Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: Sep 2018

best oven ever

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2018

just purchased an an wall oven love it cooks amazing - love the timer - also love the look over the oven super modern - the oven is very easy to clean one wipe and the whole oven is soo clean the outside a bit of morning fresh well done

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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: Jul 2016

essential for my daily cooking

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2018

I purchased this oven 2 years ago from Masters when I was renovating my kitchen and since then and it is very important to my daily cooking menu. I enjoyed baking in it, it helps me bake amazing recipes. Absolutely recommend it if you enjoy cooking this oven will make it enjoyable.

Purchased at: Masters Home Improvement

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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: Aug 2016

Big siZe oven

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2018

Big siZe oven so it's perfect when you have to cook more than 1 dish, down side u cannot turn one on only, has to turn on the whole both sides. Also when the power is off the fan is still going and if you leave the food in then it'll turn to hard

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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: Dec 2017

Great oven and cooks food well

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2018

This was quite expensive compared to the other ovens on sale. It is great quality and has lots of space. Great for baking lots of cakes. It cooks fast but well and the heating is even and well done. You get what you pay for and this oven is really good value for money if you cook a lot.

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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: May 2017

Don't have any complaints

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 05, 2018

I am particularly impressed with the fast heat up mode which I use all the time. The size is great so we can bake plenty at once. We actually bought two of the same one.

We have yet to use the self cleaning function yet. The glass insulates heat quite well as you can barely feel the heat from the glass

Purchased at: The Good Guys

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Verified Purchase Model: WVE916SA Date Purchased: Sep 2017

Extremely Well Designed and Huge Capacity

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2017

This oven (and its Electrolux cousin made in the same Australian factory) has the largest internal volume (125l) and width (750mm) capacity on the Australian market - and probably the world market. I checked at a large appliance store - Gaggenau, Miele, Smeg, Bosch and numerous others - and none of them come close. There was one Miele oven with a reasonably wide internal rack/shelf (700mm vs the Westinghouse 750mm), but its internal height was much lower, which is a real nuisance if you want to cook something high like meat/roast/turkey etc. with something else in the oven at the same time. And price - these European ovens range from 50% more to double to four or even five times the price of the local unit. And their spares and service - if you can get it for some European brands - are priced accordingly. My sparky hates fixing European ovens because their parts are so hard to obtain - and often super expensive - eg. Smeg gas cook top spark igniter $450, $600 fitted. You can buy a new cook top for that price.

The house I recently purchased was originally fitted with a 3 year old Italian brand 90cm wide (externally) oven - but its controls were on the side and its internal capacity was only 70 litres. I also needed a warming space for Christmas dinners etc., so I purchased two Westinghouse WVE916SAs and I am very happy with the results. I like baking bread, and with the new ovens I can easily cook full size (750mm long) baguettes and large loaves without any problems. Impossible with any other domestic oven.

This is a very well designed oven - it should be a candidate for an Australian Design award in my opinion. The cabinet airflow system works extremely well. It draws cool air in from a slot at the bottom and discharges the cabinet cooling air through a wide slot 115mm down from the top of the oven. The warm air discharge slot does not extend close to the edges of the metal oven cabinet in any direction. This means that the kitchen timber cabinetry - including the front decorative panels - never gets even warm. This is a sensitive issue with me as I had to replace a couple of vinyl wrap cabinet panels that had de-laminated around the edge by heat from the previous, less well designed, European oven. I have run the new oven up to 250 deg. C and felt the metal oven cabinet with my hands through a kitchen cupboard slot near the rear of the oven. It remains cucumber cool due to the wide tangential cabinet fan (yes, being an engineer, I was curious and removed the top panel from the oven - only a few screws - and looked inside it). Because of its large size and slow speed, this is the quietest oven cabinet fan I have heard. It is hard to understand the complaints of noise from some other reviewers - perhaps their fans had been damaged/stressed in transit and were rattling?

The dual oven cavity fans are also very large and slow revving - so they are very quiet as well. The cabinet fan remains running for a few minutes after the oven is turned off in order to keep the cabinet cool during the cool down cycle - this is normal for most modern ovens and this one sounds about as loud as my fridge - so I do not find it at all annoying - just a gentle low hum for a few minutes.

