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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: Oct 2017

Really disappointed

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 07, 2017

Just moved in to a new build house. Used 2 of the hobs maybe three times each. Cleaned once with wet cloth and stainless steel wipe and hob all tarnished. Oven working ok and as a whole it looked great. Have never had a hob tarnish before. So disappointed with it.

Purchased at: Celebration Homes

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 10, 2016

I bought this product Nov 2013 and have been cooking in it successfully until now. Just this morning when baking a loaf of bread at 200 deg, within 10mins of putting the tin in the oven, I heard an almighty explosion coming from my oven. I was standing in front of the door only a few seconds before. The inner glass door shattered completely into pieces and it also scattered glass onto the floor in front of the oven. Very dangerous to say the least. From reading other reviews it's obvious this has happened to other owners of this product. I do ask the question, does this fault have the potential to cause serious injury or fatality to a person? If I had a small child in the facinity of the oven when it exploded they could have quite easily been showered with glass. I had no choice but to shut the power off at the main power board in frear that the other door may explode too and have the potential to cause a fire or damage to other property. Has anyone experienced this issue and what was the outcome when you came to make a claim?

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Westinghouse Official

Hi Cook, Leslie from Electrolux here. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised about the Westinghouse WVE916SA. If you wish to discuss this further please feel f... read more »

Westinghouse Pyro clean - Very Disappointing Purchase

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 10, 2015

On the whole the oven cooks well although we do have an issue with the stove top BTU being not strong enough for cooking stir fry. Our major complaint is that we have had two issues with the oven in three years. It has been costly, we had to pay for 2 service calls plus a part on this last occasion totally nearly one third the cost of the oven new. Our last oven was a different brand and we had no need of a service call in over 10 years. Though the new part fitted today is guaranteed for 12 months, if there is a problem after 3 months we have to pay another $150 for a service call.
Despite extensive research prior to purchase, we feel very disappointed and would never recommend anyone buy this product. I won't consider purchasing any other Westinghouse products in the future.

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 13, 2015

Most of the oven has been ok but my biggest problem is I can't use bake every time I do it smokes out the house it's horrible also the bulb has blowen and there difficult to find we have only had the oven maximum 18 months This is disappointing :(

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Westinghouse Official

Hi Funny Farm , Catherine from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Electrolux appliance. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact... read more »

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How can we get the front control panel of our model wve916sa oven to work? All black and nothing showing.

gayle asked on Oct 25, 2018

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Hello Gayle,
Sorry i can not help you - maybe ring westinghouse ???


We have had a new temperature sensor fitted to the oven but the oven still shuts down when set to over 200 degrees Trying it on function 2 at 230 degrees and on FHU, it shuts off until and needs to have the clock reset when it comes back on. Please help?

TeeJay asked on Sep 27, 2018

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Dear TeeJay, this is Zaida of Electrolux. Sorry to hear your WVE916SA is shutting down at 200 degrees. Would you mind either Private Messaging your number (please do not reply to this post) or emailing us at with Subject Line: "Product Review Assistance Required | WVE916SA Keeps Shutting Down at 200* | Reference: Teejay." Please include your full name and number in email and we will call once email is received to further investigate and assist. Thank you and kind regards, Zaida.

Mine does this too it’s extremely frustrating and it’s only 5years old. What was the out come?

No outcome at this stage, I have not responded to Zaida as yet, but will soon as we have been away. Watch this space.


My oven keeps switching off with error F105 appearing on screen. Technician has been out and told to reset fuse at power board but this is not working as oven keeps switching off. Anyone else?

Kristi T asked on Aug 19, 2018

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Price (RRP) $2799
Width 895mm 895mm
Depth 572mm 572mm
Height 596mm 596mm
Capacity 125L 125L
Type Compact Compact
Oven Fuel Electric Electric
Pyrolytic No No

* Discontinued

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