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useless with customer serivce

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 24, 2015

Went to make a claim on my policy only to find out my policy was canclled in july and payments had been stopped by accounts department have been calling and sending emails no one gets back to you and the so called team leaders are a joke they have no morals they are the biggest scammers. I have taken it to fair trade. And because there is no recording for the sale I should be entitled to get my money back im so angry

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 17, 2015

I purchase 5 year warranties from WME last April, and I had an issue like after 1 month and when I called them they have responded very fast. Kudos to them!

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Don't Sign Up for Roadside Assist with Warranties Made Easy

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2015

I purchased the 5 years Roadside Assist in May this year at a cost of $398. We have since disposed of this vehicle and purchased a newer car. I phoned Roadside Assist to inform them and to request a refund of the used portion of the policy. I was told that they could not give a refund under the terms of the policy so I asked to change the Roadside Assist to the new vehicle. This was also not possible as the policy is for the nominated vehicle only and cannot be transferred to another vehicle. As a result I have 4 years and 10 months remaining on a policy I can no longer use at a cost of about $350. I know I am not alone in this as the Superviser told me that many of their customers are in the same position. So, obviously the company is aware that during the course of a policy people dispose of their vehicles and either want a refund or to transfer the policy to their new vehicle amd npt being able to do so means that the company gets your money and does not have to provide the service, in effect getting your money for nothing. They did say the policy could be onsold with the vehicle to a new purchase, but I find that of little comfort. So, whatever you do, do NOT but Roadside Assist with Warranties Made Easy.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2015

AWN - Warranties Made Easy - SCAM at its best.
Joined up 01.05.15 - 10 payments @ $39.80 - $500 Holiday Voucher valid for 18 months (www.holidayrewards.com.au)- all paperwork in the mail within the week, well before the cooling off period - policy would not commence for 30 days. Never received any paperwork (hard copy or Email) - Cooling off period expired - Sent email - AWN fobbed me off to Warranties Made Easy (beth@warrantiesmadeeasy.com.au & info@warrantiesmadeeasy.com.au & try 1800 178 646). Sent email - was delivered & got read receipt for both emails - no response otherwise. Sent further email to both again - both delivered and read receipts - no response.
Sent further email giving a required response date - delivered & read receipt from both emails - no response. OFT/Consumer affairs suggested ASIC (as WME Pty Ltd is regulated by them, plus lodge complaint with Fair Trading. In the interim,3 debits, by company called EZIDEBIT occurred (1st before the cooling off period expired).
Had to cancel credit card to stop more. Complaints being lodged as we speak. Absolute CON. Do not go there.

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Roadside assistance.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 03, 2015

I brought the Roadside Assistance through Warranties made easy. But the company that the policy is with is AWN (Australian Warranties Network). The company says that you have ten days cooling off period, but you don't get the paper work until after the ten day. So you don't have a change to cancel if you wanted to.
Don't buy this product if you have to drive a different car and you break down, you not covered. I'm in this position now I have to drive my father around because he not allowed to drive & the wheel chair doesn't fit in my car.The companies don't have any compassion at all.

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So everyone is writing about the company's scams and lies and rip offs, has or is anything being done to stop them? I was forced into this as well and because I couldn't cancel because of not being able to contact anyone, I cancelled my direct debits. They contact me now after 2 years saying I have to finish my payments with them. What do I do? Can anyone reading this please advise? Thanks

Max asked on Dec 16, 2016

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They did the same thing to me!!! Or rather a debt-collecting company they give the debts to did. I wrote them a letter dictated by my solicitor saying that to show me in writing what debts I owed if any. I said I would fight the charge with force. I heard no reply!!!!!!! Good luck! This company should be closed down and some people prosecuted........

Well there you go . . . . .It was a scam. For the last 18 months I believed I was covered by this mob - WME - in case i broke down. Damn lucky that my car did not break down. I was only investigating this now as a premium for a roadside assistance policy was detailed on my car insurance renewal notice - and I thought "Why am I paying for something that I already have?" . . . .but now I discover that those fortnightly repayments were for NOTHING!! Who do we call? . . . .not Ghostbusters . . . . .