The controls are all electronic capacitive touch panel type (like a smart phone). The controls are very simple and intuitive and the mode button displays the various oven element and fan configurations via a small graphic for each mode as it is selected. I had it up and running with the clock set in 30 seconds after the power was first connected to the oven. An electronic clock start/stop timer is also provided as part of the panel.

The oven has 5 electric heating elements - top element, bottom element, two fan elements and grill element - all fully controllable by the touch panel. Mode 1 is the fast warm-up mode - which runs the fan elements and top elements together. Warm-up time was shorter than I expected for such a large oven. The display also tells you the current cavity temperature as the oven is warming up. A handy feature for bread baking is the very accurate temperature control and display. I can set any of the oven heat modes to 35 or 40 deg C and then I have an accurate temperature controlled proving cabinet for proving bread. Very handy compared to the rough, inaccurate, old electro-mechanical thermostats of the past that would not give such fine control for such low temperatures. It also has a food defrost (fan only?) mode that I have used for defrosting fish quickly. Much better than the microwave as it doesn't cook the edges of the fish as it defrosts it.

As far as general cooking of cakes, biscuits, meat, fish etc., the oven performs very well and cooks very evenly as expected due to the dual fans and fan elements I expect. Being a bread baker, I am very fussy about which element I have running at what time and whether I am exposing the bread to radiant heat or convection (fan element) heat. During bread/baguette baking, this can be critical. I use the "pizza" setting initially to create steam via the bottom element and baking trays with some water in them located at the bottom of the oven, with the two fan elements also running to keep the oven at a very hot 250 deg. C. After about 10 minutes the bread oven spring phase is over, so I change to the fan elements only to continue the bake and crisp up the crust.

The triple door glass is very easy to remove and clean via simple catches and completely cold during operation - so safe for the kids. The whole door can easily be removed if necessary via a couple of clips - which is standard for ovens these days. There is also a child lock on the control panel for the under bench situation.

My only "complaint" - it's more of a wish really - Westinghouse have a "steam assist" oven in the 60cm wide range, but no steam assist for the larger ovens. Steam assist would be handy for baking baguettes in the wide oven. "Proper" French baguette bakers use large commercial multi cavity "deck ovens" with steam injection to obtain the familiar crisp, shiny crust - not a real option for a domestic kitchen even if you could afford one. For now at least I will use the baking trays with some water in them and the bottom element heat source (pizza mode) as a steam generator.

Aesthetics - I like minimalist aesthetic design, so the very uncluttered and minimalist flat stainless panels, flat glass and controls very much suit my taste also. And it's easy to clean - yay.

Speaking of cleaning - the cavity fan surrounds have a "pyrolytic" coating and are therefore "self cleaning". The oven interior is just gloss ceramic enamel. However, I have had this oven cavity finish before and found it very easy to clean as long as I wipe it out a few times a year. So it is my preferred choice in any case.

Too much information? Sorry, but I am very impressed with this oven. I like to see a well designed product - especially if it's a local one. A lot of thought has gone into this design.

In summary, it's a great oven, huge capacity, very sophisticated engineering and aesthetic design, great value (low price) and made in Australia so that you can easily obtain spares if need be. And you can support what is left of Australian manufacturing industry.

No - I don't work for Westinghouse :)

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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: Apr 2017

Stylish and Functional

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 05, 2017

This oven not only looks great but it cooks great! Has different function modes so you can automatically choose what suits your food type. Has fast heat up which is awesome in saving time when in a rush. Its large capacity is great for big families or even small families. Best function is the pyrolitic self cleaning, everyone hates cleaning the oven especially after fatty, splattering roasts. This function can be used and at the end of its cycle you just simply wipe away a tiny bit of white powdery ash....sooo easy. I are not the best cook and this oven is fool proof. I love it.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Atwell, Wa

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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: Sep 2015

Great oven- really impressed.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2017

This oven was standard inclusion when we built our house, really impressed with it. Cooks a mean roast - setting one applies heat from the top plus fan forced heat - always makes great pork crackle on that mode! Love the width, can fit 6 pizzas in at once. Plenty of room. Also like the auto modes - you can set start time and finish times - great time saving feature. Impressed! Looks fancy too with the digital touch screen display.

