered good staff, friendly.

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Vodafone made trouble for me financially but I'm still using that

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2017

I'm not happy with them because they never helped me but they put default for my credit file for very little money

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Southbank city

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Worst reception in countryside

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2017

Don't get Vodafone if you go to the countryside or if u are living there, don't get reception, if you are luck can get a bit.

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Questions & Answers

How is Vodafone for reception?

Trilly H asked on Sep 10, 2017

Answer this

My Vodafone reception is terrible cannot get a signal in the house have to make any calls from the front yard. Don't use this provider if you are in the Bli Bli area.

We live in Adelaide by the beach and look st the cell tower.
Have to go outside to stop drop outs.
Had a rate change early feb 2018.
Did not go well.
Got ripped off.
40.00 for 30GB.
Cannot drop vodafone.
All talk and LIP service.

I have a plan that gives me $7 discount a month which then gives me a monthly bill for $23. This plan was suitable for me. It is a sim only plan and you have to lock in for 24 months. Now after 16 months Voda fone has changed their conditions saying that I changed my plan and therefore loose credit of $5 month which means I am now paying $28 a month. Rang vodafone only to be told that I changed plans so no longer get the full discount of $7. After much bantering back and forth, I tried to explain that it was impossible to change my plan cos it was locked in for 24 months but it was totally hopeless trying to speak with their customer service as they don't speak clear English. My question is this. Has anybody else been caught out short by vodfone renegging on their deals?????????????

Sharon Mundie asked on Nov 16, 2016

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yep they did this to me when i had to change my contract from 3 to vodafone when they fully took over the service. I wanted (being a long term customer) a similar deal i had or at least some discounts or i would take my business elsewhere. They offered me a $35 contract which had a few discounts that took it down to $18 i think. One of the discounts was temporary, the other was supposed to be permanent. A year later i suddenly noticed i was being charged $35. after calling they denied i had any such discount, and since i couldn't find the paperwork my arguements had no evidence and so i had to suck it up. I later cancelled my contract when i realised how bad my deal was (along with the poor coverage).

Yup. We had this as well. A discount was offered but not applied and then was finally applied after TIO involvement to only be removed again after they had to change the plan again to move it to what it was meant to be (a shared one instead of not shared) meaning it took it going to the TIO again and after still having issues with coverage (in the middle of Adelaide) we finally gave up and told the TIO agent that we were done.

Back again with new issue. I am not going to be held hostage to Vodafone so I have taken an early termination with 5 months to go. It is a loss to me financially however I intend to make Vodafone beg for their payments and see how they feel being treated with contempt

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Why is there no comunication within Vodafone, service and accounts?

albert asked on Aug 04, 2016

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Because they are trying to cut costs to save money and until more people like me and you complain about our issues that will get away with it. Vodafone is the worst. Big regret.

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