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Model: CLS15550 (1 Handset) Date Purchased: Jun 2018

Just OK

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2018

I purchased my phone mid June, whilst it is OK, I would not recommend. The sound is quite scratchy and you have to use the boost button to hear a normal conversation, the phone is on maximum volume. If replacing I would investigate my options and possibly spend a little more on a better quality phone.

Purchased at: Big W

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Model: CLS15552 (3 Handset) Date Purchased: Oct 2017

Not a good choice for a reliable practical phone

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 02, 2017

Yep it looks great .. but :-

16 hours on charge and all 3 remote telephones on this system are only showing 1 bar of battery level... or in other words flat.

Upon testing :- The base station only starts to ring once the caller has heard the second ring on the call. The remote stations only start to ring after the caller has heard the 3rd or 4th rings on the call.
That leaves only 2 or 3 rings for you to run and answer either of the remote phones before the answering system takes the call.

Not recommended.
Ours is going back to JB today.

If you are only buying 1 base station of this brand with no remote phones then it may be fine. other than that save yourself the trouble- maybe look at a more well known brand.

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Verified Purchase Model: CLS15550 (1 Handset) Date Purchased: Feb 2017

Nice and clear

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 01, 2017

I love the choice of ring tones and ring volumes. Audio is great. The backlight is wonderful. The phone is attractive with good size buttons. The answer machine works easy and very straight forward. If there was anything to improve I would like to have the number of rings extended. Altogether I'm very happy with this phone

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Model: CLS15551 (2 Handset) Date Purchased: Feb 2016

It always made a clicking noise at random.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2016

I had to return it. Both handsets kept making a clicking noise that was very aggravating especially to the person on the other end they couldn't hear me over the noise.
I loved the design, and the big buttons. I could easily read the screen.
When you put names and numbers into a handset, it only goes into that handset and does not go into the other handset.

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Model: CLS15550 (1 Handset) Date Purchased: Apr 2016


1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 23, 2016

Well, I should have realised when I set it up and there was a undeleted message on the answering machine from the last person that had obviously realised it was crap and forgot to deleted their messages before returning it!
Message storage is great..haha!
Voice volume is ridiculously quiet and the boost volume button is an absolute joke!

For a cordless phone advertised to deliver high quality phone calls with Bluetooth, digital answering system, volume boost and interference free communication:-you would think moving to the next room while on the phone would be possible...but no, it looses reception 5 metres away from base and when too close to the base the receiver gives a delay echo of my own voice.

This phone should be taken off the market!

Purchased at: Kmart

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Model: CLS15550 (1 Handset)

Battery drains overnight

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2016

Works OK during the day but each morning the batteries are dead flat, as if the phone sucks the life out of them when not in use. Have had to resort to taking the batteries out of the handset overnight and replacing in the morning. Not really happy with this product.

Purchased at: Kmart

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Sydney, Australia

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Model: CLS15552 (3 Handset)

Don't waste your money or time

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 15, 2016

The worst phone I have ever owned. Why manufacture and put a phone on the market that just doesn't work. What a waste of money. The reception is horrible, there is always interference. Even though it has a boost button, that does no justice either. Since I can't understand the person on the other end, nor they can understand me, I have to use my mobile phone, which is getting too be expensive. What a waste of time and money, absolutely rubbish!!! I'm very disappointed!!!!!

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Model: CLS15552 (3 Handset)

Appalling quality control

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 03, 2016

I have just returned this 3-handset system and obtained a full refund. There were no fewer than four faults with the system: My recorded message was overridden halfway through by the default message; messages sent to the phone were not recorded by the answering machine; attempting to leave a message was affected by massive echo/distortion; one handset periodically ceased to function, registering "out of range" - it was eight metres from the base, with no interfering devices . To add insult to injury, the "helpline" did not operate at 1230 pm on a working day. a brand I shall never re-visit. How do I give it no stars at all?

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Model: CLS15552 (3 Handset)

Great phone except for phone book

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 11, 2015

Hi we recently purchased this phone to replace an old telstra set that were affected by a lightning strike, great on everything and clear. The big downside for us is that each handset has an independent contact phone book so if you need the contacts in the other handsets they need to be manually keyed and also stops them identifying known numbers where there not on a handset.This really needs to be an option in future models.

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Melbourne, Vic

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Verified Purchase Model: CLS15552 (3 Handset) Date Purchased: May 2015

Excellent Cordless Phone & Answerer

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 15, 2015

Edit: 3 years on the displays on 2 of the 3 handsets have 'faded' and are all but unusable. One maybe, but two suggests a quality problem. Was 5 stars, now 3. I returned a Uniden that I rated as terrible and found this one. The 15550 phone and answering machine are clear, has good range, the menus are reasonably intuitive, and we are very happy with the product. Each handset can be individually customisable with naming and rings. The keys light up. I have some hearing loss and my previous Panasonic had to be in speakerphone mode for me to understand a conversation; the Uniden was terrible; this one I can hear very well even without the "volume boost" feature. It can pair to answer 1 mobile phone.

The nits - the key lighting is orange and the charge light bright red - nothing subtle; the button press has a curious tactile feel from being clear plastic and having a lot of travel; the ring sound on the base is limited to 4 electronic patterns while the handsets have a much wider and decent array including some melodies to choose from.

I would recommend this one to anyone, and especially to those with hearing difficulties.

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Questions & Answers

I have a vtech 17050 some of the features require a PIN number but where is the PIN number ???

Bren asked on Aug 10, 2018

Answer this

Sorry Bren I have no idea. Is there an online manual. I have struggled with some of the instructions. Not very user friendly I'm afraid. Good luck with your enquiry.

Have you tried any of the basic 4 digit numbers such as 0000 etc ?

0000 Yes that is the pin thank you ! I did find it in the instructions after reading it again. It was hard to find though !

CLS15550 (1 Handset)

Has it got caller number display on? 15550

Mike asked on Mar 29, 2018

Answer this

It went back to the shop as soon as it didn't work. Caller Id was not enabled.

Why does my vtech 17550-twin go to dial tone when I try to pick up an incoming call? If I press the 'home/recall' button a second time the caller is there, but I usually get the dial tone on that first click.

Leonie P asked on Jan 09, 2018

Answer this

You need to ring up tech support number on the brochure that came with the phone. Sorry I can't help. I replaced that phone with a Panasonic. Cheers.

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