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Awesome Product But Know Your Contract!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 09, 2015

WME have been great. I panicked after reading so many negative comments such as the ones here however I have found like any such product as long as you read your contract properly and stick to their rules they are definitely awesome value for money. I have been with them for about 6 months and despite a few initial communication hiccups, I have actually received services and products worth more than the money I have paid them so far. Roadside assistance was fast and efficient and I had my air conditioner fixed with no hassle at all.

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So everyone is writing about the company's scams and lies and rip offs, has or is anything being done to stop them? I was forced into this as well and because I couldn't cancel because of not being able to contact anyone, I cancelled my direct debits. They contact me now after 2 years saying I have to finish my payments with them. What do I do? Can anyone reading this please advise? Thanks

Max asked on Dec 16, 2016

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They did the same thing to me!!! Or rather a debt-collecting company they give the debts to did. I wrote them a letter dictated by my solicitor saying that to show me in writing what debts I owed if any. I said I would fight the charge with force. I heard no reply!!!!!!! Good luck! This company should be closed down and some people prosecuted........

Well there you go . . . . .It was a scam. For the last 18 months I believed I was covered by this mob - WME - in case i broke down. Damn lucky that my car did not break down. I was only investigating this now as a premium for a roadside assistance policy was detailed on my car insurance renewal notice - and I thought "Why am I paying for something that I already have?" . . . .but now I discover that those fortnightly repayments were for NOTHING!! Who do we call? . . . .not Ghostbusters . . . . .