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Love at first bake

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 25, 2015

Have only had this oven for a short while now, but i am so impressed with it. All our meals come out perfectly cooked and the ample space provided within the oven is perfect to cook different components on the same level and get an even spread of heat. The oven itself is so simple to use, the settings are pretty self explanatory for what cooking process they should be used in and i love the digital screen to display temperature, i am able to get a far more accurate temp and you really can tell how it affects your cooking. Another positive is how well this oven holds heat, I've experienced many large ovens that just cannot hold heat but this Westinghouse oven is perfect.

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Love the oven AND the service!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 15, 2015

Love my oven!
Had an issue with 'safe' mode called Customer Service and they were more than happy to help.
When they couldn't help me over the phone they organised to send a technician out.
Prior to their call out I had to change my day and time and once again Customer Service were more than happy to help.
This morning a technician name Chris arrived.
He was extremely helpful well mannered and dressed.
He fixed the issue then asked if I needed to know anything else is regards to the use or cleaning of the oven then proceeded to show me how to clean and look after my oven. Customer Service told me that the technician would call before he arrived and I he did.
I received a phone call 20 minutes before he arrived.
All in all the service from Eltrolux from Customer Service to Chris the technician and the over itself has been fantastic!
A very happy customer here!

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do yourself a favour buy this oven

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 13, 2014

firstly I would like to say buy this oven
I renovate for a living I have seen plenty of different ovens installed
European brands etc
but also seen plenty of people unhappy with these for being so hard to use
that is why they mostly offer a course on how to use them
and if something goes wrong good luck
this is the largest internal capacity 900cm oven on the market it is huge
triple glazed glass and heats magnificently I am the cook in the family and am male as well
I love pizzas and I have never experienced such a great finished product when I have made my own pizzas and I don't make traditional I stack mine high they are with the lot and are with the lot
the programs are simple to use and easy to decipher
we also have a 60 cm Westinghouse in the butlers pantry and that is great too for small cooking
as I said do yourself a favour forget brand snobbery and buy the final Australian made oven

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Sturdy, big and does what it's supposed to do

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 07, 2013

As my title says! Very happy with this Westinghouse. Was initially worried about it as it wouldn't be my preferred brand of oven but we didn't want to upgrade on the builders choices. And so glad we didn't!! I am much happier with this one then my previous large - fancier brand oven.
Just one of the great points is the 'fast heat up' function. It really is fast :)
No hesitation in recommending this one at all.

- Nothing (although I wish a little genie would come after every use and wipe it clean for me)

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HUGE oven with GREAT features - we LOVE IT!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 08, 2013

We bought this (very) large oven as part of a kitchen update (not a reno - new cooktop, oven and rangehood)... it is HUGE! Our family does a lot of cooking and this oven is amazing. It has great programs - we made home-made pizzas that cooked the tops and crisped the bases - pefect! Slow cooking is also easy - it has a stack of ready-to-use programs with different temps/heat sources for different cooking techniques - but these are all adustable and customisable as well - just tweak the temp or the time. Install is really only a bit fiddly - it is an extra half-cupboard wide. I did the cabinetry after the electrican installed it, and I'm no real DIY man! Has a lot of "gee that's a great idea" features... light on when cooking (don't open door), can remove door glass to clean, fits 2 grill trays (cook meat and fish seperate), very few controls but would be almost impossible for kids to put on (needs certain button presses), has fast heat-up option, catalytic cleaning and more... we are VERY HAPPY with this oven!

+ huge capacity, great and simple operation, stacks of other features

- nothing

Purchased at: Home Clearance

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very happy

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2013

I'm very happy after a few hick up's along the way finally got her working and love it had great staff help with our problems fast response to getting someone out and can't complain at all I now am able to cook for more people at once without food going cold

+ much bigger

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: Dec 2017

Fairly happy

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 16, 2018

Bought this when we moved into our new home. We cook a lot in oven and has been great. Fan seems quite noisy but other than that we haven’t had any issues.
It’s quite wide which means multiple stuff can be in oven cooking/ baking. Price was very reasonable compared to others. Overall quite satisfied.

Purchased at: Bing Lee

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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: May 2018

This is good

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2018

I really love my new oven! I usually use the oven for a few dishes, it is helping me a lot in stead of cook just with the gas stove. It is very easy to open and clean as well, I use to check how is the food cooking time to time

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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: Mar 2017

Great oven

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2018

This was a replacement oven in my apartment for an old one. It is easy to use, fast baking, grill, safe to use. It is really easy to cook in it. I like the finishing of it, it looks neat on my kitchen. Easy to clean also and fast cools down. Happy with it!

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Model: WVE916SA Date Purchased: Apr 2015

Pretty good oven but does have an issue.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 30, 2018

I have just the oven component of this in the electric version. We have no issues in cooking in it but we find that the electronics goes a bit silly when you open the oven that requires cooking at a high temperature even when you are just opening the oven to say put something else in that requires less time cooking.

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Model: WVE916SB Date Purchased: Aug 2015

Long Research But Good

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2017

Ok, l have had my Westinghouse oven for 18 months+ now and l cook for four and myself, yes (5) plus extras everynight or quite often. I researched a lot of wall ovens and found the reviews and 'Choice' tests were spot on. I am a self confessed over researcher when it comes to products but that's my way and l'm sure a lot of you guys are the same.
Good points- Cooks well, MASSIVE space especially for a big family like mine, l got the 900 not the 600.
Bad points- Takes a long time to heat up even with the FHU (fast heat up) option and noisy and time consuming once turned off as well as taking a long long time to disengage once turned off. Seems a lot of heat disburses once turned off heating up the kitchen.
Overall this oven is spot on for space you will not find another on the market for the price that offers the same features, although lots on the market all the time. I wanted to wait a period of time before reviewing this appliance but l trust the Westinghouse brand and have had no problems thus far. Please note l have bought other product/ models ie:- ovens, washing machines, dishwashers etc over a 30 year period such as Miele, Smeg both quality at the time l purchase them. Also l have had my share of low grade appliances as well so don't think l have just invested in high priced items.
Overall, check out Westinghouse first and do your research. Good Luck

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Exploding Glass

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 27, 2014

We got this about 6 months ago as part of our new house and like others say it has been a joy to use. However today the inner glass just exploded when we were doing normal cooking with it. We suddenly are doubtful if this was a good choice to make. Especially if the glass would explored with a sizable bang so early into its life. We have kids around the house and now fear the day when both glasses will explored with the attendant danger of causing serious injury. We will test the service quality of westinghouse and see how they handle our case.

+ Big, attractive, stylish and a good performer so far.

- The inner glass just explored when we were doing normal cooking.

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Westinghouse Official

Hi Mkhethwa2 Sylvia from Electrolux here. Electrolux will be able to assist you with this query. Can you please email me your contact details at attention Sylvia... read more »

I have Westinghouse bild in but im not sure if the light is ment to be always on when cooking

Westinghouse Official

Hi Jenny Jovan Marina from Electrolux here. Electrolux will be able to assist you with this query. Can you please email me your contact details at attention Marina... read more »

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We have had a new temperature sensor fitted to the oven but the oven still shuts down when set to over 200 degrees Trying it on function 2 at 230 degrees and on FHU, it shuts off until and needs to have the clock reset when it comes back on. Please help?

TeeJay asked on Sep 27, 2018

Answer this

Dear TeeJay, this is Zaida of Electrolux. Sorry to hear your WVE916SA is shutting down at 200 degrees. Would you mind either Private Messaging your number (please do not reply to this post) or emailing us at with Subject Line: "Product Review Assistance Required | WVE916SA Keeps Shutting Down at 200* | Reference: Teejay." Please include your full name and number in email and we will call once email is received to further investigate and assist. Thank you and kind regards, Zaida.


My oven keeps switching off with error F105 appearing on screen. Technician has been out and told to reset fuse at power board but this is not working as oven keeps switching off. Anyone else?

Kristi T asked on Aug 19, 2018


Hi I want to know is there a kid lock function wve916sa can I get a user manual?

Troy D asked on Aug 06, 2018

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